Jul 25 2012 8:19am

The Scent of a New Book: Paper Passion Perfume

Want to smell like a new book? There’s a scent for that: Paper Passion, created by a famous perfumer after a German publisher said his favorite smell was that of  “a freshly printed book.”

The perfume comes packaged in a white-bound book, designed by Karl Lagerfeld, with pages cut out to hold the bottle. It was released this month, and retails for $98.

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1. ACarroll
I do like the smell of a new book, but if I had to assign it a gender, it would be masculine. I'm surprised this is being marketed as a perfume and not a cologne. Either way, a cute idea.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@ACarroll -- Huh, I'd never thought about it! I'm curious to see how close it does smell to a new book...
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