Jun 26 2012 9:02am

Romance Novel Olympics: What’s Your Sport?

The Summer Olympics begin July 27th, and athletes are preparing and stretching and training for their big events.

There are very few of us who could even think about competing in the Olympics. But what if there was a Romance Novel Olympics? What would your sport be?

The ability to remember the names of all the heroes and heroines? To list, in order, a multi-book series? To read three books simultaneously without confusing the plots?

What’s your Romance Novel Olympic Sport?

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Hell Cat
1. Hell Cat
I would definitely be in a category for simultaneously remembering multiple books without forgetting characters/plots of the books. I consider this impressive, especially if they're in the same genre and I'm also doing extensive research for papers, too. I'd get a sound Bronze, I'm sure. (I'm not a very big overachiever, so long as I get some medal.)
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
It's hard to say what mine would be--I think I'd be an all-around competitor, since I read in so many genres. I could hold my own in historical, PNR/UF, for sure, and could do at least represent in contemporary and erotica.
I also read in non-romance, specifically SF/F and mystery, so I could dip my toe outside the romance waters for a chance at a medal, too.
3. wsl0612
I think I'd excel in the category of being able to re-read the same books over and over again without remembering titles, names, plots, LOL!! I have to keep lists of the books I've read otherwise I'd end up buying them again and again.
Hell Cat
4. TracyS
Mine would definitely be the ability to read/listen to (in the car) multiple books simultaneously without confusing the plots.
Carmen Pinzon
5. bungluna
I think I could score a gold in rememberind all the details of the series I follow. It's embarrasing how many details and how many plot points I do recall, but then, I could probably place in the re-reading category, so that sort-of explains it: I've memorized 'em!
Alexandra W
6. parasolprotectorate
Naming the titles in a series in order, possibly? I can pretty much name all the In Death books in chronological order and it's got to be one of the longest series I've read/am still reading. But there's no way that I could remember what happens in every single book without muddling everything up.
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