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The Romance in Burn Notice: Michael and Fiona are Perfectly Imperfect Together

Burn Notice Season 6 posterFor those who don’t watch USA’s Burn Notice, the premise of it is the story of a CIA operative (a spy!) who has been “burned,” meaning the CIA has sent out a burn notice on the agent, claiming they are unreliable. The newly-burned spy is entirely off the grid, without work history, money, or any kind of support network—essentially a nonentity.

Burn Notice’s lead Michael Westen is stuck in Miami, with few allies. One being an ex-girlfriend, Fiona Glenanne. It’s obvious from the start, however, that their relationship isn’t quite finished.

Michael and Fiona are two of my favorite characters on television. Michael is a total badass, but aside from that, I might like him because he’s canon. Fiona, on the other hand, is how I wish every heroine (or heck, female character in every book) would be like: She’s smart, incredibly capable, and self-sufficient.

Fiona in Burn NoticeI think that’s why her determination to be with Michael is so believable, rendered even more so because their relationship has been rocky. We’re going into the season six, and Michael and Fiona only were really solidly in a relationship in season five.

There were a few times throughout the history of the show where Fiona was dating someone else. And good for her. Michael was unavailable, and she was living her life. (He obviously hated seeing her with other guys. That was also fun. :D) What makes it work too is that Fiona wasn’t dating to make Michael jealous. She’s mature and reasonable.

They’re both perfect and horrible for each other, and the show appears to be phasing out the “horrible” part. Both the characters are very complicated with a lot of baggage, so it’d make sense they have to work for a relationship. Thinking you’ve lost the love of your life is also a kick in the pants.

Michael WestenBurn Notice is how I wish more Romantic Suspense novels were written—maybe not how long it takes, but the natural progression, and manifestation of it. Michael and Fee have their tender moments, at times that make sense.

Both Michael and Fiona are great apart. But they’re even better together. They complement each other, and work well together. Fiona flies off the handle and has a bleeding heart, for certain things, whereas Michael has a more level head. But Fiona keeps Michael grounded, and from obsessing over his being burned.

My girl crush on Fiona is a big part of why I want Michael and Fiona to have their happily ever after. She deserves it. Fiona kicks ass. She is an equal and integral part to the team. And she’s scary. (No, really. She’s super gun happy. I would never want to be on her bad side. She’s also a whiz with explosives.) Fiona also doesn’t run off and get herself into scrapes where everyone else has to come and save her. (At least no more than the other characters on the show.)

Burn Notice cast Season 6Obviously the show itself isn’t billed as a romantic suspense. (Or any kind of romance. Gasp! The horror! All the boys would lose their man cards and the testosterone would leech right out of them!) But it’s there.

So do you watch Burn Notice? Will you? Do you watch any shows and root for the characters, hoping they’ll get together? Have any examples?

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Haven't watched this show in a few years, but I always liked the relationship between Michael and Fiona, and Fiona, in particular, is a total badass, I agree. Gabrielle Anwar is a lot of fun in the role, even if she'll always be the young Sonora in Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken to me (still love that movie...need to watch it again).
Lime Cello
2. Limecello
@redline_ I've never seen Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken :X everything I've heard about Gabrielle Anwar makes me like her more though. Did you know when she was on the cast of Tudors she'd go in during her free time to help sew costumes?!
Also you have to go back to Burn Notice! So many developments, especially the relationship between Michael and Fee. And it's so crazy and awesome!
3. DameReady
I heart this show. The saga of Fiona and Michael is what keeps me coming back...along with the car chases, the explosions, and the supporting characters of Maddie and Sam. However, I am still unconvinced of the necessity of the Jesse character. Also, as clever as Anson has been, hehas never convinced me of his big baddie status. It feels like a shift needs to happen with the show.
4. Karen H in NC
I love, love, love this program. I've watched every episode from day 1 and wouldn't miss it. That said, I haven't watched the season 6 premiere yet. Recorded it so I'll watch it tonight. I love watching the growth of Maddie. She's a hoot! I've always loved watching the interaction between Fee and Michael and how they both fought the exploding chemistry between them. They went through a bitter breakup previously and I think both were a bit 'gun-shy' so to speak. Then of course, Fee really wanted Michael to just step away and leave his obsession with recovering his CIA status. Just a great show all around.
5. SassyT
I also love this show. It kind of has the same feel as MacGuyver (in terms of Michael doing voice-overs about how to make this kind of bomb or how to play a mark..etc...very useful if I'm ever in that kind of I agree that Fiona is fierce. She runs around blowing things up and shooting folks in 5 inch heels and dresses for goodness sakes and never seems to break a sweat (it is Miami...heat heat heat). I'd have to say though my favorite character is Sam. Sam it a total lush but he comes through when necessary. As a whole, they do a really good job of keeping it moving. I will admit to getting a bit tired of all the baddies keeping Michael from moving on and going back to the CIA full time (Yeah, I know he's back but he's not really back until he clears out all the riff-raff who had anything to do with him being burned). But I guess if he every truly gets free that would end the show. Jesse I adore simply for the fact that he's hot and I've been a fan of Kobe Bell for years (since he played a cop on Third Watch).
Lime Cello
6. Limecello
@DameReady I am SO WITH YOU on Anson. Ugh - how does he know everything and he's managed to put everything chaos for so long? Just... no. Nope. Can't stand him. It's ridiculous. Although with Jesse... I'm hoping they integrate him more. :D I do like him.

@Karen, I so agree with you! And I'm curious as to what you thought of the season premiere. I loved the line Fiona got at the end. :) It's also nice that Michael and Fee's relationship is clearly established and moving forward now.

@SassyT lol I admit, I like to pretend I'm picking up some of those super spy tactics as well. We can pretend, right? ;D And true on the sweat- though I think Gabrielle Anwar might just be too thin to sweat. Or one of those lucky women who don't really/look gorgeous if/when they do. Yay! Another Jesse fan! You're the only person who is with me on that. And Sam is one of my favorites. Him, and Fiona. Need them.
Elizabeth Halliday
7. Ibbitts
I have a list of favorite quotes. There are eight quotes on the list.
Only one comes from a television show:
"If something is too good to be true, it's best to shoot it. Just in case..."
- Fiona Glenanne
Lime Cello
8. Limecello
@Ibbitts that is a FANTASTIC line! Oh my gosh I'd forgotten that ... I should re-watch the series. :D I wonder if it's streaming on Prime...
Jennifer Proffitt
9. JenniferProffitt
@limecello, I'm not sure about Prime, but it's on Netflix, I think!
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