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Author Amanda Hocking on Why Batman Makes the Best Superhero Boyfriend

Wake by Amanda Hocking

Back in May, we posed the question “Which Superhero Would Make the Best Boyfriend.” And author Amanda Hocking—whose Wake, first in the all-new Watersong series, comes out in August—tweeted at us that of course it had to be Batman. So we asked her to explain in detail. Thanks, Amanda!

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In the current era of superheroes—Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, and about any other “Man” out there—it would be hard to say which one would make the best romantic partner, especially when most of them are so swoon-worthy.                                                                              

But, I think I’ve narrowed it down to the best possible choice—Batman. Okay, full disclosure; he was always at the top of my list. Ever since I saw Batman Returns in theaters, I knew that was the guy for me.

It’s not just that he’s incredibly strong, and brave, and will protect the people he cares about from anything. Or that he’s a fallible man constantly working to be an infallible hero to save innocent people and the city he loves. Or that his alter-ego is handsome, debonair, rich playboy Bruce Wayne. Or how he looks in tight black costumes.

The Dark Knight Rises posterIt’s that he’s all of those things—noble, brave, handsome, insanely intelligent, and probably the most altruistic person that ever lived. He has an unfailing sense of justice and what’s right, and he’ll do anything to uphold it.

And there is a downside. Batman would be gone most evenings, fighting crime and all that. There’s also the risk of his arch nemesis figuring out that Batman’s fond of you, and then kidnapping you and holding you hostage to get after Batman.

That is a risk of dating any superhero, though. Their lady friends and sidekicks are always collateral damage in their unending pursuit of justice and truth. 

So with all that danger, and all the caped crusaders out there—some with superpowers—what makes Batman stand out above the rest?

The real reason is that he’s a good guy wrapped up in a very bad boy package. He drives the fast cars, stays out all night, wears all black. He’s dark, brooding, and mysterious—but he has a heart of gold. Batman isn’t going to step out on you. He’s not going to forget your anniversary or birthday (or at least, Alfred won’t let him forget). He’s dangerous, but he’d do anything to protect you.

That’s not to knock other superheroes. I personally have a soft spot for Captain America, and his chivalrous and respectful nature. I can’t say that I’m completely impervious to Tony Stark’s quick wit or Superman’s strong arms either.

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne with the Batman suitBut there’s something about Batman. I’m not the only one, either. Since his creation in 1939, Batman has graced the pages of hundreds of comics, several successful television series—both live action and cartoon, video games, action figures, bed sheets, and over a dozen movies, including the Dark Knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan which stands to break all kinds of box office records. The world loves Batman.

The greatest appeal of Batman, I think, is that he’s just a man. He’s not endowed with preternatural strength or abilities that come from a freak accident or another planet. He’s a mere mortal who made a deliberate choice to fight crime. What separates him from me and anyone else is really a lack of determination.

Sure, he has an unlimited bank account where he creates all kinds of toys and gadgets that help him achieve his goals. But when it comes down to it, when he’s toe to toe with any number of villains, the thing that saves him is always his intellect and his unwavering belief in doing the right thing.

With all that going for Batman, what’s not to love?


Amanda Hocking is the author of the New York Times bestselling Trylle trilogy and six additional self-published novels. She made international headlines by selling over a million copies of her self-published books, primarily in eBook format. She lives in Minnesota, where she’s at work on the next book in the Watersong series.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
After The Avengers, I must confess I'm a Hawkeye girl. That said, I loved this post and absolutely agree that Batman makes EXCELLENT boyfriend material. I've always respected that he does what he does as a mortal without any special powers, and, as you said, the looks and the wealth don't hurt either. :DDDD
Darlene Marshall
2. DarleneMarshall
Thanks for sharing this! I've always been a Batman fangirl, ever since my brothers brought home comics (they cost $.12 back in ancient times) and let me read them when they were done. I kept buying them on my own, and my sons grew up reading Batman comics and graphic novels (I highly recommend The Killing Joke for art and storyline).

Part of the appeal was I wanted to be Catwoman. I thought she was the best superhero love interest ever because she was the good bad girl who fascinated this rigid man who saw everything as black and white.

Loved the new movie too. Won't give anything away, but Anne Hathaway surprised and pleased me. Outstanding Catwoman.
Rakisha Kearns-White
3. BrooklynShoeBabe
Frankly, I'm not sure who'd I chose but I sure do appreciate the Christian Bale arm porn photo.
Jen W
4. dumblydore
There's a lovely scene in one of the older Catwoman comics, when Selina quietly observes Batman checking in on her daughter (long story there). His hands can rough up the toughest of criminals, yet are so gentle with a baby. He protects the innocent. That's what makes him a little less hard, and a little more approachable.

If Batman was to be the best boyfriend, then I must be Catwoman. I see no other woman perfect for him than she. Both creatures of the night, both self-sufficient, both morally ambiguous. "Yin and yang" as Jonathan Nolan put it. Not to mention the thrill of the chase for them is as irresistible to them as it is for us to watch them. She won't cling but she won't mind waiting for him either.

And yeah, Bruce and Selina moments are the highlights of TDKR. Their chemistry is so fine. :D
Lisa Schensted
5. Lisa Schensted
Also, he's a ninja AND a detective. Dude is smart and sly and all sorts of rad.

Bruce Wayne for best fictional boyfriend EVAH.
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