Jul 5 2012 1:08pm

Fifty Shades of Grey Penetrates the Non-Fiction Market

50 Ways to Play marketing packetIt’s not often we get submissions of this nature.

Fifty Shades of Grey has been topping the charts, and now it’s stimulating more than just trends in the subgenre of erotic fiction and modernized new cover art. It’s no surprise we got a little tied up at the H & H offices when our mail room produced an advanced beating reading copy of 50 Ways to Play: BDSM for Nice People by Debra and Don Macleod (available as an e-book now and in paperback August 2).

50 Ways to Play: BDSM for Nice People by Debra and Don MacleodHow could we not whip up a post for the site?  But at the same time, how to tackle such, er, delicate subject matter? To ignore this reference manual during the heat of the Fifty craze would smack of cowardice. Bound and determined, we finally figured that we’d just lock things down and hit it straight on, no funny business. So here’s the description:

For the millions of readers who have been inspired by the steamy bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey to throw a bit more spice into their sex lives, this simple and highly accessible guide to BDSM (Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, and Masochism) features 50 edgy and erotic adventures to sample. Warning: you should try this at home!

With chapters ranging from “Tickling” to “Erotic Electrostimulation,” it’s quite a spread. So, let’s have it all out on the table: What do you think? And can you imagine trying this at home?

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1. KL
So...the implication here is that people who practice BDSM are not nice in general? If so, what a horrible way to paint a community.
2. ACarroll
Yeah, I stumbled over that subtitle as well, but after reading the description, I think they'd have been better off with something along the lines of BDSM for Beginners. That seems to be more what the book's getting at, at least as far as the cover description is telling.

I doubt they're trying to offend the BDSM community. They're trying to capitalize on it, after all. Or, at least the buzz 50 Shades has created about it.
3. Torifl
I...have no words. Guess it could have been worse. Could have been called, "BDSMFor Dummies". 0_O
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
4. tnh
I'll wait to see how the BDSM community reviews it. There are already a bunch of how-to books for beginners out there, but judging from the online booksellers, newbies who don't just get their info from FAQs and other online resources are still buying Jay Wiseman, Philip Miller, and Dossie Easton.
5. AZkaren
i agree KL. Who says those of us who indulge in BDSM are not nice? i'm just glad to see that this genre is becomig more mainstream. BDSM is not wrong, dirty or's just different and definitely exciting!
6. Jacqueline DeGroot
You're right tnh, there's already a lot of resources if one is curious. I got Jay Wiseman's "SM 101" several years ago when I was doing research for a book I was writing and I found it invaluable. Straightforward, informative and very interesting. I learned so much about the types of rope and the whys and wherefores to sooo many things. In fact, I've read several books by Greenery Press that delve into sub specialties that have cleared up a lot of questions for me.
7. epona65
Has anyone else read any Stephanie Tyler books and noticed the similarities between a certain dominant and a navy seal that has problems being touched and has tried BDSM as a way of overcoming it and his love interest, whose name used to be Ana before she went into witness protection?
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