Jul 2 2012 8:14am

If Memory Serves: Remembering Details in Romance Novels

Voracious readers read...voraciously. And, as at least one commenter mentioned in our Romance Novel Olympics post, some readers can recall intricate plot points, character names, and other book details, while another commenter said her ability was to instantly forget what she read, so she was always in danger of repeat buying the same book!

What kind of reader are you? If you forget book details, how long do you retain the memory? If you can retain information, how long is the knowledge pristine before beginning to ebb?

Do you recall the details of each book you’ve read recently—or forget everything as soon as you’ve finished reading?

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Saundra Peck
1. sk1336
I have always been a forgetter...I have bought or checked out the same book LOTS of times!!! I have a daughter who is the exact opposite of me, funny, huh?!?!
2. carmenlire
I'm good at remembering. I can remember names and events in books for years after I read them.
3. ACarroll
I always thought I was good at remembering the details of what I'd read, but recently my sister-in-law read a book I recommended to her, and as we were discussing it, we discovered we took completely different things away from the book. That book is now on the top of my re-read pile!
Rakisha Kearns-White
4. BrooklynShoeBabe
I don't remember details from romance novels unless the plot or the emotional impact where really good. But I read so many books, I can't keep the details in my head or my brain would explode. lol. :-)
Nicole Leapheart
5. BoxyFrown
It depends on how much I really like the book. If I can re-read it, then I really like it. A book I didn't like, and forgot all about, is not a re-read (and in some cases when I forgot that I have read it, and start again, it all comes back to me and I put it down.) If it's a book or series that I like, I retain a lot of information. It's always nice to go back and re-read something I forgot, or see it in a different way.
Lege Artis
6. LegeArtis
Uf, I remember.... even books with bad plot. It's I'm also big fan of quotes, marking when I read something I like and it can be later a trigger for other details like secondary characters names and such...
7. MelM
Can I vote both? I almost always remember that I read a book and the major story arc it contains. I don't rebuy books because I've forgotten them. But don't ask me about smaller points more than 10 minutes after I read a book. I always marvel at the people who can pull quote after quote from their memory or remember that the blue teacup in book 12 is the same one from book 2 and is full of symbolism.
8. Terry Newman
I tend to remember certain parts that resonate with me. It may be some silly detail and forget the big picture. If the book is memorable enough -- that is well written -- I remember more of it.
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