Jul 18 2012 4:00pm

Text Me, Maybe: When Your Favorite Characters Text Each Other

I love you textsEvery day people flirt, fight, and confess via Twitter, Instant Message, e-mail, and text. These technologies are showing up all over the pages of today’s fiction (After all, where would Christian and Ana be without e-mail?).

What would our favorite characters have to say upon logging on to Twitter? What gossip would they exchange via text? The ladies over at bring the world of Jane Austen into the 21st century with these texts between Jane Eyre and Rochester, capture the diva that is Scarlet O’Hara in these texts, and reign supreme in the world of teenage angst with these Sweet Valley High texts. We’ve even featured historical romance author Kieran Kramer’s take on how the ladies of Pride and Prejudice would rock Twitter.

Which characters would you most like to see engage in a text conversation? What hero and/or heroine’s Twitter account would you follow?

Text screen shot via Barnorama.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I love this sort of thing. One of our bloggers, Tara, created Battlestarbook, which never fails to crack me up.
Christopher Morgan
2. cmorgan
I do already follow Harry Dresden, who is a magnificient twittter(?), but I'm still waiting on the Legolas/Gimili chat log. I imagine lots of sun fetching and Galadriel swooning goes on.
3. Carey597
I'd love to see Acheron's text to Simi, I think they'd be funny as heck. I'd also love to see a text between any of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Hawt!!!!
4. Alizamannauthor
The Vampire Lestat, I think, would be followed and a favorite of mine on Twitter!
5. carmenlire
Definitely Black Dagger Brotherhood! The BDB insider guide had board messages between the brothers and they were always entertaining
nlbookreader bookreader
6. nlbookreader
As freebies on their website ( Ilona Andrews offers some twitter samples betwen Kate and Curran. Very entertaining. I would like to see more of them. I think twitter between Bones and Vlad would be a hoot and really any of Shelly Laurenstons', I'm greedy
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