Jul 17 2012 4:25pm

Outlander’s Jamie and Claire Coming to TV?!

Jamie/Claire fans, have we got some scoop for you. Deadline.com is reporting that Ronald D. Moore, the brains behind the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, has signed on to adapt Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series for cable television.

No further information is available at this point (we’ll keep you updated!), but if the project moves forward, sounds like Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall’s epic love story could very well come to life.

Rachel Hyland and Kate Nagy have shared their dream casting—who would you like to see play the red-headed Scotsman and his time-traveling Sassenach soulmate?

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
After the way BSG ended for Kara Thrace, I really worry about this news... Could be a fun series, though, and RDM is also the guy who came up with the idea of making Starbuck a woman, I'll give him that.
Darlene Marshall
2. DarleneMarshall
I'm more optimistic than I used to be, having watched Game of Thrones. I'm sure there will be much fan discussion of who should be cast as Jamie and Claire. I don't have anyone in particular in mind--I know what my mental J&C look like, and I'll let the producers surprise me.

As long as they don't pull a Tom-Cruise-as-Jack-Reacher I'll probably be happy.
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
@darlenemarshall -- As long as they don't pull a Tom-Cruise-as-Jack-Reacher I'll probably be happy.

Off-topic, but it cracks me up that this is the go-to reference for bad casting now.

Excellent point about GoT. Those guys have proved beloved series can be done well on the small screen.
Lege Artis
4. LegeArtis
Hmmm, I'll give it a chance... but I think big part of of that will be casting Jamie Frazer- that can be dealbreaker or ultimate bait for fans of book.
@darlenemarshall- Tom Cruise as Reacher will be epic fail. He is so...short. No fan of books is on board with that idea... ::shudder::
5. EmilyFerguson
OMG! I am hyperventilating here. I am reading the series now for the first time and am in love. Currently only just now finishing Dragonfly in Amber...The series is already one of my favorites (up there, in a different way, with Game of Thrones).
I almost hope they go with unknowns on casting, however - at least for Jamie/Claire. The characters in the books are so vivid to the people who love them that it will be hard (for me at least) to adapt to a very well known actor.
They better do them justice! I hope DG is heavily involved in the process and writing...much like GRRM is with GoT...
Kiersten Hallie Krum
6. Kiersten
This actually scares the crap out of me. Even if they go with unknowns or relatively so - I am so invested in J&C and have been for so long, almost I was hoping this would never come to fruition.

That said, I had a lot of doubts about BSG at first and ultimately loved it - or at least most of it. (I cheered when Kara died, Redline, I won't lie). Guess, like most things, it'll be wait and see...
7. Vol Fan
I really do hope they go with unknowns. For myself, all the well-known actors are already set in my mind as themselves. I know them too well and see the star as the focus. They take away from the story, which is the most important. Though the characters of Outlander are known to me, the visualization of them is more hazy. Therefore, if I see a famous face, I see the famous face and not the character. If that makes ANY sense. LOL

I love Jack Reacher, love, love, love him and the series. But I have NO desire whatsoever to see this movie. Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise. All I see is him in another freaking action movie, not Reacher. Wash, rinse and repeat. To me, this is not even a Jack Reacher movie at all.

In a less important movie, I can understand why they need a big name to pull in the audience. But with a big book that is going to pull them in regardless, they do not need a "name". In actuality, it detracts the focus away from the story and onto the star. I hate it when they do that. While there are many reasons why few books translate to good movies, this contributes IMO. For me it is hard to suspend what I am seeing (or whom) to be transported into the story. That's why books work so much better than film.

I hope I made a wee bit of sense there, but it's really hard to explain. LOL
rachel sternberg
8. rae70
Who is Jack Reacher?

An Outlander tv series kinda scares me since I loved the books so much.. It would be better to have lesser known actors play the parts and hopefully they don't make them too "pretty".. Some characters where not meant to be GQ or totally make-up'd/lumineered/big boobed plastic princesses. Even Claire remarked in her journeys that bad teeth/breath/body odor were the norm.
Darlene Marshall
9. DarleneMarshall
@rae70--Jack Reacher is the hero of a long running series of novels by Lee Child. The first is The Killing Floor, and I recommend they be read in order.

Reacher's a retired Army officer in the MPs. As he points out, they're the ones sent in to break up fights between Green Berets so they bring a special skill set to law enforcement. His adjustment to civilian life is interesting, and affords Reacher many opportunities to get into trouble. The character is also 6'7", which adds a lot to his persona and makes the idea of Tom Cruise playing him so ludicrous.
10. sanglant
Like said, Jamie Fraser will be the dealbreaker. He is so unique and eyecatching (think red hair?) and vital to the whole book (I love Claire but jamie is the main draw for me) that if the actor is wrong for the role, well...sob
however i'm really excited that one of my favorite series is being adapted on tV. but...
To all gods of Directors and Actors and Whatnotes, Please please do it right!!!!
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