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First Look: Zane’s Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava 3 (Aug. 28, 2012)

Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava 3, edited by ZaneZane (editor)
Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava 3
Avon / August 28, 2012 /  $7.99 digital & print

Just when you thought that Chocolate Flava, Caramel Flava, Honey Flava, Sensuality, and Succulent had hit all the right spots—there’s nothing like Z-Rated, the hottest Flava book yet. Handpicked by Zane, Z-Rated features some of the most creative, most talented writers in erotica, including stories from favorites like Cairo, Allison Hobbs, and a story by Zane herself. Featured are twenty-seven scintillating tales that will take your mind away from the day to day and straight into the erogenous zone—your perfect escape. Read, fantasize, and move beyond X-rated . . .

The Chocolate Flava series, edited by well-known writer and editor Zane, are anthologies of erotica intended for both male and female readers with a range of tastes, and Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava 3 more than lives up to that intention.

These sexy stories aren’t for the timid. They address a wide span of fantasies directly, mostly with language that’s bluntly explicit. If you’re looking for the same sort of erotica you’d find in a racy romance novel, or even in most erotic romance, you might find that many of these stories are a stretch for you. Despite plenty of happy endings, the anthology doesn’t focus on happily-ever-afters.

Zane has selected stories with a wide range of prose and story styles, many with intriguing characters. For instance, the opening story, “Come See a Man About a Horse” by Zander, has a first-person male narrator who speaks straight from his erotic id, his language raunchy and his desires unabashedly selfish as he plays around on his fiancée; the story is explicit from the first paragraph. The protagonist is a philosopher as well!

Fast forward a few months [after getting a new car] and the thrill is gone. He sees a Bugatti Veyron dip past him going 85 mph on the highway and all of a sudden, his Lambo might as well be a hooptie. He no longer feels like the man. So what does he do? He decides that he has to have a Bugatti and starts figuring out how much he can get for a trade-in. Or he desires to have them both; one to keep in the garage and the other to sport around in, depending on his mood of the day. It’s the same way with women.

…I didn’t want Nadine catching feelings. It was all about the Bugatti and once I tapped that ass, she could head back to Jamaica and never hear from my ass again.

The second story, “Dick Tease” by Allison Hobbs, also uses a male first-person narrator, but his voice is semi-formal; his old-fashioned language describes how his housekeeper controls his sexuality while having encounters with a series of delivery men, offering a twist on a classic sexual fantasy.

Later stories in the anthology progress to the explicit action more slowly. For example, “Choices” by Tenille Brown features a plot twist involving a figure from the female protagonist’s past, and the possibility of a future, rekindled romance.

“The Night Game” by Patt Mihailoff opens with a lot of character conflict.

Jaleel wasn’t happy that, in the interest of political correctness, Nyrah had been chosen as the assistant coach of the Haverford Middle League alongside him. They were always butting heads about who had the best strategy on the game or what position a certain kid should or should not play. Now the team was vying for the state championship, and he did not want to hear anything from this mouthy bitch.

…Because he didn’t want her—or anyone like her.

However, the conflict is later addressed in more depth as they discover how attracted they are to each other, and who well they’re suited to each other sexually.

“Look, I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me,” he tried to explain.

“You never struck me as a chubby chaser,” she said.

“Don’t say that.” His voice was low. He didn’t want her misplaced attempt at humor to break the mood.

…There it was—the brash ball field witch again, but it wasn’t really her; he knew that now. It was the mask she hid behind for emotional protection.

Because the stories run a gamut from romantic to happily raunchy, Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava 3 can be appreciated by a variety of readers. It’s probably best read one story at a time, to fully appreciate all the different approaches the authors take to exploring eroticism. And for some, it’s an anthology that might be even better if shared!


Victoria Janssen is the author of three novels and numerous short stories. Her World War One-set Spice Brief is titled “Under Her Uniform” and is a tie-in to her novel The Moonlight Mistress. Follow her on Twitter: @victoriajanssen or find out more at

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