Jun 13 2012 9:23am

Recommended If You Like...

You know how, when you glom an author, you want to find more books written in a similar style? But you’ve already read everything that author has written?

And a reading pal will say, “Try So-and-So, her books are a lot like New Favorite Author’s.” Sometimes you find a new New Favorite Author, and sometimes the recommendation is a bust. But if you keep at it, and trying new authors, chances are you’ll find something that satisfies your reading craving.

So—what authors have you read everything by, but you’d like more of the same (but from a different author)?

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1. wsl0612
Julia Quinn
Larissa Ione
Sabrina Jeffries
Kelley Armstrong
Meljean Brook
just to name a few :-)
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@wslo612--those are good! I'd love to find more authors who write like Meljean, definitely. She's probably the hardest one on the list to find a comparable author. Going off to think...
Carmen Pinzon
4. bungluna
Kathleen Gilles Seidel

I've read everything she's published, but when I try other 'women fiction' writers I find them lacking (Macomber comes to mind).
Samantha Ann King
5. lisaione
Jill Shalvis
Lauren Dane
Bella Andre
Beth Kery
Jamie Alden
Jo Davis
... and the list goes on and on.
Cristina P
6. krissapl
Julia Quinn
Lisa Kleypas
Courtney Milan
Susan E Phillips
Nalini Singh
Cherise Sinclair

Hey, how about doing a monthly/weekly feature on If you like this author, you'll like these authors? Just pick a popular author each time and pose the question to the H&H community.
Jessica O'Brien
7. JLOBrien
Lauren Dane
Maya Banks
Lorelei James
Lori Foster
Bella Andre

And I find it so strange that you have the cover for "Never Enough" in this post. That is the one book by Lauren Dane I have yet to read...but I have to get my hands on it soon. I have "Laid Open" on pre-order and I have chronological disorder. :)
Sarah Farr
8. sarahdf84
Ilona Andrews
Kresley Cole
Molly Harper
Richelle Mead
Cheryl King
9. fotofix
I love @krissapl 's idea! It would be an awesome resource. My favorite authors:
JR Ward
Kressley Cole
Gena Showalter
Sherilyn Kenyon
Christine Feehan
Shiloh Walker
Karen M Moning
Lara Adrian
Larissa Ione
Just to get started! LOL
Samantha Ann King
10. Rose In RoseBear
These are my latest New Favorite Authors. The ones marked with an asterisk are New New Favorites:

Meljean Brook
Grace Burrowes
Courtney Milan
Kallypso Masters

All but one of them I found right here on H&H!
Lindsay Beeson
11. lindsayb
Julia Quinn and Lisa Kleypas.. I like sweet/romantic but still totally sexy romance
12. wsl0612
I came back to this to see what's been posted and I totally second krissapl's idea!
Megan Frampton
13. MFrampton
Thanks for the input, guys! Yes, we'll be doing Recommended If You Like... type posts in the future.
After all, don't we all need to add MORE books to the TBR pile?!?
Cheryl King
14. fotofix
I had to come back and add to my list : Darynda Jones!
If you like Janet Evanovich you will LOVE Darynda Jones. Charley Davidson is who Stephanie Plum wants to when she grows up! I loved the first few SP books but they quickly became just more of the same, repeat after repeat. I just finished book 3 of the Charley Davidson books and they are what a true series should be. Each book builds and moves up to another level and the characters grow and change. I almost hate to compare Jones to Evanovich, because I think Jones ' writing is much, much better.
Samantha Ann King
15. Ryan1331
I need help! I just finished all of Jill Shalvis's books and all of Susan Mallery's books and I need a new author who is similar...please desperate need for a new series that I can fall in love with!
Samantha Ann King
16. smmoe1997
My current favorites are:
Patricia Briggs
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Nalini Singh
Cassandra Clare
Darynda Jones (@fotofix I found her the same way, my used bookstore owner recommended her since I was enjoying the Janet Evanovich books)

I'm trying to catch back up with Kim Harrison and Kelley Armstrong, but I'm always searching for new authors. I hate getting to the most recent book of series and realizing I'm going to have to wait for the next one.
Samantha Ann King
17. smmoe1997
@Ryan1331 - Is there a particular Susan Miller series you prefer? I really enjoy her Fool's Gold series. I would suggest giving Janet Chapman's Highlanders series a try. It has the same small town feel although there are supernatural elements that are very different from the Fool's Gold series.
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