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Lost Girl Season 2, Episode 15 Recap: Double Date with Dark Fae

Bo and Ryan in Lost Girl 2.15Kiersten Krum is at the annual Romance Writers of America conference. This means two things: One, you get me giving you this week’s highlights reel and, two, we can get handsy with Dyson while she’s away. (We may also get handsy with Ryan. Let’s see where the episode takes us.)

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Kenzi’s back! With new boyfriend, Nate, in tow. And Bo is continuing to make use of Ryan’s many talents, which at this point include inventing things, looking great at all times and witty banter.

22-year-old guy dies of a heart attack looking like an old man. While this immediately makes me think, “Buffy did it,” I hold out judgment to see the creative way Lost Girl tackles this one.

Dyson in a jacket always = nom. I may need to invest in more motorcycle jackets for my husband. Unfortunately, he’s extra wolfy today and especially aggressive at the station with citizens. He also has no interest in helping Hale look into the young/old guy’s death. I would venture to say he isn’t taking the breakup well.

Trick, however, is helpful (and awesome) as always. He suggests it may be a serket, but that the behavior is out of character. Anyone else notice we’ve had a lot of “but they aren’t usually like that” fae lately? Is this leading up to something epic? Symptoms of a bigger problem? Speculate.

Loved the idea of the double date, but also mentally cringed. As delightful as Ryan can be when trying to get in Bo’s pants, he isn’t exactly a fan of the non-fancy or the non-fae. I want to love Ryan, but it can only happen if he keeps his mouth shut. And he just won’t. Even when he says nice things upon leaving, I can’t trust him. Damn loki fae.

Kenzi in 2.15Anyone else want to hug Kenzi during that dinner? A girl who loves food, not getting order her own dishes and then being tormented with the gross “surprise” plates Ryan picked out.

Ryan’s agent friend? The Morrigan, who would love to give Kenzi’s boyfriend what he desires most – and use him, of course.

Ready for the Bo/Kenzi awesome team to be back in action. With Ryan as her helper, Bo manages to get captured by the serket sisters who are stealing life from young backpackers and selling it to others for big money. Evil Sister makes Doesn’t-Want-to-be-Evil Sister start using Bo as a donor. Not cool.

Oh, Kenz! In the name of saving Nate, she agrees to owe The Morrigan a favor. The things we do for love.

Ryan does come to Bo’s rescue and I want to like him, and then he does more dickish things, like, you know, want to let others kill the humans in the back and in general not back Bo’s play.

Very happy Kenzi didn’t keep the deal with The Morrigan a secret from Bo, but so surprised that Bo would stick with him after his behavior at the medical spa. But he keeps her head spinning about Light versus Dark fae and then somehow Bo ends up the meat in a Dark fae sandwich.

New Fae Folk:

Serket: Dark fae typically thrives on giving life and restoring youthfulness. (As we learned tonight, there are always exceptions.)

Origin: Egyptian

Quotes of the Night:

Ryan: Think about it. Humans at lunch instead of humans for lunch.

Bo: It sounds like some fae has a taste for young vagabonds.

Kenzi: It tastes like something crawled in the food and died.

Kenzi: There has got to be something you will take in his place. Perfume? Tequila? My cousin just obtained a truckload of Spanx at a very, very good price.


While Chelsea Mueller runs Vampire Book Club, she won’t turn down a sexy werewolf, demon or faerie. Her appreciation of Alexander Skarsgard is well documented. Bother her on Twitter - @ChelseaVBC — she likes it.

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Brittany Melson
1. BrittanyMelson
I like Ryan, but I don't trust him. The fact that he would hook Nate up with the Morrigan and then refuse to kill the serkets or worry about the aged humans seemed like major character flaws, but Bo didn't seemed too worried about it--that seemed out of character for her. I feel like maybe she's being drawn more and more to the dark side. I even felt like Ryan was trying to put a wedge between her and Lochlan last night, and I wonder if he's seducing her for a reason, to try and get her away from the light fae. In other words, I wonder if he's doing somebody else's bidding--like the Morrigan or an even darker fae. I wanted to enjoy the menage trois at the end--because I generally enjoy Bo's refreshing perspective on female sexual freedom--but I never really like Bo's sex scenes with women. I don't believe that's she really attracted to them. Maybe that's just me and my own heterosexuality speaking. I don't know. But I also felt that the sex scene at the end was a hint to the fact that Bo's indulging her dark side. And maybe Bo's separation from Kenzi for the past few episodes is just another sign that she's headed down a darker road. It's going to be interesting to find out.
Suzanne Metaxas
2. SuzyM
I had both positive and negative reaction to this episode.

I liked the fact that Bo could find someone else to play with besides Dyson. Don't get me wrong I want them back together again AND SOON! But a girl has to have her nourishment. Ryan is good for that.

I have a very negative reaction to Bo's willingness to forgive Ryan after what he did to Kenzi & Nate. A side piece should never come before your BFF.

I think both Bo and Dyson are starting to show the strain of their being split apart. Dyson is turning very dark because he has the hugh emptiness inside, and Bo is becoming selfish because she feels sorry for herself. She blames the Norn for stealing her love, but she dosen't seem willing to fight to get it back. I trully hope things change soon because with the way things are shaping up it is taking the joy out of watching the show. :(
Kiersten Hallie Krum
3. Kiersten
Hi guys! Didn't Chelsea do a bang up job on the recap?! Mega thanks, vamp girl! (Tho keep your paws off my wolf!)

I like Ryan, I do, and some of what I like is his ambiguity and flexible morality and how comfortable he is with it. I think Bo did forgive him too soon for what happened with Kenzi and Nate, but from Ryan's perspective, he didn't do anything wrong and, from his perspective, was actually trying to help. I think Bo's a little put out not having Kenzi total attention and with Doctor Lauren and Dyson off being asshats, is kinda at a loss. She's not in love with Ryan, she doesn't pretend to be, and she's having fun. The menage at the end is the perfect example of how he holds no judgment towards what she is or needs, but merely provides it without her even knowing she wants it and happily joining in when asked.

The problem is that we know he's temporary and that this is just filler until we can get toward the last few episodes and wrap things up. Like PerfectCiara and NotComaNadia, we can't be bothered to truly invest in the relationship b/c we know it won't last and is just there to provide angst and draw things out.

Missed you guys this week, this show, and my wolf. ;-) I'm still on vacation, just taking a few minutes to weigh in, thank Chelsea (hands!) and go poof back into the land where time and day jobs don't exist.

See you next week!
4. ChelseaMueller
I have a very negative reaction to Bo's willingness to forgive Ryan after what he did to Kenzi & Nate. A side piece should never come before your BFF.
Suzi, this was exactly it for me. Though, Kiersten makes a really good point about how Bo is reacting to Kenzi's divided attention. This one may get worse before it gets better.

Kiersten - I'll make you a deal. I will keep my hands far away from your wolf, if you promise to never ever get all grope-y with ASkars.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
@ChelseaMueller. Deal. (For a moment, I was afraid you would bargain with Manganiello...)
6. ChelseaMueller
@Kiersten - Nah. I think Joe is the type we can share. Well, not like that, but... you know what I mean.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
7. Kiersten
@ChelseaMueller - there sure is enough of him to go around...
Linda Losik
8. LindaL
Interesting episode; the favor Kenzi now owes the Morrigan should become interesting. And I am quite positive that the favor will be asked at the most in opportune time, proving once again the Murphy was an optimist!

While I will be the first to state that I found Ryan’s little gift rather interesting, Ryan is starting to make me feel less positive about him. I don’t like the way he was so high-handed about bringing in the Morrigan, knowing what she does and how Bo feels about her BFF.

And Dyson sure isn’t handling this new knowledge well; he sure is mightily pissed. Although I am wondering if it isn’t something else; earlier this season, there were fights started by light fae nuns! Could this be affecting Dyson or is it just the Norn?

Kiersten: the internet works well from everywhere! :-) We missed you!
9. lsbloom
Thanks, Kiersten. I realized I've been blaming Ryan when really I'm mad at Bo and her reactions to him (and the writers). She shouldn't have been so willing to betray who she wanted to be on the flimsy excuse of being fair and giving the dark a try. She lies to Kenzi, and loses a bit of herself when she forgives Ryan trying to feed Nate to the Morrigan. She keeps acting so not-Bo that I find it really hard to stay behind her and I have been partly blaming characters when the flaw isn't with Ryan being an immature dark fae but is with Bo letting it go.

I don't think Bo is necessarily put out that Kenzi has other stuff going on. I think they are trying out letting Bo lead the show on her own. They just can't figure out whether she is going to be a dark queen who doesn't need backup (or Kenzi's smarts) or she is easily manipulated and gets beat by everybody and needs her ensemble. The transition is so jumpy for me that I find it hard to reconcile.
10. SassyT
I agree with most of yal in that my feelings for Ryan are starting to go negative. I was really excited that Bo had found someone else to hang with since she couldn't be with Dyson. He seemed cool. Now, I'm not so sure.

@BrittanyMelson: That was my thought too. Is he trying to persuade Bo to choose the Dark Fae? I wondered if he was on orders from the Morrigan (or someone else) to try to win Bo over to their side (and this after he had said he wasn't really on the dark fae side and was more fluid....liar).

I was really disappointed in Bo forgiving him after he tried to pawn Kenzi's boyfriend off on the Morrigan. Bo knows what she does to her clients so why wouldn't she cut Ryan off for that (not to mention he wouldn't help the humans)? And the Menage at the end didn't do anything for me. Actually, I thought "Well, Dyson wouldn't have brought in a girl to be with him and Bo. He's man enough to take care of Bo all on his own." Which made me think that Ryan is lacking in some way and it also made me think he certainly is trying to "corrupt" Bo in some way. I know Bo had done the threesome thing before but that was all her doing. This seems like a set up to me. Now, I don't trust Ryan as far as I can spit. Time for him to be gone. Boy, what a difference an episode makes....Ryan going for hot new piece to total sh#t in 30 seconds flat.
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