Aug 13 2012 8:07am

A Cure for Morning Sickness is...What?!?

So many jokes, so little time.

A true scientific remedy for morning sickness—or just the best rationale to get a woman to perform oral sex? You decide:

A new study, reported on by CBS, finds one psychologist’s cure for morning sickness is by ingesting sperm. But not just any sperm; it should be the sperm of the person who got you pregnant. The scientist says morning sickness is a natural reaction to having “unfamiliar semen” in a woman’s body, and the best way to combat the illness is to build up tolerance.

What’s the best rationale you’ve ever heard?

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Darlene Marshall
1. DarleneMarshall
So let me make sure I understand this--an act that is known to cause a gag reflex is suppose to relieve morning sickness? I can remember when even reaching for the saltines I put on the nightstand each night so I could get out of bed the following morning could spur nausea.

Sounds like something some male researcher came up with after a six-pack or two.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@darlenemarshall: I didn't even think about the gag reflex! It sounds SO much like something a man would dream up.
Christopher Morgan
3. cmorgan

Speaking on behalf of my gender, I can almost promise you that beer never even factored into the equation when it came to this theory.
Lindsay Beeson
4. lindsayb
Yeah.. gag reflex is an issue.. plus.. unfamiliar sperm? Wouldn't we all be sick all the time after having sex with our significant others? It's not like the sperm that got us pregnant remains in our bodies for the rest of the pregnancy.. me thinks he's using this as an excuse.
Lege Artis
5. LegeArtis
O_O Seriously..?!
Talk about compensating by giving penis a bigger role in pregnancy...
6. SassyT
I had actually heard about this on another website a month or so ago and of course all the guys were hooting and hollering about it. My conclusion (as a scientist) is that until they can definitively prove this I'll just say No. It all sounds like an excuse for husbands/boyfriends to get more BJs.

I haven't personally had a guy tell me this but I've heard (through the grape vine) the following: "If you don't do it, I'll explode." Personally, I would have responded by saying "Well, let me get out of the way first. I don't want to catch an arm to the face. Hey, can I have your video game collection after you explode?"
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