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Feel the Burn: Top 5 Sizzling Scenes from Leigh, Mynx, Dane, and More!

Mercury’s War by Lora Leigh When you read a steamy romance, sometimes you come across a scene that just hits all the marks. It’s got the perfect meeting of romance, desire, and pure emotion. It’s that scene that encompasses the core of the love story in showing the physical and emotional passion of the characters toward each other. A challenge was recently issued to list my top 5 sizzling scenes. Below are my top 5, along with an honorable mention.

Feel the burn…

5. Mercury’s War by Lora Leigh (M/F): A breed with a troubled past, who has lost much of his animal instinct in order to survive, Mercury came alive when Ria hit town. When the two finally sated their mutual lust after much verbal foreplay and heavy petting, there is enough randy and rough play to almost break the bed. Their love story isn’t without bumps and it’s the twist toward the end that leads to what I see as their hottest encounter. Not necessarily because of Mercury’s primal nature showing his dominance, but the heavy emotional dialogue from both characters than lends the scene more significance in its sexiness. There are times when an author mixes raw sex and abiding love just right, and that scene between Mercury and Ria is a good example.

“She had read the reports on mating heat—the list of sensations felt, the intensity of it—and it hadn’t prepared her for this. Not this. The wildness rising inside her, crashing over her and obliterating any control she could have thought to possess. All she could do was feel.”

The Grunt by Latrivia S. Nelson  4. The Grunt by Latrivia S. Nelson (M/F): Courtney is a Colonel’s daughter looking for work and Brett a marine coming back from a tour to find his life in shambles after his marriage blows up, leaving him with a young son to raise alone. Courtney takes a position as Brett’s son’s nanny. The close proximity sparks the already simmering attraction between them to a blaze that erupts one night after Brett gets some shocking news. After so many disappointments, Brett feels the need to prove himself worthy and uses his lust—and growing love—for Courtney to establish the depth of their emotions for each other. Desperate tenderness paves the way to raw feelings and basic need between them ending in his dominance and her submission. Though tinged with the pain that real life can bring, this story shows how experiencing the happiness of erotic and emotional love can heal a wounded soul.

“And I would never not want you. I’ll want you tomorrow when I wake up, Cort.” He moved closer to her. “I’ll want you tomorrow morning when I come home and see you again, next month, the year after.” His voice was low and sexy. His eyes telling of is desire.”

Soul Deep by Lora Leigh  3. Soul Deep by Lora Leigh (M/F): As the daughter of the President of the United States, Amanda lives her life in a conventional manner, but yearns for independence. Kiowa is a loner who has never known love or much kindness. One kiss after he rescues her from a kidnapping attempt sets their hormones racing faster than the speed of sound. And I mean hormones literally racing due to the mating that their first kiss causes. The protagonists are unable to keep their hands off each other while trying to navigate their feelings. Their desire will not be denied, even if others are there to witness how much they want each other, which I guess is great for the voyeur characters as well as readers for the quips to their displays. Their first time together plays out over a few chapters that is sure to get some pulses racing. This is a very sexy book with an absorbing love story.

“The books she hid and read, sizzling romances that involved just a bit of the more painful love play, would keep her hot and wet for days. But never hot enough for this. To accept the kiss, the kiss of a man she didn’t even know.”

Mi Carino: Risky Love by Sienna Mynx 2. Mi Carino: Risky Love by Sienna Mynx (M/F): Diego and Marcella circle around each other from their first meeting, hampered by to Diego’s arrogance and Marcella’s reluctance to give in to her desire for him without just becoming another notch in his bedpost. The first time they hit the sheets, the primal lust leaps off the page. They may not have been in love at that moment, but the need to be with each other could no longer be denied. Subsequent interactions between them are also incredibly hot and raw, but nothing beats that first time. Marcella later tells her best friend that it was so good it hurt to even comb her hair afterward. It was THAT good. This love story at its core is about the ability to accept and give love, but don’t discount how physically expressive these two are as they cause turmoil in one another. And boy, are they physical!

“Marcella panted, thirsty, so very thirsty for more of him. She’d never felt such strong currents of hunger for a man before.” 

Something New by Cameron Dane 1. Something New by Cameron Dane (M/F/M): The erotic ménage love story of Abby, Rodrigo, and Braden is not only well done emotionally, but a hot read. The three of them burn for each other and while being interested in a man is new territory for Rodrigo, he believably overcomes his hesitance and confusion over lusting after Braden. Whether it’s when the men double team to work their magic on Abby, changing up things like when Abby busts out a toy to use on one of the men, or the unexpected tender moment inserted in one of the sex scenes between Rodrigo and Braden, all of their sexual interactions scorch the pages. The hottest, though, was their first time together. It starts off with two of them finally sating their lust for each other, then suddenly becomes a lot more involved when the third person shows up to push things to a level even more sensual and consuming. This novel is highly erotic, but it’s also a well-told love story with a side of murder mystery. I recommend that folks read this book with cold water nearby.

“Glancing to Abby at their side, Braden imagined he must look like an untamed animal, and in truth, he felt like something primal who only understood how to take what was his. What he wanted. What he needed. These two people.”

Knowing Caleb by Cameron Dane Honorable Mention. Knowing Caleb by Cameron Dane (M/M): Male/male love stories have been discussed on this site, and while I know they aren’t for everyone, I would be remiss if I skipped over one of my favorite romances. Caleb and Jake are two cowboys haunted by their respective pasts, Caleb with his guilt over past actions and Jake with the heartache of losing his wife years ago. As their relationship grows, each man finds something that makes him feel more than he thought possible. Their emotional and sexual discovery of each other isn’t without bumps but from their initial steamy and unexpected encounter in the kitchen—complete with on-the-spot thinking for lube—to their inability to contain their growing sexually voracious appetite for one another to their developing feelings, Jake and Caleb are one of the hottest couples I’ve ever read.

“Everything about you excites the hell out of me.”

Jake stared into cobalt-colored eyes burning bright with emotions that Jake knew it embarrassed Caleb to speak. Knowing he played a part in that shame wrenched a need to help straight out from the deepest recesses of Jake’s soul. “You do the same thing to me.”

What are your favorite hot scenes?


Miss D has been reading romance books for over 25 years. A native Californian making her way in the Big Apple, she likes to spend her downtime relaxing in front of the TV, chatting with friends, sitting in Central Park and playing beach volleyball. Miss D can be reached via Twitter @bonobochick.

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1. le tigre
a little something for everyone. nice recap, miss D!
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2. tonidh69
Mercury's War is my favorite of all the Breed Series books. There is just something about the angst they go thru that just gets me. I've read this one several times and always return to it when i need some "comfort food"
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3. Marcia Bookswagger
I have read three books on this list so I must know sizzle, The Grunt and Mercury's War def brought it.
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