Jul 19 2012 8:23am

Are You a Fangirl?

As ComicCon recedes in the rearview mirror, we’re reminded that fans in other genres are just as crazy as we are—perhaps even more: People getting in line for days, traveling great distances just to see an actor from their favorite TV show, getting dressed up as their favorite characters.

There are some people for whom this is a way of life, and others who just can’t be bothered. So tell us: What’s the craziest fannish thing you’ve ever done? Do you consider yourself a fangirl? And if so, of what or whom?

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
TOTALLY a fangirl, yes. Mostly for TV and sometimes for movies. Currently, The Avengers.
Sierra Dean
2. Sierra Dean
Oh, this one is embarrassing...

During the heydey of "boy band" craziness, I was about 14, so the prime age to get suckered in by it. At the time there was a Canadian brother band called the Moffats (think Hanson with shorter hair), and they were a HUGE deal. I went to a concert with some friends and afterwards we got to meet the guys.

Then after THAT we decided we should go outside and climb the window behind them so we could knock on the glass to get their attention.


As for current fandoms... I've considered travelling to ComicCon strictly to meet (stalk and marry) Karl Urban.
Christopher Morgan
3. cmorgan
@ Sierra Dean, did you happen to see his prank on all the Star Trek fans? He apperantly just showed them a video of him surfing and then 3 seconds of JJ Abrams saying "Ok, like this" or something on set. And I'm really looking forward to his take on Judge Dredd.

So yeah, I'm a bit of a fanboy. In terms of sheer crazy I'm not one for cosplay, but I've been to a few Cons, was foiled by a Jappanese novelty soda at one (not my proudest moment), and I'm pretty notorious to non-fannish friends and family for talking passionatly and indepth about people and places that don't actually exist. If only I had a dollar for every get together that didn't result in someone telling me "You know that they don't really exist right..."

In fact a very good friend of mine just told me yesterday "You know that if someone talked like that about Bilbo you'd be ready to fight" to which I had to agree...
Sierra Dean
4. Shannon K owens
Yes I am a fangirl but of books!! I have several authors that I love and I have traveled to get their autographs, even dragging my kids with me. My husband calls me a book hoarder, my friends just call me a book slut, but I like fangirl much better!!!
5. ACarroll
Speaking of boybands @Sierra Dean, has everyone heard that the Backstreet Boys are making a comeback?

How crazy that's it for their 20th anniversary?! Didn't New Kids on the Block already try this? My feelings are mixed. Still, I will probably tune in to Good Morning America to catch a song or two. Now, I admit, 20 years ago, I would have stood in line for hours for it.
Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
@Shannon K owens -- I actually dragged my aunt with me across the state to go to one of Suzanne Brockmann's signings once, so I know how that is. But hey, these things are important!
Shayera Tangri
7. Shayera
I used to go to Farscape conventions. Like, in the early days, from the first year.
I fangirl out about authors like crazy these days. Which is why I hide in the back at book signings. Otherwise I'm going to end up sticking my foot in my mouth.
Sierra Dean
8. Lucy D.
I am sad that I can't make the RWA12 in CA...I would soooo be stalking some of my favorite authors. There are some of them that I would be pulling up a chair and going "let's talk about where you're going with this..." I'd get their signatures first before security booted me. ;)
(Can't wait until its back in NYC!!)
Sierra Dean
9. BeretBrenckman
OK. I'll admit it. I was a Star Trek fan girl. I've been to many, MANY, ST cons and seen every cast member from the original and TNG. I did not however dress up like a Klingon. Just an ensign!
Sierra Dean
10. Rose In RoseBear
I am the Rose in RoseBear, and I am a fangirl.

@Fangirl, I didn't hide my fangirl-ness. My husband and I went to ComicCon back in the mid-Nineties, before Wizard bought them out, when it was held in Chicago. When I found out Jim Shooter was there, I went ape-y. I stood in line for about an hour, and when I got to the table, I couldn't help myself --- I started gushing all over him, how I'd been reading comics since I was three, how I loved-loved-loved The Legion of Superheroes and Secret Wars and Valiant Comics and Princess Projectra and Ferro Lad and what was it like working with such creative talents as Simonson and John Byrne and Chris Claremont and ... (took a breath here) and Barry Windsor-Smith and ...

It was at this point, I'm told, that Mr. Shooter began easing away from me. Even though there was already a table between us.

Now, you have to understand, Jim Shooter is 6-foot-6 and, back then, was something of a beanpole. I'm a full foot shorter, and emphatically not a beanpole.

It was, apparently, a moment.

Fortunately for Mr. Shooter, my husband saved him by hauling me coaxing me away from the table, out of the signing area, and down a nearby corridor. Without getting my Valiant comic signed. Without getting a single word out of the great man. While I was pouting throwing a small hissy fit demanding to get back in line, we turned a corner ...

And ran right into Walter Koenig.

Yeah, that Walter Koenig.

And I had a Babylon 5 Bester card in my purse.

(sigh) I am soooo lucky ... security never laid a glove on me ...!
11. wsl0612
Hee, Rose that is a great story! I've been to different cons and met some of the actors from Babylon 5, Red Dwarf and Dr. Who, but I'm generally too shy to approach for autographs (at least I was in the day, now that I've "matured" I could throw down with the rest).
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