Aug 22 2012 8:14am

It’s a Post-Bridesmaids World: For a Good Time, Call Out August 31!

Thank you, Bridesmaids! Even though some of the post-Bridesmaids films have not always been as good, nor as successful, as Bridesmaids, finally filmmakers and audiences are acknowledging that women can be just as funny and as raunchy as the next guys.

Perhaps these types of movies will eventually become so ubiquitous that media outlets (such as ours!) will not have to point it out as though it were a special event.

For A Good Time, Call opens August 31.

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Brie Clementine
1. Brie.Clem
There's also Bachelorette, a movie that looks like a cross between Bridesmaids and The Hangover.
Darlene Marshall
3. DarleneMarshall
When I saw the trailer for Bachelorette I was "meh", but this looks cute. Raunchy, but cute. I think I might see it.
rachel sternberg
4. rae70
The only thing that ruined Bridesmaids with me is they played it TOOO SAFE with the wrapped up packaged happy ending.. Its like they were going for a more "male-type" female comedy but chickened out with some of the scenes..
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