Jul 27 2012 12:22pm

Exclusive Cover Reveal: Francis Ray’s All I Ever Wanted!

All I Ever Wanted by Francis RayA new novel in Francis Ray’s Grayson Friends contemporary romance series is always a treat, and today it is our pleasure to reveal the lovely cover for book 8, All I Ever Wanted.

We’ve also got the scoop on the story, about two people who get a second chance at love:

Naomi Reese is a divorced mother with a small daughter named Kayla, a new life in Sante Fe, and, finally, some distance from her abusive ex-husband. All she wants now is a home of her own where she and Kayla can finally feel safe. With one bad marriage behind her, she can’t even dream of falling in love again. Until she meets Richard...

A tall, handsome veterinarian with a warm smile and big heart, Richard Youngblood is the kind of man any woman could fall for. Not only does he have a wonderful way with animals, he’s great with little Kayla and—Naomi has to admit—he’s easy on the eyes. Richard definitely has his sights set on her, too. But first, Naomi has to free herself from her past—and learn how to love again—before she can have all she ever wanted with the man of her dreams...

All I Ever Wanted will be available February 26, 2013.

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1. LB
Hi Francis,
I have to say that I love this cover and although it is part of the Grayson's friend series it also show them as a individual couple. I am looking forward to reading there storey I know there love will stand the test of time.

paula halbert
2. paula
Hello Francis,

I like the cover. I lets me know that a loving love story is inside.

3. dafort
Hi Mrs. Ray,

Love the cover and I cannot wait for this book. Naomi and Richard's story. Yay!
4. Cathy Atchison
Wow!! I'm so excited!! I've been waiting for Richard and Naomi's story.
5. Sandi Howell
Thank you so much for finally letting Naomi and Richard share their story. Can't wait to read all about it. Have loved your books for years.
Joya Coley
6. jcsunshine
I love the new cover, and I am patiently waiting for Naomi and Richard's story.
7. Linnie Thompson
I love it. Can't wait to read it.
8. Sheterrica W
I love the cover!! It's so serene & provides a brief glimpse into what's inside! I cannot wait for book #8 & each one thereafter! You rock!!
9. Renee S. Williams
Beautiful cover!
10. Sheila M
Love the cover-(Beautiful). Finally Naomi and Richard's story can't wait.
11. Victoria K.
The cover is wonderful! I love how it shows the couple looking out at the endless possibilities. It will be hard to wait for Richard and Naomi's story, now that I know it's coming. You ROCK, Ms. Ray.
12. Linda C
The cover is beautiful. It seems I've been waiting forever for Naomi and Richard's story. I've emailed you more than once asking can you please
write the story that will give other women hope that the future can bring about a better relationship.
Keep up the good work. We love reading what your writing.
13. Coelar
love the cover. i can see myself standing there.
14. rubyswan
yayyyyy! ThanX the good lord,I've been excitedly 4 Richard & Naomi's story!!! I just hope that U create MORE NATIVE AMERICAN HERO'S Ms. Ray..thanQQQQQ!
Francis Ray
15. francisRay1

Thanks so much for the comment. Great observation.

Francis Ray
16. francisRay1

Thanks so much. It's a bit of a departure for me, but I like as well.

Francis Ray
17. francisRay1

Thanks. I know you've waited a long time for Richard & Naomi's story. I appreciate your patience.

Francis Ray
18. francisRay1

I'm excited as well. Anxious to hear what readers think of R & N's story.
Francis Ray
19. francisRay1

I appreciate your support and hanging in there with me. I think you'll really enjoy Richard and Naomi's story. Let the countdown begin.
Francis Ray
20. francisRay1

Thanks. Your response is the one I'm hopeful for from readers. I love the new look as well.
Francis Ray
21. francisRay1

In three months ALL THAT I EVER WANTED will be in stores. Yeah!!!
Francis Ray
22. francisRay1

Thanks. I really wanted readers to have a hint of what the book is about from the cover.
Francis Ray
24. francisRay1
Sheila M.,

Thanks. The wait for Richard & Naomi's story is 3 months away.
Francis Ray
25. francisRay1

Thanks and another great observation. You ROCK as well.
Francis Ray
26. francisRay1
Linda C.,

You are so sweet to say that. Woman can and should have hope for a brighter future.
Francis Ray
27. francisRay1

Lovely. Hopefully others readers can see themselves standing there as well.
Francis Ray
28. francisRay1

Now you know I love my Native American heroes. ALL THAT I NEED, the next book, is with Richard's cousin, Lance Saxton. Then Rio steps forward in his book, ALL THAT I DESIRE. I'm on it!! LOL.
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