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5 Signs Avengers’s Black Widow and Hawkeye Are TOTALLY IN LOVE—and You Should Be Shipping It

Natasha and Clint in AvengersI wasn’t looking for a new couple to ’ship. I really wasn’t. But by the time the credits started rolling on Joss Whedon’s Avengers, I knew I was a goner. The relationship between master-assassins-turned-SHIELD-agents Clint “Hawkeye” Barton and Natasha “Black Widow” Romanoff intrigued me from the start (from the interviews and pictures alone, I gleaned theirs might be a story not so very different from my beloved Kara/Lee from Battlestar Galactica), but the reality was so much better. Long story short, I ’ship it like FedEx, and you should too.

***Warning: From this point forward I’ll assume all reading this have seen the movie. So, you know, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD***

I know what you might be thinking: But Avengers is an action movie! There “ain’t at lot of time for kissin’”—Joss said so! Plus...Black Widow and Hawkeye are friends! Partners, even!

Well, yes, all of this is true. And yet. It’s *also* true that, if you look closely, there are several signs (at least 5) that if they’re not already head over heels for each other, Clint and Natasha are very likely hurtling toward resolving all that delicious UST in some as-yet-unannounced future film.

The Black Widow and Hawkeye in the Battle of New York in AvengersLet’s break it down:

1. They only have eyes for each other.

A convincing argument can be made that the entire narrative of Avengers is driven by Natasha’s determination to get her brainwashed man partner back. Whether or not you subscribe to that analysis, it cannot be denied that from from the get-go, from the moment Natasha hears those three little words from Agent Phil Coulson (“Barton’s been compromised”), she is a woman possessed. Her primary focus for the first two-thirds of the film is Clint—finding him, beating the Loki out of him, helping him level out. Even in scenes where she’s ostensibly talking strategy to bring down Loki, she’s got Clint’s profile pulled up on a computer screen and/or she takes the first opportunity to remind the others that Loki has “one of ours” (never mind that the trickster god actually has at least three SHIELD agents under his control). Her hypervigilance with regard to Clint doesn’t end with his leveling out, either; she fights right beside him in battle, whispers into his ear in Central Park as they see Thor and Loki off, and stares his way for almost the whole post-credits shawarma scene.

Clint and Natasha, Hawkeye and Black WidowClint is similarly attuned to Natasha when he’s in his right mind, and maybe even when he’s not. Loki sure does seem to know a lot about Natasha in that interrogation scene and asks her almost right off the bat if they’re in love (what did Clint tell him?). We also get a few great glimpses of this in the latter half of the film. The first is right after Natasha’s kicked his ass in hand-to-hand combat but before she’s knocked him out—Clint starts to come to, but Natasha can’t be sure he’s really back—when he simply says “Tasha?” in THAT VOICE. And later in the recovery room, though he’s still reeling from what Loki put him through, Clint’s quick to notice that his partner doesn’t sound like herself (“You’re a spy, not a soldier, and now you want to wade into a war...why?”) and asks what Loki did to her. (And the way he says “Natasha” when she doesn’t immediately fill him in? U guise??? SWOON. But I digress. Again.) As with Natasha, his focus doesn’t end there, as Clint watches her back in battle, sticks close by in Central Park, and props his foot up on her chair as only he could (seriously, look at their body language here and tell me they’re not at least in lust) in the post-credits shawarma scene.

2. He made a different call and she owes him a debt.

One theory among shippers, and one I happen to share, is that Clint Barton fell in love with Natasha Romanoff right from (or at least close to) the start, when he disobeyed his orders to assassinate her and “made a different call,” as Natasha puts it, referring to the fact, we assume, that he brought her over to SHIELD instead. But what actually drove him—love, compassion, or something else entirely—matters less than the result, which is that he did save her, and that at the very least it was obviously the beginning of a beautiful friendship...with lots of potential for more.

Natasha Romanoff aka the Black WidowThe way Natasha manipulates Loki for information on Clint (and despite her ultimate act in that interrogation scene, there can be little doubt that she is, in fact, there primarily for Clint, as it’s consistent with all of her actions up to this point) is just as telling as Clint’s decision to take a chance on the deadly Black Widow once upon a time. Forced to deal in honesty to play the god of lies, Natasha’s recounting of how she came to work for SHIELD is the truth. But her evasions of Loki’s many prying questions and comments (“What will you do if I vow to spare him?” and “Your world in the balance and you bargain for one man?”), suggest that her feelings for Clint are not up for discussion. Which in and of itself must mean there’s something there, right? Not to mention the fact that this “debt” she feels she owes Clint for what he did for her hardly explains what happens *after* she finds him and (surely) repays that debt...

3. They’d rather fight each other than make love with anyone else.

When the time comes for someone to take Clint down, Natasha is the first to answer the call, despite being shaken from a near-death experience at the hands of the Hulk, and they’re well matched, so the fight itself is HOT. (Check out a clip of the full Hawkeye/Black Widow fight scene on fellow shipper hawkwardfan’s Tumblr for a refresher.) Need I say more? I think I’ll just leave it to actor Jeremy Renner, who has said about the possibility of his Hawkeye hooking up with Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow: “I wouldn’t discount that. … I think they’d just as much get after each other in bed as they would slice each other’s throats while they’re at it.” (EW clearly agrees.)

Clint Barton aka Hawkeye4. He knows what it’s like to be unmade and she’s been compromised.

As if the two didn’t have enough of a bond going into the movie, Clint and Natasha open up to each other yet more midway through in that epic recovery room scene as Clint levels out. The level of comfort between them is obvious when they’re alone; it’s in the way they look at each other, talk to each other, even sit next to each other (far closer than strictly necessary, for the record). Johansson and Renner’s chemistry is a big part of this, of course: a lot of what makes this scene so intense is what you have a feeling they’re *not* saying. Which is not to say that their conversation is not still pretty loaded (thanks, Joss!):

Clint: Have you ever had someone take your brain and play? Pull you out and put something else in? Do you know what it’s like to be unmade?

Natasha: You know that I do.

Clint: Well, if I put an arrow in Loki’s eye socket, I’d sleep better, I suppose.

Natasha: [smiles a bit] Now you sound like you.

Clint: [looks at her] But you don’t. You’re a spy, not a soldier. Now you want to wade into a war. Why? What did Loki do to you?

Natasha: He didn’t, I just...[she pauses, looks away]

Clint: Natasha...

Natasha: I’ve been compromised. [Clint nods, looks down.] I got red in my ledger; I’d like to wipe it out.

If there was a wealth of understanding between Clint and Natasha before, you get the sense by the end of this scene that there’s nothing they can’t or won’t share with each other. The brainwashing Natasha went through as a young Red Room recruit is one of the darkest aspects of her past (and presumably that comics backstory is what Joss is referencing here), and now Clint’s made it clear that he now understands exactly what she went through—here is another piece of shared history that no one else could touch. And moments later, Natasha’s vague response to Clint’s probing question about what Loki did to her (“I’ve been compromised”) and his immediate acceptance of it demonstrate yet again that they speak their own language, and they like it like that. Clint and Natasha seem almost an island unto themselves in this scene, and it just further goes to show that there’s something a-brewin’ there.

Captain America aka Steve Rogers with Clint and Natasha in Central Park5. Budapest.

What happened in Budapest may be staying in Budapest for now, but the bantery (some might even say flirty) exchange in Avengers between Clint and Natasha in the heat of battle certainly won’t:

Natasha: [in the middle of a firefight, bullets flying everywhere] It’s just like Budapest all over again!

Clint: [incredulously] You and I remember Budapest very differently.

Unsurprisingly, exactly what went down in Budapest is a hot topic with Clint/Natasha fans, and it’s easy to see why. After all, what on earth could have happened that they’d have different memories of the same mission? What possessed Natasha to bring it up when she did? And is this what these two bring out in each other, when no one else is around and Clint hasn’t just been brainwashed? (If so, sign us up for more!)


Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor eat shawarmaSo there you have it—5 very compelling reasons to believe that the Black Widow and Hawkeye absolutely, positively want to jump each other’s bones, if they haven’t already. And I didn’t even go into the fact that they actually drove off into the sunset together at the end of the film and barely touched on how the way they ate shawarma together should hardly be legal (guys, there *were* other people at the table with you).

What do you think? Are you feeling the Clint/Natasha love, or do you remain unconvinced? Who’s ready to talk their next appearance—will it be Captain America 2 or a spinoff film, as some are speculating, or will we have to wait until the recently greenlit Avengers 2 for another fix of our favorite master assassins?

Update 4/8/14: I have a theory about Hawkeye and Black Widow in Avengers: Age of Ultron! Read all about it in my post Avengers 2 Speculation: Are Black Widow and Hawkeye an Item?

Update 4/9/13: Captain America: Winter Soldier has begun filming! Scarlett Johansson's Natasha will play a big part, but so far Jeremy Renner has not joined the cast as Clint. Boo. Maybe Hawkeye'll be on vacation or medical leave? Time will tell...

For more shippy posts, check out I'll Ship If I Want To and various posts on Phil/Elizabeth in The Americans, Barney/Robin in How I Met Your Mother, Nick/Jess in New Girl, and more.

Update 3/4/15: The latest Avengers 2 trailers seem to be hinting at not Clint/Natasha but rather a Natasha/Bruce romance. Is this just misdirection, or was I TOTALLY off-base in assuming Hawkeye/Widow would be an item? Only time will tell. Personally, I'm hoping Entertainment Weekly's Anthony Breznican is right that she's just being protective of him, but that moment in the farmhouse with her in a robe does seem pretty intimate... Aaaahhh, can't the movie just come out already?!


Heather Waters is a production associate at H&H and a 24/7 fangirl. Find her on Twitter at @hwaters_

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Kim Knox
1. Kim Knox
All of this, absolutely. I came out of Avengers seriously shipping these two. And yes, I wasn't looking for yet more shippage either :)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
2. Kiersten
I am TOTALLY WITH YOU on this one. I don't even dare HOPE that we have a film w/just those two b/c I want it so badly. Lots of this has to do with how bloody good Johansen and Renner are together, a bond that apparently exists off screen as well, exemplified in how he came last minute to be her escorted etc when she got her star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. Plus, their interviews together for the movie are gold.

These are all the things I saw in the film between them too (tho I missed the foot on the chair in shwarma scene). God, they're good together.

Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
@Kim Knox -- They snuck up on you too, huh? They're just so pretty together that it's hard to mind!

@Kiersten -- Yay! I know, they have pretty amazing chemistry. Really hoping rumors that they'll be in Cap 2 are true (though Scarlett has signed on to do Broadway in early 2013, which is when I'd think they'd need to film Cap, so not sure...), since it doesn't look like they'll get their own spinoff soon. But hey, we'll always have Avengers 2.

HIS FOOT IS ON HER CHAIR! I may have seen that scene many times. And pics of it. ;) The one in this post is the clearest I found, but even here you can just make out the silver of the buckles on his boot; otherwise it kinda blends in with her suit. The way they're turned toward each other while everyone else is facing the table also makes me happy.
4. ChelseaMueller
Such a fantastic post, Heather! I'm with you on this 'ship.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
Heather - IT'S HIS WHOLE LEG!!! I enlarged above pic and FINALLY saw it. Was looking for foot on rung beneath or something but THAT - THAT is nearly a freaking EMBRACE, keeping her within his "dance space", not ready to let her out of sight... ;-)
Monti Shalosky
6. mlsky
Hee hee hee. I may have had that end credit scene on loop for a while. (I will NOT say how long. LOL) Seriously, if I hadn't been sold before (I was) that so very brief look would have stitched it up. It's like they're the only two at the table, you know? GAH! The dotted line for the Clint/Natasha ship? My name's on it...bolded and in all caps. :D
Rae Alley
7. rszalley
I really, really have to rewatch this movie without a toddler. Thank goodness for drive ins or else I'd never have gotten to it before a DVD release. I had to interrogate my comic book geek husband to get the backstory and that was unsatisfying at best.
Nicole Leapheart
8. BoxyFrown
It was such a reality for me already that I didnt realize I was shipping. I mean, there are actually other schools of thought about them? lol
Heather Waters
9. HeatherWaters
@Chelsea -- Thank you! Thrilled to hear you dig them too.

@Kiersten -- It is indeed, so let me amend my earlier statement: HIS LEG IS ON HER CHAIR!!!1!! I love how comfortable they are with each other, like, Personal space? What's that??? The full scene is up on YouTube if you can't get enough (I can't--can the blu-ray be out now pls?).

@mlsky -- Hey, lady! I KNOW, that is just the cherry on top, and they are absolutely in their own little bubble there. The casualness of it all, too! I adore it. Psyched that there's so much overlap with K/L peeps. :)

@rszalley -- Yeah, and their comics backstory is definitely...complicated. I kind of just take what I want from that canon and leave the rest, which is clearly what Marvel/Whedon have done with the movieverse. If you are interested in the comics, though, might I suggest Brian Michael Bendis's Avengers Assemble? It's clearly meant to tie in a bit better to the movieverse, and issue #5 just came out yesterday and it has Black Widow and Hawkeye smooching on the cover. :)

@BoxyFrown -- Hee! I hear ya. But the answer to your question is actually kind of interesting: yes and no. With the movieverse I think there are two schools of thought: either they're BFFs and nothing more, or there's definite potential for romance now or in future. In the comics there's some competing 'ships--including Hawkeye/Bobbi aka Mockingbird and Natasha/Bucky aka Winter Soldier--that people have been fans of for a long time, so obviously they're not happy with the way the movies and some of the newer comics are favoring Clint/Natasha.
Kim Knox
10. Ray R.
....his foot is on her chair??? HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THIS BEFORE?!?!?!?!?!!??!!!?

*melts into a puddle*

*clears throat*

Thank you for being so amazingly articulate as to why I ship it like burning.
Kim Knox
11. Shippin' Like FedEx
All this stuff is well and great, but you forgot a major element of their relationship that had me squeeeeeing in the theater...

Clint is the only one who can call Natasha by adorable pet names like Nat (twice!!!) and get away with it!!!
Kim Knox
11. Belle
I'm there. I was there the entire movie. Didn't go in expecting anything either and I had to go back for a second viewing to see if I was just imaging things but sure enough, Joss never writes anything without a reason and he saw the actor's chemistry and went with it and if we have a second film (which I'm sure we will) he's going there all the way, if there's something Joss likes to write is couples. I agree with all of your points, I think barely anyone left that movie not seeing it.
Kim Knox
12. Maria66
So, apparently a man and a woman can't be best friends without romance being involved. I didn't see anything past a deep friendship for those two. I put my foot on my friend's chairs all the time and that doesn't mean it's a sign of love. If the writers want to please their fans, they will introduce Winter Soldier in Captain America 2 and insinuate the feelings that both Bucky and Natasha harbor for each other in the comic books.
Kim Knox
13. johnnaBgood
Fantastic article. Sums up so much of what I love about these two. I love their friendship, their partnership, that unshakeable bond that they have, and I also love the hints at a possibility for more. The beauty of this ship is in the subtext, and you can take as much or as little from it as you want.
Heather Waters
14. HeatherWaters
@Ray R. -- It is!!!!!! And thank you! Took me a few drafts to get it right and I *still* left things out, so I'm glad you liked.

@Shippin' Like FedEx -- You're so right! I cannot believe I didn't specifically call that out--needs its own section. My favorite is when he uses Tasha, but really, any time he says her name I am just filled with joy. The WAY he says it, with that VOICE! Guh. Thank you for pointing out that GLARING admission. I promise to do better next time. :)

@Belle -- Really, really hope Joss is the writer/director for Avengers 2, 'cause I think you're right, he'd enjoy writing them as a couple. That said...I'd be incredibly nervous about how much angst he wanted to throw their way! He is the King of Angst, after all.

@Maria66 -- That's the great thing about them in this movie: You can come out of it with two very different impressions. I definitely respect that not everyone's going to see things the way I do. As for Captain America 2, I've heard rumors that Winter Solider will indeed be introduced, which, if true, would be interesting. Thanks for commenting!

@johnnaBgood -- Thank you! And I agree 110% -- it is ALL about the subtext with these two. That recovery room scene never fails to kill me ded with everything they say without saying anything. Whether you see it as friendship or something more, that chemistry and obvious bone-deep understanding is impossible to ignore.
Megan Frampton
15. MFrampton
I am not a true 'shipper, I just assumed they had a whole past, and that we would see it unfold in future films. I did catch the foot on the chair thing and that made me smile in romantic satisfaction.

Plus this:
Heather Waters
16. HeatherWaters
@MFrampton -- THAT is very important! Thanks for greatly improving my Friday. :)
Alisa Kwitney
17. AlisaKwitney
The Marvelverse Black/Hawk ship is complicated and contradicts the Movieverse one -- in comics, as in soaps, there are skeins of plots that wrap around each other, and over time, everyone hooks up with everyone else. (And since marvelverse Nat might well be over sixty years old, like Captain America, she's had a lot of time to hook up.) I like the fact that in the movie, it's the emotional connection that's complex. That said, Marvel's Bendis is a great writer of banter and is knows how to establish relationships in shorthand -- as, of course, does Whedon.
Heather Waters
18. HeatherWaters
Hi, Alisa! Thanks for the comment.

I like the fact that in the movie, it's the emotional connection that's complex.

I am so with you. We didn't get much more than hints at their backstories and yet we got a great feel for the wealth of (complicated) feeling between them.

I don't know much about the comics, but their story there does sound really complicated. I'll be interested to see what else from the comics Marvel brings into the movies and, on the other hand, what they let the filmmakers and actors bring to the BlackHawk story to make it their own.
Heather Waters
19. HeatherWaters
For the pretty:

I think this cap best shows what I mean about them just being in their own little bubble, totally oblivious to everyone else.

Source: tehzo @ Tumblr
Jennifer Proffitt
20. JenniferProffitt
Okay, after re-reading this post with my Renner-tinted glasses on, is it just me or in the final picture from the Avengers, does it look like Black Widow's hand is on Hawkeye's leg? I know it wasn't in the movie, but the picture makes it look like that...

Sorry if someone already said that or something similar!
Kim Knox
21. agreg
if you read the comics, its really no suprise at all. they were romanticly involved and Budapest all explained. read the comics they will help fill your void! :)
Kim Knox
22. Wesley Gibson
I THINK YOUR COMPLETELY am i kiddin..your at least 50% right.. knowing Whedon &marvel history like i do (&i do) if this "relationship" gets developed.. its going to evolve not into a Wash&Zoeey type situation... but more a Mal &Inara.. Hawkeye has plenty of backstory to play with &to build upon &Joss went for the amalgam approach mixing his different takes into one cohesive marksman..

Joss'es MCU in MY opinion anyway doesnt have them as any type of item.. (yet) what hes done here is show an incredibly unique bond between two people..
one of whom sees the other as their redeemer/saviour from a path destined for the fiery gates of hell &maybe loves that person implicitly, despite themself.. &the other sees vast potential for good in that other person regardless of how they'd see themselves.. but has NO clue how said person feels about them...

The way she wrapped up the "interrogation" when she heard Barton was compromised.. classic ride or die syndrome.. it set the tone for urgency not just because hes her partner &in trouble.. but the kindof oh my god if HE'S compromised then this is friggin serious vibe.. which only comes from knowing &respecting someones abilities to an intimate degree
then the 2nd "interrogation" scene &also the most revealing.. even the big reveal at the end of the scene doesnt make u dismiss what weve learnt even if we doubt the emotion she gets the shit CONFIRMED out of it when we have the sickbay scene.. &he asks her WHY the hell she'd be wading into a war &she simply says "ive been compromised" we all know what she meant, how hard she fought to get him back &the deals she was ready to make to save his life.. but asmuch as he cares for &would probly lay his life in the line for her, its THEN you realise he has no CLUE the depth of her feeling for him.. cause he looks genuinely surprised that ANYTHING could "compromise" Tasha.. if he only knew that ONE thing was him..

In the cinema I was screamin at the screen "shes in LOVE with you you idiot!! KISS HER!!" (everyone cracked up) &later i posted "how can the best marksman on the planet work alongside HER &NOT know shes in love with him?" everyone like or just posted up hawkeye lol

So all in all i think theres aLOT to come from these two ups and down wise, but in Whedon we trust cause this guys never let me down..wether he's writing X-Men comics the Serenity crew or THE BEST blockbuster superhero action brom-rom-com EVER made..
so you just know the new SHIELD movie with Nick Fury/MariaHill/Hawkeye&Widow is gonna be EPIC (Whedon writing/producing)
Kim Knox
23. ComicBookMama
Happy sigh here. I needed a 'ship fix tonight.

Trying to equate the comics to the movie is madness, however... you really need to view them as entirely separate, the Alternate Universe String Theory of Comic Books. Heck, the comics are confusing enough... try to straighten out the relationship there and you're going ot be ripping out your hair in tufts. Let's see...

- AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, the newest Avengers title, follows the five from the movie but seems to have some ties with the "canon" series, which is bizarre, but just image-search AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #5 cover and you will be VERY happy... Hawkeye and BW are long-time BFFs, formerly (and possibly in the future) romatic partners as well. However...

- in the main AVENGERS title(s), he's currently involved with SpiderWoman, and in WINTER SOLDIER she's very much with Bucky Barnes. But the action in that title overlaps the AA plot, as does SECRET AVENGERS, where Hawkeye is leading a team which does NOT include SpiderWoman but DOES include Natasha. Both are in several concurrent storylines, including AVENGERS vs X MEN, and nobody in the world that I've met yet has been able to explain if each title is considered Alternate Universe - and if so, why they keep cross-referencing each other...

So 'ship happily in the movieverse, and hope that at least one title will pick up on it in print.

In the meantime... good H/BW fanfic, anyone? I know there's a ton on - but so much of it is poorly written that I stopped trying to sort it out. Any suggestions? I wrote one - SHADOWS OF MORTALITY (gah, what a pretentious title, but I was tired...) that tries to incorporate the various universes, but I'd love to read someone else's stuff.
Heather Waters
24. HeatherWaters
@JenniferProffitt -- Ha, it does kind of look like that! They're definitely very much in each other's personal space.

@agreg -- Oh, interesting, there's a Budapest story in the comics? I know they were romantically linked at one point in the comics, but I gotta say, I really like the way the MCU has set up their story so far--in the comics it sounds like their's was very much a love-hate relationship, with Natasha first recruiting him to help her steal from Tony Stark (correct me if I'm wrong, that's just what I've read) vs. in the movieverse, where they seem to have a strong friendship.

@Wesley Gibson -- I could absolutely see Joss going more for a Mal/Inara story, where the angst and longing are always there and a real relationship is forever just out of reach. The man definitely knows how to keep us coming back for more even when it breaks our hearts.

Here's hoping we do get that SHIELD movie at some point. It would be AWESOME. (But hey, how about that news about Joss's 3-year deal with Marvel? Sounds like he'll be shaping a LOT of the MCU to come. Super excited about that.)

@ComicBookMama -- Yay! Glad it helped. :)

You are absolutely right about the comics, of course. I think I'm going to stick pretty much to my happy place in the MCU, but I *have* been reading Avengers Assemble--I had to after that cover with Clint/Natasha! Even if nothing comes from that kiss (they're both with other people, after least for now), it was some gorgeous art that makes me happy. :)

There's a LiveJournal community called be_compromised where people have been posting lots of good fic. Archive of Our Own is also a good source. Happy reading!
Kim Knox
25. Avenging Archer
OMG thank you for this. Avengers just started playing in our dollar theater and Ive seen it 4 times this week JUST to see the Black/Hawk scenes -swoon-

Im also into fanfic (started in the Tolkien fandom and had no intention of changing fandoms but these two snuck up on me and are holding me hostage!) and actually stumbled across your article doing research for a multichap'd fic Im writing on them that delves into the movieverse relationship. Ive tried searching AO3 for good fic but have had to wade thru way too much slash and have yet to find any good Black/Hawk there. -sigh- so Im left with writing my own.

@ComicBookMama - what's your pen name and where did you post? Id love to read your take on them! Mine's not up yet. Wont be until it's complete and thru betaing. It'll be under this name, however.
Heather Waters
26. HeatherWaters
@Avenging Archer -- You are most welcome. I've seen the movie a lot as well (we won't go into the exact number ;) ).

AO3 is getting pretty frustrating, I agree, especially with the bulk of the tagging system down. There is some fantastic stuff there, though--sometimes you just have to dig a bit. One of my favorites is Sarea Okelani's The Observable Universe.
Kim Knox
27. KateShipper723
Glad to see I'm not the only BlackHawk shipper! I started shipping these two from the first minute, and I can't wait to see how it continues! I kinda see these two like Michael and Nikita in the way that they're equals in the same profession, and have the same kind of chemistry. I think personally, that Clint 'fell' first, and natasha has been fighting it. I can see it going in the next movie where he's kind of all for them, and she's fighting tooth and nail against it- her, love is for children' comment kind of tipped it off for me. I read on screenrant that they are both going to be in the new Cap movie, and there will be somewhat of a romance between then, so until them I'll be twiddling my thumbs waiting!
Kim Knox
28. Tanvi Sood
SO, first of all, KUDOS to the author of this article: I have shipped them since the beginning of time :P and the way you've written it is preeeeetty amazing (i love it!! :D ) I can't WAIT until there is some development in their characters, their story and their background - separate AND together. The bond they share, as everyone knows, is undeniable, and more than just a "debt." Well, I have a lot more to say, but not sure how to convey these strong feelings in words :P I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP.
Heather Waters
29. HeatherWaters
@KateShipper723 -- Yeah, I can see the Michael/Nikita comparison! Nice call. Honestly, I can see them both as pining a bit--despite her words about love being for children, I feel like Natasha's feelings for Clint (whether she's acknowledged them yet or not) were all over her face. And yes! Scarlett Johansson is supposedly confirmed for Cap2, so I have my fingers crossed a deal for Jeremy Renner is being made too!

@Tanvi Sood -- Oh, thank you! Glad you enjoyed the post. Their bond is definitely INTENSE and I love it so much. The debt is just an excuse I think they both use to deny deny deny. :) Thanks so much for the comment! Glad I'm not alone in planning to go down with this ship.
Jasmine Ray
30. JassyBaby
This post...yes, YES!!! I missed it in theaters, but I bought it when it came out and I immediately and unwittingly shipped this pairing. They have amazing chemistry and this post is even more convincing. I feel warm and fuzzy now!
And another weird thing...watching the two onscreen I was somehow reminded of Anita and Edward--I guess what they'd be like if they were onscreen. Yes, I totally ship Anita/Edward, even though I know it's never gonna happen. *Sigh* Oh well~
Still...Natasha/Clint made me swoon. I wanna see them two "together" in the next Avengers movie.
Heather Waters
31. HeatherWaters
@JassyBaby -- Woo-hoo, it is always nice to hear people are still discovering their awesome chemistry. I'm kinda jealous that I can't relive that first viewing myself. :)
Kim Knox
32. Leia G
The funny thing is that movie Clint is more similar to comics Bucky in terms of his rapport with Natasha and his past (spy/assassin).

That partnership and accepting dynamic that movie Clint has with Natasha? That IS Nat and Bucky in the comics and that is definitely not comics Clint and Natasha.
Kim Knox
33. Leia G
Michael/Nikita. what. If anything, Bucky and Natasha are like Michael/Nikita considering that Bucky actually trained her in the Red Room and that they were Soviet assassins/spies together! Comics!Natasha used Clint. She fell for Bucky. I do get annoyed at the MCU portrayal of Clint's and Natasha's dynamic right down to the effin unmade bs because THAT? That is Bucky/Natasha who understand each other better than anyone else because they've been through the same experiences and they survived being made and unmade.
Heather Waters
34. HeatherWaters
@LeiaG -- I can't speak to the C/N or B/N comic relationships because I'm not very familiar with either, but I have been upset by adaptations of my favorite stories before, so I do get where you're coming from. As primarily a MCU fan, though, I ship C/N hard.
Kim Knox
35. Morgana
I'm here cos casually struck by CLINTASHA's coolness (fab your US nicks BTW ;-P) & bad boy Loki's *Shakespeare in the park* after having seen the movie (on my brother's dvd, thanks to Whedon genius name on the cover that picked up my interest, glad I did since the film was a blast of entertainment).

Anyway my "spidey radar" tells me that we share a common opinion, especially that kind of closeness is odd if you think that someone like HE is a secondary hero (just see how focused the film was on the good old Iron M. instead...I've just discovered that Downey suggested the hilarious finale scene from 1 of his own line not on script; therefore shot at the very last moment, practically improvised in a real bar, so that the infamous leg-scene was nothing special I guess, but since they all were in character obviously I'm glad that Jeremy & Scarlett decided to play it that uber cosy way rm), plus I recall the same role for him in Thor (but damn too short his scene), in the end I'm rarely able to resist the Robin Hood's style (Crowe much attitude, interesting.

Overall I can understand the different approach from the comics' mythology (even if "New Avengers: Breakout" should match with our POV) but films generally are stand-alone, so that there could def be some development with them, as in the new Spiderman there's Gwen Stacy instead of Mary Jane, right? Last but not least these actors share the right kind of chemestry (on-off screen!), they're both hot etc it'd be silly not taking advantage of the sparkle; & people's reviews have already considered them to be "the assassin couple" so what...Now the only depressing thing is that Avengers 2 will arrive in 2015, oh boy such an excruciatingly long time to wait..I so hope that our heroes will appear at least in 1 of the spin-offs (but even if, I'm positive we won't have romance in those, with others as protagonists, so we'll have to wait for A2 I'm afraid ç_ç): in the meantime thanks to fanfic+YT videos we shall survive, keep the faith!
PS_Kudos for this cool site... Ciao, baci from Italy xo
Heather Waters
36. HeatherWaters
@Morgana -- Thanks so much! Glad you like the site.

Yes, I think you're right, since the films stand apart from the comics, the writers/directors could go in a different direction--hopefully in a Clintasha direction! :) Absolutely agreed that the actors brought the chemistry and I hope we get to see more of it in future films. Scarlett Johansson will be in Captain America 2 in 2014, so maybe we'll get more hints about Black Widow's relationship with Hawkeye then. If he's not in Captain America 2 with her, I'm pretty sure he'll definitely be in Avengers 2.

Until then, you said it best: we'll survive on fic and vids.

Thanks for your comment!
Kim Knox
37. Morgana
You welcome hun! I'm enjoying the site & I'll be keeping an eye on it then ^_^ Hey good news that Scarlett will be in Cap 2...I'd have thought otherwise (like Iron Man 3), but better this way, I'm curious to see what will happen then (fingers crossed that Winter Soldier won't step in, as in the wrong way I mean in the "comics' way", since as far as I've heard this character was romantically involved with Black Widow, unless clearly this trick will be used to make Clint jealous hahahahh! ).

Sure chemestry is always a big deal to make things work in my opinion, like i.e. see in Thor movie the protagonist with his lady, the doc, for me they didn't click & I didn't care for them quite frankly (too obvious to get really engaging, I'd have preferred to have Loki pining over some chick too, as let's say Sif, to heat things up a notch, well perhaps we'll have a bit of tragic impossible romance for the n.2)...speaking of which, I'm happy that people have also noticed Brit actor Tom Hiddlestone/Loki & Jeremy Renner/Hawk, since it was about time they're great! (Tom worked for Kennet Branagh at theatre in the past, while Jeremy did even "make up artist" at theatre by himself before, how not to love them?!LOL ;-D).

Well so we're lucky to have Clintasha almost unexpectedly for the most of us, & if it's true that as actors said, it also depends on how much fans root for them to decide their future as roles, I think we're shipping the right duo ya know, & it's positive that overall people have already given them the green light, so we'll wait & see from now on what happens.
Kim Knox
38. Morgana
Yep about comics, they don't necessarly have to gel with the comics' basic inspiration, because TPTB try to attract the mainstream public along with the smaller dedicated fanbase; so they try also to bring something "different" to the table, which is even better IMO since we can have a chance to have a more personal approach from the director/writers as well, it could be a good thing also cos they're different media of course.

In the end I'm glad that Marvel with Avengers & co it's promoting a new *space-opera*, Star Wars' style, I feel like we kinda needed 1 at the moment.
***Happy Holidays*** to Red & everyone here, to the next xoxo
Kim Knox
39. Ben Y
In a new age of celebrity couple pet names, i.e. Brangelina, what do you guys think of BlackEye? LOL
Heather Waters
40. HeatherWaters
@Morgana I KNOW, I'm so nervous about Captain America 2 and what they'll do with Winter Solider and Natasha. Keeping my fingers crossed for my ship, but as we know, anything can happen. I was really hoping Jeremy Renner would be added to the cast too but so far he has not (as far as I know). Seeing Clint jealous WOULD be awesome, I'm not gonna lie.

You're right, Marvel's Avengers universe is totally shaping up to be a space opera! It's a ton of fun that the movies are all tied together and that devoted fans can look forward to each movie and each new piece of the story.

@Ben Y -- I prefer BlackEye to Clintasha for sure, but my preference will always be for Clint/Natasha or Black Widow/Hawkeye. Or, among fellow shippers, even just "our favorite master assassins"!
Kim Knox
41. Morgana
@Red do you know what it's also strange? that I had read rumours before, almost official (on an important site), about Natasha being in Iron M.3, even quite probably involved in a triangle with Tony & Pepper?! you can imagine...sure I prefer it going this way. Beside I'm glad that we're following Marvel universe instead of DC , since the second 1 realizes quite dark SLs in comparison, at least here we know our heroes won't die & we can even have a laugh, it's already a little something to be grateful in the end! ;-P)

Now that I've become invested in "Black Eye" (BTW the name is cool, the only problem is that it reminds me of Black Eye Peas' music LOL ;-D) I've tried to go back reading news/interviews, & I've got the impression that we'll see them more than once, since Scarlett & Jeremy signed for a multiple arc of stories (with people's bless, as usual), therefore 1 way or another they'll be featured in upcoming movies, nice stuff ahead!!

Plus J. told to the press that he’s yet to play the Hawkeye “I signed on to play” in reference to the Avengers, then we have just to wait & see (besides I understood his POV but I've liked him as "bad zombie" for that specific SL instead, or the plot would have been more boring, we'll have another occasion to follow him as the good heroe sooner or later). ...& OMG who knew Tom came to read for Thor & Jeremy for Cap. America?? but Marvel has chosen them right for their current parts (somebody wanted Milla Jovovich for Black W., but even if I can get why, I still think ScarJo pulls out better the sensitive side of the character).

Anyway Winter S. apart, EVERYWHERE I've looked, even before the casting of these roles, HE & BW had been paired together, so I guess we can relax for this matter...regarding the fact of them having a solo film I'm confused: I mean that Marvel has already too many of them in store, thus it's logical to think that we'll see them featured within a future SHIELD ensamble movie, even if I already know that there will be a tv series under that name, but since it'll be a sort of prequel without them in, I expect to see them somewhere else clearly (with Nick Fury & co) with another name. ...BUT hope dies last, so fingers crossed that we'll have some day also a solo film for 1 of them at least, as Johanson said, "Bourne style" (including the other 1+Budapest flashback
Kim Knox
42. JessicaM257
In my opinion, the relationship between Black Widow and Hawkeye was a FAKE.
Heather Waters
43. HeatherWaters
@Morgana -- I think you're right that we'll see them pop up in a few different movies over the years--hopefully together! I'd really love for them to get a solo one day as well, but like you said, guess we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed for now.

@JessicaM257 -- Thanks for your comment!
Kim Knox
44. ellavescent
This article is beautiful. I'm pretty much completely ignorant to the comics backstory (largely, admitted, by my own choice) and base my own shipping of them on the movie. I know there are certainly different opinions on the direction of their relationship, but honestly, I will be heartbroken if Clint x Natasha is not where the movie-verse is heading. I want Budapest: the Movie, damnit! Every time I re-watch the Avengers (I've probably watched more times than is healthy, to be honest) I notice new little moments between them -- quick a feat considering Renner's only actually on screen for about 15 minutes of the entire thing. The chemistry between him and Johansson definitely makes it for me, especially in the shawarma post-credits scene -- that one totally shows the whole world-of-their-own thing perfectly.
For those asking about fic, I wonder if I might suggest a few personal favourites? I'm sure many of you have already discovered them, but any work on ao3 by either SidheRa or the collaborations between workerbee73 and Bob5 are really fantastic!
If anyone wanted to chat any more Clint x Natasha with me, hit me up on tumblr! I'm ellavescent there, too, and would love to make some new friends in this lovely ship! :)
Kim Knox
45. FallenAngel
I really think they are in love. The scene at the fast food eating shawarma , when you see his foot on her chair and she is inclined with her face almost watching him reading...or doing something (i can't see) is tottaly obvious that something is going on. AND if you think a littel Loki said, while Natasha talked with him trying to find his plan , that when Clint will see his masterpiece and will scream it means or he will be terrifed about what he done to Natasha or that he killed her ( emotional terrifed)
Heather Waters
46. HeatherWaters
@ellavescent -- Thank you! I totally agree: there should be a Budapest movie, and the way these two grab you despite their limited screentime together is amazing.

any work on ao3 by either SidheRa or the collaborations between workerbee73 andBob5 are really fantastic!

YES! These are some of the best in the fandom, imo. As I mentioned further up in the comments, another favorite author of mine is Sarea Okelani.

@FallenAngel -- Oh, the shawarma scene! Such a gift to Clint/Natasha fans. And I agree, even though she was playing Loki in that interrogation scenes, there's no question he did get to her emotionally, which is confirmed when she tells Hawkeye that she's been compromised.
Kim Knox
47. I'm in the Wrong Story
Speaking of Cap 2, you've seen the close-up of the necklace Natasha is wearing, yes?
Heather Waters
48. HeatherWaters
I have. At first I thought it was a Tumblr manip or something. Either way I just don't see Natasha wearing her heart on her sleeve (or around her neck) so I'm not sure what I think about it. You?

Btw, if your username is the same at AO3, I love your stuff.
Kim Knox
49. ansleigh taylor wooten
I truly have to say I love the idea of hawkeye and Black Widow being together!!! In some parts of the movie you can tell you're really in tune with each other!!! Plus they can make more movies and have like a lot of money just by making some of it about them!!!
Heather Waters
50. HeatherWaters
@ansleigh taylor wooten -- I completely agree! Thanks for the comment.
Kim Knox
51. Elisah
First of all, THANK YOU for making this article, I love it! I shipped them since I saw the movie for the first time and everytime I watch it, I ship them more. You can basically see the love carlett Johansson.

Unfortunatly those photo's came out a few days ago.
I really don't like Natasha kissing Steve, they had nothing special in the Avengers. Jeremy Renner is not even gonna be in the movie.

I still hope they'll make a Budapest-movie though.
Kim Knox
52. annah94
Actually, the reason they remember Budapest ery differently is because when they went on that mission they both had to have devices fitted in them that, if they were caught and totured for infprmation, would erase all there memories of the mission. Therefore after the mission they both remember it differently because they have each had different parts of their memory from the mission erased.
Heather Waters
53. HeatherWaters
@Elisah -- Thanks for reading! And yes, I've seen those Natasha and Steve pictures, but I'm not too worried for now; to me it looks like the kiss is part of an undercover assignment and not a real kiss. But we shall see! Fingers crossed.

@annah94 -- How interesting! Is that how they explained it in the comic story line? I read the first couple issues of the new Secret Avengers book and memory wipes for Hawkeye and Black Widow were a big part of the story.

Since the movie and comics universes are separate, though, I wonder if we'll ever know what the movieverse explanation is for what happened in Budapest...
Alpha Flyer
54. AlphaFlyer
Just came across this -- what fun, and completely agree with every word. I've never "shipped" before Clint/Natasha -- I've been writing a canon couple in my "other" fandom but only as a backdrop to more substantive stories -- and now it's been, what? twelve stories and no end in sight ...

As for Budapest, I prefer that to remain the inside joke it is -- or at best, a reminder that Clint is not a fanciful guy and whatever happened in Budapest, probably didn't involve aliens. ;-)

High hopes at this end for a Cap2 Hawkeye cameo or post-dredit scene; couldn't help but note that Renner is back to his Hawkeye hair spikes (after some adventures in coiffure for other movies), plus has that little goatee he sported in the Thor cameo. Fingers crossed!
Kim Knox
55. nufflepuff
Funnily enough, I have a complete obsession with Clintasha and refuse to talk about pretty much anything else.... that is how I roll. And speaking of the fantab Budapest- I am literally writing a fanfic right now about it. I'm working on chapter 4 so the feels have not exploded yet. and I lied. My feelings have exploded already so :) (It's on wattpad- my user is @nufflepuff)
Kim Knox
56. Chitsune
Clint/Natasha are meant to be....nuff said. x)
Kim Knox
57. War Kitten
Not quite spoiler: in Captain America: Winter Soldier Natasha is wearing an arrow necklace for the whole movie, let that sink in for a moment. -squee!-
Kim Knox
59. Rebecca Sherwood
Hawkeye is too cute for Black Widow! Black Widow doesn't deserve a guy like Hawkeye! She deservers a guy as ugly as Thor, Loki, and Hulk! She should date one of them and then break up with them or get married to Loki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kim Knox
60. bedb
I watched it the other day at my daughter's house and came away thinking...OMG....Nat is relating to Clint because he reminds her of James! The brainwashing...the assassin...even Budapest...all things she once did with James. For a short period of time...Clint was her Wintersoldier. And her trying to set Cap up with dates...she's a nurturer at heart.
Kim Knox
61. WidowShip
All the things in this article has concluded to me that Johansson and Renner probably hooked up during the filming of The Avengers.... and yes, I do ship HawkWidow. But I think all those stares and gestures came up from the actors on their own.. Joss may have personally asked them to show some kind of believable chemistry but I kinda doubt it.
Kim Knox
62. ee
@nufflepuff we have this comic book at school that i may or may have not taken out without permission of marvel. and as i was flipping through it, GUESS WHAT I SAW!!! BUDAPEST. Like, it was fucking there. The title, with Hawkeye and Black Widow. I hadnt had much time to read because of the time, but I skipped to the end and it was something of Black Widow finding Hawkeye all tied up at a dark alley somewhere.
63. Unknownimous
In The Comics Hawkeye Loves Black Widow But Black Widow Has A Boyfriend Which Is Tony Stark

But In The Movies Black Widow Loves Hawkeye So Sometimes I Dont Understand What To Believe

Comics Or Movies?
Kim Knox
64. Michael Flowers
I'm totally agreeing with this, but let's not forget, there could be a Hawkeye vs Captain America over this girl.
Kim Knox
66. steph95
And then Bruce and Clint's family came in like wreacking balls /sighs/
Seriously, Joss?
Heather Waters
67. HeatherWaters
@steph95 -- I know, I'm so sad and disappointed, I can't even tell you! :(
Kim Knox
69. steph95
@HeatherWaters the reason why I refuse the existence of AoU, it was full of bullshit and simply a FanFic writer forcing his OTP and fantsies down our throats. It's horrible! They had to kill 2 characters off for it to happen.
Heather Waters
70. HeatherWaters
@steph95 -- Yeahhhh, I've only seen AoU once and I'm happy to forget about it to live in my pre-AoU bubble. I haven't even seen Ant Man yet--my enthusiasm for the whole MCU definitely took a hit.
Kim Knox
71. Jazz25
This is a really good interpretation of their relationship in this movie. I think it's quite right based on the time of release, you can't control what they decide to setup or change in a later movie. Just ignore the laster stuff and have a head canon :)
Heather Waters
72. HeatherWaters
@Jazz25 -- Thank you! The family reveal hit me hard, but like you said, based on the Avengers alone, who could have known? So I will happily stick to my headcanon and fanfic and pretend the later movies are completely unrelated, lol.
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