Jul 12 2012 8:10am

Sex on the First Date = Happiness in Real Life and Romance Novels

You know that old adage that a guy wouldn’t bother to buy the cow if he got the milk for free? Turns out that’s not quite true: A new study done by Montreal’s Concordia University finds that the same regions of the brain control love and sexual desire, meaning that sexual desire can morph into love.

So our heroines who go all the way their first time with the hero, but are able to find their HEA? Could totally happen in real life, too. One of the study’s scientists comments, “Even love at first sight, can it happen? Of course it can happen...And when it does happen, do you want to play Scrabble with each other? When it happens, you normally want to consummate it.”

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Lesley 54
1. Lesley 54
I have always hated that cow/milk saying-so sexist!!
Personally, I prefer the version of it from the female perspective:
''Why buy the pig when all you want is a little sausage!''
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