Jul 21 2012 4:47pm

Lost Girl Season 2, Episode 14 Recap: Succubus in a Bottle

Lost Girl Season 2 episode 14 Midnight LampOur Lost Girl obsession is still going strong! Be sure to check out all of Kiersten Krum’s recaps, from Season 1 up to the most recent Season 2 episode aired on SyFy (episode 1episode 2episode 3episode 4episode 5episode 6episode 7episode 8episode 9episode 10episode 11, episode 12, and episode 13). All caught up? Good. And now, on to the recap for last night’s episode, 2.14, “Midnight Lamp.”

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At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo wanders into the common room, all dress-down Friday, carrying a small throwing knife, always a good thing to have in hand when starting your day. The hovel is shockingly quiet and empty. Bo calls for Kenzi, wondering where to find the sharpening stone, but gets no answer. She wanders over to the kitchen table for a cup of coffee, but grimaces when she finds the carafe is empty. So despite Kenzi’s tendency to sleep until noon, Bo is still accustomed to her bestie doing brownie duties for her. She snatches up a note from Kenzi: Hit the road with Nate. Back soon. Love ya – and sighs heavily.

Bo pauses, then immediately picks up the phone and calls Kenzi, because she can’t allow Kenz to have her own life without fully being made aware of the clustereff Bo is now in based on the events of Barometz. Trick. Pressure. Fortunately, Kenzi is smart enough not to pick up the phone (hopefully because she’s getting banged by Nate but more likely because Ksenia Solo is on hiatus for the week) so instead of leaving it, Bo records a voice message. Cheerfully she says she “forgot” Kenzi was leaving today.  “I hope you and Nate are having fun living the rock ’n’ roll dream!” she chirps, bouncing the knife in her hand. She quickly adds that she was just wondering how many scoops the coffeemaker takes and “whether or not I should become Lachlan’s champion against whatever this evil thing is that’s coming our way.”

Instantly, she whirls and flings the knife at the doorway. Lachlan catches it right before it embeds itself between his eyes. Sneaky Ash, slithering into Hilton Hovel (drink!) all quiet like. Bo disconnects the phone and glares at him. “Morning, Bo,” Lachlan greets her with a wry smile. Bo, with arms crossed defensively, is not happy to see him. He apologizes for barging in but needs her to do him a solid and bring someone to him. “Someone who has wisdom on how to tackle our enemy.” He casually tosses the knife back to her and heads into the kitchen. Bo grimaces but follows along, asking who it is he wants for her to find.

Backstage on a soundstage, a fanboy blogger gushes that he can’t believe he’s actually interviewing “Sadie” from The Lethal Grace series. The wink wink nudge nudge Meta in this sequence amuses me greatly. Sadie is played by Lauren Holly – hello, Director Shepherd! She is wearing a long red wig and doesn’t look so happy to be enduring the fanboy. “Me and my friends, we measure up every girlfriend we ever had against you – if we ever had any,” he confesses. Sadie tells him that is so sweet but her subtext says tell me something I don’t know, you sad, sad boy. Reaching out, she takes the small digital recorder from him, brushing his hand with hers in the process. FanBoy gasps and gets the same sticking point expression on his face as Bo’s victims usually do. Is Sadie another succubus?  “What is your website called?” she asks silkily as he twitches and trembles. “Cooler Than Thou Art dot com,” he explains and goes on to gush that his readers are “so stoked” that Sadie is doing an R-rated movie again. Sadie smiles tightly but coos that she does it all for them. “I’m so lucky to have such a devoted fan base,” she says as FanBoy gets quite flushed and starts to burn up.

“Are you all right?” Sadie asks with fake concern. FanBoy insists he is even as he goes into a complete meltdown. “I told myself that I wasn’t gonna do this!” Heh. Sadie tells him not to worry, that it happens all the time. Her eyes go red and she bares her teeth and openly feeds off him until he collapses to the ground. She calls out to a nearby tech. “I think this guy’s having a stroke,” she says, nonplussed, and then casually gets up and struts away.


“She’s an ifrit,” Lachlan explains, pouring coffee into mugs. Either Kenzi texted the scoop to water ratio or somebody knows his way around a kitchen. “A subspecies of the Djinn.” Bo comes forward to take a cup and clarifies for those of us watching at home, “Like “genie in a bottle” Djinn?”

“More like ‘trap her in a magic lamp and force her to spill all her secrets,’ that kind of thing,” he quips with a wink before taking a slug of coffee. Bo asks if Lachlan thinks Sadie might know something about the Garuda. “The ifrit are malevolent, powerful beings,” Lachlan says contemplatively, “who possess great, great wisdom.” Bo sips her coffee as she wonders why they can’t just ask her for help and, “wow that is good,” she exclaims pointing to her coffee. Lachlan grins, “It’s not bad, huh,” he agrees proudly. Ha! I think I like this warmer, friendlier Ash. He admits they could just ask Sadie’s advice, “but the ifrit only cooperate if they’re enslaved.”

Bo glares at him from the corner of her eye. That enslaved thing hits all her hot spots. She walks around him to add some sugar to her excellent coffee and reminds him that she’s not a fan of the whole “enslaved” thing, “I thought you’d have noticed given the whole (Doctor)Lauren situation.”

Serious now, Lachlan muses that sometimes a leader has to make very hard decisions. “The doctor,” he explains, walking back into the common room, “has a very important role to play in the coming battle, and I’ve placed a tremendous amount of faith in her ability to deliver.” Boy, are you in for a disappointment. He allows that if they defeat the Garuda, then he and Bo can revisit the “Lauren situation.” Bo: “Oh, you know we will.” Hang on. Doesn’t anyone want to consult Doctor Lauren herself in the matter? Or is this Lachlan dealing one Fae to another about the status of a claimed human?

Lachlan tells Bo that ifrit usually stay on their own plane of existence, but Sadie’s been crossing back and forth for millennia, causing a lot of mischief and grief and Lachlan thinks it’s time she answered for it. “So you just want me to stroll onto a movie set and kidnap a celebrity?” Bo asks. Sure! Why not!? It’ll be just like the main floor at Comic Con! Or so I’m told…

But no, Lachlan wants Bo to catch Sadie unawares at the SwargaLounge where she’s been spotted every night this week. Bo’s all gung ho to go just as soon as he gives her the lamp. “Well, you’re going to have get that off Lambert,” The Ash says. Only Bo doesn’t know Lambert. “Ryan Lambert,” Lachlan explains, “the guy that I sent to your little birthday party?” Mr. Weapons of Mass Destruction Hotness? Yeah, think I remember him…

Bo rolls her eyes and grimaces; naturally it was Lachlan who sent her Mr. WMDH. “He’s the inventor type – he’s actually really good with his hands.” Yeah, I could tell that right off. “I was hoping you two would hit it off; he’s not very keen about parting with his creations,” Lachlan tells her. Bo is pissed to be the brunt of his manipulations – again. “You are such,” she begins, but Lachlan cuts her off. “I am the Naga,” he says with a quiet import that shuts Bo down. “With all of Faedom to save. I’m counting on you to be my champion.” But Bo isn’t quite ready to jump in front of a bullet for him just yet. “Baby steps,” she sneers, drinking again from her excellent coffee.

At The Dal (drink!), upstairs at the bar, Trick is pouring tea for Dyson as Hale sits next to him, cradling his own cup. Dyson rubs his forehead weary – Blood Moon trance hangover – and asks what Trick saw in his vision. “The Garuda,” Trick intones darkly and Hale looks up, intrigued. Bemused, Dyson says the Garuda died off a long time ago. “Not all of them,” Trick says. He explains how this Garuda fed off the Fae’s hatred and violence during The Great Fae War, “and we never knew it.” Hale reminds us all (again) that Trick ended the war, but the Blood King clarifies that he only managed to cut off the Garuda’s food supply by creating peace. “And like a starved dog, it’s meaner than ever…and it’s coming for me.” Dyson asks what the Garuda wants and Trick tells them the Garuda knows he was the Blood King and wants him to unwrite the laws so it can start another war. Dyson hotly silently broods and processes this new information.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo examines the gold bracelet she now knows Lachlan sent to her via this Ryan dude and studies the runic inscription on the inside. Puzzling her puzzler, she checks her phone, delighted to find a text from Kenzi, which she proceeds to read aloud for those of us following along at home. “’BoBolicious! AWHFY? Hell yes! Will call ASAFP. LYLAS. Kenzi. Ah, love ya like a sister too,” she murmurs to her absent bestie. As soon as she clicks free of the text, her phone rings. It’s Trick. Funny she was so concerned about him doing the blood trance, but not enough to have checked in on his welfare since. Also, doesn’t she think he’d like to know that she’s learned the identity of the Big Bad? Hmmm.

Trick immediately tells her that he knows what’s coming for them. “Yeah, so do I!” Bo chirps. “The Garuda.” Shocked, Trick asks how the (hell) she knows that. “Lachlan. But I can’t really talk about it right now because I’m kind of on a mission for him.” “Is this the same Lachlan you wanted to kill yesterday?” Trick asks, amused. “Well, a girl can change her mind, Trick,” Bo snarks. Trick agrees and asks that she come see him as soon as she can. Bo promises to do so.

Frowning, Trick hangs up his rotary dial phone – dude, embrace the new millennia already! Oh wait, I forgot you live in a lair. Carry on. Back at Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo contemplates the bracelet again then stalks off all Woman on a Mission. At the Dal (drink!), Dyson picks up on Trick’s not-so-subtle discomfort and asks what’s up. “I’m not sure,” the Blood King admits. “Lachlan’s been confiding in Bo. He’s bound up in all of this.” Dyson asks if Trick thinks Lachlan is on “our” side, so if there were any lingering question of where Dyson’s loyalty really lies, that should clear it up real quick. Trick admits that he doesn’t know, “and I don’t like not knowing.”

He inquires after Dyson himself. “Everything all right?” Dyson, miserable and quite unconvincing, says he’s fine. Trick with the raised eyebrows of skepticism: “You’re nursing tea.” Heh. Dyson toys with his teacup, then comes to a decision and takes a deep, steadying breath. “When we went to see the luduan, I had a moment alone with her and she forced me to speak a truth. I said ‘I can’t love (Perfect)Ciara,’” he confesses. “Not that I don’t,” he clarifies tightly, “that I can’t.” Wolf is getting pissed.

Trick leans forward, not unsympathetic. “I know this is difficult for you,” he empathizes, “but with the Garuda at our doorstep, we need you at your best. If you can’t love (Perfect)Ciara, then you have to move past her,” he advises carefully.

“I don’t want to move past her!” Dyson bursts out. “I had to move past Bo! And if there’s anyone else in this world that I should be able to love, it is (Perfect)Ciara.” He thinks it doesn’t make any sense. Trick says with sympathy that only Dyson knows what this all means. “No,” Dyson says, having a wee epiphany of his own. “There is another.” I kid you not, he actually says it exactly that way. Heh. Dyson puts down the tea, picks up his jacket, and heads off to find some answers. Freaking Norn!

Back in black leathers, Bo raises the door to an industrial elevator and, after a brief pause, struts into a loft. It has gadgets and gizmos a plenty; hoosits and whatsits galore. There might even be a thingamabob. She stalks past a red sports car and a workman’s desk, a several large flat screen TVs that dot the room, and other rich man’s lair trappings. At the far end of the lot, a mechanical arm slowly swings around as the camera slowly reveals Mr. WMDH, or Ryan as we shall now call him. Ryan is wearing goggles as he manipulates – hey, it’s Dummy! And Ryan is Fae Tony Stark! Duh. He swings around and takes a hand saw to some magical metalwork project as Bo sees him and approaches, calling out to him.

Ryan knows her in a glance. “That bracelet looks amazing on you,” he states definitively. Bo lies that she wears it all the time. “I love it!” She makes nice by telling him she wishes he could’ve stuck around the party longer. Ryan isn’t paying her any real attention, he’s too busy picking up Batman’s utility belt that he just finished making. He straps it on as Bo tells him someone should’ve called ahead for her about a lamp. 

Ryan pulls up his shirt and tells Bo to hold it. She gives him a measured look, which he calmly returns, and then does so with two fingers. Unperturbed, Ryan fastens on the utility belt while Bo looks to the side. “I want you to hit me,” he tells her. Oh, honey, I do not see that being a problem.

Bo: “Excuse me?” Ryan points to the belt. “This? Cutting-edge technology. It will protect me from impact. I won’t feel a thing,” he tells her smugly. Without hesitation, Bo punches him in the stomach. The belt doesn’t work, and with a dazed look, Ryan drops to the floor as Bo casually steps past him. Heeeee. Love it. I do notice, though, that his shirt stays up without her help (Velcro!) while the hand she had been using to hold the shirt instead rises up from a resting position to punch him. But then, I’m a picky viewer.

Ryan is quickly up and back on his feet. “Needs a few tweaks,” he tells Bo and she hums with strained disbelief. “I’ll fix it,” he adds, still grimacing from her punch. “So you’re here for a lamp?” he repeats. Bo confirms as he smiles weakly, lays the utility belt back on the desk, and walks past Bo grunting in pain. Heh. Bo is amused by him in spite of herself and follows him into a back room.

Ryan is chanting “lamps” to himself. He twirls a circular tchotchke and says that it’s only half finished then tweaks another and decides it has a spontaneous combustion problem. “What kind of ifrit did you say you were looking for?” he asks Bo. “The movie star type,” she sneers derisively. “Still that’s a long list,” Ryan mutters. “Ifrits love the spotlight.”

Bo asks if he knows of Sadie, Deadly Grace and Ryan perks up, “Lethal Grace?” Bo: “Yeah, whatever.” Ryan: “Femme fatale. Devious. Mercurial. Ahhh. Probably feeds on adoration.” He hurries down the shelf of “lamps” to a metal cabinet, pulls out a small music box in a clear glass container and tells Bo that it should do the trick. Heh. “That is not a lamp,” Bo objects, pointing out the obvious.

“You are not Aladdin,” he tells her and adds that the “whole lamp thing” is just a metaphor. “You know genies don’t actually go inside this, right?” he asks as Bo leans over his shoulder to look at the box. She shoots him a look – they don’t? – and Ryan explains that the “lamp” is more like a containment vessel. He looks over his shoulder and seeing that she’s not getting it, quickly assures her that it’s complicated. “Look, you do this…” he turns the crank and “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain When She Comes” plays out from the music box. “And presto! You’re evil ifrit is trapped.”

“Inside a music box?” Bo clarifies, heavy with the doubt. Ryan is aggravated. “It’s not a music box! It’s – you gotta think of it in a way that’s not three dimensional. Can you – ugh,” he finishes, seeing that she’s not following, frustrated by his genius galloping ahead of her like Sheldon Cooper pitying Penny for not following his explanation of Schrodinger’s Cat. “Bottom line,” he says on a frustrated exhale, “when you marry ancient science and modern Fae technology you get some pretty surprising and effectual results.”

Bo was done with this convo 10 minutes ago. “Great, thank you,” she snaps and grabs the box, but Ryan stops her. “So, you just come in here and you’re dressed – in your bracelet and you are trying to butter me up,” he says with a wide smile and without affront. “Didn’t even send me a thank you card, by the way, I was starting to feel used.” You wish. He takes the box and closed the metal cabinet doors.

“You said it was from an admirer,” Bo reminds him as he leads the way back into the main area of the loft. Ryan is not paying her a lot of attention, too busy examining the music box. He doesn’t even stop the cloth divider from slamming back into Bo’s face which amuses me and, I think, intrigues Bo. Here’s a man who is not ready to dive on top of her at their first meeting but happily gives tit for aggravated tat. “You didn’t even tell me who the hell you were!” Ryan: “Well, you’re supposed to be some kind of detective,” Ryan points out, grabbing a tool from his box in the process. “Just sayin’.” Heh.

As Ryan fiddles with the box, Bo demands to know whether or not he’s going to give her the lamp. Ryan tells her flatly that he doesn’t give anything to anybody, but he’ll sell it to her. “For The Ash’s errand girl, I’ll put it on The Ash’s tab.” “I am nobody’s errand girl,” Bo snarls. Ryan holds out the box with a smart ass smile. “Sure. Here ya go.” Bo glares at him, knowing she doesn’t have a foot to stand on here as she is there at Lachlan’s request, and snatches the box from his hand. “Careful!” he warns. “Sometimes it takes a little bit of finesse. I could give you a workshop, actually, over dinner?” Bo: “How ’bout over my dead body?” Ryan isn’t insulted, though. “Huh,” he murmurs contemplatively. “Hope not. That would be a waste of a fine body.”

Bo sidles up to him. “Well,” she murmurs seductively. “You certainly have started a fire.” Ryan is very pleased with himself over this. “Mmm Hmm. Down there,” he asks cagily, pointing his – ahem – tool towards Bo’s crotch with utter class. “Over there,” she says, tilting her head toward his workbench where smoke is beginning to billow. Ryan swears and scampers over to put out the flames while Bo examines the lamp with satisfaction and leaves.

Oh, I like him. I do.

At the Whatever Lounge, which I’m pleased to see looks like an actual place and not a reused set, everyone is fly and getting down as Bo enters the bar looking for Sadie. A beautiful blonde girl gives her an inviting smile, which Bo returns, handily if subtly reminding us that she is a succubus always in need of a feed. Bo’s phone rings; it’s Kenzi and we get another one-sided conversation meant to keep Kenzi present without actually being, you know, present. Bo disconnects when she sees Sadie talking to a man. How she knows what Sadie looks like is anyone’s guess. Maybe she did a marathon of Lethal Grace to prep. As she approaches Sadie, the man to whom she’s talking turns around and absolutely no one except Bo is surprised to find that it’s Ryan. “Bo!” he exclaims as she glares at him, all sullen. He waves his arm, beckoning her. “Get it over here, gorgeous!” he demands. Bo plasters on a fake smile and wades in.

With his arm around her, Ryan introduces Bo to Sadie. “She is an extra special client of mine,” he says, insinuating that their mixing business with pleasure on a regular basis. “I love your hair!” Sadie exclaims in that way women have that actually means it’s more gorgeous than mine and therefore we shall be enemies now and for always. “Where do you have it done?” she asks, neatly implying that it’s not real. Bo stumbles; she not used to this kind of fight. “Uh, my bathroom,” she answers honestly, playing with her hair. Sadie says she’ll have to send her stylist over to Bo’s bathroom then and finishes Bo off with a tight smile. “You’re so pretty,” she sneers politely. “What’s your story?” Sadie eyes Bo like a cobra sizing up the mouse. Bo, struggling to keep up, stutters that she does some freelance that Sadie wouldn’t be interested in, and Ryan finally steps in with the save. “Consulting,” he tells Sadie. “Bo is a consultant. High level. Hush-hush. International intrigue, that sort of thing.” As Ryan natters on, Sadie and Bo are slowing moving closer to one another. Going by her increasingly rapt expression, Bo is falling under Sadie’s reportedly potent allure.

“You’re so adorable,” Sadie says, touching Bo’s arm and pouring on the Djinn juice. Not like that! Bo is totally blissed out. Ryan possessively smacks his hand on top of Sadie’s, which is still on Bo’s arm, and laughs superficially. Sadie smiles at him, equally fake. “Careful,” Ryan murmurs into Bo’s ear and it jars her out of Sadie’s spell. She excuses herself from Sadie. Bo: “Hey, Ryan?” Ryan, cheerfully, “Hey, babe!” Heh. Bo offers to buy him a drink and they decamp from Sadie’s orbit to hover at the bar.

“How ’bout a pint of what-the-freaking-hell-are-you-doing-here?” Bo snaps at Ryan as she drags him away. Ryan: “I’m more of a bourbon man, actually.” The pretty bartender greets him by name, which Ryan returns with, “hey, sweetie!” the universal response of a man who cannot remember your name but knows he once had carnal knowledge of your person. Bartender wants to know if he’ll “be there” Saturday and Ryan swears he wouldn’t miss it then corrects that he can’t due to a lunch date in Buenos Aires. As Bo rolls her eyes and scoffs at this blatant posturing and location dropping, Bartender says she thought he wasn’t allowed back there. “No, you’re the one who’s not allowed back there, you minx,” Ryan teases Bartender, who giggles flirtatiously.  Turning to Bo, Ryan leads her into her drink order, but Bo only wants water, “and an explanation. Why are you here?” Ryan: “A man is not allowed to come to his favorite destination to have a drink and share a laugh?” Bo circles her face with a finger. “I’m not laughing,” she points out, annoyed. Ryan says he noticed and she’s a bit of a buzz kill actually.  Have to admit he has a small point there.

“You ran off without the User Guide,” he tells her, pulling a small card from his pocket. Slightly chagrined, Bo snatches the card as Ryan smoothly adds that he also never got her number and swats her ass friendly-like. Dude, you know where she lives. Phone numbers are superfluous. “You know this whole playing hard to get thing…?” Bo objects, “I’m not playing hard to get!” But she’s smiling because they both know different.

Bo examines the User Guide and grouses that she thought all she had to do was turn the crank. Ryan counters that he also said it takes finesse, and as that’s the second time he’s mentioned it, this will surely mean something soon. “Oh and there’s an incantation,” he adds as an afterthought. “Which is?!” Bo demands after a pause. Ryan promises to tell her if she’ll let him watch.

“I’ve never seen an ifrit get trapped!” he admits and for a moment resembles a little boy who gets to stay up past his bedtime. Bo zeroes in on the fact that Ryan doesn’t even know whether or not the lamp will work. “Well, the theory is sound. Should be a piece of cake!” As Bo makes noises of annoyance and frustration, Ryan jumps on the reasoning that she’s going to want him around just in case it doesn’t work.

“Fine.” Bo snits. “What is this incantation?” Ryan: “Abracadabra!” Bo looks like she isn’t quite sure whether or not to believe him anymore and only accepts his answer when he admits to being a sucker for tradition. Together they turn around, backs to the bar, to study Sadie as she works on a victim. Bo asks Ryan what he knows about her. Naturally, Ryan wonders if Bo is jealous, to which she barely manages to scoff a response. “I don’t know exactly what her powers are,” Ryan gives up, “it’s different for every ifrit.” He details a few transmogrification options that interest Bo, but can offer nothing concrete. He does offer that every Djinn can be controlled in one of two ways. “One, stick them in a lamp. Two, put your mark on her.” Bo immediately wants to know what kind of mark and Ryan again describes a couple of options, ending with mutilation. “OK, let’s just stick to the lamp!” Bo exclaims.

“What are you doing for breakfast?” Ryan non sequiturs. “Jet’s all gassed up, I know this great little café in Budapest. What are you doing for breakfast?” You and I remember Budapest very differently. Bo laughs at him. “Oh, wow. Are you actually trying to pick me up with a private jet because boy did you misread me.” Ryan: “Bo, come on! Every woman, no matter how independent, secretly wants to be taken care of, right?” Bo: “And every guy secretly wants a boot to the face.” “Yeah,” Ryan says, heavy with the duh.

At the FreakingNorn!’s cottage, the Fae herself hobbles her way through the main room. She cackles as she spies Dyson waiting for her. “Back to offer up another sacrifice so soon?” she chortles. “But you have nothing left that I want.” Ooh, harsh lady. She turns to stroke her tree and I’m so amazingly glad to add that’s not a euphemism. “What foolish deal do you wish to make today?”

Dyson in Midnight LampIn a low, furious voice, Dyson demands that she not speak to him of deals. “You took more than you claimed you would!” he accuses. “He who has the manhood to accuse a norn of treachery may soon find himself with…no…manhood…at all,” she threatens.

Apologize, Dyson! Apologize to the FreakingNorn! Right now!! Quickly!

Turning to face him, she eases back on the rhetoric and cackles again. “How did I wrong you, pup?” she asks, indulging him for the moment. “Hmm?” Dyson, still seriously pissed, “You said you were taking my love of Bo. You overreached. You took my love of (Perfect)Ciara as well.”

“I took exactly what I said, no more, no less,” the FreakingNorn! refutes. “Speak plainly, crone,” Dyson demands, sidling closer, the better to lunge at you my dear. The FreakingNorn! sighs heavily. Children. “You know well that when a wolf mates, he mates for life,” she patronizes. Dyson’s subtext is all wary yeah, and? “When you gave your love to this woman, this Bo, you gave her all of it, which you then sacrificed to me. You – have – no – love – left to give!” she states definitively. Dyson is shocked by how it all makes horrible sense. He snarls and growls at the FreakingNorn! but leaves because what else is there to do? The FreakingNorn! cackles with delight as he exits, but once he’s gone her smile fades. She rolls her eyes at her tree and grimaces.

Back at the Whatever Lounge, Bo watches Sadie lead one of her adoring humans out of the bar and follows. Ryan, ordering a refill, misses her departure until it’s nearly too late, calling out “Bo, wait!”, but Bo is already upstairs hot on Sadie’s heels. Ryan is in swift pursuit and calls for her to wait up, but Bo doesn’t, bursting into a VIP area where the tasty human is now passed out, drained. Bo hovers over her, checking her pulse, and I think she almost tries to feed chi back into the girl. Ryan crouches down next to her. “Ooh. Deadly.” He might as well have said, “Dude, that’s harsh.” Bo is pissed, “this girl needs a doctor!” she snaps at him. “Nothing any doctor can do for her now,” Ryan muses without sympathy as he glances around for the missing Sadie. “And what? Sadie just teleported away?” Bo snarks. “No. We still don’t know what her skill is,” he reminds Bo in a whisper. She may yet be here. The two slowly stand, suddenly wary.

Deliberately over loud, Bo tells him that she was really hoping to spend some more time with Sadie. “You know, she just seems so fascinating,” Bo continues as they look around for the ifrit. “Why are you following me?” Sadie demands as she comes out from hiding at the mere hint of additional adoration.

Bo approaches her cautiously. “Sorry,” she apologizes in advance and takes the music box out of her pocket. Sadie raises a brow, unimpressed as Bo says Abracadabra and turns the crank. Nothing happens. “No, the words have to come with the music,” Ryan corrects her hastily. “Well, you didn’t say that,” Bo snaps still turning the crank without taking her eyes from Sadie. “I thought it was obvious,” Ryan shoots back sotto voce.

“Abracadabra,” Bo says again, getting nervous. Ryan: “No, you gotta start over again.” Bo, still cranking, “What?” Ryan reaches for the box, “just give it to me,” but Bo won’t give it up, “no!” and the two bicker and briefly wrestle over it like children until, predictably, it drops and breaks. Uh oh. You just wait until Daddy Ash gets home!

Sadie looks at them askance – that’s it?! – while Bo gapes at her – oh shit! – and Ryan tries to charm his way out with a smile as he needles Bo out of the side of his grin, “no finesse whatsoever.” Heh. As they watch, Sadie’s skin begins to glow orange, like a bad Ban de Soleil advert before she shimmers from view and the camera zeroes in on the broken music box lamp.

Bo and Ryan stand at the far end of a long, mirrored corridor that looks like a theatre. Sade comes into view in the foreground. “What is this?!” she demands. “You dickthickheads stuck me in a lamp?!” She whirls around and shoots a fireball down the hall which zings between Bo and Ryan as they dodge is separate directions. “Whoa,” Bo gasps. “Hot!” She tries to reason with Sadie and calm her down as Ryan glances around their new environs, unconcerned. “Why don’t we just talk this through and then we can sit around and toast marshmallows?” But Sadie’s not having any. “No talk. Both burn.”

She sends another fireball down the hall. Bo dodges again, but Ryan merely turns away, pointing a finger down the next corridor, totally in his own world. “Uh, Ryan?” Bo calls as he strides over to the wall. “There’s a trigger for a sliding wall right here,” he says, poking at the wall. Nothing happens and Bo dodges another fireball. Ryan frowns and pounds on the wall. “Use the bracelet,” he tells Bo who “whats?!” in return. “Use the bracelet!” he orders again, pounding over and over at the nonresponsive trigger. Sadie shoots another fireball, but this time Bo holds up her wrist and deflects it with Lachlan’s Ryan-made birthday present. Won - der Wo - man! It would so make sense if Bo was Diana’s daughter! Oh, man, I wanted to be Wonder Woman so badly when I was a kid that after the show aired one Friday night, I jumped off my sister’s canopy bed a la the wonder of a woman herself…and dislocated my elbow.

Anyways, back in the lamp, Ryan is grousing while Bo, Princess of Themyscira deflects fireballs with her bracelet. “Wasn’t that worth a thank you card?” Ryan complains without looking around. Annoyed, Sadie begins to advance, still firing. “Hold her off,” he tells Bo. “Whatever you’re doing,” Bo replies while repelling another fireball, “could you hurry it up?!” Ryan: “You’re doing great out there. Just give me three more seconds.” Bo: “Ah, those are three very long seconds! A little help here!” Ryan grimaces at the wall and presses against it with both hands. “Will you hurry up?!” Bo demands, just as a wall slides out between her and Sadie, seconds before Sadie reaches her.

Bo and Ryan rush up a set up stairs, Bo complaining that there are a lot of them. “I’m sensing a theme.” Ryan admits that it’s a bit of a maze. “Helps keep the prisoners from getting the lay of the land. Argh!” he exclaims and slams his hands into another wall. He tells Bo that the driver is behind the wall, but the wall is supposed to be a door.

Ryan tries to remember what he was doing when he built the maze and remembers he was sampling single malts trying to decide on which distillery to buy. He bangs his head on the wall while Bo rolls her eyes and catches her breath. She looks at him with annoyed expectation. “Well, there’s a maintenance hatch in every single one of these rooms, I’ll find it,” he promises.

“What kind of Fae did you say you were again?” Bo finally thinks to ask and Ryan reminds her that he didn’t. “I’m a Loki,” he admits, leading the way off down the hall. You’ve been Loki’d!!! Bo: As in the Norse god of mischief, Loki?” But Ryan corrects her. “Not the Loki, a loki. There’s a great big family of us.” He pauses in front of a door and starts to fruitlessly push on the seam to open it. “And the whole god thing, that was just PR back in the day. You know humans they are very, very gullible.” Bo: “And what about the whole mischief thing?” Ryan: “Oh, that part’s true.” Bo gives him another oh please look then reaches down, turns the doorknob, and opens the door.

The camera angle shifts to shoot outward from inside the room, which is filled with churning gears. Amusingly, Ryan takes a beat and bemusedly points toward the doorknob.There’s a doorknob? Huh. Bo: “Gears?! This thing runs on gears?!” Ryan is very pleased with himself. “It’s amazing, isn’t it?” he preens. “God, I love being me!” We can tell, sweetie. Bo’s entire expression is the weary realization that she’s dealing with a twelve-year-old boy.

Ryan plunges into the gear room and start twiddling with things. “What about you?” he says. “A succubus? Come on! How great is that?!” He takes out tool – as opposed to being one – and starts to tinker. Bo whinges that it’s actually not always all that fun but Ryan cuts her off. “Don’t spoil my fantasies, please. I mean feeding on sexual energy? That is a diet that I can get behind.” Behind him, Bo fidgets in the doorway, increasingly annoyed and not accustomed to it.

He pauses with an idea. “How does it work when you pleasure yourself?” Oh, so many enquiring minds what to know! Though not mine, actually. “Ah, buddy? We have not known each other long enough for this conversation,” Bo snaps. But Ryan, the mechanical genius who loves to know how things work, is serious. “When you get hungry, you feed on sex and sometimes you get hungry but you’re all alone.” Actually, when he lays it out like that, now my enquiring mind does want to know. “Can you satisfy yourself?” Bo scoffs but doesn’t deign to answer him. “Come on,” Ryan cajoles, still tinkering. “When am I ever gonna meet another succubus?”

Bo studies him a moment and realizes his goal here isn’t merely prurient. Also, here is a rare chance to talk to someone about being a succubus, someone to whom she has absolutely no emotional connection or investment and to whom she can just be honest. She steps into the room and speaks directly into his ear. “Actually,” she admits, “it makes me even hungrier.” Ryan grins and nods. “I can give you something for that.” Is it an app? I bet there’s an app for that.

There’s a spark – no, a real spark, yeesh – and the gears make a loud, grinding noise. Bo asks if he just found them a way out. “No, but I did turn the outer shell into a wireless relay,” Ryan answers. Bo doesn’t hesitate to pull out her mobile. “Which means I can respond to the 500 texts my roommate has sent me.” Honey, Kenzi has a long way to go before she even gets close to the amount my mother can churn out in a day. But I digress. “Or,” Ryan suggests. “Who do you have on speed dial?” Bo is all oh yeah, that too. She scurries away and down the hall to what? Get a better signal? You got the Fae Tony Stark right beside you already!

At the Dal (drink!), Dyson’s cell phone rings and I sit back, put my hands behind my head, and grin the smuggest grin I got. Who ya gonna call?! Team Badass! “Dyson!” Bo says when he picks up. “I’m trapped in a magic lamp that’s not a lamp!” Dyson brow furrows. “What?!” Bo: “It looks like a music box – just go with it, it’s a metaphor.” Snort. She tells him the last time she saw it was in a private room at the Whatever Lounge. “Bo, what the hell’s going on?!” he asks, concerned. “It’s a long story,” she tells him speaking even more quickly. Just beyond her shoulder, at the top of the stairs, a figure comes into view. “Just get me out and I will share it with you over many, many beers.” Back in the gear room, the gears spark again, burning Ryan’s hand and Bo’s mobile sparks in sympathy, singeing her hand so she drops it and presumably likewise drops the call. Just can’t get a strong signal in the theatre.

Dyson calls her name into the phone fruitlessly and Trick asks if there’s a problem. It’s Bo, Trick. Of course there’s a problem. “Sounds like,” Dyson snits as he goes after her.

“Sorry,” Ryan calls down the hall. “No surge protection.” Sadie decides to make her presence known and calls “hey” down the staircase. Ryan immediately exits the gear room and holds his hand out to Bo all come with me if you want to live. “Come,” he says (heh) and Bo picks up the mobile and follows him into the elevator. “Going down?” he jokes weakly. “Whatever,” Bo grits. “Up it is,” Ryan agrees all amiable.

They exit onto what Ryan tells her is the top floor, which greatly resembles a Moroccan monastery with off white walls and blue stencils. “The attic?!” Bo objects. “Don’t be so literal, it’s a Turkish bath, spa sorta thing.”

He leads the way down the hallway, looking around for the exit. “Well, were you sober when you designed this part?!” Bo asks tightly. Ryan starts to shrug it off in the affirmative until he notices the elevator is being absorbed back into the wall. “Ah, I guess not.” Bo is less than happy. “What do we do now?!” she yells at him. “Well, try not to use too much oxygen because there’s not a lot of ventilation in here,” he advises quietly. She gives him a look – are you freaking kidding me? “I’ll – fix this,” he promises quickly moving off to do so. He pulls open a pair of lattice doors to reveal more gears, only these ones are steaming. “Fixing this!” he says to Bo over his shoulder.

Dyson lopes through the Whatever Lounge’s private room and finds the music box. Lifting it, he carefully snaps the plastic box back into place around the mechanism. Mercy, but his fingers are long. Musician fingers. Hmmm.

Back in the Moroccan Getaway, Ryan burns himself on a gear while Bo strips off her jacket to relieve the heat. “I thought you were supposed to be good at this stuff,” she gripes without sympathy as he sucks on his fingers and flaps his hand. Ryan says he is good and how does he know this for sure? “Because I built a trap that even I can’t get out of.” Bo: “Oh, that’s so comforting!”

Having enough of the succubus whining, Ryan asks what the hell her problem is. “We’re on a genie hunt here. Aren’t you having any fun?” Bo snaps that this isn’t some adventure. “All of Faedom depends on me,” she says with no little sense of self-importance. “Really?” Ryan scoffs with a laugh. “Wow. I mean, someone takes herself a little seriously.” Bo grimaces and admits reluctantly that it might be a little bit true. “The Ash is wearing off on me,” which leads Ryan to ask what the deal is between Lachlan and Bo anyways? Bo: “He kinda sorta wants me to be his champion. That’s the word he keeps using. I think it sounds more like being owned by him!” she bitches, and we all know how Bo feels about being owned.

Ryan takes a break and a seat. “Well, it makes sense that he wants you,” he allows. “You’re awesome,” he adds as though it’s obvious. It is. Surprised, Bo looks at him over her shoulder. “Thanks,” she offers seriously if a little wary.

“No really,” he continues. “You don’t want to be owned, and that’s what’s amazing about you. When you go out trying to save the world, you’re not doing it for the Light or the Dark; you’re doing it for you. When you put your ass at risk, it’s not because you’re someone’s puppet, you do it because it’s your ass to risk. Guess I’d ride to hell and back to support that.” Bo smiles at him genuinely. “Plus, I just really hate being bored,” he adds truthfully. Bo expression turns to and you’re back to being an asshole.

“I’m a total idiot,” Ryan says to himself and leaps back up to rush to the gears, epiphany achieved. “I was pulling the wrong gear!” he tells Bo, and as he pulls the right one, the elevator door rematerializes in the far wall. Pleased with himself, Ryan holds his hand out in display. “I give you our exit strategy,” he tells Bo and leads the way back to the lift. The doors open as they approach causing Ryan to hesitate. He motions to Bo to wait and, curious, carefully approaches the elevator. But the car isn’t there; the long shaft stretches all the way down to the ground floor. As Ryan puzzles on it, Sadie suddenly appears directly behind him and pushes him in. As Bo watches horrified, helpless, Ryan plunges down the shaft, presumably dead. Nah. “There’s your exit strategy, darling,” Sadie snarks after him. Turning around she confronts Bo. “And now it’s your turn.”

“Nicely done!” Bo shouts at her. “Our only chance at escape just got the shaft.” I supposed it had to be said at some point. Sadie: “Don’t you know your stories?” Sadie sneers as she advances, backing Bo into the Moroccan Getaway. “There’s always some chump coming along to rub a magic lamp and make a bad deal with a genie.” Bo tells her they’re stuck there now, but Sadie won’t accept that, claiming she needs to be out in the world to be adored by humans. “How will I feed?” Bo: “That’s a good question! You just killed the guy who built this!”

Sadie fumes – no I mean literally. She begins to glow and does her Ban de Soleil imitation. “Screw you and screw this lamp…. I’ll burn so hot, I’ll destroy everything.” Bo objects vehemently but rather than bring up the pesky “limited amount of oxygen,” thing, she says that this is finally her chance to spend time with Sadie.

Sadie powers down, intrigued. “Are you a fan?” she asks, delighted. Bo: “Oh, I am your number one fan. I love you.” She goes on to pander to Sadie who preens for a moment, then frowns and says she’s not feeling it. “Must have something to do with that,” she decides with a pointed look at Ryan’s Wonder Woman bracelet. Slowly, Bo removes the bracelet. “Better,” Sadie croons. “Now tell me, what’s your favorite thing that I’ve done?” Here Bo falters as she’s never seen any of Sadie’s work. Whoops.

At the Dal (drink!), Trick attempts to repair the music box while Dyson and Hale watch. “This really is a prison lamp,” he admires. Taking a small tuning fork, the taps it to chime but when he holds it on the music box, it makes a sound like a broken slot machine. “And it’s broken.” He tells the boys that if Bo is trapped inside the lamp, “You’ll free her,” Dyson finishes for him, intently.  Trick shoots him an incredulous look. “It would require an alchemist’s skill to fix this.” Dyson stands and needlessly points out that the ifrit is powerful and now trapped. “If we can contact her, we can control her.”

“Not while the lamp’s broken!” Trick denies. “Then what the hell do we do, Trick?!” Dyson demands desperate. Hale steps forward to calm them down. “Y’all know I’ve got perfect pitch, right?” he reminds them. He picks of the box and strokes the strings so the broken melody plays. Listening intently, Hale nods confidently. “Yeah, I know this song.” Who doesn’t? He lays some dulcet tones on the music box.

Back in the Moroccan Getaway, Bo is breathless telling Sadie about her favorite moments in her film. “I cried so hard when you died at the end. And when you came back to life, I cried even harder,” she adds flatly. The snark is lost on the ifrit. Swaying in place, Bo tries to shake off Sadie’s power. Sadie sidles over from her resting alcove and muses that Bo should’ve seen her in her theatre days. “Sophocles wrote the part of Jocasta for me,” she brags. Bo glances around the Moroccan Getaway as though hearing a different tune on the wind and wondering who the hell Jocasta is no doubt.

At the Dal (drink!), Hale whistles at the music box. Slowly, an image of Bo shimmers into view. “Bo?!” Dyson calls to her. “What’s going on in there?!” Bo: “Dyson?! I’m trapped.  I’m trying to keep an ifrit from going supernova.” Stepping forward, Trick asks where the ifrit is now. “Oh, she’s here,” Bo moans. “And she is so wonderful.”

In the Moroccan Getaway, Sadie is gorging on Bo’s adoration. “You like me,” she says, basking. “You really like me!” She steps down to be on equal level as, with a big smile, Bo chuckles weakly and nods. Ruh roh. Sadie is balls out feeds off Bo who now sports the full on Ban de Soleil glow.

At the Dal (drink!), Trick frowns at Bo’s image as it waffles under Sadie’s power. “I’m letting her feed off me,” Bo tells the boys, “to try and keep her happy, but it hurts, Trick, it hurts,” and her voice breaks like a little girl asking her daddy to make it all better. “How do I fight her?” Tricks tells her Sadie must do the bidding of the one who controls the lamp. “Bo doesn’t control the lamp,” Dyson points out, seriously concerned. “Neither do we,” Hale adds, still examining the music box.

But the round table has sparked an idea in Bo and she tells them there’s another way. “How do I put my mark on her?” Trick says through branding, scarring, or tattoos, “but the mark has to be personal, it has to be charmed!” Bo says she has an idea but they have to get her back inside and Trick quickly orders Hale to siren the tune backwards, which might be the first time I’ve used that word as a verb. Hale does so as Dyson looks on ever watchful and worried, and Bo shimmers back out of view.

In the Moroccan Getaway, Bo comes back to herself, blinks, and promptly hits Sadie in the face with a right cross. HA! My closed-captions say WHACK when Bo hits Sadie. Maybe it really *is* an episode of Wonder Woman after all! Bo immediately apologies telling Sadie she didn’t mean it. “It’s just being with you is so overwhelming.” Sadie smiles smugly. “I get that a lot.” Bo tells Sadie that one kiss would really make all her dreams come true and I have to wonder how many times a fan has said something along similar lines to Anna Silk. “How could I refuse such a fan?” Sadie smarms. Lady, you are not too bright, are you?

She offers her neck to Bo – odd choice – and Bo leans in to kiss it. Suddenly, there’s sound from the empty elevator shaft (heh) as Ryan climbs up into view. Holy Resurrection, Batman! Sadie frowns as Bo continues to suck on her neck and flinches when Bo bites her. “Who’s your daddy, bitch? Huh?!” Bo says triumphant. “No way!” Sadie whispers. “Oh yeah. I’m afraid so. You got something you wanna say to me?” Bo says, all sassy and victorious. “Your wish is my command, mistress,” Sadie grumbles. Bo grins. “A girl could get used to the sound of that.”

Sadie tells Bo that her mark will fade eventually and then they’ll see who’s laughing. “We’ll be laughing,” Ryan promises, making his presence known, “from the outside of this lamp.” Bo gapes at him, “I thought you were dead!” Chuckling and out of breath, Ryan lifts up his shirt to reveal the utility belt. “Toldja I’d fix it.” He tells Bo now that she’s got the genie under control, “nice work by the way,” they can use her and he directs Bo to command Sadie to burn as hot as she can and the whole place will go boom. “That sounds painful,” Bo scoffs. “Might be,” Ryan admits, or they might be released unharmed. “50/50,” he shrugs. Bo does not like these odds. “You’d rather stay here? With me?” Ryan asks. Bo doesn’t hesitate. “Burn it,” she orders Sadie. “Burn it all.”

At the Dal (drink!), the music box begins to glow in Hale’s hand and he carefully sets it aside. As the boys watch, the box glows brighter and hotter until it explodes. Ryan, Sadie, and Bo shimmer into place behind the boys. “Bo!” Trick calls out. “I’m right here,” she answers, stepping forward with a beautiful smile for Trick, Hale, and finally Dyson in turn with whom she has one of those long, silent, charged conversations. For his part, Dyson’s entire body relaxes the moment he sees her.

“This is a nice crib,” Ryan murmurs into Bo’s ear. “Could use a little color though,” he adds. Bo swats him in the chest without looking and Ryan clears his throat. She thanks the boys for saving her ass – again – while Ryan cases The Dal, and promises she’ll give Trick the whole debrief later. She starts to stalk off, pauses right in front of Dyson, turns back and grabbing Ryan’s arm, drags him in her wake. Sadie gives Hale, Trick, and Dyson her own assessing look – I think she’s sizing up their potential as food source – then with a disgruntled frown, follows her mistress. The boys look after the three as they exit. “Was that Lethal Grace?” Hale asks a little stunned. Hilariously, Trick and Dyson simultaneous give him A Look.

In the throne room of The Ash’s compound, Lachlan is complaining. “There’s supposed to be a lamp in this equation,” Lachlan grouses. “I don’t set foot in a lamp for less than a million dollars,” Sadie tells him. “Here’s the deal,” Bo declares, finally losing patience with everyone’s shit. “You get the info that you need from her and then she goes free.” Lachlan warns that Sadie is dangerous and Bo says she’ll command the ifrit to go back to her own plane where she’ll never hurt anyone else again. “And you’ll never get your hands on her.”

He reminds her that there’s a battle coming. “And that battle is only worth winning if we keep being the good guys,” she lectures him. “We don’t take slaves,” she says more quietly.

“So you’ve decided to be my champion,” Lachlan clarifies, but Bo denies it. “I’ve gone this long without playing by anyone’s rules and I’m not going to start now.” Lachlan wonders if perhaps he didn’t clearly articulate what’s coming after them. “No, I get it,” Bo says. “And I will face it with you. As your partner.” Lachlan shifts in place; this is an unexpected twist and he is not accustomed to sharing power. “Hey, it’s my mark on her,” Bo points out, and Sadie helpfully lifts her hair to show off Bo’s hickey. Lachlan contemplates Bo. “Partners,” he agrees.

At Tony Stark’s playroom, Ryan has his feet on the desk, cold beer at his side as he studies his utility belt Bo arrives, metal briefcase in hand. Hang on. We have Tony Stark and Loki personified in Ryan, a Wonder Woman shout out with Bo’s bracelets and Batman’s utility belt. It’s a Marvel/DC mash up on Lost Girl!

“If I’d known engineering paid so well, I never would’ve dropped math,” Bo teases, setting the case down on the floor. He thanks her for it and she is quick to clarify that The Ash sends his thanks, not her. Ryan isn’t buying it. He wonders if Lachlan was able to get what he wanted from Sadie and Bo admits she doesn’t know, “I didn’t ask and he didn’t say,” but she hopes so after what they went through to get her. Ryan chuckles in commiseration.

Slowly, Bo admits that she had a good time. “It was weird, but fun.”  Ryan: “From where I was standing that was the best night that I have had in a decade. Thank you,” he adds, sincerely, and Bo smiles. Ryan offers to take her out now and show her a good time. Though she chuckles appreciatively and it’s clear she wants to go, Bo declines. “I’ve just come through some pretty complicated emotional stuff.” Wow. Way to downplay one and a half seasons there, Bo.

“For the record,” Ryan responds, standing up and moving toward her. “You are the most enthralling, inspiring, and seriously ass-kicking person that I have ever met.” WE KNOW! “And I would be happy to make sure you knew that every second that I was in your company. If you ever invite me into your company again, that is.”  Bo is more than a little stunned. “Wow,” but Ryan isn’t finished. “Also, I don’t come with any baggage. And I’m not really interested in yours. So, clean slate?” Oh, so tempting. Bo admits that all this honesty and forthright attitude is refreshing.

Ryan concludes that if he hears from her again, or if he doesn’t, her choice, either way he’ll be thinking about Bo. He says goodbye and offers his hand…and Bo jumps him. She rips his shirt off and they totally go for it on his desk, knocking over the utility belt and again, my closed captions say CRASH. Heeee. “Sorry,” Bo says, sheepish. “I’ll fix it,” Ryan assures her, and dives back into her mouth.

I’m actually OK with the two of them. First because I’m a sucka for a smartass with cheek, blue eyes and dark hair. But more because Bo needs this, she needs someone she can just have fun with and not have to worry about emotional angst or secret girlfriends or anything of the like. She deserves the chance to enjoy her power with a guy with whom she has absolutely no investment and who is only interested in giving her a good time.

Speaking of baggage, back at The Dal (drink!), Dyson and Hale are at the bar with Trick. Dyson wearily rubs his face, no doubt thinking about the massive shit storm he stumbled into before Bo’s problem momentarily distracted him. In wanders PerfectCiara herself. Oh, here we go.

“Dyson,” she calls and the heads of all three guys pop up. “Thought I’d find you here.” You didn’t start at The Dal (drink!)? Not like there are so many places to check. Personally, I would’ve camped out in front of his door and then kicked his ass through it when he finally came home. “Where have you been? Why haven’t you returned my calls?”

Oh no, Dyson. You didn’t just drop off the grid and dodge her?! Because running away from your girlfriend to lick your wounds work so well the last time?! That is seriously bad form. Also, guess this means they’re not officially living together yet because otherwise all she’d have to do is roll over to find him. Dyson joins her while Trick and Hale look away. The lady really likes to air her dirty laundry in front of a crowd.

Knowing he’s majorly in the wrong, Dyson apologizes with the lame excuse that he meant to call her but it’s been so crazy. “Things always are with you,” PerfectCiara observes tightly. Behind them, Hale and Trick’s heads slowly turn at the same time so they can watch without looking like they’re watching. Watch casual! “What’s going on, Dyson? Talk to me!” PerfectCiara implores. Dyson says not here and tries to lead her away, but she won’t budge, much like in Original Skin. “Say whatever it is you need to say right here right now! Or I’ll fly to Zurich and I’ll stay there and you’ll never get the chance!” Lemme drive you to the airport there, sweetie.

Dyson pauses, and then plunges forth into the second hardest conversation he’s had to have with a woman. “I learned, today, that there’s something broken inside of me,” he confesses, “something that can’t be fixed.” There is absolutely no background music playing at all, just dialogue and angst. He tells her he went to see a Norn. PerfectCiara is aghast and a little relieved. “I know about The Norn. I heard the rumors and I don’t blame you for Stefan’s death! I’m glad you didn’t deal with The Norn; no one ever should!”

Wait, OK, there were rumors? What were the rumors? Of course she shouldn’t blame him for Stefan’s death. You married the man responsible for Stefan’s death and stayed with him for centuries! Shut. Up. Lady.

Dyson is frustrated that this conversation has already gone awry. “I did – deal with her!” he says, cutting her off, “just not then. It was recently.” The plinking piano of broken hearts starts to play. “To save Bo’s life.” There’s this weird calm that comes over Dyson as he says this, as he remembers the reason he traded with The Norn in the first place and that, even now, he doesn’t regret it. PerfectCiara wants to know what The Norn took. “I offered her my wolf,” Dyson admits with that same certainty. “She took my love instead.”

Unfortunately, PerfectCiara is beginning to get it. “No,” she says, and again, and again. Dyson is not immune to her obvious distress. “I did what I had to do,” he says. “I’m sorry.” PerfectCiara stumbles still over the information. “Everyone knew,” she asks, looking over at Hale and Trick who are desperately trying to disappear into the woodwork as Hale shakes his head silently to tell Trick he didn’t know either. “Tri-Trick? Hale?” she stutters with embarrassment. Oh, now you’re embarrassed to have an audience?! Dyson insists that he’s the only one who “wears this.”

“(Perfect)Ciara I can’t – I can’t love you,” Dyson whispers painfully. “But I swear, if I could, I would.” But PerfectCiara isn’t interested in hearing what ifs. She’s beginning to process what he’s telling her and the mad is building. “You couldn’t give up your wolf to save your best friend, my husband, who you knew for a hundred years. But you were willing to give up your wolf for this woman you’ve known for a few months?! You were willing to give up everything for her?!”

You need to step right off there, lady. You just told him you didn’t blame him for Stefan, that giving up his wolf for his friend was madness, but now that you know there was someone he loved even more that he didn’t hesitate to make such a sacrifice for, now you’re going to backtrack and slap at him for Stefan? I don’t think so. Have we already forgotten again that you married the man who actually did send your husband to his death and stayed married to him for hundreds of years? Shuddup PerfectCiara.

Dyson, quiet and firm and sure, “Yes.” And PerfectCiara knows it’s true.

“You should have told me right from the start. And you know it.” Now here she is absolutely right. I get why he didn’t and true, at the time, he didn’t know how great a sacrifice he’d made, but she should’ve known the depth of his love for Bo before they got involved, whether he’d (temporarily) lost it or not. “You not the man I thought you were,” she adds as a parting shot. That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you for three months!

She tries to leave, but Dyson stops her and pleads with her. Let her go, wolf boy. PerfectCiara is done. “Don’t,” she tells him. “Just don’t.” Exeunt PerfectCiara. FINALLY. Dyson stares after her and growls. Norn hunt!

At Tony Stark’s Playroom, Bo finishes with Ryan and collapses next to him in the bed. “Oh my God,” Ryan pants, rubbing his face. “Wow,” Bo says. “Wow, wow, wow! That was – um –” Ryan: “Uh huh.” Bo: “Holy cow!” They debrief. Ryan: “The thing you did with the sucking…” Bo smiles, “Yeah!” Ryan: “And the blowing!” Heeee. Bo chortles. “And it is true, you are very good with your hands!” she says with gratitude. “You know, inhibitions, they get in the way,” Ryan observes.

They lay there catching their breaths for a minute. “Wait,” Ryan says, pining on something. “Have you ever been with one of us? Am I your first?” Bo giggles, but doesn’t understand. “First what?” Ryan realizes that she doesn’t know. “What?!” Bo demands, beginning to worry, or she would be beginning to worry if he hadn’t just thoroughly banged her brains out.

“I’m Dark Fae,” Ryan confesses, amused. Horrified, Bo sits up in the bed. “WHAT?!”

“I’m Dark Fae,” he says again, even as Bo tries to deny it. “I assumed because you were working with The Ash…” Bo begins. “I work with a lot of people that I shouldn’t,” Ryan admits as he puts a comforting arm around her. “That’s why we’re good together. I’m like you. There are no rules.”

Bo snarks that it’s just perfect and Ryan shrugs that he thought she was unaligned. “I am!” Bo asserts.  “So what’s the problem?” Ryan asks, “You think all Dark Fae are bad; all Light Fae are good, is that it?” Bo shakes her head. “No, it’s just the Dark have not exactly been my BFFs.” Ryan: “Well, I’m not defined by my clan.” They exchange glances and Ryan tells her that there are no rules here, no strings attached. “You wanna walk? Go ahead.”

Bo looks at him. Slowly, her expression turning wicked, she climbs back on top of him. “Well, with the way my legs are shaking, I don’t think I could walk right now.” Ryan grins up at her and Bo’s eyes go succubus blue. “No rules,” she repeats and dives into him.

End Credits.

Lost Girl season 2 episode 14New Fae Folk:

Loki: dark Fae, loki like to cause mischief, though it’s unclear if they feed off the resulting chaos or just do it because it’s in their nature. In Norse mythology, Loki, the adopted son of the god Odin AllFather, is a shape shifter who reveals in causing mischief and set himself up amongst earthlings as god.

Origin: Norway/Norse mythology

Ifrit: A species of Djinn or genie, much like succubae feed on other’s sexual chi, ifrit feed off their adoration, particularly of humans. Ifrit are malevolent and powerful but they also possess great wisdom. Their specific power, however is individual and can range from the ability to change into an animal to throwing fire. Ifrit can be controlled either by trapping them in a magic lamp or by branding them with a personal, charmed mark.

Origin: Arabic

Quotes of the Night

Ryan: I can give you a workshop actually over dinner Bo: How ‘bout ‘over my dead body’? Ryan: Hope not. That would be a waste of a fine body.

Bo: How ‘bout a pint of what-the-freaking-hell-are-you-doing-here?

Ryan: Every woman, no matter how independent, secretly wants to be taken care of Bo: And every guy secretly wants a boot to the face.

Ryan: I built a trap that even I can’t get out of! Bo: Oh, that’s so comforting!

Bo to Sadie: Nicely done! Our only chance at escape just got the shaft.

Bo to Sadie: Who’s your daddy, bitch?

Ryan: The thing you did with the sucking…and the blowing!” Bo: It is true, you are very good with your hands!”

Next Week: Table for Fae recapped for you by the fantastic Chelsea Mueller, who is pinch-hitting for me as I go to the Romance Writers of America national conference in Anaheim, CA. I will back with you loverlie people for the following episode, School’s Out, when Kenzi goes back to high school, Bo pretends to be a chemistry teacher (not like that!), and Dyson goes undercover as a guidance counselor…and you know how I’d like him to guide me pretty much anywhere. Till then, be safe, remain fabulous, and stay lost in Lost Girl.


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Suzanne Metaxas
1. SuzyM
Great recap! I'm going to miss you next Friday :( Enjoy your confrence!

I love this episode mainly because Ciara is gone! I'm torn about Ryan. I'm glad Bo has a play thing but I'm not thrilled she's not out Norn hunting trying to get Dyson back! I truly can't understand the writers not going for this thread. If Bo loved him so much how come she is accepting what the Norn did to him as final? I would be looking for a way to get his love back! At least asking Trick how to do it! She seems resigned to it having happened and that is so out of character for her, at least IMHO.
2. Trixxxie
I can definitely say I enjoyed your recap more than the episode itself. I haven't been enjoying the show. It is all over the place and Kenzi not being there (what were they thinking?) made it a lot worse. It didn't help that though I liked Ryan, there is no reason to invest because it's obvious it is not going anyhwere. Why bother?

SuzyM I don't think it's out of character. Bo tried to fight for them in the first few episodes of the season but Dyson didn't not and still does not seem determined to get it back himself, so I don't see why she should. If it is out of character for anyone, it is for Dyson. I think the writers did a HUGE disservice to his character this season because of that little plot device and it is hurting the show. I didn't like how they handled the Ciara situation either. Yes she is gone, at least for a while, but Dyson came off as a jerk for leading her on. Definitely not impressed. At least they also managed to assassinate Lauren with the Nadia thing so it's balanced.

Something tells me I'll dislike next week's episode even more.
Linda Losik
3. LindaL
Excellent recap. I never thought this but I really feel sorry for Ciara. She really loves Dyson and I think that she stayed with the King because he was the king and not out of love, possibly because she could not leave. I am thinking of Aoife who could not leave for centuries and was unable to use her talents because of the charm. It could have been similar reasons as to why Ciara did not leave.

Ryan is fun, obviously not meant to stay, but he is going to be fun while it lasts. How he interacts with Kenzi should tell us more about him. And I am really liking this version of the Ash. He listens to Bo (noticed this influence earlier) and is willing to negotiate with Bo. This tells me that he does accept her as an equal. And I wonder what powers Bo has that we don’t know about, does the Ash know who Bo’s father is?

I complete honesty: I would truly love to nail (literally) the Norn to her tree and leave her there! Good thing that I am not vidictive! :-)
Suzanne Metaxas
4. SuzyM
LindaL "I complete honesty: I would truly love to nail (literally) the Norn to her tree and leave her there! Good thing that I am not vidictive! :-)"

Hell yeah!
Linda Losik
5. LindaL
After re-watching Friday night’s episode, there arose in my mind several questions, answers to some of the question will require Trick to fully reveal all of his secrets. Also, the writers are really good with the dribbles and drabs, assuming that they can be figured out.

Here is a question for everyone: after Dyson left the Norn, she stopped laughing and looked like she was relieved yet kind of scared; like she has just avoided something awful. My question is what are the writers hinting at? Will the Norn actually pay for what she had done to Dyson?
Suzanne Metaxas
6. SuzyM
LindaL Here is a question for everyone: after Dyson left the Norn, she stopped laughing and looked like she was relieved yet kind of scared; like she has just avoided something awful. My question is what are the writers hinting at? Will the Norn actually pay for what she had done to Dyson?

I noticed that too, I was wondering if maybe she had something against Dyson we didn't know about. Like maybe he loved her and left her in the past.

In the first episode of Lost Girl S1 Dyson and the Morrigan exchanged barbs when Bo was being interrogated. I always wondered if we were going to find out they had a fling at one time. Could be why she always wants his head :)

I think there are a lot of story lines like that, that were thought about and never followed through on ;)
Linda Losik
7. LindaL
In the first episode of Lost Girl S1 Dyson and the Morrigan exchanged barbs when Bo was being interrogated. I always wondered if we were going to find out they had a fling at one time. Could be why she always wants his head :)

I always thought it was because Dyson said NO...:-)
Suzanne Metaxas
8. SuzyM
I always thought it was because Dyson said NO...:-)

LOL, I don't think so, he seems to have had many, many conquests :) I figured they hooked up on La Shoshane ;)
9. Peachie
I have to disagree about Dyson leading Ciara on cause I think he really didn't know he couldn't love her. He knew he couldn't love Bo but thought he could give whatever he had left in his heart to Ciara. That's why he was so down after the Wai Lin incident.

Kenzi and Nate are kinda ok but I really want her to make a connection with wonderful Hale. They are really good together - well not as good as Dyson and Bo but they work well and it would be really nice to have a good couple to cheer for now.
Suzanne Metaxas
10. SuzyM
Peachie Kenzi and Nate are kinda ok but I really want her to make a connection with wonderful Hale. They are really good together - well not as good as Dyson and Bo but they work well and it would be really nice to have a good couple to cheer for now.

I totally agree here. :) But I think they could be as hot as Bo/Dyson Just in thier own way ;)

As to Dyson/Ciara I think Dyson did love her before Bo and thought that he could find his love again by connecting up with her. I do not like Ciara though at all. Was happy to see her go :D
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