Jul 5 2012 8:13am

What Era Would You Like to See More Romance Novels in?

If you read historical romance, you’ve read a Regency-set historical. Empire waists, Prinny, Almack’s, orgeat, and heroes wearing only black and white clothing (thank you, Beau Brummell!)

As publishing becomes more of a frontier, more authors are taking chances and setting books in different eras (plus it doesn’t hurt that Downton Abbey is such a hit, and the clothes are so gorgeous!)

As a historical romance reader, what era would you like to see more romance novels set in?

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Emily M
2. polishedbookworm
Having read VictoriaJanssen's WWI contributions, I have to whole-heartedly agree! Definitely left me wanting more from that time period! Moving out of the Victorian Age and into the more modern Edwardian is such a great source of material - class distinctions, modern improvements, global warfare, etc., etc.

If looking even further back, I've seen very little Restoration Era set romance novels (just finished 'The Darling Strumpet"). Medieval and Tudor are much more common but I think the reemergence society from the oppression of life under Cromwell could be rich in possibilities.
4. ACarroll
The Roaring Twenties! Flapper dresses and ex-patriots could be just as sexy as corsettes and dukes in the right author's hands. I love The Great Gatsby for all that it is, but I wouldn't mind a 1920's set HEA.
Jamie Brenner
5. jamieloganbrenner
ACaroll, stay tuned for October. I have a 1920s romance publishing with St. Martin's Press called The Gin Lovers. Lots of love, sex, and, prohibition-era drama! (see post H&H
6. ACarroll
@jamieloganbreener Ooh, enticing. Thanks for the tip!
Linda Morris
7. Linda Morris
I'm really open to just about anything in a historical setting. I love Regencies but I get very tired of almost *every* historical romance having a Regency setting. I love Jeannie Lin's China-set historicals. I also don't see as many medievals as I'd like, especially in a non-English setting. I also like American colonial/revolutionary settings. Late 19th/early 20th century history is rife with opportunities for a good romance to be set there!
Linda Morris
8. MelM
Georgian. Just something about alpha males who can be comfortable as complete peacocks in velvet and lace.
Linda Morris
9. Morgan Kelly
This is not a plug, I swear! I just want to say, that as a new Avon author with a book coming out set in the 1920s, I am so happy to hear that people want to see historical romances set in that time period. I always wanted to read 1920s and WWI era romances--but I didn't know of any, so I decided to start writing them. I wonder how many romances start out that way, as wish fulfillment for the author? Do you all think that with the exponential mania that is the Downton Abbey craze, we will see a plethora of flapper era romances coming out?

Jamie Logan Brenner, I want to read your novel! 1920s romance writers unite! High Five!
Glass Slipper
10. GlassSlipper
The French and Indian War (Pamela Clare brings this period to life for me in her MacKinnon's Rangers series)

The Restoration (Lush court dress, and the men wore long, curly wigs. YUM. Judith James' Libertine's Kiss and The King's Courtesan take place in the Merry Monarch's court; I love her books!)

Georgian Era (Opulent fashion, wigs, tricorn hats, men with long hair tied into queues.... I adore a man dressed in Georgian fashion. An officer's uniform is even better!)

Not an era, but: European countries that are NOT England! (T.J. Bennett isn't a well-known author, but I loved her books The Legacy and The Promise, which took place in Germany and Italy during the Protestant Reformation. I found it really refreshing to read romances with non-English protagonists in these unusual places and time period.)
Linda Morris
11. Rainonroof
More 1920s to 1940s. Love the clothes, the time and the tech. Be grand to see more set round here. Not as keen on wartime stuff, so before or just after 1st And 2nd WW.
Linda Morris
12. Dr. Opossum
I would go back a lot further in time to ancient civilizations: Greece, Rome, and Egypt. And why not some empires even less explored than those three: China, India, Sumeria, early Islam, and any non-Egyptian African kingdom? And going further in time, 19th century Alaska needs more love.
Linda Morris
13. SarahDF
I would like to see more Anerican history, particularly during Westward Expansion or Colonial time periods.
Barbara Bauschka
14. njoireading
I enjoy novels set in the very late 1890's or early 1900's. Sherry Thomas' novels are from that time as well as one or two other authors. There are a few modern items---flush toliets, electric light, telegraph/telephone that are welcome changes to what we usually read---chamberpots, candles, and letters carried by the Post.
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