Jul 23 2012 9:22am

Which Romance Author Would You Like to Read in YA?

It’s always nice when young love becomes adult love...Last week, we did a post on Beloved Romance Authors with Awesome YA Series, where we discussed authors such as Kresley Cole, Darynda Jones, Jennifer Estep and others coming out with new Young Adult series.

Many previously adult-only authors are jumping genres to write YA; of those that haven’t yet, which authors would you like to see try?

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Hmm, good question! Maybe Eloisa James? I'd like to see more historical YAs...
Poppy Fields
2. Poppy Fields
I want my favorite authors not to be going to the YA genre at all! I have to wait even longer for the next book in my beloved series while they ingulge in the YA market. I know it is petty but that's how I feel....Amanda Stevens, Gail Carriger,...etc.
Poppy Fields
3. Hell Cat
Oddly, I'm lucky that my favorite authors seem to be on the YA shelf already. Estep, Armstrong...I think I'd like to see a satellite series by Linda Robertson. The world building is strong enough that like Armstrong, it would be a good area to fill out wha happens to the missed were kids, the ones who fall through the cracks as orphans or in schools. I'm a little skewed to the UF/PNR market, I must admit.

Another one that might be interesting would be a Jo Bev YA Malloren book. We see the adult level, but it might be interesting to see the younger set.
Poppy Fields
4. Aukje
I'm with Poppy Fields...and yes I too know it's petty. But I can't identify with YA (as I'm no longer a YA :)), so for me too it just means a longer wait...

Among my favorites are Kresley Cole and Nalini Singh...
The wait for Shadow's Claim is killing me! I could ease the waiting by reading Poison Princess, but I really don't want to, because I fear I may not like it...and I don't want to not like anything written by Kresley Cole!!
As for Nalini Singh...Everytime I see questions posted about a YA book about Kit...makes me nervous!!

So much as I love it that younger fans of PNR now have their own slice of 'Kresley-Cole-Heaven', I love Nalini Singh for giving Kit the time to grow up first...
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