Jul 18 2012 8:17am

What Was Your First Erotic Romance Read?

Anne Rice and her publisher are republishing Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy (The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty’s Punishment, and Beauty’s Release), which was originally released back in the 1980s, back when there wasn’t even one Shade, much less Fifty. The trilogy details the erotic adventures of the iconic fairy tale heroine, starting from when the prince finds her asleep—and has sex with her.

For many romance readers, Rice’s Beauty trilogy was the first erotic romance we ever read—was The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty your first? If not, what was?

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1. Msimmons
Yes. This was my first erotic read. I then went on to read The Story of O. I've been hooked ever since. I find it very strange that everyone is treating erotica like it's it some new thing. I gues it was the same when Twilight came out and everyone thought vampires were new. Hey, Anne Ruce was my first read there too. I think I see a pattern. :)
2. wsl0612
I don't remember what my first erotic read was. I know that the first time I read books that were a little more explicit it was a Tom Robbins' novel (my mother left them lying around so what does she expect from a book addict right?), but I don't think they count as erotic. I never read the Sleeping Beauty series until I tried it last year, I couldn't finish the first one, I thought it was boring and over the top.
Melanie Thomas
3. missmelthomas
The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty was my first erotic read. I read a lot of Anne Rice in high school so when I discovered the Sleeping Beauty series and her other pervy books I had to read them. Boy was I in for a shock. Now it's 20+ years later and I am still a huge fan of the BDSM erotica genre; especially Cherise Sinclair. I guess I can blame Anne Rice's Exit to Eden, Pauline Réage's Story of O, and Marqués de Sade's Justine for that.
Elizabeth Halliday
4. Ibbitts
I have read this book.
I forced myself to finish it, knowing it was written by Anne Rice, consistantly searching for something of redeeming value.
I do not ever find imprisonment, physical and mental abuse and rape erotic. And certainly those actions do not fit my definition of romance.
My idea of erotic is the giving of pleasure to one another in whatever forms everyone involved freely agrees upon.
*It's not you; it's me.*
Perhaps I just do not understand the genre. I would love to research this topic further, but I haven't yet figured out which authors to explore.
5. Torifl
Beatrice Small was my first erotic reading, then The story Of O, and Anne Rice. Anne Rice put me off erotica for a long time. :(

I realized that while erotic and BDSM is intriguing to read, I have definite boundries I do not like to cross.
6. Mlsimmons
If you want to read more of the BDSM, I would recommend Tiffany Reisz. It is all consensual, but very intense.

Kitty Thomas is another other, but her's is going to be more along the same lines as Anne Rice, in that it is not all consensual. Neither Anne Rice or Kitty Thomas have the violence that I think of when I think of rapte (not to say that this isn't, it is just the idea of rape in my mind is more violent, which neither of these authors show).
Marian DeVol
7. ladyengineer
Probably my first explicitly erotic tale was Vice Avenged by Lolah Burford. I found it in hardback on the shelves of some folks I was babysitting for in the early 70's (when I was in high school and 15 or 16). I didn't get to read the entire book then, but later did so when I found it in paperback when I reached college.

At this time (early to mid-70's), historical romance was still fairly innocent along the lines of Georgette Heyer, and the explicitness of Mary Balogh and those since (1990's onward) had not yet happened. I was young, naive and still a virgin when I first read the first few chapters (and the rape scene) during that first exposure while babysitting. It certainly made an impression. ;-0

These days I am finally discovering BDSM and other erotica along the lines of Cherise Sinclair and Maya Banks - and enjoying it. ;->
Becky Hantsbarger
8. BeckyIA
I have the "Beauty" series, but my first erotic read was a book of short stories by Anais Nin.
Vanessa Ouadi
9. Lafka
My first erotic book if I recall well was one of Marquis de Sade, Justine _ though I read it only for philosophical purposes, not erotic ones. Mirabeau's Le rideau levé, John Cleland's Fanny Hill and Pauline Réage's Story of O followed quick after.
Rakisha Kearns-White
10. BrooklynShoeBabe
My first erotic read was definitely Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty. The first one I bought was an collection called Erotic Noire.
11. Trillium
Lady Chatterly's Lover gave me a thrill before I even knew what erotic was! "The Story of O" came next, almost a decade later. I did read the Sleeping Beauty trilogy, but that was several decades later. Now I read several erotic romances a month -- and even write them!
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