Jun 2 2012 11:00am

Summer Lovin’: June 2012 TV Premieres, Part 1

Longmire: Katee Sackhoff on TV again? Sign us up!Time was when summer TV meant reruns and sporting events—and sometimes even reruns of sporting events. But nowadays, there’s original programming to fill those long, dog days, some of it even eminently watchable and most of it coming to us from our friends in basic and premium cable. Here, a heads up on June’s forthcoming premieres, some of them offering up the birth of brand new series, others returning favorites back for another (non-ratings) season.

Such as:

Series Premiere: Sunday, June 3

Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) is an intense small town Wyoming sheriff with a deep voice, a thirst for justice and, if at least one trailer is to be believed, a love of Robert Frost, assisted in his investigations of grizzly murders in the backwoods by recent big city import Deputy Victoria Moretti (Katee Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica). Based on the mystery novels by Craig Johnson and costarring Bailey Chase (Buffy), Cassidy Freeman (Smallville), Lou Diamond Phillips (you know him) and A. Martinez (yes, Cruz from Santa Barbara!), Longmire looks set to be Justified meets McCloud meets In the Heat of the Night, all set amid a backdrop of bleak, but breath-taking, mountain scenery.

Where’s the love? Longmire seems too stalwart and laconic a figure to have much truck with such things, but if Sackhoff’s Moretti doesn’t find herself a love interest by the end of the first episode, a huge opportunity will have been sorely missed.

Reason to tune in: Are you kidding? Katee Sackhoff!

Teen Wolf: We’re okay with a slightly hairy guy, as long as it’s only once a month!Teen Wolf
Season 2 Premiere: Sunday, June 3

Loosely based on the 1985 movie, Teen Wolf sees high school nobody Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) bitten by a werewolf…after which he’s suddenly really good at lacrosse. His snarky best friend Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and disdainful local werewolf Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) always knew the truth, and by the end of Season 1 new girl in town Allison (Crystal Reed)—scion of a werewolf hunting clan, naturally—and assorted other photogenic teens are all clued in too. Scooby Gang, assemble!

Where’s the love? Scott and Allison are our “will-they/won’t-they” couple of record, but for many the interest is in cutie-pie Stiles and beauteous local teen bitch queen Lydia (Holland Roden)…who, as of the end of Season 1, is some kind of magical now, too.

Reason to tune in: Not as witty as Buffy or as sexy as The Vampire Diaries, this is nevertheless a surprisingly well-done teen paranormal series. Obsess-worthy? No. But worth an hour of your Sunday night? Sure.

The Glades: The weather’s not the only thing that’s hot!The Glades
Season 3 Premiere: Sunday, June 3

Chicago detective Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore) headed south to Florida after an altercation with his boss; expecting to enjoy a quiet life in a balmier clime, instead he finds himself investigating myriad unspeakable crime, all the while pissing off the locals—and, occasionally, us—with his cocky urbanity. He does solve the crimes, though.

Where’s the love? Longworth has it bad for nurse/med student/supermom Callie (Kiele Sanchez)—and the main stumbling block to their union, her long-incarcerated husband, just entered Witness Protection at the end of Season 2. Hmm…

Reason to tune in: Parsons is an engaging leading man and the writing on this series, while sometimes Crime Procedural 101, is generally very sharp. Also, how pretty is Florida?

Franklin & Bash: Witty comebacks+Mark-Paul Gosselaar=HilarityFranklin and Bash
Season 2 Premiere: Tuesday, June 5

Jared Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Peter Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) are a couple of charming overgrown frat boys with their own ambulance-chasing law practice who are invited to join the prestigious firm of Infield Daniels by its eccentric senior partner (Malcolm McDowell) and thence bring all kinds of laddish hijinks into its rarefied chambers—much to the disgust of office golden boy and Franklin/Bash hater Damien (Reed Diamond). With the aid of their quirky assistants, a party every night and some deep, deep bromancing, Franklin and Bash manage to do the right thing in the most unconventional of ways—both in and out of the hot tub.

Where’s the love? The diminutive Franklin is sometimes permitted to touch their lovely and statuesque colleague Hanna (Garcelle Beauvais), while Bash is still oddly attached to his former girlfriend Janie (Claire Coffee), who is kind of a bitch—or, on the other hand, is utterly justified in her jealousy of the Franklin/Bash bond.

Reason to tune in: The deep, deep bromancing.

Jane By Design: If nothing else, watch this show for the clothes!Jane by Design
ABC Family
Season 1 Summer Premiere: Tuesday, June 5

Jane Quimby (Erica Dasher) was applying for a job as an intern at sleek fashion house Donovan Decker when she was mistaken for a college grad and given the job as assistant to world-travelling buyer Gray (Andie MacDowell). With her parents gone and her older brother (David Clayton Rogers) barely making ends meet, Jane takes on a double life: high school loser by day, fresh-faced fashion factotum by…well, also day. Yes, it’s a stretch.

Where’s the love? Jane caught the eye of handsome young designer Jeremy (Rowly Dennis) early on, but her heart really belongs to BMOC Nick (Matthew Atkinson), who by the mid-season break even seemed to be showing signs of interest in her. Elsewhere, Jane’s disloyal best-friend Billy (Nick Roux) is dating her high school nemesis Lulu (Meagan Tandy), and…oh, who even cares?

Reason to tune in: It’s The Devil Wears Prada meets Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, and could easily have been a misadventure penned for the Wakefield twins and then rejected as too improbable. Only tune in if you can get past all of that. Or you’re twelve. Or you put it on mute and just look at the pretty, pretty dresses.

Pretty Little Liars: Their pretty little lies are revealed!Pretty Little Liars
ABC Family
Season 3 Premiere: Tuesday, June 5

Based on the series of novels by Sara Shepherd and featuring a parade of some of the hottest parents ever to hit prime time, this Desperate Housewives, Jr. is a huge hit for ABC Family—as much as that’s worth. One year pre-show, diabolical teen Alison (Sasha Pieterse) disappeared. Now, her former minions—uptight Spencer (Troian Bellisario), flirtatious Hanna (Ashley Benson), quirky Aria (Lucy Hale) and jock Emily (Shay Mitchell)—find themselves blackmailed via text by a mysterious, seemingly omniscient figure known only as “A,” who seems to know all of their deepest secrets. But A is not Alison! She’s dead. Turns out, as we learned at the end of Season 2, it was Old Man Withers in a mask. Okay, no, it wasn’t. But it was an only slightly less obvious reveal.

Where’s the love? Aria’s having a fling with her teacher. Hanna dated one guy, “did it” with another, and is her best guy friend’s ultimate fantasy date. Spencer has seduced a good number of her older sister’s boyfriends, as well as assorted other victims of “A”. Emily’s a lesbian (well, she is good at sports, after all) who was in love with Alison and has hooked up with the girl next door. And let’s not even get started on the parental shenanigans…

Reason to tune in: You find Gossip Girl too highbrow.

Rizzoli and Isles: So I shot your biological father, that’s okay, right?Rizzoli and Isles
Season 3 Premiere: Tuesday, June 5

Based on the novels by Tess Gerritson, this series sees Boston’s own Detective Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) and Dr. Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander) solve sundry murder cases with the aid of moxie and medical apparatus, while also dealing with complicated family lives—one’s the daughter of an interfering mother (Lorraine Bracco), the other the natural daughter of a career criminal (John Doman)—and somehow maintaining the sheen on their glorious, silken tresses. Isles’s eidetic memory and inclination towards both extreme nerdery and expensive footwear tend to prey on Rizzoli—which is only fair, since in the last episode of Season 2, Rizzoli shot Isles’s father, the kind of thing that is bound to test a friendship, you know.

Where’s the love? Jane’s had a few flings, including most recently a rekindled interest in an FBI Agent (Billy Burke), who was really responsible for the Maura’s-Dad-shooting, so we may not be seeing him around too much anymore. Maura’s most interesting dalliance of note, meanwhile, is with Jane’s roguish younger brother, Tommy (Colin Egglesfield).

Reason to tune in: Sasha Alexander is luminous and simply impossible not to like, Angie Harmon is gorgeous and pulls of tomboy admirably, and the interplay between them both is some of the most enjoyable in crime TV. Also, Lee Thompson Young as Rizzoli’s partner Frost is just the right combination of hot and sass that enables him to steal most every scene he’s in.

Necessary Roughness: One night stands have never worked out this well...Necessary Roughness
Season 2 Premiere: Wednesday, June 6

Recently-separated therapist Dr. Dani Santino (Callie Thorne) has a one night stand with a trainer for fictional Long Island-based NFL team the New York Falcons, and before long became embroiled in the affairs of their troublesome star player Terrence “T.K.” King (Mehcad Brooks), along with various other sporting luminaries, all the while trying to keep her obnoxious teenage kids out of jail and a roof over their heads.

Where’s the love? The aforementioned trainer, played delightfully by Marc “Riley Finn” Blucas, has finally won his way back into Dani’s bed, but don’t discount the potential of team “fixer”, the enigmatic Nico, played with consummate cool by Scott “Max Medina” Cohen.

Reason to tune in: Anyone who saw Callie Thorne’s turn as an assassin on USA’s Burn Notice must surely have realized someone that watchable deserved her own series. And even if you’re not into sports, Dani’s dry wit and problematic home life make for a fun time, as do her tough-love therapy sessions.

Royal Pains: Mark Feuerstein, where have you been all our lives!Royal Pains
Season 4 Premiere: Wednesday,    June 6

Dr. Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein) reluctantly became doctor/confidante/nanny to the wealthy and the very wealthy after politics—and a dead rich guy—lost him his job in New York. So now he lives in the Hamptons, CEO of HankMed, assisted by his feckless brother Evan (Paulo Costanzo) and the recently-emancipated-from-an-arranged-marriage Divya (Reshma Shetty), treating the ills, imagined and real, of the summer community’s elite, while also putting in time at the local free clinic, because, obviously.

Where’s the love? Hank and hospital administrator Jill (Jill Flint) can only be described as on again/off again—which is fun, but exhausting—and Evan has just proposed to his tiresome girlfriend, Paige (Brooke D’Orsay), though many shippers would rather see the stunningly beautiful Divya in the role of his betrothed, and rightly so.

Reason to tune in: Mark Feuerstein is awesome and should be in more stuff.

Saving HopeSaving Hope
Series Premiere: Thursday, June 7

Top Toronto surgeon Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks) finds himself in a coma after a car crash. Doomed to haunt the halls of the hospital at which he is Chief, and in which he now lies unconscious, Charlie can only be seen by the dead—and those close to it—and yet still manages to save lives. He’s just that good.

Where’s the love? Charlie has a fiancée in the shapely shape of fellow surgeon Alex, played by Erica Durance, of Smallville fame.

Reason to tune in: For any Stargate SG-1 fan, the words “Michael” and “Shanks” in such close proximity can only make this show a must-see. (Daniel Jackson and Lois Lane? Talk about geek royalty!) For everyone else: dude. Michael Shanks. He’s really, really great. This one is definitely worth a look.


Rachel Hyland is Editor in Chief of Geek Speak Magazine.

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
Thank you for the roundup. It's getting to where I enjoy the summer tv season more than the regular network one.
Karen H in NC
2. Karen H in NC
There are so many fantastic programs on USA and TNT now, it's amazing. While not summer replacement programs, two that are great fun and not on your list is Fairly Legal and a new one Common Law (2 cops can't seem to get along so their boss places them in couples therapy). Both programs are so funny, I giggle just thinking about them. AND you forgot Burn Notice coming back for season 6 on USA on June 14 @ 9 PM followed by SUITS, same day @ 10PM. Also returning on USA is Colvert Affairs on 7-10 @ 10PM.
Rachel Hyland
3. RachelHyland
@ bunglunga

Yes, me too! Well... it's at least on a par.

@ Karen H in NC

Didn't forget Burn Notice, Suits or Covert Affairs! This is merely Part 1 of the guide, as you might have noted, and only brings us up to the end of the first week of June--yes, there are JUST THAT MANY summer shows. Part 2 is, as mentioned above, forthcoming.

And yes, love Fairly Legal (am so shipping Kate and Ben hardcore right now), and am quite enjoying Common Law thus far (Michael Ealy is capital-D Dreamy, and where the heck has Warren Kole been all my life?) but as you said, they're not precisely summer shows and so don't quite make this list.

Meanwhile, it sounds like you have just about as many hours logged in front of the USA Network as I have. Maybe we should think about entering some kind of therapy, too...
Karen H in NC
4. Kathrin P.
Love the roundups, but one quick thingamajig... I believe the leading actor in The Glades is Matt Passmore, not Matt Parsons :)
Rachel Hyland
5. RachelHyland
Thanks Kathrin, yes, you're absolutely right! An unforgivable mistake on my part, especially since he is a fellow Australian. My only defense is that the show hasn't been on air for MONTHS. I'm quite excited to have it back, actually...
7. wsl0612
Love Teen Wolf, it's really very good, better than I expected from MTV. (I have low expectations for the network that started the hideous reality programming craze)
Wait, is that Daniel Gillies (ELIJAH!) that I see in the promo pic for Saving Hope? If he's on the regular cast then say no more, I'll tune in!!
Stephanie Treanor
8. Streanor
Total Nerd Moment right now.. i'm going to throw in ABC Family's Melissa and Joey.

Its such a cute show. Throw back to the 80s/90s sitcoms like the Nanny, Who's the Boss, etc.

Simply fun to watch and Joey is almost always showing off his impressive biceps in every episode.
Heather Waters
9. HeatherWaters
Awesome post, Rachel, thanks! I'll be watching Longmire for Katee Sackhoff and you've got me intrigued by Saving Hope, so I'll check that out too.

I didn't watch Gilmore Girls consistently, though I enjoyed it when it was on, but I think I'm going to check out Bunheads too... Have you seen the pilot for that yet?

Looking forward to Part 2 of this!
Rachel Hyland
10. RachelHyland
@ wsl0612

Yep, Elijah! Not quite up there in the geek pantheon with Daniel Jackson and Lois Lane, but still, definitely noteworthy. I am so looking forward to Saving Hope!

@ Streanor

You know, I contemplated including M&J, but as it came back at the very end of May I decided it didn't quite fit here. Still, I am very fond of it, ridiculously so, even -- enough that I am kind of half-considering a post dedicated it, or at least to its general trope. Have you seen the latest episode yet? More Mel and Joe backbiting, acting as though the first season finale never happened...

@ redline_

Saw the pilot, loved the pilot, and am very much looking forward to this one airing. (More on that in Part 2!)

And you should totally watch Gilmore Girls. In fact, everyone should!
Stephanie Treanor
11. Streanor
@ redline I'm so upset i missed this! I had it scheduled in my phone! I'm going to have to try to find Longmire online. I nearly fell out of my chair when i found out Katee was in another show. I miss her so much!

@ RachelHyland You should so do a trope tv couple post. I'm a huge fan! My all time favorite has to be Moonlighting hands down. Nothing beats that angst and bickering passion between two opposites who help to make one another better people without realizing it UGH swoon. Let me know if you need suggestions ;) Oh and yes M&J carried on as if nothing happened. Which was smart because Melissa ends up not taking Joey to the Governers Ball where they reasoned it would be unprofessional.. but Next episode i'm pretty sure Joey is topless. I'll be watching!!
Heather Waters
12. HeatherWaters
@Streanor -- It's online at A&E's site, I believe. :) I know, soooo exciting that she's back on TV!
Karen H in NC
14. Karen H in NC
Thanks for the info about Saving Hope. I saw the promos on TV but didn't really pay that much attention to it until the discussions here. Just another thing I love about this can learn about so much more than books here! Looking forward to Part II. And Part III (August) for HELL ON WHEELS back on 8/23 @ 9PM

OT Question: How and where are winners of the giveaways listed? I don't think I've ever seen a winner's name after one of the giveaways. Just wondering. Sometimes I need to be led by the hand out of the dark!
Heather Waters
15. HeatherWaters
@Karen H in NC -- So glad you're enjoying the site; thank you for letting us know!

Regarding giveaway winners, we don't normally post the names on the site, but you can send a self-addressed stamped envelope to us after each sweepstakes and we'll send you the list of winners. (For more info, check out the official rules of one of our sweepstakes.) Though maybe we should start a post just for sweepstakes's definitely something for us to consider. Thanks for your question!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
16. Kiersten
I LOVE that you name check Cruz for A Martinez!!!! Every single time I see him in a show, I automatically shout "Cruz!".

I'm dialed into Teen Wolf for the moment - caught the last few eps of the S1 marathon on Sunday & then the 2 part S2 premiere. Definitely has good potential. I've grown a little weary of the same ole same ole on the USA shows - tho mad love for Feurstein, Royal Pains is a royal pain in my tuchus (Divya rocks; the brother, considerably less so). Ditto Callie Throne. Oy, the earnest! But I dig that we have summer programming now and not relentless reruns.

I loved The Glades initially, but the UST bores me now. I'd love to see someone fresh turn Matt Passmore's head in that show (he is loverly). But when a show's episode sits on my DVR unwatched for 2 weeks, it's time to cancel the season pass.

Holding off on other thougths till "part two" post! ;-)
Karen H in NC
17. SassyT
I watch all the adult shows on that list (no offense to Teen Wolf and crew) although the way the guys act on Franklin & Bash maybe not so adult. I thought the first epi of Longmire was good (didn't know Wyoming had that much drama). I will continue to watch it. I didn't see A Martinez on there so I was pleasantly surprised when you said he was. I guess he'll show up later in the series. The Glades is one of my guilty pleasures. I really like that show. Glad it's back. Saving Hope sounds interesting (I hope it's not like A Good Man...although I liked that show too but it's been cancelled so I'm hoping this show doesn't follow suit). Who doesn't love Daniel Jackson (that's Michael Shanks character on SG-1 for those non-geeky folks)? I'll anxiously await part 2 before jumping in with all the other shows I love (Chuck Finly...paging Chuck've missed Sam Axe.)
Karen H in NC
18. DianeN
No love for Falling Skies, which returns to TNT on June 19? The first season was great! I particularly loved its breakout character, Pike, played by Colin Cunningham. I had the pleasure of meeting Colin a few years ago at a con (yep, card-carrying sci fi geek here) and he's charming, funny and extremely hot!
Rachel Hyland
19. RachelHyland
@ Kiersten

Yep, A. Martinez is Cruz for life. Him and Eden, Luke and Laura, Patch and Kayla, Ridge and Brooke/Taylor -- soap's true power couples, long may they be remembered.

Re: USA shows. I can see how the consistent quirkiness of their concepts and leads -- OCD detective, fake psychic detective, former con-man detective, former spy detective, plus the occasional unconventional doctor/detective and lawyer/detective-- could make one cry same-old-same-old. Me, I love it! In fact, if forced to choose only one network to watch, USA would probably be it for me. (Sorry, CW! Ever since you cancelled The Secret Circle, you're in my black books.)

@ SassyT

I quite enjoyed Longmire too, and indeed, the boys of Franklin and Bash are total adolescents, but in a really fun way. That show came as such a surprise to me; I had zero expectations going in, but in the end it became something of a highlight of last summer's original programming.

(Summer Lovin': Part 2 is up, and yes, Burn Notice is in there.)

@ DianeN

Much love for Falling Skies! In fact, it was without a doubt my favorite of all the shows to debut last year, and I am very excited for its return. I mean, I've been stalking this show at the TNT website for months! And, yeah, Colin Cunningham's Pope -- what a scene-stealer. This and more will be covered in Summer Lovin': Part 3, coming next week.
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