Aug 11 2012 6:36pm

Lost Girl Season 2, Episode 17: Succubus Ablaze

Ksenia Solo as Kenzi in Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 17, The Girl Who Fae’d with FireOur Lost Girl obsession is still going strong! Be sure to check out all of our recaps, from Season 1 up to the most recent Season 2 episode aired on SyFy (episode 10episode 11episode 12episode 13episode 14, episode 15, and episode 16). All caught up? Good. And now, on to the recap for last night’s episode, 2.17, “The Girl Who Fae’d with Fire.”

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Bo flings open the door and enters Hilton Hovel (drink!) calling for Kenzi to no avail. “Bonus,” she says, pleased. “More piles of pecans for me!” She pulls a pint of ice cream from the fridge, yanks off the top – and barely misses a swing at her head. “You wanna be the champion, baby?” Kenzi asks, tossing her a sparring staff as she swings her own in circles. “You gotta be ready for anything,” she finishes and promptly knocks the ice cream off the counter. Bo objects to the wounded gelato. “You just killed my ice cream!” Kenzi calls it collateral damage and attacks – “Killer Kitty!” They spar and hilariously, my closed captions have the following: “Ah! Ah! Uh! Uh! Uh!” They pause so Kenzi can point out that The Garuda can strike anywhere, any time. Oh look at that, they decided to remember the plot line after all. Sweet.

“Reverse cowgirl!” Kenzi shouts.  I’m pretty sure she’s getting her Miaygi on calling out sparring moves and since the alternative is she’s shouting sexual positions, I’m gonna stick to that. Bo deflects Kenzi’s strikes, spins, and strikes back. Spar, spar, spar. Grunt, grunt, grunt. Bo takes a big swing at Kenzi’s head that she barely ducks and the stick chimes the nearby cymbal on the drum kit. Ching! Here, Bo gives her this great, smug smile complete with head tilt. More sparing before Bo grabs Kenzi and shoves her into a half formed wall, her staff thrusting through the planks – just as Nate enters with a bag of food.

“Whoa,” he says, holding up a hand. “Just tacos. Don’t kill me.” Kenzi, breathing hard on the other side of the planks, greets him, “Hey baby!” and asks if he got extra hot sauce. He nods and she pulls the staff back with effort as he comes around the corner to face the two of them. “What was that?” he asks, tentatively. Kenzi and Bo exchange glances then simultaneously answer “Sword-lates” and “Blade aerobics,” respectively. Nate: “You are the strangest girls I’ve ever met.” Naturally, this makes Bo and Kenzi preen. “Making with the sweet talk,” Kenzi coos and kisses him. “What can I say?” Bo adds. “We like to get our freak on.”

Cut to a mansion’s swirling stairwell where an assistant leads a blabbering suited man up to his audience with The Don. “You’ve been loyal to Clan Bukharin” she observes and Suited Man confirms he has been for seven generations now. He expositions that he has a small business problem with some new investors, “very unsavory fellows,” but Assistant couldn’t care less.  “Again, I’m just the consigliere.”  They pause before a portrait of a former don, “Marisol Carmody, in her prime,” and Suited Man marvels that no wonder they call her the Iron Fist. Consigliere instructs Suited Man not to joke or forget to curtsy and that he has only 10 minutes for his audience. “The Don’s a real stickler for protocol and a real hothead when crossed,” she informs him. As they pedeconference, they pause before more portraits, one that looks like it’s was rescued from Pompeii and another that’s clearly meant to be a Picasso. I would totally buy that Picasso was Fae! Also, each portrait subject is wearing the same necklace, a large, red teardrop pendant.

There’s a loud whoosh and the sound of screaming off screen. Suited Man and Consigliere exchange worried looks. “What was that?!” Suited Man asks. Hurrying now, they burst into The Don’s office to find Miss Carmody a still-smoking burnt corpse in her chair.


In The Don’s office, Hale (Hale!) is questioning Consigliere. He asks if “Miss Carmody” was a smoker and Consigliere answers not for two centuries. Hale attempts to open a carved wooden box on The Don’s desk, but Consigliere stops him. “We don’t often have a member of Clan Zamora under our roof,” she says, tightly polite. Hale tells her he’s just here to do his job. “With a little help,” a familiar deep voice drawls from the doorway. Without looking up, Hale notes that Dyson is late. Consigliere asks if Dyson is Hale’s commanding officer. “Hardly,” Hale scoffs. “Yes,” Dyson says as he saunters into the room. Hale’s head pops up at that. What did you say?  “And not affiliated with any particular clan,” Dyson adds. “Thank goodness,” Consigliere simpers, but Dyson’s wearing a tight leather jacket so I really can’t blame her. She tells Dyson to let her know if he needs anything and Dyson agrees that he will and thanks her warmly enough that she looks back at him over her shoulder.

“What was that?” Hale asks, more than a little peeved. Dyson, still smiling over Consigliere, says it was an attempt to let Hale off the case gracefully. “Your father called,” he explains. Hale’s eyes narrow: “He called you?!” Hale’s father told Dyson that Hale’s presence there at the crime scene was bad for appearances. “Yeah, whatever, he doesn’t run my life,” Hale grouses and starts to exit. “We’re cool right?” Dyson calls after him. Oh Dyson, you asshat. Hale pauses in the doorway, his back to Dyson. He rolls his eyes – far from it, man – and then leaves without responding.

“Yeah, we’re cool,” Hale sneers. He sits at the counter in Hilton Hovel (drink!) as Kenzi mixes him some tea. “We’re peachy.” Kenzi can’t believe the old lady just “went kablooey”. “Can we focus?” Hale asks. “I’m sorry!” Kenzi shoots back. “It’s just so deliciously gross.” Grabbing her own mug, she perches on the counter and invite Hale to continue with his “bro bitchin’”. Heh.

Hale hates what Dyson had become. So say we all, sugar. “Totally unreliable and he doesn’t even give a damn!”  “I’m sorry you guys are having a boy fight,” Kenzi commiserates. Hale grimaces without heat and leans forward. “I could use a friend,” he says sweetly. Kenzi mimics his position and clasps his hands. “Oh hon.”

“A girlfriend,” Hale clarifies pointedly. Kenzi immediately recoils as Hale begs her to hear him out. “The once-a-century summoning of the original noble Fae families is coming up and I need a date.” Kenzi points out that she has a boyfriend now. “I show up with you it’d really get my family off my back about my personal life, Kenzi,” Hale pleads. Kenzi, complete with sign language: “Boyfriend. Me. Have.”

But Hale has come prepared. Removing a sheet of paper from his pocket, he explains that he’s taken the liberty of writing down all the times that he has bailed Kenzi out. “One: erased all your parking tickets from the police database. Two: rescued you from that Minotaur.” Kenzi protests: “He was only a little drunk!” Hale is undaunted. “Three: Nodded knowingly when you told Bo her shoes were stolen by cobbler elves.” HA! That’s my favorite right there. “Those mules were way too small for her!” Kenzi objects and snatches the page from Hale’s hands. “Four,” Hale says without needing to consult his cheat sheet. “Fine,” Kenzi snaps. Hale: “Yes!” Love. These. Two. Together!

Kenzi agrees to pose as his honey. “Temporarily! No smooching. No groping. And no magical Fae impregnations.” Hee. Hale agrees to try and contain himself. He pulls a large dress box out from under the counter and to Kenzi’s inquiry explains that it’s a present. Kenzi squeals with glee – love a prezzie! –but stops smiling when she sees the contents. “It’s my Nona’s old Inverell gown and fascinator!” Hale announces, wiggling like a little boy showing worms off to his crush. Taking out the fascinator, he perches it on Kenzi’s head. It’s actually not bad; I’ve definitely seen worse. And the peacock theme with the blue and green go fantastically with Kenzi’s eyes and hair. She, however, does not agree, but Hale is entranced. “Just like Nona used to wear,” he murmurs, fixated on the fascinator. A little freaked out by his response, Kenzi tentatively examines the gown and asks exactly when the summit will occur. “Tomorrow,” Hale informs her. “But first? You’re meeting my family.” Amazingly, we’ve made it through an entire Hale/Kenzi scene without any cuts.

At The Ash’s compound, Lachlan shows a photo to Bo of Marisol Carmody, Don of the Bukharin Clan. “Last night she ex –” “Exploded,” Bo finishes for him. “Yeah, I heard.” She asks if Dyson and Hale are on it and Lachlan explains that Hale has removed himself from the case and with good reason. “His father is head of the Zamora Clan.” Bo wonders how many clans there are again so Lachlan can exposition for those of us following at home that there are only three clans that matter for the Fae. “The Zamora, Bukharin, and Fin Arvin all uber rich and very powerful and would kill each other in a heartbeat in order to gain more power and more money.” Bo thinks it sounds like the Mob, “but with mermaids.”

She wonders why someone would want to murder Marisol and Lachlan corrects her that the question is really why now.  He explains about the clan summoning, calling it the Inverell. “And it is critical that nothing disturbs the precarious peace between these three families.” Bo name checks The Garuda. Lachlan wants Bo to partner with Dyson (Go Team Badass!) and find out who killed Marisol. He also thinks it’s a good opportunity for Bo to let the families know what’s coming. “You earn their support and we can tap into their significant resources.” Bo agrees that this could help tip the scales in their favor in the inevitable battle against the Garuda. Lachlan warns Bo to keep in mind that these people are “conservative, prejudice snobs. “They don’t take too kindly to riff raff.”

At another mansion, Hale quick steps in front of Kenzi as a classical piano melody plays through the halls. She pulls him back to check if he’s all right. Hale says yes then stops again and warns her that his family is a little old skool. Kenzi reassures him that she’s got this. “It’s me, remember?” but somehow this does not relieve Hale.

As they enter the sitting room hand in hand, a tall man looks up from his paper while a beautiful woman stops playing the antique baby grand piano. “Val. Father.” He greets them. “This is Kenzi. My girlfriend.” Val gives him an are you freaking kidding me look while Hale’s father just sneers. Kenzi smiles at them. “Hello Sturgis,” she greets Hale’s father. “Too early to call you dad?”  This is when a maid walks in with a tray of goblets. Seeing Kenzi, she gasps in horror – “A human!” –and drops the tray. Don’t worry, darling. It’s not catching. Kenzi’s eyes bug out as she begins to realize what she’s up against.

In the sitting room, Val and Father sit in judgment on one side while Hale stands protective next to a seated Kenzi on the other. “Son,” Hale’s father begins. “You’re dating…this?” Slowly, Kenzi lowers the strawberry she was nibbling on. “Kenzi,” Hale says with bite. “Her name is Kenzi.” There’s an uncomfortable pause as his father sips at his tea. Finally, Hale crouches beside the tea table to pour his own cuppa. Kenzi attempts to chat up Val, asking if her name is short for Valerie or because she’s a Valkerie. Val explains that she’s a pombero, “I can steal voices and seriously Hale? A human in our house?”

“Shut it Val,” Hale whispers. “You shut it,” she shoots back, childishly, but backs up her jibe by touching Hale’s cheek and stealing his voice. Hale’s shoulders drop as he sneers at her and mouths Nice. “Children, that’s enough,” their father intervenes. “Sweetie, give your brother back his voice.” Heh. Val sighs petulantly but obeys, tossing her hand towards Hale who swallows hard. “Harpy,” he snaps at her. “Human hugger,” she shoots back. Ha! Hale finishes pouring the tea and stands up to hand the cup to Kenzi. Sweet boy.

“Really Hale,” his father chides. “It’s one thing to work alongside them.” This is too much rude even for Kenzi. “I’m right here,” she says to Hale, a little dazed at the blatant snobbery. “I can hear you,” she points out directly to Val and Hale’s father “so…”

Hale grouses that his mother would understand. “Well, we know you take after your mother,” his father replies and it does not sound like this is something he appreciates. “My only son, a siren.” Hale flinches and Kenzi immediately comes to his defense. “Best damn siren in the whole biz, this one,” she says, taking his hand again. “As Santiagos of Clan Zamora,” Father intones, “we’re all for charity. But there’s a limit.” Val decides to weigh in. “And that limit is cheap, ill-bred mortals.” From where I’m sitting, you’re the ill-bred one, darling. Nonetheless, Kenzi is suitably quelled.

Trick in Lost Girl Season 2 episode 17At The Dal (drink!), Trick and Dyson are studying a folder when Bo joins them. “So! What mad our vic go boom?” she asks with cheek. Dyson pushes the folder to her. “Take a look.” Bo opens the folder and asks after Dyson’s plan. “I say we pull the suspects in get old skool,” he drawls. Theme of the night? “Force a confession.” Bo shoots him A Look. “Or we could examine the evidence.” Here’s a role reversal; Bo advocating caution with Dyson playing the role of hothead. Yeah, this is going to go well.

Bo’s particularly interested in a photo. “This is the three clans, right?” Dyson confirms it’s a picture from the last Inverell and Bo notes that the photograph is all burned around the edges. “Message from the killer?” Trick muses. Bo decides their suspects are also potential targets. “So we bring in the heads of the other families,” Dyson says, “Interview them. But I must warn you,” he adds, reaching for his mug o’ beer, “they are a prickly bunch.” He seems more amused by this than anything else.

Back at Santiago Hall, Sturgis expounds on the fact that this will be the first time the Inverell has been held on their estate under their clan banner in 300 years. Big effin’ deal then, huh. Which is when the maid leads Bo and Dyson in to Kenzi’s utter and complete shock. “Kenzi!” Bo exclaims. “Yes, that’s me. Hale’s monogamous lover,” Kenzi responds with emphasis.

Dyson steps forward to greet Hale’s father. “Mr. Santiago. It’s an honor.” Val has gone on such high alert at the sight of him, it’s a wonder parts of her aren’t pointing upwards. “Dyson, my boy,” Santiago replies shaking his hand. “I didn’t think you were going to make it.” “Neither did I,” Hale mutters. Dyson nods to Val but returns to Bo’s side. “Who’s your friend?” Val asks with an attempt at a pleasant smile. Dyson introduces Bo and Santiago is immediately impressed. “The unaligned succubus! The rumors don’t do your beauty justice.” On that one I think we’re all in agreement. Bo looks like she’d like to say something snarky, but Dyson smoothes the way instead, pointing out that, unfortunately they are there on business, not pleasure. “And boy do we have questions,” Bo adds.

While Santiago goes on about the dreadful affair that is the Marisol murder, Bo widens her eyes in silent conversation at Kenzi – what the hell are you doing here? – who replies in kind – it was Hale’s idea obviously! Santiago doesn’t think there’s any reason why they can’t have this discussion over some rare vintages. Val meanwhile, hasn’t taken her greedy gaze off of Dyson who, after eye checking Hale first, he sizes her up too and does that chin lift of acknowledgement move. Steady wolf. “Shall we adjourn to the wine cellar?” Santiago suggests.

Down in the wine cellar, the wine cellar bee-low, Hale sits at a small table glaring at an unperturbed Dyson who’s across from him. Val sits to Dyson’s right, uncomfortably close, and eyes him predatorily. Kenzi pops up from her spot next to Hale to go examine some fine if dusty vintages while Bo asks Sturgis if he has any idea who might’ve killed Marisol. Naturally he has does and proceeds to denigrate Dabner, the head of the Fin Arvin Clan. Bo briefly peers in Kenzi’s direction and frowns as Sturgis continues. “Paranoid, nearly insane, and you can’t trust those Fin Arvin fools. They’re as shiftless as mortals.” He looks at Kenzi when he says this last, notes her position, and speed streaks to her side. “You’re speedy,” Kenzi remarks. “Not the Chateau Isoir, dear,”he chides. “Perhaps you’d prefer a wine cooler?” He gestures for her to return to her chair. Smirking – your house, your rules, dude – Kenzi saunters back to Hale’s side. Val smiles smugly, looks cagily at Dyson, who himself looks mildly amused, and proceeds to place her hand very high up on Dyson’s thigh. Watch it, bitch! Oh my. Sorry. That slipped out.

Dyson immediately frowns down at her hand, but doesn’t look too put out. As the maid enters and lays out glasses on the table, Bo scans the room and double takes – what the hell?! –when she notices what Val is doing. Val nonchalantly lifts her wine glasses and deliberately looks away from Dyson as she runs her hand further up his thigh. Bitch, what did I just tell you?! Whoops. There I go again.

Thankfully, Val’s audacity is equally too much for Bo. “We should talk to this Dabner,” she says to Dyson with bite. “Now.” Dyson immediately agrees, neatly detaching himself from Val’s claws by grasping her hand and pointedly moving it back to her own lap. Just how far were you going to let her get there, wolf boy? But as Dyson moves to stand, Santiago stops him, insisting on having cake before they leave. “Don’t you want dessert, Dyson?” Val murmurs as he settles back in his seat with a wary look for her. Bo shoots her an incredulous look that handily mirrors my own response. Are you freaking kidding me, lady?!

Santiago waxes on ponderously as he ceremonially divides the cake into four parts “to pay homage to the original families.” Bo frowns as Val calls the maid over. “Wash the silverware the human uses at least twice.”  Hale hisses her name in protest and Val adds a caveat. “Better just pitch it.” And that’s enough for Kenzi.

Hale sighs and hides his face with frustration as Kenzi gapes at him. “You know what? That’s it,” she says, rising. I’m more than a little surprised that neither Bo nor Dyson has leapt to Kenzi’s defense yet and can only guess it’s because they’re trying to play nice with the upper class snobs. That and Dyson’s being an asshat. “Fae you,” Kenzi swears at Val. “You know if I wanted to be insulted like this, I would’ve spent time with my own family!” she shouts. She stalks out of the wine cellar, a frantic, deeply embarrassed Hale hot on her heels. Dyson casually looks after them.

Upstairs in the hallways, Hale grabs Kenzi’s arm, yanking her to a halt, but before he can apologize again, Kenzi attacks. “Yes, our friendship works because we are so the best dressed out of the group and because we enjoy taking the piss out of one another.” Here she smacks him in the shoulder. “But I have never used you like you just used me!” Hale grabs her arm again and apologizes – again. “They’re rude, they’re bigots and they’re wrong. I get it.” Kenzi, with another hard shot to his shoulder: “Well get this. Next time you want to play Bad Son, leave me out of it!”

As she stalks off in a fury, Bo leads Dyson, Val and Santiago brigade down the hall from the other end as she thanks Hale’s family for their time. Going by the tone of her voice, Kenzi isn’t the only one who has reached her limit of obnoxious elitism. “And here I’d heard you were difficult,” Santiago expounds. Dyson’s clearly been a good influence.” Oh darling, you have no idea. Dyson, recognizing the signs of an impending succubus verbal beat down, hastens to Bo’s side, crowding close and not looking away from her face. “So has Kenzi. See she’s taught me how to tolerate people that I can’t stand,” Bo grits out. “You’re snobs. You’re bigots. And your family –” Dyson says her name once, “Bo,” and she stops and takes a beat. “Your family home,” she continues, “is lovely.”

“And Dyson,” Val simpers. “Come back any time you feel like something sweet.” Bo glares at her, rolling her eyes as she loudly claps Dyson’s arm and turns him with her to drag him away. “So much for impressing our social betters,” he murmurs to Bo as they get some clearance from the Family Santiago. Bo points out that she still has two families to charm. “Besides,” she adds, jerking on the lapels of her jacket. “That was worth it.” Dyson looks back over his shoulder at then follows her out.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), a still pissed Kenzi powers walks in to see Nate holding a nosegay of wildflowers. “You have got to stop sneaking in like this!” she exclaims. Why?! The whole world wanders in and out at will, human and Fae. Nate wonders what will happen if he does that. “Find out my girlfriend stood me up for another dude?” Quelled, Kenzi takes the nosegay from him. “If it makes you feel any better,” she jokes, “it was like the worst date of all time.” Nate however is not amused. Kenzi immediately says that she was kidding and Nate asks if that means that it was a date and it was awesome, “Yay!” Heh.  Miserable, Kenzi has no defense. Nate explains that he and Kenzi were “supposed to jam” and instead he arrives to see her leaving with Hale. Kenzi insists that Hale is just a friend and it was a “thing.”

But this is the episode where everyone has had enough. Nate tells her that he can’t keep up with her secrets even though he really, really wants to trust her. “But you’re always so…” here he shrugs, searching for the right word, “sneaky.” Kenzi looks near tears and after a small pause, Nate tries to make it better by admitting that her sneakiness is adorable, but Kenzi is too emotional to take the olive branch. “No, you’re right, and it’s killing me. I want to tell you the truth,” she says, emphatically.

As The Dal (drink!), Trick leads Bo and Dyson down the stairs and into Tolkien’s Lair (drink again!), where Dabner, head of Clan Fin Arvin awaits them. For some reason, the fact that Dyson has to duck under the doorway to enter amuses me greatly.

Bo greets him and Dabner whines about how he’s actually Lord Dabner “Ninth Premier of the clan Fin Arvin.  But who cares about hard-earned titles in these troubled times.” Dyson asks “Lord Dabner” what brings him to Tolkien’s parlor today. Dabner passionately explains that “it” came into his boudoir; he woke to find it standing above him, “aflame!” Bo: “Like, on fire?” Dabner: “Huh. Beauty and brains.” Bo preens. Dabner clicks his tongue. “So often strangers.” Bo’s smile falters. Heh. Dabner goes on to say that he barely escaped with his life. “I am Fin Arvin! I am not to be silenced!” Bo, Trick, and Dyson all look at him strangely. “Milord?” Dyson says. Slowly, Dabner begins to smoke. “You hand, it’s burnt,” Trick tells him. “Did the creature touch you?”

Dabner gazes at his hand in wonder as flames lick around his fingers. “It all happened so fas –” He ignites at once and collapses to the ground a pile of burnt bones and ash. Though not The Ash, in case you were wondering. Team Badass and Trick all cough and wave away the lingering smoke. “Whoever did this just sent more than a message,” Bo declares.

Bo and Dyson crouch down next to Dabner’s remains. “You OK?” he asks her and Bo says she just feels a bit congested. Heh. Trick explains that when a cherufe touches you, it sets off a chain reaction and you spontaneously combust. “Gruesome trick,” Bo mutters. “Wait, what’s a cherufe?” Dyson takes over the Exposition Express and tells her that a cherufe is an Under-fae of magma, “immensely powerful.” I wonder how many times they went Austin Powers on that line while filming – Mmmmag-mmmma.  Trick says a cherufe can cover swaths of land with lava and Dyson adds they also can disguise themselves as rock.

Trick can’t figure why a cherufe would waste its talents tormenting these individuals when it could wipe out an entire village. Bo insists there has to be a reason because the attacks are so specific. “And there’s only one Don left,” Trick observes. Bo sighs heavily and name checks Hale’s dad. “He’s a total jerk off but capable of hiring an assassin to take out the other clan leaders?”  Dyson observes in that voice that it looks like they’re headed back to the Santiago estate. Oh joy.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Kenzi is working her way through a pint of ice cream when Bo returns home. “Is that my piles-o-pecans?!” she asks, all too easily grabbing the pint from Kenzi and diving in. “I told Nate the truth about us,” Kenzi says miserably. “Oh!” Bo says climbing over the back of the couch to settle down next to her, “Kenzi!” Kenzi: “Except I totally lied!” Bo, more softly: “Oh. Kenzi.” Kenzi rattles on that she doesn’t know what happened to her, suddenly she was telling him that they were spies, that they were in witness protection, “that we were this close to getting our own cooking show!” Bo: “Oh. That one. That’s when he knew you were lying?”  Yep. That’d do it.

More calmly, but still miserable, Kenzi admits that she knows why Nate’s mad, “because I’m pretending to be Hale’s piece on the side.” Bo insists that Kenzi tell Hale she won’t do it anymore. “If he knew that this was affecting your real relationship…” But Kenzi says Hale won’t want to take her to the Inverell anyways since his family hated her.  Bo: “Oh, they sucked!” Kenzi: “They so sucked!” Heh. Love it.

Hark! There’s a knock on the door! Who the hell knocks at Hilton Hovel (drink!)? As Bo gets up, Kenzi dully says she’s going to hit The Dal (drink!) and give Hale the news. ‘Cause where else would he be? Bo shucks her jacket and I notice that somewhere between The Dal (drink!) and Hilton Hovel (drink!), she’s changed her shirt. As she walks to the door, Bo tells Kenzi that she doesn’t think her problems with Nate are just a Fae thing. “I mean, it is hard to be in a relationship when you can’t be completely honest.” That anvil barely has time to knock me in the head before Bo opens the door to reveal Doctor Lauren. Oh yeah, right. She knocks. Yippee. “You rang?” she asks. Bo thanks her for coming, “this case is a doozy” and yet I failed to see where the medical expert consult is required. Before she can say anything else, NotComaNadia sidles up behind Doctor Lauren. “Hey Bo,” she greets. Doctor Lauren ducks her head, mildly embarrassed as Bo’s warm smile grows tight as she says, “Hey (NotComa) Nadia” and rolls her eyes and grimaces as they pass her and enter.

The doc and Nadia enter, “I brought those medical texts you wanted” neatly crossing paths with an exiting Kenzi who waves – “Later” – and exchanges speaking looks with Bo as she goes. NotComaNadia asks where to find the bathroom and both Bo and Doctor Lauren say “upstairs” simultaneously.  As NotComaNadia follows their directions, the doc apologies for having her girlfriend in tow – again. “I had to bring her. She just hasn’t wanted to leave my side, which is understandable considering the coma and waking up after five years.” Yeah, there’s also your penchant for lying to and cheating on her, doc. Think that might be a concern of NotComaNadia’s here too. Bo says it’s fine when it’s clearly not for either of them.

Pulling out a heavy tome, Doctor Lauren tells her The Ash has volumes in his library on the cherufe. “Even among the Fae they’re admired for being – I don’t know –” “Bad ass?” Bo suggests.  Doctor Lauren: “Precisely” and she explains that it was a cherufe that caused Mount Vesuvius to erupt. Actually, that was the thanks to the tenth Doctor, but carry on. “The city of Pompeii was buried in minutes, exterminated generations of humans and Fae.” She mentions that the Fae have a different word for Pompeii. “They call it The Rape of Scafati.” Since the music just cued in all sturm und drang, I’m gonna take this as something important. This pings for Bo and she opens up Dyson’s work folder to show a burnt photo from Marisol’s desk that has the word “SCAFATI” carved into a marble slab. Doctor Lauren wonders why Marisol Carmody would have it and Bo wonders if there’s something to which the dons are not fessing up.

Upstairs, NotComaNadia paws her way throughBo’s room. She picks up the sword stick Trick gave Bo for her birthday, withdrawing the sword slightly before returning it to the mantle. Stopping in front of the antique full length mirror, she examines herself, dragging her hands over her face as though she doesn’t recognize her own reflection. moves on to Bo’s weapon trunk. Bo herself arrives in the bathroom doorway to spy NotComaNadia casing her room. As NotComaNadia crouches in front of the open weapons trunk, Bo saunters forward to lean against the door jamb. “Find anything good?” she asks, startling NotComaNadia. Caught, NotComaNadia twitches in place while Bo waits for her explanation. “You’ve got quite the weapons collection,” NotComaNadia points out awkwardly. “Well, everyone’s got their hobbies,” Bo responds, unappeased. NotComaNadia: “As if you weren’t intimidating enough already.” Surprised at this, Bo softens infinitesimally.

“Bo, I’m so sorry,” NotComaNadia says sincerely. “I’m so embarrassed. I just –” Bo strides forward and firmly closes the trunk. “I just wanted to check out the competition,” NotComaNadia admits, faltering on the last words. “Look, (NotComa) Nadia, I’m not your competition. You really have nothing to worry about.” Oddly enough, Bo’s nose elongates as she finishes saying this to (NotComa) Nadia, who is worried that Bo might tell Doctor Lauren about this incident. “Well,” Bo offers, smiling. “It’s not like I’ve never peeked inside someone’s medicine cabinet, right?” NotComaNadia smiles back with relief and thanks her before exiting, but Bo’s smile fades and she gazes after NotComaNadia truly puzzled. That is one strange bird, babe, no question.

At The Dal (drink!), Hale is sipping tea at the bar when Trick warns him of Kenzi impeding approach. “Hale, four o’clock.” Hale leaps to his feet, for once removing his hat. “Oh, there she is, my main squeeze,” he teases hopefully. Amusingly, Trick is already opening a bottle for Kenzi, unasked. That there is a barman who knows his clients. “Hey Trick,” Kenzi says taking a seat at the bar and the bottle. “Here ya go,” Trick replies. Sweet. Kenzi turns on Hale. “Were we in the same room yesterday? That was crazytown.” Wait, when did we switch days?! Bo just got home from meeting with Dabner and suddenly it’s tomorrow?! Explains Bo shirt change, but way to drop the continuity line there, show.

“That was Thursday. The estate is always kind of intense,” Hale underplays. Kenzi tells him how Nate doesn’t get why she’s doing this for Hale. Hale says he will explain to Nate that Kenzi is doing him the biggest favor of his life. “Besides, if you bail, our fake relationship will be one more thing my father thinks I failed at.” Kenzi wonders if he wanted to impress “Papa Sturgis” so much, why didn’t he just ask Bo. A mild aneurysm explodes in my head at the Teutonic amount of angst such a scenario would produce.

Hale pauses, then explains that while his family is nuts, he is the Santiago heir and may someday be head of the Zamora Clan. Wide-eyed Kenzi has never considered those implications before. “And you need a tiny human queen to claim your throne?” she asks hopefully. Hale chuckles. “I need to set an example. If we don’t modernize, we will become irrelevant. Look, the Fae can co-exist with the humans peacefully, as equals,” he says passionately. “Moreover, we should.” Not just a pretty face, our Hale is a reformer! Changing the status quo from the inside! Power to the people, baby!! Why do I suddenly feel like I’ve just reenacted a scene from Reds?

“No fair with the “we’re all on one team” speech,” Kenzi objects, clearly moved. “You know Mighty Ducks is my fave!” “Oh?” Hale rebuttals, casually pulling out his list of Kenzi solids. “Oh? Well, I would’ve never guessed when you made me watch it nine times.” Kenzi snatches the list from him, folds it up and lays it on the bar. “One more night!” she agrees in a harsh whisper. “Yes!” Hale says, triumphant. “One more ‘you don’t even have to be sober’ night!” he promises. My favorite kind! “Oh, that’s great,” Kenzi replies, making it sound anything but as she swigs from her bottle.

Somehow, and I really don’t know how beyond that it’s in the script, Bo is back in the Santiago wine cellar, cautiously making her way down the spiral staircase and over to the row of wine bottles Sturgis was so keen Kenzi move away from earlier. Guess her spidey sense was all a-tingly. Sturgis’ voice stops her in her tracks. “How’d you get in here?” he demands. Such a good question! “I doubled security!” He’s wearing a formal tux complete with a lavender sash of office. Or possibly decoration.

Bo tells him to double security again. “The cherufe is after you,” she warns. “That is unless you hired it to kill the other two dons.” Santiago is unconcerned and merely smarms that if Bo wanted to borrow a bottle, she could’ve just asked. How does one return such a thing once borrowed and, presumably, consumed? I shudder to think.

 Bo wonders if he’d lend her the bottle Kenzi had been looking at and this successfully silences Sturgis. She marks that it was the only bottle without any dust. “I believe it was the Chateau Isoir,” she finishes. Bo pulls on the bottle in question and releases the door to a secret room. “Is that French for “family secrets”?” she quips and enters the room. Santiago watches her warily as Bo examines the treasures in the hidden room. Grabbing a scroll, she marches back out to confront him. “I betcha this scroll will tell me about Mister Scafati,” she reveals. “May I?” Santiago asked, unmoved, and, taking the scroll from Bo, he unravels and lays it before them on the table. Inside the scroll are four family crests and trees. “The Scafati wasn’t a person. They were a family,” he explains. “A fourth clan,” Bo muses. “You sliced the cake into four equal parts to pay homage to the families,” she realizes, and we get a lovely flashback of just that to remind us what she’s referring to because recalling what happened 10 minutes ago is too much for we poor humans.

Sturgis believes that our suspicions will always betray us. “The Scafati clan was more powerful than the Zamora, Fin Arvin, and Bukharin kinfolk combined.” Together, those three clans conspired to destroy The Scafati. “By using the cherufe who lived below Mount Vesuvius.” Santiago says that in return, they promised the cherufe the first girl born every hundred years. “Well let me guess,” Bo snarks. “You welched on your daughter deliveries.” Santiago admits that they tricked the creature instead and buried him under the mountain. Bo: “Not deep enough!” She stalks back into the Sekrit Room and replaces the scroll while Sturgis expounds that he understands the cherufe’s need for revenge but not why he’s claiming it now, “it’s been two thousand years!” “I’ve got an inkling!” Bo snaps and asks if Santiago has ever heard of The Garuda. Santiago doesn’t respond. “Sturgis!” Bo calls him by his first name to impart the seriousness of the situation. “You have got to stop the Inverell!” But Santiago doesn’t want the other clans to think he cancelled out of fear. “I’d rather burn.”

Suddenly, he speed streaks to Bo’s side and knocks her back into the Sekrit Room, closing the door before she can rush back out. Fixing his tie, Sturgis ignores Bo’s demand that he open the door. “Dammit!” Bo swears, looking around the Sekrit Room for another exit. She spies a grate but can’t manage to get it free of the wall. Crouching down, she lifts a porcelain vase. “Sorry Nona,” she tells it before slamming the vase against the grate.

Upstairs at the Inverell, Val and Sturgis schmooze with their guests while Dyson ambles around the room with his dark suit jacket turned up at the collars, the better to stalk you with my dear.  A majordomo reads from calling cards as he announces the arriving guests, ringing a bell after each name. “Emmett Northcote.” Ring. “Of Family Northcote. Clan Fin Arvin.” Northcote nods to Hale who awaits Kenzi’s arrival. “Tamzin Borgia.” Ring. “Of Family Akif.  Clan Bukharin.” Stalker Dyson scans the room. Agitated, Hale checks his watch and wonders where Kenzi is.

“Kenzi!” the majordomo announces. Ring. Hale visibly relaxes. The majordomo looks at the calling card, hesitates and frowns then continues haltingly. “Hale’s – bitchin’ girlfriend.” Here Hale chuckles while Val, also with a lavender sash, and Sturgis exchange glances of alarm.”Of Family What Up? Clan Hey Now.” As the majordomo finishes with audible confusion, a vision in shimmering black and silver enters. It’s an all glammed up Kenzi looking utterly gorgeous with her glorious hair in an up do. If that’s Nona’s dress, Nona was a smokin’ fox! All eyes are upon her as she poses at the top of the stairs. It’s quite a moment.

Until the majordomo urges her to come on and Kenzi takes his hand and allows him to hand her down the stairs. With a broad smile, she joins Hale. “I had to do it my way,” she explains apologetically. “I didn’t want to look like a ‘before’ picture.”

“You look gorgeous,” Hale exults with no small amount of awe. “Really.” Kenzi: “Really? Not too – goofy?” Hale: “It’s perfect.” She smiles beautifully at him. “OK.” Stalker Dyson, who has been watching the scene, strides off for parts unknown. Val immediately is in hot pursuit and Sturgis raises an interested eyebrow in her wake.

Dyson prowls down a hallway, Val at his heels. “Word of the Dons’ deaths has positively blazed through the crowd,” she drawls. Dyson glances around. “They can all burn as far as I’m concerned,” he tells her harshly. That’s – a surprising and unexpected response. “Pompous fools muttering and posturing amongst themselves.” That’s a lot of venom from someone who was obsequious and pandering not one day ago, much less counseling Bo to do the same. He tells Val that she should get out of there. “Something bad is coming.”

 “I’d rather dance,” Val says, heavy with the double entendre as she basically devours Dyson with her eyes. “You’re my best friend’s baby sister,” Dyson scoffs at her. Val sidles closer to him. “I’m nobody’s baby anymore,” she tells him. But we can still put you in the corner, right? “And I know you’ve noticed,” she adds smugly. She says that she’s noticed something too. “You’re…different.” This doesn’t seem to be deterring her though. Dyson confirms that he is that. “So don’t think you know me.”

“You don’t give a rat’s ass about anything, do you Dyson?” Dyson exhales hard through his nose as he scans the room again, but doesn’t deny it. “Liberating, isn’t it? Not having to care.” Val admits that she was eavesdropping on her father and “your little succubus,” in the wine cellar earlier. Dyson, the man who doesn’t give a rat’s ass, is instantly concerned. “Bo is in the wine cellar?!” Val tells him that it turns out Daddy Dearest isn’t exactly the man she…and here Val’s seductive demeanor begins to crack as they get to the heart of the matter. Val’s polished image of her father has cracked and she has to face the fact that he’s not the Fae she thought he was. Naturally, she deals with this by trying to bone Dyson who is probably quite unsuitable. Poor little rich girl.

Again, the man who professes not to care immediately shows concern for Val. “Don’t go all gallant on me,” Val rebuffs him. “That’s not what I’m after. I plan to drown my sorrows in something – wrong.” What sorrows? They cut the part where you explained them. “Why else would I choose you?” Because he’s a smoking hot bad ass? Just me? Okey dokey then. She’s a real charmer though, isn’t she?

Annoyed, Dyson tells her he’s working and moves to leave, but she grabs his arm. “If you want to feel something for a change, come find me.” She saunters away as Stalker Dyson watches, contemplatively.

In the Billiard Room, with the candlestick, Miss Scarlet – I mean, Bo emerges from a bench. As she slinks through the room, a side door opens and Nate pokes his head through. “Nate?!” Bo exclaims. Grabbing his hand, she drags him back into the Billiard Room with him whinging the whole way. “Ow, ow, OW! You’re crushing my fingering hand.” Snicker. Disgusted, Bo jerks her hand free and Nate gives her A Look. “Guitar,” he reminds her.

Aghast, Bo wonders how he got in (caterers) and what he’s doing there in the first place. “I’m finding the balls to get my girl back.” Bo sighs, but can’t deny the sweetness. “OK,” she orders. “Wait here.”

Upstairs, Hale and Kenzi swan through the party collecting polite insults. “Yup, there it is. Heard another ‘Mercy’,” Hale notes proudly. “That was number four. Oh, and the lady in the red sequins gave us a ‘Crikey!’” Kenzi informs him gleefully. “See? We’re uniting Fae from many lands in their utter disapproval of our love,” Hale crows, adding a little British accent flavor to his snark. “I’m still smarting from that guy’s ‘harrumph’,” Kenzi jokes. “You know if words were bullets…” Hale is laughing, delighted to have Kenzi at his side and in such companionable spirits. “You’re fun!” he observes, grinning and Kenzi chirps a thank you. “Kinda why I invited you to this clusterfae.” That is now officially my new favorite descriptor. Kenzi: “What happened to ‘I am Chosen One. Must date human. Drag Fae into neeewwww century’?”

Hale, Bo, and Kenzi in Lost Girl Season 2 episode 17“Ha Ha,” Hale replies. “And yeah, that’s important. But this is the next best thing to having an actual girlfriend.” Kenzi sweetly adjusts his tie and playfully smacks his cheek as the majordomo announces a new arrival, voice trembling. “The unaligned succubus. Family Unknown. Clan –” Bo smacks his hand before he can ringy dingy his bell. “Zip it!” She orders. “Now.” Kenzi waves to her – “hey Bo Bo! Over here! – and Bo quick steps over to her and Hale. “What the hey hey?” Kenzi asks. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Bo says to Hale. “No invitation. Underdressed. Do not tell your dad!” She tells Kenzi there’s someone else who shouldn’t be there and he’s waiting for her in the Billiard Room. Bo and Kenzi hustle their way out of the party.

The moment Kenzi sees Nate in the Billiard Room, she spreads her arms akimbo, and “Dude!” Across the room, Nate looks at her with relief and guilt. “Dude.” Annoyed, Kenzi’s stacks her hands on her hips. “DUDE!” Pause as Bo looks between them. “And that’s my cue.” Heeeeeee. Oh the many glorious uses of the word “dude”!

Bo pats Kenzi on the back and exits as she tentatively approaches Nate. “Can we please say something besides ‘dude’?” he pleads.  Kenzi points out with acerbity that she said a lot of things last time she saw Nate and he freaked. Nate: “In my defense, you said you were Batman, so…” Ha! “Fine,” Kenzi snaps. “I fibbed. Great catch.” Nate says that’s the point; she is a great catch. “The best.” Awwww.

Kenzi is not unmoved and momentarily halts her dramatic exit. “Leaving more slowly,” she allows. Nate tells her that she looks amazing and that the most pathetic thing about their situation is that he’s so crazy about her, “it practically wouldn’t matter if you were dating a cop on the side.” Kenzi insists that she’s just pretending to be Hale’s “faux beau” to satisfy his parents. Technically, that would be ‘parent’ but I’ll allow it. Nate tries to process this and decides that it’s cool, which leads Kenzi to tentatively ask if they’re cool. “I hope so,” Nate says, sincerely. Kenzi points out there are still things that aren’t hers to tell but Nate insists that he doesn’t care what the deal is between her and Bo; he knows who she really is. “Yeah,” she whispers. “I’m yours.”  Awwwww.

They mack until Kenzi breaks off breathlessly. “I can’t do this right now,” she insists. “I have to go make a good impression and my Spanx are riding up and the man I love is playing stalker!” It seems to be going around, babe. But Nate only cares about the “man I love” part of that ramble, and he asks for confirmation, “You love me?” Kenzi smiles only a little sadly – “Busted.” – and they mack some more failing to notice freaking Val in the background listening in again. Nate decides that Kenzi’s love confession is good enough for him, “Now go be good for Hale!” Kenzi smiles everything right again in her world. They kiss again and Kenzi leaves, Val dropping out of sight as she passes by popping back in to mutter “bitch”. I’m guessing she didn’t hear the “faux beau” part of that convo.

As Kenzi re-enters the party, Val walks past her, waves her hand and steals her voice. Stalker Dyson is tracking Val and when she pauses in a doorway and jerks her head at him, Stalker Dyson glances around to see if anyone noticed her blatant come hither and then – well – hithers.

Kenzi repeatedly tries to call out to Hale, clearing her throat over and over, but to no avail. I would think losing her voice would mean she couldn’t make any sound at all, but whatever. She does manage to catch his eye though and when he frowns, mimes having a dry throat. Bo barges into the party and grabs Hale demanding to know where Dyson is. You do not want to know, sweetie. “I need his help to find the cherufe,” she explains. Hale is shocked to hear the cherufe is coming to his home. Bo tells him that’s exactly what they think, and “look, if you see Dyson, send him my way, OK?” She hurries off but not before Sturgis speeds streaks directly into her path. He hopes she’s not planning anything stupid. “You mean like saving your sorry ass?!” she shoots back and soldiers on.

Kenzi has made her way to the estate’s suspiciously empty kitchen. Wouldn’t a catered event like this have a great deal of hustle and bustle downstairs? Eh, maybe this is merely the backup kitchen. She sashays down the aisle and pours herself a glass of water – only to drop it to the floor when she notices the burnt out husk of a waiter. An orange flame reflects on a sideboard and Kenzi fearfully glances around. She hits the deck when flames jet up from across the room, hiding behind the counter like she’s dodging a Velociraptor. Carefully, she glances round one corner then, quickly crossing herself, eases around the other, crawling down the aisle on her hands and knees her firm tush high in the air. So much for Nona’s dress. Halfway down, she peers over the top of the counter and gets briefly to her feet before recommencing the crawl. As she reaches the end of the aisle, the creature suddenly appears before her and – holy shit, it’s the Balrog.

The cherufe raises its arm to strike – and is knocked over by the rolling rack Bo rams into it. Helping Kenzi to her feet, Bo checks that she’s OK then wonders where the damned creature disappeared.  I LOST MY VOICE! Kenzi mouths frantically. Bo: “What happened to your voice?!” Kenzi mouths I DON’T KNOW! Bo orders her to stay put.

Down in the wine cellar, Dyson and Val are getting it on and holy crap, what is with all the tiny ladies in this show?! I mean, I know our wolf boy has some height on him, but this is getting ridonkulous! They’re breathing heavily and macking hard while the industrious Val has already got Dyson’s jacket and shirt opened. I suppose I should (grudgingly) thank her for that. I wonder if they checked to see if Bo was still locked in the Sekrit Room first. Far as they’re both concerned, neither has seen her since Val watched Daddy Dearest lock Bo away. Somehow, I don’t think so.

Dyson picks the tiny Val up and back her against the wall, eerily reminiscent of our favorite scene in Vexed – and stops. Momentarily allowing his upper head to do the thinking, he tells Val that they should go upstairs and shouldn’t “do this”. Val asks if that’s really what Dyson wants. She grabs him by the waistband of his pants and yanks him back. They mack some more and Val lifts her bare leg up to rest on his hip, Dyson crouches low to – um – better align – things. He picks her up and splays her across a pile of wine barrels

Y’all I deserve a medal for recapping this hawt, strewth, really hawt, mess.

Back in the kitchen, Bo is hunting cherufe wielding a fire extinguisher, which is actually a pretty good improvised weapon come to think about it.

Down in the wine cellar, Val and Dyson are speeding up. She’s got his pants undone now and yanks his shirt and jacket down his back far enough that – Hot Tattoo Alert!!


Dyson visibly drags her panties down one leg and I’m pretty sure there’s – yup, confirmed copulation happening as he growls and kisses her and I turn my fan on full. Splash, splash, splash. Dyson’s back muscles flex as the general motions of thrust and parry begin until Val opens her eyes – and sees her brother standing in the doorway.

“VAL!” Hale shouts, enraged. Dyson and Val immediately disengage and struggle to reassemble their clothing under Hale’s scornful gaze as Val haltingly tells her brother to relax. “Don’t make this a thing, man,” Asshat Dyson says as he audibly fastens his pants and belt while keeping his back to Hale.  Good work there, sound effect guys. “A thing?” Hale repeats with disbelief.

Val and Dyson are both breathing hard as they try to regain their wits. By the look on her face, Val is beginning to realize just how badly she screwed up. “We’re both consenting adults,” Asshat Dyson tells his rapidly former friend. “It doesn’t concern you.” Hale: “The hell is doesn’t! She’s my sister! And you are supposed to be my best friend! What’s wrong with you?!”

In the kitchen, Bo eases down the aisle, still hunting cherufe armed with her trusty fire extinguisher. As she passes a cauldron-like pot, the cherufe rises up behind her. “Time to cool things off,” she quips and presses the trigger, but the extinguisher is empty. “There’s no Fae fire code?!” she objects, disgusted, and tosses the thing aside as the cherufe attacks.

Lost Girl Season 2 DysonDown in the cellar, Hale is chewing Dyson out – FINALLY. “I always stuck by your side, man, and this is how you repay me?!” Dyson claims that he may not be able to love, “but I can still live.” My annoyance at this ridonkulous statement is offset by the fact that his shirt and jacket are still hanging open. Hale breaks and grabs Dyson by the lapels, shaking him while Val calls Hale’s name in protest. For his part, Dyson doesn’t resist, but hangs in Hale’s grip. “What are you gonna do, huh?” he asks. “You gonna hit me? Then do it,” he goads and shouts again “DO IT!” shoving Hale when he hesitates as though he needs Hale to hurt him because he can’t seem to hate himself enough right now. He growls and snarls but Hale grits his teeth, sad and disgusted with Dyson now, and releases him. “You’re not worth it,” he sneers shaking his head. He draws Val away, who looks over her shoulder once at Dyson, but leaves quietly with her brother leaving a self-loathing Dyson alone in the wine cellar.

Up in the kitchen, Kenzi runs in to see Bo dodging the cherufe’s continued attack. She pounds on a pot with a stick of French bread to get Bo’s attention and points her to the tank of liquid nitrogen on the counter. “Kenzi!” Bo shouts. “Reverse cowgirl!” Aw, I love it when we come full circle! Bo grabs a fry pan and spins in a circle, swinging at the cherufe, but one swipe from the monster instantly melts away the pan. Why do I feel like that’s a line from an infomercial?

Kenzi uses Bo distraction to open the tank and slide it down to Bo who snatches it up and throws the contents onto the cherufe. Instantly, the cherufe is extinguished, freezing into solid form. As Bo and Kenzi gape at it, Kenzi tentatively reaches out and prods the monster with her loaf. Not a euphemism, people! The cherufe shatters into pieces on the ground. “Asian fusion is so hot these days,” Bo quips.

Kenzi steps up to the steps of the ballroom and wolf whistles to get everyone’s attention. Bo power walks up behind her and points an accusing finger at Sturgis. “It is bad enough that you made a deal with the devil and then reneged. But the reason the cherufe –” and here she’s holds up the frozen head of the monster to the collective horrified gasp of the crowd as Hale, Val, and eventually, Dyson (dammit! He buttoned his shirt!) fill in behind and around Santiago, “felt bold enough to seek vengeance now is because there is something much worse slouching towards us. The Garuda.” This brings more frightened murmuring from the Fae. “You are all at each other’s throats,” Bo continues, “even more than usual. And the evil that is coming, it is feeding off your collective rage.”

Sturgis tries to stem her flow of infodump. “This is ridiculous!” he shouts at her. “You don’t understand!” But Hale steps in and thwarts him. “No! This is our shot, Dad,” he says, coming to stand with Kenzi and Bo, “to stop the petty grievances with each other and unite the clans! To fight the real threat.”

A random voice from the crowd announces that it’s another Clan Bukharin trick, and Lady Tamzin immediately objects that the Fin Arvin scum would naturally say such things. The crowd murmurs amongst themselves but Sturgis scans the Fae looking as though he’s beginning to understand. Hale’s shoulders drop and Bo puts a comforting hand on his arm. “They’ll never change,” she commiserates.  “It’s over.”

But there’s one thing Hale knows he can do to make a difference. “No,” he counters as his gaze lands on a wary Dyson. He slowly crosses the distance between them. “Changing my mind,” he tells Dyson and slams his fist into wolf boy’s face. My closed captions actually say “WHACK!” Ha!

Dyson grunts but takes it as the crowd gasps yet again. Wide-eyed with shock, Kenzi and Bo gape open-mouthed at the two men who glare at one another. Hale shrugs his jacket back into place. “Now it’s over,” he says definitively. Turning to a chagrined Val, he demands that she “give it back” and, sullen, Val scoffs but at a glare from her brother, she waves her hand and returns Kenzi’s voice. “Lava dude’s in here!” Kenzi shouts and immediately is embarrassed as everyone looks at her. “I’m sorry. That was a long hold over.” Bo clasps her arm around Kenzi and leads her away, Hale bringing up the rear, a united if small force.

Sturgis hurries after them, begging his son to wait. “What could you possibly have to say to me?!” Hale demands, finally fed up with his family. But he does stop and Val is there too.  Sturgis admits that he only reneged with the cherufe to keep the family safe. Hale gets in his father’s face and counters that he did it because he needs to be in control all the time. “But you can’t control what’s coming!” Sturgis tells him he knows they’ve had their differences, “but when The Garuda comes, we need to stick together, look after our own.”

Hale glances at his sister. “I’ll protect Val,” he agrees. “I always do when it counts.” Bo realizes that Sturgis has known about The Garuda all this while. “You were right, succubus,” he agrees. “I can feel it. The enemy of the Naga, of all the Fae, rises.” Bo: “We’ll fight it.” Sturgis: “You’ll lose. But still, I admire your gumption.” He promises to offer any resources she needs in the coming battle. Sturgis holds out his hand to Hale who takes it. “That’s a start,” he agrees. Sturgis clasps his son’s arm and makes a point of looking directly at Kenzi. “Goodbye Kenzi,” he says politely. He and Val return to the party as Hale, Kenzi, and Bo wordlessly turn and leave. I notice Bo is still totting the cherufe’s frozen head. Heh. Kenzi takes Hale’s arm and pats his shoulder in support. Hale finally notices the wrist corsage she’s been sporting all night. “Is that my Nona’s fascinator?” he asks, mildly shocked. Kenzi smiles up at him and he grins back.

As they walk down the hall, Stalker Dyson prowls into view behind them and gazes after them darkly, watching as his pack leaves him behind.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo contemplates the glass of red wine in her hand. “This is unbelievable,” she croons. Smug, Kenzi announces that she decided they’d earned a bottle of Sturgis’ rare vintage. Please tell me it’s the Chateau Isoir! Bo wonders what they deserve it for since she wasn’t even able to convince the Fae nobles to fight The Garuda. “I mean, I’m not the best public speaker but I had a great prop, a friggin’ lava monster’s head!” Hale thinks slaying an army of Under-fae still would’ve made no difference. “The families know what’s coming, but they’re scared.” Kenzi objects that they can’t Ostrich the whole deal and hope money and power act as a good enough shield. “They’ve hid behind their privileged, sheltered lives for centuries. It’s made them soft,” Hale says. “My mom used to talk about it,” he adds softly, “told me I could be more. That’s why I became a cop.” Kenzi teases that he’s a great cop at that and they clink glasses in celebration of Hale’s awesomeness. Hip, hip, hurray indeed.

Hale quietly points out to Bo that he’s willing to throw it all away and Kenzi is quick to agree that she’s in too. “And Trick and (Doctor) Lauren and Dyson. We all have your exquisitely toned back.” Bo chuckles and preens coyly. “Why thank you!” but Hale sadly disagrees about Dyson’s level of commitment. “Don’t bet on Dyson,” he says to the woman who has vowed that she trusts the wolf boy above all others. “Besides, I wouldn’t fight at his side anyway. Not anymore.” He downs his wine as Kenzi and Bo exchange worried glances just as Nate’s voice sounds from the open doorway “knock knock!” Hale: “That’s my cue.”

He and Bo stand at the same time. “And I should go to bed before I spontaneously collapse,” Bo says to her bestie and they MWAH one another a good night air kiss. Hale saunters past Nate, who murmurs, with a little bite “you have fun with my girl?” Hale, being awesome merely glances over his shoulder at Kenzi one last time and then tells Nate he’s a lucky man. Nate smiles and pats Hale companionably on the back as Kenzi rushes up. She greets Nate and asks for a sec as she calls out to Hale to wait and hands over the fascinator corsage. Hale insists that she keep it. Kenzi resists taking something that was his Nona’s. “Did I mention the sparkly bits are genuine sapphire?” Hale asks. Kenzi cradles the fascinator close. “Day-am,” she whispers, before forcing herself to offer it to Hale again. “Oh!” she exclaims dramatically, holding a hand up to block her view of the sparkly bits. “No, I can’t! Take it!”

Hale presses it back on her. “You were the perfect girlfriend,” he tells her and Nate flinches to hear it. “You deserve it.” Kenzi smiles and hugs him and for a long minute, Hale clutches her tightly. Once freed though, Kenzi immediately turns back to Nate and does a dance as she displays the fascinator. “I’m fancy. I’m fancy, huh.” she chants. Hale pauses in the doorway of Hilton Hovel to look back and oh my giddy aunt, yep, that is definite, genuine longing on our siren playa’s face. Kenzi & Hale 4Evah!

In Doctor Lauren’s flat (sigh. Do we haveta?!), a dazed NotComaNadia stands at the kitchen sink staring off at nothing. Actually, she seems a little drugged. The camera pans down to show she’s fondling a seriously sharp butcher knife, testing its tip before she draws the blade across her palm leaving a bloody rivet behind. Are we not supposed to notice there’s no blood on the blade?

 A weird, whispery sound threads through the soundtrack as though unseen voices whisper to NotComaNadia. She stares at her hemorrhaging hand unconcerned then slowly lifts it to her mouth and laps at the blood. Hey! This is not True Blood people! Not the least because having Alcide and Dyson on my screen at the same time would burn my flat screen to the ground. I know Chelsea Mueller agrees with me.

“(NotComa) Nadia!” Doctor Lauren exclaims. “My God, what happened?!” She rushes into the kitchen as NotComaNadia seems to come back to herself and excuses the wound as a stupid accident. Doctor Lauren quickly binds it wind a towel and wonders what NotComaNadia was doing with the knife. “The knife?” NotComaNadia repeats clueless. “I – I don’t remember. (Doctor) Lauren, I’m scared,” she whispers unconvincingly. The doc, however, despite her allegedly vaunted knowledge, training, and experience, can’t tell a deliberate cutting when she sees it. Instead, she embraces NotComaNadia and reassures her that it’s OK. Hidden now from Doctor’s Lauren’s view, a satisfied, nearly evil smile spreads across NotComaNadia’s face. Dun, dun, DUN!

End Credits.


Fae of the Day:

Cherufe: n. Under-fae. Lava monster made of Mmmag-mmma. Can also disguise itself as rock. One touch from a cherufe starts a chain reaction and you promptly spontaneously combust. Some claim it’s responsible for the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the subsequent destruction of Pompeii wiping out the Fae Clan Scafati.

Origin: Possibly Chilean

Pombero: n. a type of fae who can steal the voices of others.

Origin: Parts of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil


Quotes of the Night:

Nate: You are the strangest girls I’ve ever met. Kenzi:  Aw. Making with the sweet talk.

Kenzi: Continue with your bro bitchin’.

Kenzi: I’m sorry you guys are having a boy fight.

Hale: Three: Nodded knowingly when you told Bo her shoes were stolen by cobbler elves. Kenzi: Those mules were way too small for her!

Kenzi: No smooching. No groping. And no magical Fae impregnations!

Hale: Harpy! Val: Human hugger!

Dabner: Beauty and brains. So often strangers.

Bo: Oh, they suckedKenzi: They so sucked!

Kenzi: You need a tiny human queen to claim your throne?

Majordomo:  Kenzi! Hale’s – bitchin’ girlfriend. Of Family What Up? Clan Hey Now!

Val: I plan to drown my sorrows in something…wrong.

Majordomo: The unaligned succubus. Family Unknown. Clan – Bo: Zip it!

Kenzi: Dude! Nate: Dude. Kenzi: DUDE!

Nate: In my defense, you said you were Batman, so…


Kiersten Hallie Krum writes smart, sharp & sexy romantic suspense. Find her snarking her way across social media as @kierstenkrum and on her web site and blog at

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1. SassyT
Finally!!! Some Hale and Kenzi time!!! I'm hoping Nate takes a short walk off a long pier now more than ever. I know it's wrong...but I really want to be on Team...I can't think of anything cute for Hale+Kenzi...sorry. Besides, Hale is rich so he can keep Kenzi in a fashion she'd really loved to be accustomed

Dyson is such a d$ck now. I wish they'd track down the Narn and make her give him back something (even if it's only a little piece). He totally wronged Hale. And Hale's sister is a piece of work.

Nadia is really creepy. At first, I thought she was just being nosey because she didn't know what Lauren was up to (with the Fae, Bo, etc.). But after that weird thing with the knife and the creepy smile....I think she may be possessed by some Fae....possibly even the Garuda. I could be wrong (I was about Lachlan being a bad Fae).
2. whiskeywhite
I agree, lots of great Kenzi-Hale time – and some interesting back story for Hale. When we first meet Hale, he’s portrayed as a ‘playa’, as Kiersten says, telling Dyson about hot dates with Gemini twins and how he has sung his way into so many women’s “pants” (S1. 02). Fortunately, this deeply stereotypical image of a Black man is largely abandoned early on (he continues to talk the talk but we never really see him ‘playing’ women). We love him because he’s a sweet friend and comedic co-conspirator to Kenzi. But in this episode he is revealed to have noble ideals to go along with his noble birth, a redeeming development in my view.

Kenzi makes a significant remark when she warns Hale, "No magical Fae impregnations.” This highlights what I see as a notable gap in this (to me, much beloved) series – the apparent lack of any concern with safer sex practices.

People rip off clothes and jump each other's bones with no apparent thought of consequences. Bo has sex with total strangers – “rebound sex” with Samir and his wife Olivia (S1.04), “not the only wolf in town” with Cayden (S2.05), “no rules, no baggage” with Ryan (S2.14) and his “present” to Bo, the blonde from the restaurant (S2.15). Her first leap is of course with Dyson who, as Lauren comments (and he freely admits), is “well travelled.”

No thought to contraception (and the Fae clearly do reproduce, though we never learn how). Or to sexually transmitted infections – raised only once, by the ever worldly Kenzi. In "Mirror Mirror" (S2.15) she jokingly asks Trick whether he's suggesting that the mark on Bo’s skin (shared with Dyson, we soon learn) is a sign that she's caught "some Fae STD."

I applaud the ‘sex for fun is perfectly OK’ stance of LG and Bo (and
everybody else) accepting her powerful sexuality. But consider how much influence the media wields on people's ideas about sexuality, especially young people.

Now, I can see everyone rolling their eyes and saying, "Come on, this is a fantasy world! What do you expect – that Bo waits patiently while Dyson puts on a condom?”

I agree that it wouldn’t be easy. But come on writers. Step up to the challenge of portraying safer sex in the 21st century. Find a way.
Linda Losik
3. LindaL
As always, an excellent recap and I am so grateful that you include all of the removed parts that really do add to each episode. Loved the Kenzi/Hale story line and of course, the back story on Hale and his family! And that she looked awesome in that dress; IMHO she looked better than the rest of the snobs.

However, I am a bit troubled by Hale, in both seasons, Hale appears to be a “player” just like Dyson. While they do have other things in common, playing the field is one of them. I truly dislike the implied sexism that Hale demonstrated at Dyson and Val having sex. I would not have done it in the wine cellar but I can understand why she wanted Dyson so much. Hale is not seeing his sister as an adult who is capable of defending herself as evidence by Hale telling his father that he would take care of his sister. Had I been Hale’s sister, I am quite sure that there would have been a major discussion at the very least!
Dyson is not handling this well at all! I think that for the first time in his very long life, he is trying to handle things that he does not understand including what the Norn did to him. I really felt sorry for Dyson when he watched everyone leave. Does anyone else think that the Garuda is also having influences on the two bros?

Nadia really scares me.
Suzanne Metaxas
4. SuzyM
First Thank you Kiersten for another fabulous recap! I'm also scratching head as to why some of these scene were cut out. They really did impact your perception of the story!

OK, I don't agree with the idea that Dyson is the one to blame here. He is a WOLFMAN. He is sexual in nature (THANK GOODNESS) and if a woman is going to jump his bones he is going to lay back and enjoy it :) (can't believe I said that!) Also speaking of hotness, damn that wolf is a magician. He can slip off a pair of panties in record time! (Bo in Vexed & Val in this episode) and he just oozes sex that burns the screen to a crisp!

As to Hale, I agree they made him look like a sex crazed jerk in the beginning episodes. I don't think they were trying to stereotype though. I think they were trying to show a guy who is best friends with a Alpha Wolf who is trying to impress him with his prowess because he feels so inferior to the wolf's power. Example in Mirror, Mirror when the hooker tells Dyson he stinks Hale crows "Damn some women are immune to the wolf!" I love Hale and I really hope they hook him up with Kenzi :) I think the two of them are made for each other.

As to the Norn, I am definitely up for a NORN HUNT! I love the idea of nailing her to her own damn tree! I think that is a great idea, and tell her she stays there until she gives Dyson his love back!

As to Nadia I agree with the ones who pointed out she may be possessed by the Garuda. It makes some of the things she has done make more sense. I too agree that the reason Dyson may be acting so hinky may be due to the Garuda's influence too. Bo said she believes the reason the Fae are at each other throat is due to the Garuda's influence.

I do feel though that Dyson's friends have not stood by him. If you are a true friend you love that person warts and all. No one seem interested in finding out why Dyson is so changed and helping him find what is causing him pain and correcting it. If I just stopped being friends with someone because they did something that hurt me without finding out why and finding a solution I be a pretty damn lonely person!

Last I would like to address the subject of the show not being sexually responsible. I disagree that this is the writers responsibility. This is a fantasy show and somethings are a little to deep to address. It is up to a parent to teach their child the difference between real like and what they see on TV, not to mention this is not show is shown at a time when an adult audience is expected.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
Holla! Be sure to welcome our newest addition to the commenting fold, @whiskeywhite who has been catching up on the back issues and is already bringing up some interesing insights. Hopefully, she brings a few moonshine nips with her too...

Regarding Hale. Yes he's been portrayed as a playa, but I never felt this was a negative or stereotypical portrayal or anything more than one of a single man/fae in his age bracket. He's always shown the more admirable side of himself too in the small ways: constantly having Dyson's back, partnering with Bo in the 3 weeks between seasons when they policed underfae, always, always going out of his way for Kenzi. Like all heroes, it's when he meets the right woman that he reforms his rakish ways. We hope she is Kenzi, but as of now, they don't have that relationship yet. Also, we can't ping on Hale and Dyson (esp Dyson considering he's about a thousand years old) for a "well-traveled" past and sotimes present without painting Bo with the same brush. Yes, her sexual procivity is rooted in her DNA and her need for sustanence via sex, but from the outside, the "playa" moniker would still apply to her. Of course, the female equivalent to "playa" is "slut" and one of the core tennants of the show is No Slut Shaming. We need to apply that to the boys too IMO.

The objection with Dyson and Val is a related problem to the Bo/Ryan/Kenzi potential conflict. You don't truck with a man who runs a game on your best friend and you don't mess with your best friend's sister. Also, I think Val is supposed to be quite young and sheltered and given how long Dyson and Hale have been partners and friends, Dyson has probably known Val since she was a child, however that works in Fae years. As the man (yeah, I said it), as the older Fae in the situation, and as Hale's best friend, Dyson's is absolutely to blame for the situation, though he's not alone in it. Val agressively pursued him, no question, but he knew what was wrong about it - he even told her himself - and still did it.

Add to that Dyson's behavior in episode 15, how ungrateful and belligerent he was when Hale went to the mat to get Dyson's dayjob back before he got into trouble with The Ash for losing it, and Hale's comment at the crime scene last night about how Dyson has since been so unreliable and difficult, and the Val banging becomes the last straw in a long line of behavior Hale has been dealing with from Dyson.

Val was banging Dyson for some revenge on Hale for bringing Kenzi in their home, to assuage her crushing grief at the revelation that her father was not the man she always thought him to be (a motivation that was lost b/c of the cuts), and because Dyson is smoking hot and she's always had a crush on her brother's partner. The cold dousing she got when Hale walked in on them woke her up. Also, I think, she's accustomed to Hale having a certain amount of authority over her (as heir? as older brother?) in some situations. Which is why, IMO, she didn't have a bigger objection to Hale's interference. Plus, the guys argument showed her there was much more going on than just her indiscretion. Lots of stuff going on in that cellar.

Dyson's friends have stood by him, Bo particularly has gone out of her way to adjust to the changes in his behavior and their relationship and still maintain one with him. As far as we know, only Trick and Hale are privvy to what broke up Dyson and PerfectCiara for good. But there comes a time when a friend is spirraling down and offending everyone that you have to give them the space to hit their bottom so they can come back up. There comes a point when you have to let go of them if only to save yourself, and Hale, I think, has hit that point. Kenzi and Bo are still in the fray with Dyson, but then, the three of them always are.

Creepy, creepy NotComaNadia is a plot device. It's all she's ever been and she will continue to be used as such. 'Nuff said.

When I read any romance that is not a historical (paranormal, romantic suspense, contemporary, etc), I am always waiting for the condom moment, or some acknowledgement of who's on what. If an author neglects this, I am immediately pulled out of the love scene. So it surprised me to realize that not having it in a TV show like LG didn't bother me at all. I think it's because portraying that moment is difficult without a lot more show than the networks can allow. Also, contraception is - to me - such a nobrainer in our day and age (I'm not talking about ignorant teenagers here) that it doesn't occur to me a human woman of Bo and Kenzi's ages wouldn't automatically take their protection into their own - erm - hands.

From the Fae perspective, I can't believe anyone with Bo's genetic needs would not have their own contraception means be it the pill or an IUD or a mail-order supply of condoms. That it's not explicitly portrayed does not mean that it's not happening.

As for the show's responsibility for portraying sexually active people properly using contraception - this ain't (original) 90210. This isn't a teenager's show, and anyone not already up to date on contraception is likely not in the target audience.

From a thematic standpoint, I think the show's themes and goals are to show sexual empowerment and the normality of diversity, treating all couples with equal weight and merit and without judgement, and not so much when and how to glove up. I agree both that it is a parent's ultimate responsibility to educate their kids about contraception and sexual responsibility, and that the media too must be held account for this. However, not every piece of media is designed for it, and these themes LG chooses to trumpet are not so common and ergo more interesting to me. They certainly don't lend themselves to pause for a Very Special Episode.

Thanks for all the great comments and conversations.
6. lsbloom
I agree with Kiersten's point that Val is supposed to be young and easily influenced. However, IMO she comes across as a mature sexually experienced adult. She is wicked agressive and the actress who plays her looks entirely too old to be just now "all grown up." If she'd been a mid-twenties like Ksenia I think the whole scenario would have felt really different to me. As it was, it totally went in the consenting adults category. I've certainly had crushes on my big sis's friends and even if she didn't like it, I was totally allowed to "date" whomever I wanted. Then again, I decided making him say, "I can't love, but I can still live" was more than punishment enough for a small bro-code violation or pretty much anything short of murder.

The fact that the producers cut the part where Val told Dyson that Bo was trapped in the wine cellar makes me think they didn't see that betrayal as way more important to Dyson's downfall than sleeping with Val was, like I did. Which is interesting, but odd. I can forgive Val, but that was a big "oh hell no! you go save Bo you tool."

Odd was the least of the problems with the episode. Like Dyson put together the evidence folder and handed it to Bo, but acts like he'd never even opened the file? Plus, in the end the only thing Bo did was talk to the clan leaders in non-police station places instead of Dyson's let's bring 'em in. They say they are going to go talk to the head of the Fin Arvin clan and then when they get to Trick's they're all like, why are you here Lord Dabner? The cherufe can be defeated with 5 gallons of liquid nitrogen? All the fae were scared of it, it can destroy villages, and Bo beats it in 10 seconds without any preparation whatsoever? Bleh. You'd have have to dump a lot more than 5 gallons of liquid N to save Pompeii. The whole story suffered from a serious lack of complexity and thoroughness. I just don't think they thought it through very much. Especially given that this was our second major entrance into fae clans/families/nobility since Fae Day and it none of it jived with what we'd learned earlier. And it made no sense to me that a politician would pass off the responsibility of aligning the traditional uptight old-school clans to an unaligned, rough around the edges, upstart who doesn't know the first thing about rules and protocol. And did anyone understand how Hale's the fae need to get with humans thing had anything to do with the Mighty Ducks?

As far as Nate goes. I thought the exchange with Hale about borrowing his girl was the best thing he did all episode. I did feel sad for Kenzi when she said she loved him and he didn't say it back. But I so want to like him. I just never thought they had much chemistry. I'm interested to see where the Hale/Kenzi sidekick partnership goes.

I do feel sorry for Dyson and I disagree that Bo has ever been much interested in what he's going through. It was justified when she was hurting too, but when he goes into full self-destruct mode, I think it's odd that none of his friends reach out to help. Trick told him to basically get over it, and Hale put himself on the line to keep Dyson as a cop, but doesn't do anything to address the underlying problem, so he's pretty much get over it and come back to work too. And after episode 2.02, Bo's never mentioned the Norn once. I still feel bad for him.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
7. Kiersten
@lsbloom You made a lot of good points about the plot inconsistencies. Ya know, I think I've become so accustomed to the gaping plot holes etc, I can't even be bothered any more to offer an "eh, whatever". At this point, with only a few exceptions, I'm just trying to get through the rest of the season with as few aneurysms as possible.

Last night, I rewatched Vexed and the contrast in just about everything - character development, script, even the lighting - between it and almost all of S2 (certainly the back nine episodes) was so blatant, it was jarring. I can only hope that the return to 13 episodes for S3 brings everyone back into S1 form - or better.
8. whiskeywhite
Thanks, Kiersten, for the warm welcome. I'm actually a rum drinker. As a Canadian from the Atlantic provinces (Anna Silk is a fellow New Brunswicker), it's part of my heritage. But “RumWhite” lacked alliteration ;-).

Lots of great discussion and new ideas. @SuzyM, it never occurred to me that Hale might be trying to impress the more experienced Dyson with his player talk. It does kind of fit with his question to Dyson, “What’s it like with a succubus?” in S1.05. Sounds a bit like a younger brother asking an older brother.

I disagree, however, @LindaL, that Dyson is a player. He rarely mentions past relationships and he certainly never boasts about conquests. It's Bo who keeps bringing up his old girl friends. I completely agree, Kiersten, that one of the best features of the series is that there is “no slut shaming” of women's sexuality. So, while Dyson is indeed well travelled, and attracts women like bees to honey (“bzzzz”, that’s my moto), I wasn’t criticising him for it.

There are only two times in the series when I really didn't like Dyson's treatment of women. The first was when he used Kayla to put off Bo (S1.03). Even though he was ordered to do “whatever it takes" by Trick, the Blood King to whom he owes fealty, and even though Kayla made the first advances (twice), no woman deserves to be used and tossed aside. And it clearly was a deliberate plan on his part – you could see the light bulb go on over his head before he calls Kayla back, "What was your name again?"

The second was in tonight’s episode. I agree completely, Kiersten, when you say, “Dyson's is absolutely to blame for the situation, though he's not alone in it. Val aggressively pursued him, no question, but he knew what was wrong about it - he even told her himself - and still did it.”

While the scene is indeed “hawt”, I was thinking to myself as I watched, “Can’t you keep it in your pants?” The behaviour is out of character for Dyson, but that's the point, much as I don't like it. I agree, Kiersten, that when he goads Hale to hit him, he clearly wants to be punished, out of self-hate. Kris Holden-Ried has said that they deliberately made Dyson darker and darker during Season 2, until they finally put on the brakes, fearing that if they went any further they would lose fans.

But as Isbloom says, Dyson does have a point when he says, "We're consenting adults.” I don't buy this “you don't mess with your best friend's sister” stuff. I very much agree with @LindaL that there are sexist assumptions at work there. Since when do brothers own their sisters’ sexuality? I know, since forever and all around the world. But we don't need to support that kind of thinking, no matter how common it is.

@SuzyM, I wasn't implying that the series deliberately stereotypes Hale. In fact, instead of the usual TV formula of a single Black character being added to an otherwise white cast, which Hale might have exemplified, Lost Girl is practically littered with Black characters. They’re in the background (patrons of The Dal, among The Ash’s guards, one of Saskia’s thralls); in the middle ground (Audrey, The Dal waitress); and in the foreground as major characters (The first Ash, Hale’s powerful father, the emissary sent to install a new Ash, to whom everyone bows). And there are lots of other people of colour in the series as well, such as the “yummy” aforementioned Samir. Lost Girl takes racial diversity and equality as a given, which is super, but it's important to be vigilant about how characters are represented. We don't live in a post-racism world, or a post-sexism world, or for that matter, a post-homophobia world (no wonder the Doccubus relationship is so important to the LGBT community, and rightly so).

Now, about safer sex. (Sorry to run on here, but losts of pent up thoughts). I knew you wouldn't like the idea ;-) . Good arguments made about the degree to which we can assume that adult women, in the series and in the audience, would know how to protect themselves, though I’m not sure that some of the viewers aren’t pretty young (remember that most episodes are freely available on the Internet). I (obviously) agree with Kiersten that the media must take responsibility but I don’t agree that portraying safer sex would be “difficult without a lot more show than the networks can allow.” I don't think that we would need to have a “moment” or “a Very Special Episode,” it could be just there with no comment or fanfare. As an example, in the groundbreaking series Queer as Folk (2000-2005), wildly promiscuous Brian was always, always, always shown using a condom, including with his live-in lover Justin. No discussion and no stop in the (hot, hot) action. And not too much for the networks (Showtime in the US and Showcase in Canada) more than a decade ago. On the other hand, the wider political environment has changed – all of a sudden we now see contraception being attacked in US presidential electoral politics. Anyway – glad to have your thoughts. I’m struggling with the idea myself.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
9. Kiersten
@whiskeywhite - why is all the rum always gone? Usually b/c I drank it!

Thanks for the great follow up!
10. SassyT
Actually, the rule is don't sleep with your friend's (male or female) siblings (male or female). I would be pissed if one of my friends slept with my younger brother (I'm a woman). It's just a no-no in my book. I wouldn't be okay with it because it could cause all kinds of issues if shit goes sideways between the two (and if we are good friends I'd hate to lose you because you f&cked over my brother and I'd be uncomfortable if he screwed my friend over). I prefer to keep my friends and family separate when it comes to dating/sex. Nothing double standard about it. I totally got where Hale was coming from. And yes, his sister has equal blame in that but he isn't going to get rid of his sister (I wouldn't get rid of my brother).

As to them trying to find out what's wrong with Dyson, I think they have tried (and the writers didn't show it). Dyson isn't exactly known for being open (i.e. he didn't tell Trick about the deal with the Norn until much later; also this is the dude who disappeared for a month after his run-in with the Norn). So, I'm sure even if they asked he wouldn't tell them (just like he hasn't told Bo the update the Norn gave him). I agree that there comes a time in a friendship when you realize that your friend is hellbent on self-destruction. You've stuck by them and tried to help but nothing seems to be working. You can't let them take you down with them. I think Hale has reached the point where he figures he's been a great friend to Dyson only to have Dyson spit in his face (metaphorically speaking) repeatedly (the last being banging his sister). The way the show keeps skipping ahead I think it's safe to say from Hale's comments at the crime scene that Dyson hasn't been the best of friends to Hale either (implied by the writers with that comment instead of it actually being a scene). So, I think Dyson is going to need to hit rock bottom (on his own) before he'll realize what he's losing (in Hale and everyone else).
11. lsbloom
I gotta disagree that this is about Dyson hitting bottom and realizing what he's doing. I think in 2.14 the writers made a decision that "no love" no longer meant the half-a**ed I can't love Bo but I still care about stuff and get jealous and feel protective it did in the first half of season 2 and changed it to be Dyson can't feel love period, full stop, no love. You could maybe make the argument that he was lying to himself for the first half of season 2 and after the 2nd Norn visit and losing Ciara he lost hope and the ability to trick himself. But as of now, he doesn't care about Bo or Ciara or Trick or Kenzi or Hale. He sees them and remembers what he should feel for his pack but there's nothing there but pain at what is lost. But IMO this isn't a case of hitting bottom and snapping out of it, he is incapable of being who he used to be or genuinely caring about anyone. It's a horrible plotline that makes Dyson into a weak character that he never was before. I never stopped feeling sorry for the guy, but I think some people do. @SassyT I agree that Dyson is mainly a guy, with private emotions. But Trick does know what is going on with him and he's never done anything but tell him to "move past it" and basically be a good little solider. Hale knows the deal with the Norn he told him, they both saw the breakup with Ciara. Kenzi was in Dyson's body. The only one who might not "know" is Bo. But Hale is annoyed at Dyson's not seeming to care without giving a second thought to the fact that he is incapable of doing so. I think the writers have made it pretty clear that Dyson is on his own in this.

In the Val debate, I think we're running into two perspectives the big brother/sister perspective vs the little brother/sister perspective. Which is funny, I'm a total little sibling. Nobody tells me who I can and cannot date.
Laurie Rivera
12. leb
Great recap again, @Kiersten – thanks. And I agree with your “I'm just trying to get through the rest of the season with as few aneurysms as possible” comment. I have been watching each episode and trying to concentrate on the good/fun parts and ignore the other stuff since Episode 13. However, I just had to come out of lurkville today and add my 2 cents to the discussion. My major gripes about this episode are with the continuing (or not) Garuda storyline and the way the writers have treated Dyson’s character after the Norn (freakin’ Norn!) debacle.

I am sooo on board the Kenzi and Hale 4Evah train! Even if they are never a “couple” (which is fine with me), they were all kinds of awesome this week. Love Glam Kenzi and Hale in a tux – whew baby! The additional info about the Fae class structure was interesting and so was learning more about Hale’s family. However, I thought that Hale’s father was a stuck up dickhead and his sister was a spoiled little rich brat. I’m sure that I’m not alone in that observation and I know the writers did it on purpose, but it was still seriously annoying and I wanted to smack both of them repeatedly. And the way they treated our girl Kenzi? I was jumping up and down doing my Muhammed Ali dance and wanting to kick some snotty fae butt on her behalf. It was great to see Hale finally stand up to them, but I thought that he should have done it as sooner – like as soon as his father and Val started dissin’ Kenzi. And wow – what does it say about Kenzi’s childhood/background that she says if she wanted to be insulted, she would have gone to see her own family? I can’t wait for more info on her story next season.

It would be nice if the show gave us fans an indication of when the Garuda’s influence is at work, beginning with the scenes where Naida looks in the mirror at Bo’s and then cuts herself and licks her blood (eeewwww). Something like a faint orange aura, the Garuda’s features superimposed over the characters, flames in the eyes – something. Then we would know that the characters choices/actions could be attributed to the Garuda's mojo and not inconsistent writing, OOC nonsense or general WTF-ery (yes, I read the True Blood recaps too). Since the Garuda is supposed to be the “big bad” that is coming and there’s probably going to be some sort of showdown at the end of the season, it would make sense that his power would be strong enough to leak through into a character’s actions on occasion.

I read the KHR interview where he talks about the dark places they were taking Dyson’s character this season, but I don’t think they needed to go as dark and low as angry sex with your homeboy’s sister. Isn’t that against the Bro-Code or something? I thought guys were supposed to treat a friend’s sister with respect and/or look out for her – or does that not apply these days? Dating is one thing, but the action in the wine cellar was not dating (IMO). Even if Val the Brat wanted to do something “wrong”, Dyson should have been the one to walk away – regardless of whether or not they are consenting adults. He knew it was wrong and did it anyway. Bad, bad wolfman - and not consistent with his protector vibe at all. And the line about “I can’t love, but I can live”? That was a total WTF for me and the lame-est line ever. How is what he did with Val living? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a hot, nekkid wolfman and he was working it and definitely hot for most of the encounter. But I gotta say, the part of the scene where only Dyson’s back and Val’s skinny chicken legs on either side of him were visible, kinda squicked me out a little. Since the actress that plays Val is so much smaller than KHR and you didn’t see her face or reactions for those few seconds, it almost looked like he was having sex with a teenager (ugh). I get that they were both using each other, but I found that part of the scene both sad and a little disturbing.

I also understand why Hale is beyond pissed at Dyson at this point. He has had to deal with his crap on a daily basis and is probably sick of him. At times, it’s hard to determine the timeline for what's happening in this show, so who knows how long Dyson’s been acting like a d-bag? Weeks? Months? I'm not sure. Even if Bo and Kenzi are trying to respect his need for distance and/or solitude and not getting in his face about his attitude problem, I still don’t see why Trick isn’t calling him on his shit and/or doing more to help him get it together. The guy has been loyal to him for how long? He is going through some serious stuff right now and Trick basically tells him to suck it up and get over it? The Trick-o-pedia, who has had an answer for pretty much everything so far, has no clue on how to reverse the Norn’s nastiness or get Dyson his love back? Nope, I’m not buying it. As @Kiersten says, I call shenanigans on that one.

Is it season 3 yet?
13. whiskeywhite
Great two cents, @Leb. In Canada, our penny is being eliminated, so that must be worth at least a nickel. :-) Excellent discussion from everyone about Dyson’s suffering, what his friends know and are doing, or not doing, to help him. I hadn’t thought that through before – I just took it for granted that Dyson wants to be left alone to deal with his problem, the lone wolf. But you folks are right.

It’s true, @Isbloom, that Kenzi has special insight because she’s been inside Dyson's body. She says “You’re missing something really huge in there, aren’t you? But I don’t think she knows exactly what. And he asks for her silence (and by extension, inaction) with a finger to her lips.

But I think she cares too much for him to do nothing. Speaking of that, there’s a movement out there in the fan world for Dyson and Kenzi to get together. Even though I, too, feel the appeal of their deep fondness for each other, the idea of a sexual relationship disturbs me – too much like incest. Kenzi has grown up a lot during the series, but, to me, they have a big brother/little sister relationship (in the best possible way).
Kiersten Hallie Krum
14. Kiersten
Big honkin' huge HELL NO to Dyson/Kenzi hook up. TOTALLY incentuous, I don't care what its fans say/think. Not everything has to be sexual to be special, in fact, often the lack of sexuality between 2 people enhances the relationship's uniqueness.

I mean, gag me with an entire place setting already. Bleh.
15. Trixxxie
It does not surprise me there are Dyson/Kenzi fans. I recently learned there are Dyson/Lauren fans, so anything is possible. I don't feel it would be incestuous at all, but I wouldn't want to see it happening mostly because of Bo. Whatever happens between Bo and Lauren or whatever the resolution of the triangle may be, Bo will ALWAYS love and have feelings for Dyson and they should NOT mess with the integrity of the Bo/Kenzi bond, period.

I do however, love their relationship and I feel like Kenzi gets Dyson better than anyone and will be of great importance in the process of getting his love back (I certainly don't see Bo suddenly giving a damn). But some things are sacred and should not be touched. Some pairings should not even be considered and I certainly hope the writers never go there.
16. whiskeywhite
Ha! So then, Kiersten, what you're saying is that, while you're not sure, you think that Dyson/Kenzi might be a bad idea. :-) :-)

There are some quite sweet Kenzi/Dyson fanvids on YouTube, e.g., here: and here:
One ends with her saying, quite rightly, "He wasn't mine".

But Dyson and Lauren!! Holy sh*t! Where? @Trixxxie, I have to see this. LG is fantasy and obviously the fans are an imaginative lot.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
17. Kiersten
@whiskeywhite Was I too subtle again? I hate when people don't clearly know my opinion...
18. SassyT
@Isbloom: Dyson just started being a total douche when he went and saw the Norn the second time and she told him she had all his love. He was totally cool with every until that moment. So, either he's just wallowing in his own big gooey pot of self-pity OR the writers have dropped the ball. I'm going with a lot from column A and a little from column B. I find it all really insulting that the writers would have him behaving okay with everyone (except the occasional weirdness around Bo which is totally relatable) but then magically because you got some clarification on already known bad news all of a sudden you can't feel anything (while I didn't think he was in love with Ciara he certainly seemed okay hanging with the rest of the crew). Please it just screams "we need to add something in here to keep the story going so let's throw this in here." That piece of him was already missing and he seemed okay (other than the loss of Bo). It's like he cut his hand and didn't notice it until someone said "Hey, you cut your hand!" and now all of sudden he's saying it hurts (when it didn't before).

I agree with yal...I can't wait for this season to be over. They have totally messed it up. It went from being must see to OMG I can't see how the writers could so screw up a good thing.

I second the Big Hell No to Dyson/Kenzi. First of all, he's way too old for her (it'd be like leb'd seem like he was having sex with a teenager). They have a family like relationship (brother/sister as some have said). I'd have to stop watching the show if they took it there. Also, not seeing a Dr. Lauren/Dyson hook up because it's obvious she's only into women (CreepyNadia and Bo). Haven't seen her look twice at a dude so that would feel like they want everyone to hook up with everyone (like a fae version of Grey's No, random weird hook-ups amongst characters (unless it's Kenzi and Hale which I'd be all over like white on rice).
19. lsbloom
@SassyT...I know! He went to the Norn in 2.14 so she could tell him basically what he told Bo in 2.02, but suddenly it had a completely different effect. IMO the writers made a sharp left turn in how they were going to portray the "no love" thing for the dark half of the season.

It was one of many many many inconsistencies. Some of which I'm, like Kiersten, just trying to get through, but some impact the overall mythology and I am wicked annoyed by them no matter how many "eh...whatevers" I say. Are there 5 noble fae families and 5 humans ones? Or are there 4 clans (aka families, aka nobles, or both who all hate humans), because in Trick's day (over 1000 years ago) there were a bunch of ragtag clans, was that before or after Pompeii (almost 2000 years ago)? Because by the time we got to Pompeii they seem pretty powerful and set. And how do the "clans" figure into light and dark? The "families" could be split. Yeah, soapbox, but it isn't a season 2 throwaway, it should be cannon for the whole show. Eh...Whatever!

NO NO NO to Kenzi and Dyson. The sibling relationship they have is so pitch perfect and well acted, it is criminally wrong to bring sexual tension into it.
Suzanne Metaxas
20. SuzyM
I too want the brother/sister relationship of Dyson & Kenzi to stay as is! It is a wonderful warm relationship. You have watched Dyson evolve from thinking of humans as something subfae to having true brotherly feelings for this little human. It was reinforced in Original Skin by allowing him to walk in her shoes. Kenzi also got to know the real Dyson and feel what he feels bringing her closer to him. This relationship is sacred to me DO NOT TOUCH!

As to Dyson not understanding the curse's I can understand his confusion. The Norn told him she was taking "His love of her(Bo)" so he thought that he could love someone else. He didn't even realize himself how much he loved Bo. He told the Norn she could take what he valued most, and he thought it was his wolf, not his love of Bo. To late he realized his mistake. The wolf has never handled emotional turmoil well so his actions now do not confuse me. He is wounded and his wolf side is lashing out at everyone, even those that love him. When an animal is in a great deal of pain they will bite all without discrimination, and this is the state Dyson is in. I think his friends have forgotten he has an animal side as well as a human side. Right now the animal side is winning out and he is licking his wounds.

I too agree about the writers balling up Fae history. They should start compiling a book of things that they have created and make sure they add on each thing they create so they can look back and make things consistent. The family thing of 5 Fae and 5 human can be explained away by Royal (by birth) vs Clan (forming of alliances) but it still makes things confusing.
21. LucyK
I've been saying for a while that I have enjoyed your recaps far more than the episodes. That has not changed. In fact, it has gotten worse. I think they've damaged Lauren and Dyson's character severely this season. Lauren, with the Nadia plot device and Dyson with the wolves made for life idiocy. This is all bizarre to me because up until episode 13, I was enjoying season 2 more than I did season 1. Suddenly, it all went downhill. Even if the back 9 order did hurt the show, you'd think the writers wouldn't be as amateurish.
Carmen Pinzon
22. bungluna
I feel like someone/something is missing. It's like the writers lost their way or their bible somewhere along the way and started making up things to fill up the space. I'm just hanging in there and waiting for season 3.
23. Peachie
Guess all us lurkers are coming out to put 2¢ on this one. First let me pay homage to Kiersten for guiding us through the episodes of this great show which at the moment is sort of "off track." Granted I know the extension to 22 episodes came out of the blue at the last minute but did the original writers all go home! @SuzyM was completely right, there must be copies of what's been done before somewhere for them to refer to in case of doubt.

I like most of you will hold on until the end of this season and will definitely purchase the FUNimation Blu-ray disks when they are released in October and November. Already own the Canadian copy and its a bit worn in places. Can't wait to see the back tattoo in hi def!! Will have plenty of ice on hand.

The Val -- pretty, spoiled, little rich girl thing was just that -- she wanted to do wrong and wasn't about to not have her way. Surprised that they didn't have Bo say more about it tho. She saw Val making her move the first time and stepped in so why wouldn't she think she would continue until she got what she wanted. And boy did she get it although I agree with @leb those "chicken legs" distracted from the hotness factor of the scene.

Hale and Kenzi are great - no ifs ands or buts about it - they rock. And I hope they at least can continue as best buds. Would love to see a little love grow. When he left at the end of the night, he looked like he was maybe starting to understand just how good Kenzi is even if she is only human. Maybe there could be a "magical Fea impregnatio" in the future. That would be a winner for season 3.

And finally Dyson, Dyson, Dyson...if we don't get the Norn hunt organized soon we are going to lose the best part of him. The writers are going to have a lot to cover in season 3 and I for one hope they are up to the challenge.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
24. Kiersten
Welcome Peachie! I love it when lurkers come out to play!

A quick VERY IMPORTATNT note for all about the FUNimation DVDs/BluRays coming this October and November.

On Amazon, the description for these is listed as being in the Japanese language with English subtitles. SuzyM IMd w/an Amazon rep yesterday who confirmed this situation and she promptly cancelled her preorder.

I'm still of the mind that this is a typo on Amazon's part or communication error between the production company and the vendor. While FUNimation is owned by a Japanese businessman, it's originally an American company and is still based in Texas. I really have a hard time believing that they're taking an English-language show, dubbing it in Japanese, adding English subtitles, and turning around and selling those disks to an English-speaking, American and Canadian market. I especially find this doubtful give the big push they've given it complete with cast endorsement at Comic Con and considering that the S1 DVDs/BluRays can easily be bought from Canada now instead.

However, since FUNimation has yet to respond to either mine or SuzyM's tweeted enquiries, we'll have to wait and see what happens next. Buyer beware and all that.
25. whiskeywhite
Welcome lurker @Peachie. A call to all lurkers --come out of the woodwork! You, too, can make great contributions like @Peachie.

Excellent analysis of Dyson’s animal nature, @ SuzyM. Remember that the police psychologist told him early on (S1.04) that he was accustomed to being in control, and when he lost that control, “instead of dealing with suddenly feeling vulnerable, you’re compensating by swinging your big, manly night stick.” Well, he's swinging for real now.

And you’re dead right as well about the Norn. Dyson never intended to give up his love of Bo, and afterwards he truly doesn’t understand until the second visit that he can’t love anyone at all, ever. I think, though, that he suspected something even before he got the bad news because his response to Ciara, when she declares her love (S2.11) and demands to know how he feels, is cautious. “I will give you everything that I can, do my very best to make you happy.” Not, “I love you too, Ciara.”

By the way, I did a little research on wolf mating. While it’s been a long-held belief, modern research shows that wolves don’t in fact mate for life. The alpha male in a pack mates with the alpha female, and fights off any other suitors (LG writers got that part right). But if a mate dies, another is found the following year and some alpha males choose different females in different years. Somebody should bring Dyson up to speed!

I agree with all of you who have complained about the poor writing in Season 2 . Just wait, it gets worse.
26. LaraFromCanada
Nice to see the US audience also backing up the hate for the back 9 episodes. They did a huge, huge disservice to Lauren and Dyson's character, particularly the latter. I will not comment on future episodes, but let's just say it gets worse before it gets better -- and even the "better" is not completely satisfying. It's a shame, really. Season 2 really had potential. Strangely enough, I'm excited and looking forward to season 3. I watch the show with zero bias and care about all characters and relationships, which is part of the reason why season 2 disappointed me so damn much.

First time poster, but I enjoy your recaps, Kiersten - even though we do differ on some points. I wish we had something similar in our Canadian run as the Showcase ones are embarrassing.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
27. Kiersten
"Big manly night stick" is still one of my favorite lines.

All right. I'm weighing in knowing full well that someone is going to slam dunk me for this. Have at it, y'all.

The fact that "wolves mate for life" isn't completely valid has been brought up before, but as far as I'm concerened, if a mate dies, that's the end of the "life" part of "wolves mate for life" so the bond is broken and the remaining wolf can go off and find another new mate. Never thought it meant forever even after mate died first.

I'm not a big stickler on this one anyways because I dig it and while Dyson is a wolf and yes, said the line about wolves mating for life, he's also a man and the combination could make the 'mate-for-life' thing valid for the mythos of the show. There's enough kinda truth about it to work for me in any case. It's a supernatural show that has chosen to make that situation a truth within its confines whether or not it's valid in the real world. LG twists the myths of the Fae to suit its needs all the time, taking just enough "truth" from established mythology to shore it up and then turning it a little left of whoopie to make it their own. Why not this too?

Much of the rabid opposition objection to the "mate for life" idea and consequently, Dyson's possessive nature of said mate, is it restricts Bo's nature as a succubus who needs a healthy sex life involving multiple partners of both sexes in order to be truly fulfilled. I disagree. This is a tenant for Dyson, not for Bo. He's the one mating for life; nobody said anything about her doing likewise. As she's not a wolf who would then have to subscribe to the tennants of the show (which has established that a wolf mates for life) it wouldn't apply to her. She can, theoretically, still come and go as she pleases.

Even as he admitted to it in the Love Confession scene of (Dis)Membership, along with his dislike of seeing other people put their hands on her, they both acknowledged that each was voluntarily fighting their nature for the sake of the other out of love for them without any promises that they would continue to be successful at it. That's a couple working to resolve baser urges and baggage issues to be together, which, to me, is representative of a real adult relationship.

I would've prefered the writers to have explored that aspect - how do we do this for real without compromising the nature of the person I love to suit my own compulsive needs? - rather than break them up immediately and leave us with this rapidly deteriorating, self-contradictory, frustrating, inconsistent, plot-device romantic foil strewn season, but, shockingly, they neglected to consult me on the issue - again. ;-)

Bring on Season 3!!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
28. Kiersten
@LarafromCanada - Welcome! I am tickled purple (I don't do pink) at all the lurkers coming out to post today! So glad to hear from you all!

Thanks for the recap love. It's OK; you're not alone in disagreeing with me - I think it's a contact sport somewhere - so feel free to share and object as you'd like. I'm emotional and reactionary but not completely unreasonable, I hope, she said wincing. My one hard rule here for commenting is that we all be polite and respectful to one another as we share our differing opinions. And absolutely no spoilers whatsoever. So, two hard rules then.

Hope you un-lurk again soon!
Suzanne Metaxas
29. SuzyM
Welcome to all new posters! We love your input! That is what I love about Kiersten's blog is we can all voice our opinions in a friendly fashion :) It makes watching the show more fun for me. I love when someone points out something I missed. I go back and watch it again (like I need an excuse) to see what I missed. More eyes make for better understanding of what the writers are trying to get across or their total screw up :D LOL Therefore I think the more the merrier!
Carmen Pinzon
30. bungluna
@Kiersten - Hear! Hear!

I wish some show somewhere would explore an adult relationship without resorting to "must break you up for the good of..." tactics. I still blame Buffy for this.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
31. Kiersten
@bungluna - it is DEFINITELY the Whedon school of Nobody Can Ever Be Happy in a Realtionship Evah mode of screenwriting (Love you, Joss!)
rachel sternberg
32. rae70
Great Recap! And all the comments!) Sweet!

My only input into the unsafe sexy world of Lost Girl is that in most paranormal books, the Fae and "others" are usually immune to human diseases. Therefore, they don't have to worry about them. Also, due to their long life spans, they reproduce at a much slower rate, they can spread the kids out. In the Lost Girl series, I can't remember hearing anything said of half-lings, so not sure about the fae-human pairings and the offspring that might come of it.. Anyone?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
33. Kiersten
@rae70 Way back in S1E2 Where There's a Will, it was stated that a child of a human and Fae pairing would have no Fae powers. That was why the Will o' Wisp's son was so bitter. So there are children from sexy times between species, but they exist, grow, age as a human despite their mixed blood.
Linda Losik
34. LindaL
An idea about the canon: the initial five fae/human families that the Banshee wailed for are Celtic; while the four noble house of fae where Italian. There are also four dynasties of Rome ( And as to wolves mating after the death of their mate: Bo is still alive!

And Welcome Lurkers….nice to see you come up from DownBelow! I have found your insights to add more to my enjoyment of Lost Girl, which, unfortunately, is not really given by the former stellar writing. On to Season 3.
35. whiskeywhite
@Kiersten – great discussion of ‘wolves mate for life’ and how Bo and Dyson can have an adult relationship. No slam dunk from me, not even a pick and roll. I agree that the series can make ‘wolves mate for life’ a truth for dramatic purposes. After all, “alpha male wolf gets bored after a year and picks a new alpha female” would make for dull (dull!) TV.

I’m not sure I agree, however, that Bo and Dyson “both acknowledged that each was voluntarily fighting their nature for the sake of the other.” When Dyson says,“You’re a succubus, Bo; it’s not in your nature to be monogamous” (which line, BTW, KHR delivers badly), Bo definitely responds, “I’m fighting my nature for you.” I take that to mean, unfortunately, that she’s willing to deny her deepest self for him. All he’s willing to admit to is that he can be territorial (ya think?), mule-headed, etc. with no indication that he really plans to change any of this. One might argue that by offering himself to be hers, for life, knowing that she’s a succubus, he’s voluntarily challenging his possessive nature. But even after he loses his love, and forces a separation from Bo, he still gives other lovers (Cayden, Ryan, not to mention Lauren, the real competition) the evil eye. Great question to the writers on Bo’s and Dyson’s behalf – “how do we do this for real without compromising the nature of the person I love to suit my own compulsive needs?” Dyson himself has given Bo a little lecture about “lying about who you are or trying to change the person that you care about never ends well.” Maybe we’ll see in Season 3.

Lost Girl, despite its wonderful pro-sex attitude, actually exhibits some pretty old-fashioned ideas about sexuality and relationships, including strong pro-monogamy themes. Of course, as we were just discussing, there’s Dyson, who from the very first time they are together is asking Bo whether she plans to have sex with other Fae. Then the fury, Olivia, tells Bo that while she and her husband Samir, by mutual agreement, bring in “snacks” to liven up their love life, it’s because they mate for life (and they’re not wolves). Trick adds that Fae do not allow divorce for the first thousand years of marriage in order to "give it a chance." And just before his love confession, we see Dyson thoughtfully contemplating the wedding ring he’s wearing as part of his undercover disguise. Is he thinking about the possibility of marriage?

There are, of course, anti-monogamy voices in LG. After Bo’s curt declaration “Teams are stupid,” Kenzi changes her mind on whether Bo has to “choose a team” between Dyson and “Dr. Hotpants” and urges Bo, “Fight for Dyson, fight for Lauren -- fight for what makes you happy.” Saskia is the most forceful. After sarcastically challenging Bo for being “serious” about Dyson – “Are you two going around, is he your steady?” she sums it up: “That would make you the lamest succubus in history.” “A succubus letting a man own her ass? Not on my watch.”

Hi @LaurafromCanada – welcome from a fellow Canadian. Were you speaking of the Lost Girl blog on the Showcase website? If I may speak in defence of that exercise in corporate ‘fan involvement’, there are definitely a fair number of posts that, shall we say, lack analytical depth, but most bubble with enthusiasm and love for the series and characters (LOTS of love for the Doccubus and lots less for Dyson). There are also many very insightful and well thought out arguments, occasionally with extremely erudite references to world mythology and culture. And people write in from all around the world – Australia, Italy (setting off an exchange in Italian), Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei (!), and lots more – bringing new and interesting perspectives on the characters and plot. The main problem in my view is that the blog is moderated by someone I suspect to be a 19-year old male, making it difficult to get certain ideas discussed (no talk of safer sex or incest there). So that’s why I love the thoughtful, erudite, enthusiastic, funny and open-minded discussion here. And urge more folks to join in.
36. lsbloom
@whiskeywhite Um...gonna have a little revolt on your hands here.
1) KHR may have some lines that aren't winners ("I can still live") but his 1.12 scene with Bo is totally not in them. :)

2) IMO The point isn't that Bo has to change for him and he has to do nothing. The point is that Bo is more than her species (succubus) and he is more than his (wolf). He is civilized and playing investigator at a country club to help her instead of hunting as was his original plan. Bo's point is that there is instinct and there is complex higher level functioning. Dyson's point is you can't pretend the instincts don't exist. He's willing to accept her's if she is willing to accept his. Unfortunately the bigger problem for them is she is still exploring and learning about relationships and Dyson is ready for that commitment, they are at completely different stages in their romantic lives.

3) We do see that Bo is interested in monogamy. She has a very typical Footloose-town human morality from her past, this is why she was so vulnerable to albaster. And as much as Saskia thought Bo was the "lamest," Bo wasn't exactly sure that Saskia was the role model she was looking for. And while Dyson slipped the subtle what did this mean to you question after their first time, Bo answered it. She thought they were exclusive, she was hurt when they weren't, and she continued to ask for exclusivity for the next several episodes. I do understand that the fandom wants to see Bo sleeping around. But the show itself, hasn't ever shown Bo to have that sort of need or desire. I think they are moving to having that point to appease the fandom as they are won't to do, but it hasn't yet borne out in the show itself. Apart from threesomes, Bo's never had more than one steady sexual partner at a time.

4) Once Bo learned to blow chi and control how much she takes, I don't think she has the same problem with draining a single sexual partner as she did initially. Ryan is never feeling weak or whatever, and they make a big deal out her blowing chi instead of just sucking. So I do think it is physically possible for her to be monogamous (not sure how that would work with humans or just fae but presumably she could keep it in check, severe injuries may present a problem).

5) In regards to jealousy, first off, jealousy isn't inherently a bad thing, it is a dramatic trope used to show that someone does care. If characters weren't jealous, we'd wouldn't think they really loved someone. As is, all the characters pretty much have displayed jealousy: Dyson, Lauren, Bo, Nadia, Nate, Kenzi. After Lauren betrayed Bo the first time, you see no further animosity between Dyson and Lauren. I think some of the initial "jealousy" you see with them is Dyson being protective, he is worried about Lauren's position and intentions, and he wasn't wrong to be, that really was the theme of the whole episode, because 1.07 is really the only time Dyson and Lauren go head to head. Lauren takes it slightly into 1.08 and is just as snarky about Dyson, using her "doctor" role to shame Bo about being with someone so "well traveled." It shows the audience that Lauren does care (and is a bad doctor, but mainly that she cares). When Nate crashes the party to get Kenzi back, it is a statement that he cares enough to fight for her and he is jealous/worried about Hale. It isn't a bad controlling thing, it is one dramatic representation of love.

6) I'm interested in your Showcase blog, because the one I've read is filled with angry angry people calling each other names being really rude to characters and actors and fellow posters while standing on some pretty shaky moral high ground. Your's sounds like more fun.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
37. Kiersten
I was going to make a juvenile and snarky comment about "blowing chi", but then @whiskeywhite called me erudite by association, so... ;- )

You guys are doing a great job with this insightful and respectful discussion. Carry on.
38. whiskeywhite
@lsbloom -- nope, same blog. I was being charitable, and focusing on the aspects I liked. You're right -- quite a bit of negativity. Feelings run high, shall we say. If only the censor, oops I mean moderator, spent some time encouraging more civility (but he plays no active role, he's just there to filter out messages he perceives as unacceptable to the corporation). Some of the participants try to model and foster more polite and supportive interactions -- I did. But that's what you get, I guess, when you have great diversity and, I think, quite a bit of immaturity in the audience, fuelled by the anonymity of the Internet. Sorry to be spending so much time discussing another blog -- but it serves to highlight the best elements of what we have here. A strong and supportive moderator/author (yes, that's you @Kiersten) and thoughtful, mature (no age reference intended) participants. Now, does anyone know a fan in Brunei who might like to join in?
Suzanne Metaxas
39. SuzyM
Ladies I love this discussion :)

Have to chime in here on monogamy I believe in it a lot :) I'm going to be married 43 years this Nov. and have been with my hubby since 1966 and I can absolutely state I have NEVER been unfaithful to him. This has been out of choice. I do believe that some people can be monogamous and that others can not and that is fine with me as long as they do not promise to be magnanimous. Bo never promises Dyson she will be monogamous. She said "I am not making any promises and I'm not asking for any in return." But she wants to make their relationship work because she loves him. Just as he wants to fight his stubborn and possessive nature.
40. whiskeywhite
@Kiersten, I meant to add -- you snark on, girl! Your humour is a huge element in the appeal of this blog. And I am unanimous in this.
Suzanne Metaxas
41. SuzyM
"@Kiersten, I meant to add -- you snark on, girl! Your humour is a hugeelement in the appeal of this blog. And I am unanimous in this." @whiskeywhite I could not agree more! Kiersten makes my day with her snarkyness :D
Linda Losik
42. LindaL
@whiskeywhite and @SuzyM I am in total agreement. Love the snarks!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
43. Kiersten
Thanks for all the love, guys

An update on my earlier comment about the DVD/BR being listed on Amazon as being in Japanese: this was indeed a clerical error. FUNimation has been in contact with Amazon and it should be fixed soon. So order away!!
44. Peachie
Thanks for getting to the bottom of this with the dvd/br disks. Now I can stop crying and start making lots and lots of ice!

As I said before "Kiersten you rock!" Keep it coming...on to season 3.
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