Jul 16 2012 9:22am

Does a Disappointing End Mean You Won’t Start a Series?

Daniel CraigEclipse. Mockingjay. Shadow Heir. Series finales that, according to many fans, left them flat, or worse—outraged, disappointed, or with unanswered questions.

If you are late to the series, but have been told how great most of it is, do you start reading, even though you are forewarned that the last book is less than satisfying?

Or do you eschew it entirely, since you already feel the tang of regret of a series that doesn’t deliver?

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Vanessa Ouadi
1. Lafka
Actually, I've never been quite confronted to the situation O_o
Not that I've never met disappointing ends in a book series (Twilight and Harry Potter would only be the most famous examples), but every time I have, I hadn't been forewarned _ either because the final books weren't out yet when I started the series, or because nobody told me (and now, I'm a bit worried about Hunger Games, I just started book #3 ^.^).
As a general principle in my life, I prefer to make my own opinion about things, so I would probably not be deterred by a rumored disappointing ending if I was interested in a book in the first place. On the other end, I would probably not have begun Twilight series had I been told what a mess book #4 would be (*shudder*).
Lori K
2. LoriK
For me it depends on who was disappointed and why and how interested I am in reading the series. One person's disappointment is another person's perfectly logical outcome. One person's bad ending to a great series is exactly what another person would have expected because the whole series was pretty terrible.

I guess what I'm saying is that I treat complaints about the ending of a series the same way I treat any other review. If they come from people whose judgement I trust or whose reading tastes are similar to mine and they mention things that I know I would also hate then I'm likely not to even start the series. (I tend to be sort of completionist, so I can't start a series planning to just skip the last book.) If the complaints come from sources I don't particularly trust or they mention things that I don't mind and I'm interested enough in the series then I just go ahead.
Lege Artis
3. LegeArtis
OMG, comment on Craig's pic left me giggling....
I listen to reviewers, especially those whom I noticed share similar taste in books as I. If I read that series doesn't deliver, I'll not start it. I was one of Shadow Heir victims and I'm still recovering from that bad experience. Also, I'll never ever start new series before I'm not assured there will be some conclusion on story ( meaning infamous "publishers have decided that series is not profitable enough" explanation). It happened to me with three series this year, I understand reasons behind it, but no ending is one kind of bad ending too, isn't it...?
tina bartz
4. tina bartz
I am still deliberating reading the Dark Swan series. After reading the blog on here some time ago re: suggestions for new series I had planned to buy the e-book bundle. Then, in January I read the comments here about Shadow Heir so I decided to wait. Am still considering it but am unsure. If I had access to library copies I would probably go for it but I am unsure about spending the money just to be disappointed (and I couldn't say I hadn't been warned).
Sarah DF
5. Sarah DF
I don't think I've ever heard about a disappointing ending before reading a series. But, I guess it would depend on why it was disappointing. Just flat? Ok maybe I'll still read it, because everything else will be great. While I didn't love Mokcingjay, I would read the Hunger Games over and over again. I read Shadow Heir and did have the feeling that it wasn't quite finished, but not so much that it ruined the series. I would have liked to know a bit more, but it wasn't a deal breaker. I love all of Richelle Mead's books. This was the first of her series to end that way.

One thing that would keep me from reading a book or series would be knowing that the hero or heroine dies at the end. I wouldn't even want to start it.
Brandy Stott
6. brandeeleigh
I agree with LegeArtis - On a new author or new series I always try to read reviews from reviewers I think enjoy the type of books I do. I love Ebooks therefore it is just to expensive to purchase a book that I have been told don't end well. I believe that all romance books should have an HE.. Bar none!!. If I want reality that "o they break up - she dies - he dies - etc... then I would watch TV LOL :)
Elizabeth Halliday
7. Ibbitts
I solved the 'disappionting ending' scenario rather easily.
I found that it was mostly YA material that was disturbing me, so I simply gave up the genre.
I have more books to read than the time to read them.
I don't have anything in common with teenagers.
The YA series I've read are too violent for my tastes.
So, I'll stick to books for grown-ups...
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