Jul 11 2012 8:04am

The Scariest Moment Ever: Caught Without a Book!

Recently, H&H’s big cheese, Liz Maverick, was talking about taking a train to a friend’s house when she realized she’d left her book at home.

The horror! What do you do? Liz scurried to a bookstore at the train depot and got something to read, not necessarily something in her favorite genre, but it was something, at least.

What have you done in similar situations? Have you found anything you loved you might not have normally picked up? What if there was no bookstore? What would you do then?

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Darlene Marshall
1. DarleneMarshall
In similar situations I've purchased a book just to read something. Nowadays that scary scenario is less likely to happen. I have an ereader in my purse with over 120 books on it, I downloaded a book to my iPhone (I'm a belt and suspenders kinda gal) as a backup, and I still have an unread paperback in the trunk of my car. I used to keep emergency paperbacks in my carry-on for travel in the pre-ereader days.

Just thinking about a long trainride without something to read gives me the willies!
Anna Bowling
2. AnnaBowling
@Darlene, I've done the emergency paperback thing as well. My mother taught me to never leave the house without a book and a sweater, and that advice has stuck. With the advent of ereaders, I can tote a whole library with me as well.

Theoretically, though, any port in a storm. I'd see what was available, and if nothing, grab some paper and write my own story.
Christopher Morgan
3. cmorgan
See I made the mistake on a recent trip to Florida that I wouldn't finish a book the same weekend I started it, what with beach, family, food, and such, so I didn't pack my kindle which is where I have most of my "emergency paperbacks".

You've never been quite as stressed as when you're in a Orlando airport and surrounded by nothing by 50 Shades of Grey....
S. Bell
4. S. Bell
I don't think I've been stranded without something to read in the recent past that I can recall... However, if I found myself in those dire straits, I would immediately launch the Kindle app on my smartphone! And if, heaven forbid, my phone battery was low and I didn't have my phone charger (which rarely happens), I would stop by the nearest Dollar General store. DG is usually good for at least one or two of my favorite genre, but I can always find something interesting for under $5.00! Score! On a whim I bought what later became one of my all time favorite books from the Dollar General store for $ 3.00! Double score!
Myretta Robens
5. Myretta
My only experience of John Grisham came as a result of being snowed in at a Radisson in New Jersey with a really puny book rack. I read The Pelican Brief because, really, I had no choice. Thank God for my Kindle.
Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
@cmorgan -- And to think there was a bookstore so close to you in NSB!

I tend to err on the side of bringing a book everywhere, so this hasn't happened to me in a while, but when it does...yeah, I get pretty desperate and will pretty much buy whatever I can get my hands on.
Megan Frampton
7. MFrampton
Like many of you, I have books loaded on my phone in case of emergency, and now that I have an e-reader, this sitch just doesn't happen. I used to, however, routinely carry around THREE books, in case I finished the current one, and wasn't sure what I wanted to read next.

My shoulders are very happy to have an e-reader now.
S. Bell
8. Vol Fan
emorgan, my story is similar to yours. I flew to Orlando for a business trip. To my surprise, I finished the quite large book I had taken with me on the plane ride. Sooo, I land in Orlando and head to the first book store in the airport. I wound up buying several books (in fear I would run out again), spent waaaay too much money on hardbacks and bought so many in my panic, I had to run around and find another carryon to put them in! Then to add insult to injury (literally) I had to carry around tons more heavy books! Never again and thank goodness for the kindle I now have!
K.M. Jackson
9. kwanawrites
It is such a scary moment. In the past for short trips I'd run and buy a magazine. For long trips any book will do. Usually it's a mystery if there is no romance. Now I try and take my kindle everywhere if I can.
Darlene Marshall
10. DarleneMarshall
Heh. I was thinking about this the other day: When I buy a purse, I load my stuff into it before I buy it to make sure it'll fit. A small bag has to hold at a minimum my wallet, my phone, and my ereader. I'll accept an evening bag that only holds my phone, some cash & a lipstick 'cause I have a book on the phone.
Barbara Elness
11. barbed1951
That's why technology today is so cool! I'd just read a book on my iPhone. :D
S. Bell
12. Kathrin P.
In general, I tend to have at least my iTouch and/or my phone with me, so I can read the books I downloaded onto my Kindle app, but if the battery's low, I'd also run to the nearest bookstore and get something to read there. I would take as much time as possible without missing the train to find something I'll enjoy. My last resort would be a couple magazines that are semi-interesting, but only if I can't find any book that is even remotely appealing.
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