Jun 21 2012 8:19am

Who Should Play Catching Fire’s Finnick Odair?

Ian Somerhalder

While we’ve got a fantasy-casting post for every character in the filmed version of Suzanne Collins’s Catching Fire coming up in a future post, we wanted to start the conversation now, since as H&H blogger Kate Nagy says, “the most widely speculated-upon role in Catching Fire is that of District 4’s blindingly beautiful beach boy Finnick Odair, whose most notable trait—at least at first—is his devastatingly handsome appearance...We’re talking Matt Bomer levels of pretty here.”

While Kate tosses out several names (come back to find out which ones!), she suggests ultimately that gorgeous Ian Somerhalder is the best guy for the part.

(Also check out the parade of pretty boys the website has lined up for consideration!)

What do you think?

Thanks to @cpblackburn for helping out!

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1. Clau
I like Ian for Finnick, but i prefer Garret Hedlunt.
Vanessa Ouadi
2. Lafka
Oh, I definitely adore Ian Sommerhalder (yummy, yummy!) but I really don't see him as Finnick _ OK, mainly because I simply can't imagine him with bronze-colored hair O_o

I would have thought of Jensen Ackles but he's probably a bit too old to play Finnick. Alex Pettyfer may do a great job ! :-) Cam Gigandet wouldn't be bad either ^.^
3. KateNagy
Re: Alex Pettyfer: I finally realized this morning who he reminds me of: Taylor Swift. They're both creamy-skinned blondes with beady little eyes and delicate features. They could be twins!

Re: The picture up top: Nice hair, Ian. And I'm not talking about the hair on your head. Or your manly stubble. (If His Hotness would condescend to pull his pants up about an inch and a half, though...ooh, now THAT's what I'm talking about.)
4. E.k.
I would love to see Bradley James from Merlin as Finnick. ;D
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