Aug 30 2012 9:14am

Is Your Real-Life Hero the Good Guy or the Bad Boy?

When you were younger, reading some of your first romances, you probably found yourself preferring certain types of heroes; maybe you liked the guy next door, or the strong, silent type, or the bad boy in the leather jacket.

Our question today is, did you end up with your favorite type of hero? What type is your own real-life hero?

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
I always loved geek beta heroes and bad boys but I ended up with a jock-military type IRL. Go figure.
2. mrswright82
I always had a thing for the bad boy heros in books...still do...but I definately married the good guy! I married Mr.!
3. aprilangelsmama
Humm, good question. Turns out, I love to fantasize about uber-Alphas (gentlemanly or bad-ass) now, because I ended up with my dream love, a geeky, but tall, dark and handsome beta. Life is good.
4. joseri
I love reading about bad boys, men in uniform and alphas. IRL my hubbie is definitely a beta isn't in uniform unless you count his mechanic's overalls. You can't choose who you fall for.
5. Jacqueline DeGroot
I was intimated by the bad boys. I actually thought I'd end up with a teacher as I was always falling so head-over-heels for all mine. But I married a policeman and now I spend many hours listening to him and his macho buddies reliving the life. It's great for research. I couldn't wait until my husband could retire. Fantasy is nice, it's why I write, but the reality is no fantasy. But one day, I might like to go back to school . . .
6. Merida
I've always loved the strong, forceful male hero. Coming from a large family of men, I've developed an idea of the perfect man so I find the boy next door appealing but the historical warlord warrior is my favourite
7. parawriter
I like the bad boy and alpha novels that love women who are also strong and intelligent, and while they may dominate them in some ways, they respect their women and cherish them in every way rather than bully them. Have not found anyone like this in reality.
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