Jun 27 2012 8:16am

What’s Your Romance Novel Tipping Point?

You haven’t read the author before, but you saw the cover, and liked it. You read the blurb, and was intrigued.

But yet, you didn’t buy it.

And then, at some point, you make the decision to try it, even though you haven’t read the author, or don’t read in the genre, or you’ve already spent your book allowance this month.

What puts you over the edge from wanting a book to going ahead and plunking your money down for it?

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
I've become stingy in my old age. It's all about the recommendation from somebody I trust. I have go-to reviewers that can 'make' me buy a book by a new-to-me author. The thing is, some have such different tastes from me that if they hate it, I buy it. Others do share reading sensibilities with me and if they recommend it I'll give in and buy it.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@bungluna: For me, it's repetition--if I see a book mentioned that sounds good, then I see someone else mention it, then I see someone whose taste I trust recommending it, I get it.
Lucy D
3. Lucy D
If I don't know the author at all, but the book sounds good, I will check the usual sites: goodreads, amazon, B&N and see how many people recommend it. I also like reading a longer synopsis of the book (one without spoilers) so I have a better idea if it would be my type of book. Sometimes if 50 people give it 5 stars, and 2 give it only 1, I jump to those few negatives to see what is so objectionable.
Carmen Pinzon
4. bungluna
I find negative reviews more helpfull than the raving gushing ones. I get a better sense of the book and if it's going to push any of my buttons.
Lucy D
5. Rose In RoseBear
@bunglunga: I go on recommendations, mostly from H&H. After all, this is where I discovered paranormal romances (J. R. Ward, Patricia Briggs, et al), and Grace Burrowes, and Courtney Milan, and Kallypso Masters, and any number of authors I would probably have never spent money on so willingly.

Also, my Kindles encourage me to take chances on new authors ... I don't feel so guilty when I'm only spending $3 for a whole book.
Carmen Pinzon
6. bungluna
@Rose - I do have simatico people who enjoy the same things I do who's recommendations I take blindly. However, I've found that negative recommendations in sites like Amazon and Goodreads are much better for finding out if a book is going to be enjoyable or push one of my buttons.
Lucy D
7. Jacqueline DeGroot
If I get the sense that the author has done something in a unique way, I'm intrigued. I'm always looking for a fresh spin on one of my favorite themes. If it sounds edgy with angst, that's even better. Megan, I have been reading your posts for months, but had a self-imposed restriction about replying until I got my book out. But I wanted you to know I loved your posts on Gateway Books, Epilogues--Yea or Nay, Rules in the Romance Covenant, and Most Romantic Film Ever.
Megan Frampton
8. MFrampton
@Jacqueline DeGroot: Thanks for commenting, Jacqueline! Congrats on getting your book out, too.
Elizabeth Halliday
9. Ibbitts
I don't much care about book covers and I don't read the blurb on the book jacket in the book store. Most of the new authors I try are those reccommended by authors I already read and like, Kay & Kim (my favorite referance desk Librarians) and other friends who know my tastes, and from communities like H&H. Then I'll do some research on those suggested. That's how I found Christine Feehan, Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick/Jayne Castle, Darynda Jones, and, most recently, Caris Roane.
Lucy D
10. jsmom2
@Rose in RoseBear I'm with you about recommendations from H & H. I found Stacia Kane and Lauren Dane here and I get boatloads for my TBR from the comments. My thing is I'm a library girl. I only buy keepers that I already know I love, especially as we hit the $10-12 range per paperback. But when I love them, I buy them consistently.

I find individual tastes to be so different that I avoid reviews like the plague. I don't write them and I don't read them; in the past some of them have been so unkind to writers that they have completely turned me off.

@Ibbits - I pay attention to recommendations from authors I like, too. I also check out new author's websites.
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