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First Look: Lexi George’s Demon Hunting in the Deep South (July 31, 2012)

Demon Hunting in the Deep South by Lexi GeorgeLexi George
Demon Hunting in the Deep South
Brava / July 31, 2012 / $14.00 print & $11.99 digital

Evie Douglass doesn’t know what’s worse—the demons secretly infesting her small Alabama hometown. . .or human belle-from-hell Meredith Starr Peterson, who’s made her life miserable since high school. But when the “Death Starr” is brutally murdered and Evie is the number-one suspect, she’s suddenly besieged by the evil-not-dead-enough and Meredith’s furious specter. The only way she can clear her name is to get out from under demon hunter Ansgar’s grim protection. He’s blond, breathtaking, and the most lethal of all his kin, but after years of teasing, Evie is wary of anyone who swears her plus-size self is beautiful. However, having Ansgar all over her is sparking outrageous powers Evie didn’t know she had. And she’ll face any ultimate evil to keep this sexy slayer in this dimension and in her bed for all eternity...

Demon Hunting in the Deep South is the second book in Lexi George’s Demon Hunting series. In book one, Demon Hunting in Dixie, we meet shy and shapely Evangeline Douglass and the Dalvahni warrior, Ansgar. We watched the attraction between these two characters developing in the background of the first story and we also watched the shy Evie blossom into a confident woman. But circumstances at the end of DHiD leave Evie with a case of memory loss. And since fraternizing with humans is unacceptable, our very by-the-book warrior, Ansgar, leaves Evie with her memory loss because he has to return to his own dimension and he doesn’t want her to miss him.

Unfortunately for Ansgar, that is a decision he has come to seriously regret. After months away from Evie, it is Ansgar who is pining. He can not forget her. Without Evie, he finds himself feeling lonely and after millennia as a demon hunter, his existence is now unsatisfying to him.

He’d saved her from death, infusing her with his essence. She’d awakened, fully healed and no longer human.

And with no memory of him.

‘Twas for the best, he’d told himself. He left, with no intention of returning.

To his astonishment, the months away from her—what should have been a mere heartbeat of time in the life span of the ageless Dalvahni—had been an endless agony. He’d fought his feelings for her, losing himself in the hunt and the emptying embrace of a thrall.

But love? The Dalvahni did not love.

Ansgar has returned to Hannah, Alabama, to be near the woman who has claimed his heart, but due to his own actions, she no longer remembers him or their time together, and she has once again become shy and withdrawn.

So the mighty Dalvahni warrior is now forced to hide in the shadows to watch over his lady love, and hope that he can once again earn her love, while he tries to hide his betrayal from her.

Ansgar stood beneath a sprawling oak near Evangeline’s front porch, listening as she conversed with her friend Addy. Evie could not see him. As a Dalvahni demon hunter, he could make himself invisible. But he could see her.

And hear her.

By the gods, he’d missed her. He stood in the green shadows and drank in the sultry sound of her voice. Each soft, drawling utterance from her lips played upon his senses until he thought he would go mad with need.

Frustrations at missing the burgeoning romance playing in the background of Book #1 is richly rewarded in watching our lovesick warrior trying to once again win the heart of his lovely Evangeline and again watching Evie’s self-confidence flourish due to the attentions of this gorgeous blond warrior.

He touched Evangeline’s cheek with the tip of one finger. Her skin was tender and soft, a white rose without the faintest blush. She lay in his arms limp and wan, a sleeping princess waiting for a prince.

Lowering his head, he brushed his lips across hers. They were cool beneath his, bliss after the endless days and nights of desperate longing.

“Evangeline,” he murmured against the lush fullness of her mouth. “Open your eyes, sweetling.”

“You call that a kiss?" Addy scoffed. “Come on, Blondy. Lay one on her. I thought all you immortal super dudes had game. Don’t you like girls?”

Aggravating creature. How Brand refrained from strangling her was a mystery.

Cradling Evangeline’s head in his hands, Ansgar bent once more to the task, his mouth moving over hers. He held nothing back, pouring the months of desolation, of aching for her, of unbearable desire and loneliness, into the kiss.

Making the right decision can result in heartbreak, as Ansgar discovers. But in Demon Hunting in the Deep South, he gets a second chance.


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1. Bea
I like the sound of the story and I'll look for the first book, but...overweight? The cover model is by no means overweight. Deceptive, and cowardly on the part of the publisher. They should have been honest and brave and used a model that fits the character description. Bravo to them for having a series with an overweight female, but I wish they had gone all out.
2. wsl0612
@Bea, I agree, I was very confused by the cover model and her description. But if there are books where they can't even get the hair color correct on the cover then I think we're really wishing on stars to ask them to get the size right!
3. Lucy D
I have heard many authors complain that they had no input into the covers of their books and they end up taking a lot of slack from readers about the fact that the models don't match the characters.

Evie is described more as curvacious and being teased as overweight by the model thin girls in Town, not so much that she's plus sized. Guess it's all prospective. If you're a size 2, you think a busty, size 10 is huge.
4. joyofbean
This is a great series. Book One was hilarious. Can't wait to read this next one.
I agree the model doesn't look plus sized, but when they can't get the male hero's hair color right )he's described as being blonde) what do you expect :-)
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