Jun 29 2012 8:17am

Magic Mike Opens Today: Strippers in Films and Romance Novels

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for.

The day Magic Mike opens in theaters. Stripper movies are not new; there was Gilda, way back in 1946, starring Rita Hayworth. Gypsy starred Natalie Wood in 1962. More recently, there was Showgirls and Striptease, but perhaps the more left unsaid about those two the better.

(Meanwhile, strippers have figured in romance novels as heroines for awhile, such as in Marilyn Pappano’s Forbidden Stranger and Lori Foster’s Jordan. And there’s even been male strippers—Cullen, from Eileen Wilks’s Lupi series, who becomes the hero in Night Season, and the hero of Laura London’s Lightning that Lingers.)

The question is, however, will Magic Mike be along the lines of the Oscar-nominated The Full Monty? Or will it get relegated to a punchline, like Showgirls or Striptease?

But the better question is, when are you seeing Magic Mike?

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Darlene Marshall
1. DarleneMarshall
I've got a "girls' night out" scheduled for Thursday with some buds. Fireworks on the 4th, Magic Mike on the 5th, it's a holiday week!
Grace Sandvigen
2. Grace Sandvigen
Some of my mommy friends and I are seeing it tonight @ 7:30 as a girls nightg outing and hitting a nearby desseert and coffee house later. :) There are 9 of us going!

Do I even care if it's good? Plot? What stinking plot?

JOE IN A G STRNG. ::thud::
Grace Sandvigen
3. TammyE
Tonight with about 8 family and friends. Dinner first and then appreciating God's creation for a couple of hours!
Rakisha Kearns-White
4. BrooklynShoeBabe
I've got a date with one of my best buddies when my hubby gets home from work. The NY Times gave it a good review (critic's choice) but even if they called it the worst movie ever, I was going to see it. lol.
Megan Frampton
5. MFrampton
So...I saw it, and it's surprisingly good (surprisingly, because of course the advance press had it as being a male stripper movie--which it is, but that's not all it is).

I think Matthew MacConaughey was incredible, and Channing Tatum's performance was, to me, charming. Alex Pettyfer was very good, too--understated. The female leads were not nearly as good, I thought, but since the story wasn't about them, that didn't matter as much.
Rakisha Kearns-White
6. BrooklynShoeBabe
@MFrampton I thought Matthew was really good too as the flamboyant sexually ambigous (sp?) strip club owner. When he started playing the bongos, I fell over with laughter thinking about the time he got arrested for that. lol. I never really thought much of Channing's on screen abilities, but he was really funny and charming and charismatic on screen in this movie and that was during the non-dancing parts. (Well, done Mr. Tatum.) And although I'm old enough to have birthed Alex Pettyfer (forever known in my circles as Prettyfor), I thought he was sexy and did a great job of capturing that youthful, reckless idea of sexy.

At the end of the screaming screening I saw, the women in the audience actually booed the lead female character when her name showed up in the creits. She wasn't a bad actress, but her character kept bringing down the audience's fun. "Totally killing my man high."
Carmen Pinzon
7. bungluna
Thanks for the reviews. I'm eagerly awaiting y'all's opinion. Alas, I'm a dvd kind of gal; I hate theaters.
Stephanie Treanor
8. Streanor
i was honestly disappointed that this movie had a plot. I didnt think it really needed one.

I was one of the women booing the lead female character at the end of the movie and here is why:

SPOLIER!! ALERT! If you haven't seen the movie please stop reading beyond this point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off okay i get it, they wanted to try to make it a boogie nights film where there is some substance mixed with guilty pleasure. Yeah totally not needed for this film. The gyrating talents of the actors spoke for themselves.

Second okay we need a "voice of reason" in the film enter Brooke aka Cody Horn. This girl has ZERO personality, is not even remotely attractive, and has the body of a teenage boy. i spent half the movie trying to figure out why tatum had any interest in her. Was he that bored with his wild lifestyle that he needed debbie downer to bring him back to reality, yeah i dont think so. Magic Mike had a very good sense of reality and goals. He was more than just a stripper and proved it in the movie even before he gave all his money away to drug lords.

And the WORST part of all was that he gave it all up for HER! Please he's really good at what he does AND he can make a lot of money doing it THUS opening himself up to other opporunities. Just because one bank turns you down for a loan doesnt mean its the end of the world! Go back on that stage and wait for the economy to pick up. Put some more bills away like you were doing and your dreams of owning your own buisness will come true!

As for having a 'significant other' TATUM IS MARRIED!! Hello he did this movie all the while still staying together with his wifey.. i'm sure you could have found a more lively and understanding girlfriend who could support this career choice. i know about oh a thousand or so women who after watching this movie would have no problem if Magic Mike wanted to continue doing what he does best.
Christopher Morgan
9. cmorgan

I'm more in your boat. While I absolutley LOVED MacConaughey, mostly because that is how I like to picture him in his day to day. I couldn't help but feel sorry for Tatum's character. Not only did he have zero chemisty with the female lead, but everyone just kept ragging on him. And the plot let me down a few times.


The bank rejecting him because of no credit was so stupid. 1) If he is not wanting to come off as a drug dealer, why is he using a wall safe. 2) Why do you not have a bank account with that bank and just rolling in with a Mob Wad of bills. 3) How do you have two cars and an apartment if you have a low credit score? You can't be dealing 100% under the table. Especially on that truck. 4) Just get a damn credit card from your bank and pay it off every month, would help that credit score and you know you can make payments. grumble grumble

I was slightly mad that they hinted at the love interest having a wilder side only to completly ignore it for the rest of the movie. Oh you have a couple of tatoos? That means you weren't always boring, but oh well, I'm going to go do drugs with your brother while you have some weird long term relationship thing that you are going to get out of for no reason.
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