Jun 8 2012 8:28am

Strong Female Protagonists: Who’s The Strongest?

Prometheus, a sort-of Alien prequel, opens today to the satisfaction of Fassbender and science fiction film fans everywhere.

But when the first Alien film was released in 1979, a strong female lead character—in this case Ripley as played by Sigourney Weaver—was almost as rare as...well, as it is today.

Which female lead characters, in book, TV, or film, do you think are the strongest?

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
Posed the question on Twitter, and a few people have offered Ripley (above) and Eve Dallas from the In Death series.

In romance novels, I'd offer Xhex from the BDB.
Christopher Morgan
2. cmorgan
Ripley, hands down the best, even Momma Weasley uses her line in the Battle for Hogwarts. But Sarah Conner, Vin from Mistborn, I really want to say Female Commander Shepherd from Mass Effect, yeah it's a video game, but the thing is cinemtic in scope and mighty-fine story telling, Eowyn, I'm drawing a blank on further ones. But this is by far one of the best scenes in an action movie, no contest.
Annie Quinty
3. Annie Quinty
Definitely Eve Dallas!
Lege Artis
4. LegeArtis
Kate Daniels, Lisbeth Salander,Smokey Barret, Sirantha Jax. Uma Thurman's Bride from Kill Bill, Geena Davis's Charly from Long Kiss Goodnight are the first that come in mind...
Annie Quinty
5. Dragon47
Buffy, Eve Dallas, Sarah Connor, Starbuck from the new BSG and Bridget Fonda's character in "Point of No Return"
Annie Quinty
6. Sabrina Garie
Hi there,

I did an A to Z on strong female protagonists in scifi and fantasy in the April A to Z blog challenge. With the help of the blogosphere came up with a ripping list. I must add my goal as a writer is to write strong as nails female protagonists.

My personal favorites are all the women from Firefly, Seven of Nine, Eowyn (I am no Man line clinches it), Emma Peel from the Avengers, Red Sonja (comics and books, not the movie) and Xena. And now I would add Black Widow, the Avengers did a good job with her.

Full list is here:
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