Jul 16 2012 2:54pm

Sleeping Beauty: The Comedy?

Sleeping Beauty and the PrinceSleeping Beauty looks to be Hollywood’s next fairy tale obsession. Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent, which will present the wicked queen’s side of the story, is currently in production. And now, is reporting:

The 21 Jump Street producer [Neal Moritz] is developing a modern-day retelling that finds the male protagonist [accidentally] awakening Sleeping Beauty and finding that he can’t get rid of the lovestruck heroine.

Obviously this project is in the very early stages and may never see the light of day (or, more accurately, our TV screens). Still, it makes for some interesting questions: Are you up for more fairy tale-themed TV, or are you growing weary of it? Is the idea of Sleeping Beauty as a modern-day comedy appealing to you? Are you side-eyeing the idea of her being a stalker as much as I am?

Sleeping Beauty image by Henry Meynell Rheam via Wikimedia Commons

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1. wsl0612
I think this sounds like an interesting fresh viewpoint and I'd watch it.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@wsl0612 -- It's definitely a fresh take, so I'd be very curious to watch the first episode. I just worry about the idea of her being clingy. The prince is the one who woke her up, after all--she didn't force him to do it! ;)
3. SassyT
Yeah, I'm with you on side-eyeing the idea of Sleeping Beauty being a stalker (seriously?). And I assume you mean the producer that made the travesty of a remake of 21 Jump Street (the show was awesome...why ruin it by making it a comedy??? children of the 80s rise up and take back our childhood movies and t.v.

As a whole, I'm not against fairytale shows. I love Once Upon a Time and also Grimm so it can be done...and done well. So, I'm probably not going to watch this. I'm already not sure if I want to watch the new Beauty and the Beast.
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