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While You Wait for Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Newest: Try Dianne Duvall

Darkness Dawns by Dianne DuvallIf you are an avid reader like me, you wait months and months for your favorite author to release their next book in a series, then you pounce on it like a starving dog with a steak and before 24 hours have passed, you have devoured your new story…and then the waiting begins again. So what can you read during these dry spells?

If you are a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series, may I suggest to you Dianne Duvall’s Immortal Guardian series?

Kenyon’s Dark-Hunters are created by Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the Hunt. When a wronged warrior is dying and he declares vengeance against those that betrayed him, Artemis will appear before they die and give the warrior an opportunity to have their vengeance. In exchange, they give Artemis their soul and become her Dark-Hunter. The Dark-Hunters patrol each night to find and destroy the daimons who steal the souls of humans to extend their own lives. Although the Dark-Hunters have great strengths and special abilities, they are also hindered by many of the weaknesses of the daimons, such as photosensitivity. The Dark-Hunters are lead by Acheron, and they each have a human Squire assigned to them, as well as a vast network of humans to assist them.

Night Reigns by Dianne DuvallIn the Immortal Guardian series, Immortal Guardians and vampires are both infected with the same extremely rare, symbiotic virus. The virus essentially conquers, then replaces the immune system, lending those infected with it enhanced senses, much greater speed and strength, incredible regenerative abilities, and a need for blood coupled, and a weakness to photosensitivity. Vampires are humans who have been infected. They swiftly descend into madness as a result of the brain damage the virus also causes. Immortals are gifted ones who have been infected. Gifted ones are men and women who were born with incredibly advanced DNA that lends them special gifts, such as an ability to heal others or teleport. 

“Why does the virus affect you differently?”she asked curiously.

“Until recently we could only speculate. Like other immortals I was different as a human, before my transformation, but didn’t know why. Back in the day, as they say, we were called gifted ones: men and women who were born with special talents we hid more often than not in order to avoid being accused of witchcraft and drowned or burned or stoned to death.”

He was both pleased with and wary of how well she was taking all of this. His explanation seemed to fascinate rather than horrify her.

“It became apparent early on that I had been born with the ability to heal with my hands.”

“That isn’t a result of the virus?”

He shook his head. (From Darkness Dawns)

Their advanced DNA also protects them from the madness that afflicts vampires. So Immortal Guardians have assigned themselves the task of protecting humans from the insane vampires who prey upon them.

The Immortal Guardians are lead by trio of the oldest Guardians, Seth, David and Darnell, and each Guardian is assigned a human Second who takes care of the needs of the Guardian, as well as a human network to lend aid and security whenever necessary.

“Oh no,” Marcus blurted out. “Hell no. I don’t want a Second.”

Seth’s tone turned arctic. “I don’t care what you want. You need one. Tonight demonstrates that very well. And you know the rules. Every Immortal Guardian has a Second.” (From Night Reigns)

Phantom Shadows by Dianne DuvallWhen the first book in the series, Darkness Dawns, begins, someone is beginning to organize the vampires, leading them and training them to fight together as an army to destroy the Immortal Guardians. After centuries of protecting humans from the few maddened vampires, the Guardians now need to change their strategy to fight these attacking vampire armies.

The flickering lights she had spied swam in and out of focus as the faces that housed them moved so quickly to and fro that they blurred. Men, who were clearly more than mortal men, engaged in a surreal battle that resurrected her first description: a lion facing down a wolf pack.

The lion—a dark, menacing figure in the center of the storm—bore glowing amber eyes and long black hair that floated around his head like tendrils of smoke as he spun, fought, and slashed at his attackers with the speed that brought to mind the Tasmanian Devil in the Warner Brothers cartoons Darnell had shown her.

Immortal Guardian.

No other creature could move so swiftly. (from Night Reigns)

These stories are action-packed with wonderful, well-written characters, and will tide you over until the next Dark-Hunter book. The third book in the series, Phantom Shadows, is due out October 1st.


Lucy Dosch writes book reviews for her blog Her e-reader has turned her love of reading into an obsession. When she is not reading, she likes to spend time with her husband and two daughters.

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Dianne Duvall
2. Dianne Duvall
What a wonderful recommendation! Thank you, Lucy!
And, lindsayb, I'm so glad you're enjoing the series!
Dianne Duvall
3. Nia2113
I think it is a great series! Seth is a lot like Acheron from the Dark Hunters in that he is the wrangler of the group and is shrouded in some serious mystery that can drive you crazy trying to figure out! Cannot wait for the 3rd one to come out in oct!
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