Jul 23 2012 2:02pm

Downton Abbey Season 3 American Premiere Date—and Spoilers!

Downton Abbey Season 3 castWe knew it would be sometime in January, but now it’s official: Downton Abbey returns to PBS on Jan. 6, 2013.

In a recent press conference, creator Julian Fellowes dished on some spoilers for season 3.

Do not click if you don’t want to know!


Money: Cora, Lady Grantham’s, money is almost all gone. Remember the money that persuaded Lord Grantham to marry the American in the first place? What will happen to the Granthams’ way of life if there’s no cash?

Mom: This season sees the introduction of Cora’s mother, played by the redoubtable Shirley MacLaine, and apparently Cora’s American upbringing is important in the new season. Fellowessays, “Cora’s upbringing was not the same as Robert’s...but as things start to change and the plates are shifting, and we are reminded what Cora’s comes from. If anyone understands the world that is coming, it’s Cora.”

Marrieds: Lady Sybil and Branson return to Downton. Sparks fly, of course, because now the Irish chauffeur is sitting down at the family’s dining table, as though he belonged there! Impudent fellow.

Modernism: Fellowes says Downton will proceed through the 1920s and  specific storylines in a post-war world. “The twenties are a more nebulous time,” he explains. “In the third series you see the impact on this family of the Irish the time [it] was actually much more the headline than the suffragettes or the other things. The Irish Problem seems to be a yawning difficulty for Britain and the British Empire.”

Married? Mary and Matthew are engaged, but not yet married. And there’s going to be some rocky times for our favorite pair of M&Ms, Fellowes promises. 

What are you most looking forward to in Downton Abbey Season 3?


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Denise Eicher
1. deniselynn
I can't wait!!! I'm looking forward to seeing how Cora's mom and the Dowager get along.
2. Nuha
Sybil! Branson! You darlings. I watch this show for you.

As long as they cut back on the endless Bates drama, I'll be fine.
Darlene Marshall
3. DarleneMarshall
But...but...does Bates get hanged?

Ah well, I was going to watch anyway. It'll be interesting to see the post-war (and economic depression) adjustment.
K.M. Jackson
4. kwanawrites
I can't wait to see Branson at the table that should be all sorts of fun. Also looking forward to Mary and Matthew. Can we please just get them two married already though? And Bates? What to do about poor Bates?
5. Karen H in NC
I can't wait to watch the fireworks between Cora's mom and her MIL! That should provide lots of entertaining remarks.

I think the most important problem of the season will be money, or lack thereof. Lord Gratham obviously is not a good money manager and probably invested unwisely. Just think of what the end of the decade holds...does bode well for the Gratham family if money is tight now. They could quickly find out how the rest of the world lives.
6. wsl0612
I just wish there was more chemistry between Lady Sybil and Branson, sigh.
7. Kiya
I'm waiting anxiously for Season 3, like everyone else. Please come by my blog and see what Downton Abbey has inspired. It's a fun way to make the time seem to pass quickly and something to enjoy while you wait.
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