Jun 22 2012 11:00am

You’re So Anal!: Best Back Door Lovin’ in Romance Novels

Sweet Addiction by Maya Banks

Anal sex isn’t a new concept, but it’s still remains in the forbidden realm in romance novels. Categorized under BDSM, it’s not shocking when your favorite hero or heroine whip out the anal toys or plays “hide the weasel” in erotica or m/m.
But lately, anal sex has even made its way into mainstream romance. It may be light playing with a hint at possibilities or full-on penetration. Either way, it’s here and it’s staying.


While some are embarrassed by it, and some are adamantly against it, is it as taboo as we seem to make it? It’s just sex. If you’re in a committed sexual relationship, why should it matter how you choose to express it? If you’re both willing and it’s consensual, then why feel ashamed? Sexual fulfillment comes in many forms beyond vaginal intercourse in the missionary position. I wonder how much of our uneasiness is based more on our own moral ideals and the views of others then on the actual act itself?

As an avid erotic reader with a penchant for m/m romances, I get more than my fair share of stories involving anal sex. At first, I was REALLY embarrassed to read the scenes and even more mortified to realise that I was turned on by them. But like anything else, the novelty eventually wore off and I began to appreciate the storyline more. If the plotlines are well developed with personable characters, then the entire sexual revolution occurring within it is more appealing then a “wham, bam, thank you ma’am or sir,” moment.

Below you will find a few anal sex scenes that show us that back door loving can’t be all that bad.

Sweet Addiction by Maya Banks

Wanting her to have as much pleasure as he himself was finding, he slid out of her body. At first C.J. pulled back and even Mike took a step away, as if assuming that Cole was calling an end. But Cole merely repositioned himself at her ass, spread her a little further so the angle was adjusted and then he carefully began to work himself inside her. He hadn’t used any lubricant and he knew her wetness wasn’t enough to make it bearable. He wanted that fine line between pain and pleasure. He didn’t want to hurt her too badly, so he patiently worked at getting inside her. Some pain was good. He wanted that edge. He wanted to feel her reject his cock and press forward anyway. She would want it too.

“I have oil,” Mike said gruffly. “Suntan oil. It’s here in one of the compartments.” Cole smiled. Already Ren had made another conquest. As much as Mike had wanted to witness her punishment, he now couldn’t bear the thought of her being hurt. He gathered Ren’s hair in his hand and pulled slightly back. “Tell him, Ren. Tell him how you want it. Do you want it easy? All slicked up so I glide right into your sweet little ass? Or do you want that bite? Do you want to fight my invasion and have me force your surrender? Tell him so he knows.”


“I want the pain,” she said hoarsely. “I want it hard.” Cole’s hands moved down to her hips until he gripped her hard, giving her nowhere to move to, no way to fend off what was coming.

Then he thrust hard. “Like this?” She shuddered and convulsed around him, pinned to his body, helpless. “Oh God, yes. Just like that.”

“Then stand there and take it. Tell your men to touch you while the one who owns you fucks your ass.”


“Hands behind your back,” Cole ordered. Ren gave him her hands and he captured them at the small of her back, holding her captive as he bent her forward so he could finish. He slapped against her ass, hard, with the purpose of orgasm. His release gathered in his balls, put a stranglehold on his cock and raced up the head until it felt like he was going to explode. And then he started spurting deep inside her ass. It vaguely occurred to him that he hadn’t used a condom this time. He couldn’t conjure any real regret. She belonged to him.

She was his. His to use.

Her body was his.

Grey’s Awakening by Cameron DaneGrey’s Awakening by Cameron Dane

Grey looked up and found Sirus’s eyes as he eased his fingers in as far as he could get them, and then slowly pulled them back out, driving Sirus’s backside crazy for more. “You have an incredibly responsive ass.”

Sirus wanted Grey so goddamned badly right now his body hurt with it. “Fuck it then. Take me, Grey, please.” Sirus heard the plea for connection in his voice, and hated it. He growled, covering the slip of weakness with naked rawness that lacked any hint of intimacy. “Fuck my ass. Hard.” He pushed up, jamming his stretched ring into Grey’s hand. He could not let this be anything more than sex. Sirus screamed those words in his mind, above the lust and passion, and didn’t quiet the voice until the message hardened in his heart.

“Do it,” he commanded, his voice harsh. “Give me your fucking cock deep, right now.” He demanded it, and didn’t back down.


[Grey] wrapped his hand around Sirus’s throat, yanked the man’s head back and took his mouth in a hard, thrusting kiss, going deep and aggressive enough to make Sirus jerk and go compliant. An almost silent whimper escaped the man, begging without words for more. Knowing he was in charge fully once again, Grey reached between their bodies, positioned the head of his cock to Sirus’s ring, and drove his length home.

“Ahh ... fuck, fuck.” With the first piercing, Sirus dropped down to his hands and pushed his weight back into Grey’s cock, forcing Grey’s erection deeper inside. “Fuck me, Grey.”

Sirus started helping himself by pumping his hips back and sliding his channel along Grey’s embedded cock. “Fuck me.”

The wrongness of that home word slipped into Grey’s conscious for a second time in nearly as many minutes, nagging him to correct his thought process. But this time, Jesus Christ, this time, Grey had his unsheathed dick lodged inside another man’s tight, hot ass, and his brain could not process anything as more important or relevant than that.

Grey looked down and watched his cock push into Sirus’s stretched hole, invading the man’s very body, with nothing in between them. Sirus moaned as Grey filled his channel, the sound coming from deep inside him, and Grey was pulled completely into the undertow of sex with this man.

Bared to You by Sylvia DayBared To You (Crossfire #1) by Sylvia Day

When the tip of his middle finger slid gossamer-soft over the pucker of my anus, I stilled and pulled back to look at him. “Gideon?”

“Why me?” he asked softly, his beautiful eyes dark and stormy. “You know I’m fucked up, Eva. You saw what I...that night you woke me...You saw, damn it. How can you trust me with your body this way?”


“Do you have a safeword, Eva?” Startled, I pulled back to study his face. A few members of my therapy group had talked about Dom/sub relationships. Some required total control to feel safe during sex. Others fell on the opposite side of the line, finding that bondage and humiliation satisfied their deep-seated need to feel pain to experience pleasure. For those who practiced that lifestyle, a safeword was an unambiguous way to say “stop.” But I couldn’t see how that had any relevance to me and Gideon. “Do you?”

“I don’t need one.” Between my legs, the gentle stroke of his finger became less tentative. He repeated his question, “Do you have a safeword?”

“No. I’ve never needed one. Missionary, doggy style, B.O.B. . . . that’s about the extent of my mad skills in the sack.”

That brought a touch of amusement to his otherwise severe face. “Thank God. I wouldn’t survive you otherwise.”

And still that fingertip massaged me, spurring a dark yearning. Gideon could do that to me, make me forget everything that happened before.


He put the slightest pressure against my sensitive rosette, barely pressing.


My hips arched into the touch. Anticipation was making me hot all over again. “I don’t care about anything but you when you’re touching me.” His free hand lifted to my hair and held it at the roots, keeping my head still. “Did you ever enjoy anal play? Accidentally or by deliberation?”


“And yet you trust me enough to ask me for this.” He kissed my forehead as he drew the slickness of his semen back to my rear


“Trust is hard for both of us. If we break it, we could lose everything. Think of a word you associate with power. Your safeword, angel. Choose it.” The pressure of that single fingertip became more insistent. I moaned, “Crossfire.”

“Umm...I like it. Very fitting.” His tongue dipped into my mouth, barely touching mine before retreating. His finger rimmed my anus over and over, pushing his semen into the puckered hole, a soft growl escaping him as it flexed in a silent plea for more.


He slid in a few inches, our standing positions preventing deeper penetration, but the connection alone was enough.


“Eva.” He groaned. The tempo of his finger thrusts quickened. “Do you know what you do to me?”

His hips nudged against mine, the wide crest of his penis massaging a sweetly tender spot. “You’re milking the head of my dick with those hungry little squeezes. You’re going to make me come for you. When you go off, I’m going with you.” I was distantly aware of the helpless noises spilling from my throat. My senses were overloaded by Gideon’s scent and the heat of his hard body, the feel of his cock rubbing inside me and his finger pumping into my rear. I was surrounded by him, filled with him, blissfully possessed in every way. A climax was building in force, pounding through me, pooling in my core. Not just from the physical pleasure but from the knowledge that he’d been willing to take a risk. Once again. For me.


Gideon shifted again, rocking into my clit at the same moment he gave a quick, deep thrust of his finger into my rear.

I climaxed. Afraid of the wail of pleasure that wanted out of me, I sank my teeth into Gideon’s hard pectoral. He grunted softly and started coming, his cock jerking as it pumped thick spurts of scorching semen into me.


Does the inclusion of anal sex in romance make you hot or make you cringe?


Tori Benson, Smexybooks and at Twitter.

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Brie Clementine
1. Brie.Clem
Your posts always make me write comments full of TMI. Anal sex scenes are way more common in M/M romance than in mainstream, M/F romance. At this point, I've read so many sex scenes that anything new is good and refreshing, so I say Yay to any type of anal play. I'm glad authors are willing to portray different types of sexual acts, because exploring and trying new things is very important to maintain a healty relationship.

You should write a post about sex toys (so I can go and write another TMI comment). That's another uncomon subject in mainstream romance, but every time a read a book and the heroine mentions her BOB I'm like "go you!" LOL.
Melanie Thomas
2. missmelthomas
I personally like books that go the anal route and evidentially lots of ladies do or Jeaniene Frost's infamous Chapter 32 wouldn't be talked about so much. That being said, I'm a very open-minded person who reads a lot. It's nice to read something that's not expected.

There are very few mainstream PNR or UF authors that dare to go there but those who do have done it in a big way. I like that these authors take risk with the sexuality in their books. They aren't writing erotica so when you come across anal play (Jeaniene Frost's One Foot in the Grave) or a seriously hot three way that involves anal play (Yasmine Galenorn's Bone Magic) it's new, it's different, and it's very much appreciated.
3. wsl0612
The title of this post made me giggle. Yes, I am 12 ;-)

But, I do like the inclusion of anal sex in erotica, it's very stimulating!
Ginny Doremus
4. FaeRhi
Has anyone here read the Breed series by Lora Leigh??? I mean, yeah, half the couples (and I mean one half of each couple... some are both) have animal DNA infused in their own.. but Anal seems to be the ultimate domination for them. For most men. Knowing they can enter all three of your major orifices seems to be a major turn on.
And yeah... I'll admit, I love reading about it.
I, too, love m/m erotica. There's just something about it. -purrs-

But if you want anal erotica... read the Breed Series (and I can give a ton of others but that's a good place to start).
Annabel Joseph
5. Annabel Joseph
I put anal in all my BDSM books, but not my historicals or vanilla books. I don't know why, but for some reason I thought it wasn't "acceptable."

I did read a great anal scene in one of Pam Rosenthal's historicals, I think it was in "The Edge of Impropriety." It was a great scene because it was so fit the time period in tone. But for my money I like really raunchy anal scenes and I haven't found a lot of those in mainstream romance. Yay for Maya Banks! Will have to read the other two.
6. wsl0612
oh I also wanted to say I love cheesy pop music, and I have one of the songs from the non-animated movie version of Josie and the Pussy Cats on my IPod. The song is sung by a boy band in the movie, the band is called DuJour and the song is titled "Back Door Lover". I giggle every time I listen to it because the refrain is "I'm your back door lover, comin' from behind when the lights are low" The best part is that during the song the singers realize that it's a bit gay for them. Hee!
rachel sternberg
7. rae70
lol @ wsl!)

sorry, not a turn on in any way.... not a fan! and not because its naughty or bad.. just a health hazard.. gross! i just sit here thinking OUCH! that area is off limits! for my deposit only!
8. wsl0612
@rae70 - I hear you, no judgment here! I am glad we're all different, it would be a boring world otherwise :-)
Annabel Joseph
9. Milly01
Lorelei James books are GREAT reads and yes they have quite a bit of all positions anything goes. The Rough Riders series especially. They are not only hot in the sex department but the storylines themselves are great in the love/happily ever after side too.
Annabel Joseph
10. Mina
I guess it´s a little too much for me, I remember reading the one of the books of Lora Leigh´s Breeds series and had me crigging all the time. I began to read Maya Bank´s Sweet Addiction, but had to put it down. I guess am too sensible.
Yvonne De La Cruz
11. ymdlc1
Bring it on! It's all good and gets me hot and bothered. Totally agree with the ladies above, my favorite author (first true erotica reads for me) is Lora Leigh and I absolutely love all her series but the Breeds are in a class by themselves. Loralei James Rough Riders series are GREAT, not just the sex scenes which are HOT AS HELL but the characters, story lines and the endings are to die for. Her latest installation was out yesterday, book #13: Kissin Tell. This series is a MUST READ! Will not disappoint.
Annabel Joseph
12. smuttyromance lover
Must admit I was a bit shocked the first time I came acrossed anal in romance novel but have definitely seen plenty since then both in mainstream and erotica but I'm surprised the infamous pool table scene in Fifty wasn't mentioned- that has certainly gone "mainstream" LOL
Annabel Joseph
13. EJ
Don't you remember what your mama always told you? You should try something before you say you don't like it. LOL
It does not bother me, in Romance because its a part of life, a good part, as long as both parties do not have a problem with it and as long as "rain coats" are worn. If done right it is a great pleasure, if not, well its not. But as with everything in life its not for everyone.
Annabel Joseph
14. Jacqueline DeGroot
I think it's great that something that's been done since the beginning of time is finally getting talked about. I can't remember a time when I didn't know that this happened between men and women. I do remember a time when I didn't know it happened between men. I think Kimberly Zant wrote some pretty hot anal penetration scenes in "Surrender." But then with six guys, you do run out of places. It has to be done right though, and the woman has to want it too.
mandy troxel
oh yes! big big turn on for me in books and real life. not for everyone, but im the open minded kind. thanks for the book ideas going to have lots to read.
Annabel Joseph
16. Elle Chardou
I, like Annabel Joseph, always thought it was forbidden in "regular" romance novels but I finally dipped my big toe in it while writing a paranormal mainstream romance novel. My latest book, however, has plenty but it is also classified as both erotica and romantic suspense (when Amazon fixes their little error).

FYI rae70, there are "rituals" before a couple should partake in anal intercourse and although this isn't an advertisement for any of my novels, they are explored in passing before such anal scenes. It's not just "shove it in" as yes, that would be quite gross when you think about it. Hope this helps just a bit with making you feel slightly comfortable about it. ;-)
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