Aug 1 2012 9:03am

Clingy or Aloof Results in a Worse Sex Life, Research Finds

Matthew Macfadyen as Darcy

This might explain certain heroes’ and heroines’ less than wonderful previous relationships: If people are too aloof or needy in their relationships, they’ll be less satisfied sexually, researchers find. The study reports that people who have anxious attachment (“in which people act out fears of rejection and abandonment”), and avoidant attachment (“where individuals are uncomfortable with closeness and dependence”) have worse sex lives than people with secure attachment.

So no wonder the sex is amazing once the hero or heroine lets go of their attachment issues!

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Erica Stewart
2. Erica Stewart
True. You should really have to be conscious as to how you are going to act around yor guy to prevent him from thinking you are aloof or clingy.
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