Jul 24 2012 8:12am

Most Heartfelt Apologies Come from Words AND Deeds

There’s nothing romance readers like more than when a hero grovels to heroine after he’s done something horribly wrong. We have covered a few examples in our Delicious Despair series, and most recently covered the grovel scene in Jill Barnett’s Bewitching.

Now, if only those heroes knew to bring a gift along with their heartfelt apologies: The Telegraph UK reports a new scientific study that finds,

“True forgiveness only comes when actions and words are put together and make the wronged person feel that the damage has been fully repaired.”

So it’s not enough to go drop a couple thousand on some diamonds, or to offer the most penitent ’I’m sorry’ you can; you have to bring the gems and the penitence in order to gain true forgiveness.

What’s the best way someone has apologized to you? With what gifts, and how did they do it?

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1. Mo
Best apology ever was a simple "I'm sorry" and an explanation that they understood how I felt and why I felt that way and that it wouldn't happen again. No gifts necessary for a true apology. It's the actions, not gifts, that speak the loudest.
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