Aug 15 2012 9:28am

J.R. Ward Offers Snippet of Lover At Last!

Lover At Last by J. R. WardOn her Facebook page, J.R. Ward teases us with a bit from the forthcoming Lover at Last, which gives us Qhuinn and Blaylock’s story:

Qhuinn was vaguely aware that his chest was pumping up and down and that his hands had become fists-“Pull the f*ck over!” he screamed as he slammed the dashboard hard enough to send one of the air vents flying.

The flatbed was wrenched over and the brakes squealed as their velocity slowed. But Qhuinn was out of there. Dematerializing, he escaped through the crack in the window... along with Blay’s exhale.

Lover at Last, pg. 51 of the manuscript


ETA 9/4/12: For more Qhuay discussion, check out Kate Nagy's post “Qhuay: M/Mainstreaming M/Man-Love in J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood”

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1. Aukje
This is pure torture!! I want more!!
Mara Gillott
2. MaraGillott
Oh man, I cannot wait. The anticipation of Quinn and Blay after so long is killing me!!!
3. Rj
that's it??? to smelling your favorite chocolate brownie and not getting a bite!
4. Christina H
That was so not enough!!!!! And not fair at all!!! This waiting is going to kill me :-)
5. Christina J
OMG!! Really thats it? Just nothing but teases from now on. But i've been waiting for this book for forever and i already now its going to be my fav.
6. SassyT
That wasn't even a snack let alone a That was more like an itty bitty crumb. If it's going to be like that, I'll just wait until the book comes out.
7. CathyS
Not nearly enough. All that does is make you lick you lips and want more. Looking forward to this one for a long time.
8. goddessani
That wasn't even a crumb. That was a crumb that you notice on a plate just before it gets rinsed. Too late to even reach out and grab it.

And I had such hopes when I read, "Qhuinn was vaguely aware that his chest was pumping up and down and that his hands had become fists".

I was hoping his hands had fisted in the sheets of the bed he was sharing with Blay!
Angela Amos
9. ladiromance
Here's my take on this little snippet: Blay, Saxton and Qhuinn are all
sitting on the bench seat in a flatbed tow truck, with Saxton in the
middle. After watching Saxton repeatedly squeeze Blay's thigh and slowly
climbing higher to Blay's crotch and after asking Blay casually
(burning up inside with jealousy)to pull over saying he'd get himself
back to the mansion, Qhuinn couldn't take it anymore and blew up.
Instead of breaking his cousin's face, he slammed his fist into the
dash, before anyone could question his attitude, he dematerializes.
12. mandabec
Im so excited for this one! Its about time Q got smacked upside the head with some sense. I hate tjat it took so long but at the same time, with these two? It wouldnt have felt right any other way. D
Pamela Gramlisch
13. PamGram1
Ladiromance - I think you probably have guessed that snippet correctly. We must remember this is only at page 51 and they would never get together that early in the book.
Qhuinn and Blay both need to just let their feelings for each other show and just let the love/lust for each other develop and quit being so frustrated!!!! Thanks for the snippet!
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