Jun 19 2012 8:28am

The Best Filmed Version of Romance Novels?

It’s impossible to go a day without hearing mention of one celebrity or another wanting (or not wanting) to play the lead in the filmed version of Fifty Shades of Grey. It’ll be interesting to see the final result, given the necessity to (likely) keep the film R-rated. We’re sceptical, to say the least.

Which raises the question: What film versions of romance novels surprised you with how good they were?

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Cristina P
1. krissapl
I love the BBC miniseries. Pride and Prejudice (1995), Jane Eyre... loved those adaptations. Colin Firth will always be THE Mr Darcy for me :)
Darlene Marshall
2. DarleneMarshall
The BBC 1983 Timothy Dalton/Zelah Clarke "Jane Eyre" was the only adaptation I've really enjoyed. First, 'cause I had a major crush on Dalton and second, because Clarke was not beautiful, but was much more like Jane in the novel.

None of the adaptations of P&P have met my expectations, but the Colin Firth one is easy on the eyes.
Ginny Doremus
3. FaeRhi
Princess Bride, What Dreams May Come True, Tribute (by Nora Roberts --- Midnight Bayou turned out just awful!!), Stardust, Wuthering Hights, The Englosh Patient, One Day, Sense & Sensibility, Gone with the Wind.
Ginny Doremus
4. FaeRhi
As clarification, I haven't seen the BBC version of Jane Eyre but I absolutely love Michael Fassbender as Mr. Rochester. He does it well.
But yes, Colin Firth will always be Mr. Darcy... I just like Rochester better.
5. aby
I loved the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice. I also absolutely love A Room With A View with Julian Sands. Perfection.
6. Maili
The best: 'The Outsider' by Penelope Williamson and its 2002 TV film adaptation starring Tim Daly and Naomi Watts. Hands down.
7. brontëgirl
Except for a couple of odd changes, one of which did a disservice to the title character, the BBC '83 adaptation of Jane Eyre is also to be commended for its accuracy.
Do plays count? The Brett/Lapotaire version of The Barretts of Wimpole Street is very good.
Brie Clementine
8. Brie.Clem
Oh my, the BBC's North & South miniseries was fantastic. Of course, Richard Armitage makes anything fantastic. He even looks hot as Thorin!
Rakisha Kearns-White
9. BrooklynShoeBabe
2011's Jane Eyre;
The English Patient;
A Walk to Remember; and
Bridges of Madison County.
Barbara Bauschka
12. njoireading
Somewhere in Time - Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour
Sharlene Wegner
13. Sharlene Wegner
I liked the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice. I also liked Sense & Sensibility with Emma Thompson & Hugh Grant and Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow & Jeremy Northam.
14. Ast
Practical Magic, much better and more romantic movie than book. Same with Chocolat
Jennifer Proffitt
15. JenniferProffitt
Okay, Jane Eyre is one of my all time favorite books. Anyway, once I saw the Fassbender adaptation I wasn't impressed with how much they had to cut out (yes, yes, I know, that's always the complaint) and I felt the relationship between Rochester and Jane was way too quickly developed.
Also, The Fassbend-me-over looked like this:

Instead of like this:
Jennifer Proffitt
16. JenniferProffitt
Ooh, also from a YA perspective I have a guilty pleasure and LOVE How to Deal, the Mandy Moore movie based on two Sarah Dessen novels.
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