Jun 19 2012 11:48am

Lost Girl Season 2, Episode 9 Recap: Succubus Switcheroo

Kenzi in Lost Girl

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Upstairs at Hilton Hovel (drink!), Kenzi struts into Bo’s bedroom, mid-orgasm over her new shoes. “I am so jealous of my feet!” she whispers. She stands in front of the floor length mirrors, plies, and then dances a small jig. On her bed, and not paying Kenzi that much attention, Bo skims her way through several self-help books, a nice call back to The Mourning After when she noted that she and the victim shared the same taste in books. “I had to put these on layaway for three months,” Kenzi exalts, still dancing. “Uh huh,” Bo murmurs, turning the page of Life, Not Love. Oh sweetie, it’s never as bad as all that. Kenzi trills around the bed and thumps her foot onto the mattress. “Res-straint!” she shouts. Bending over, she fans her foot dramatically. “Yayyyyyy Kenzi!”

Bo, faintly: “Super Yay.” Kenzi leans across the bed and says that if she was Bo, she would have “succubussed the face off five shoe clerks and marched these babies right home.” Bo points out that it’s a good thing Kenzi isn’t her. “That’s right, nerdling!” Kenzi agrees, snatches the book from Bo’s hand and reads the title, Life, Not Love, Learning to Like Yourself Alone. Somehow, it sounds even worse when read aloud. “Dude, nooooo!” she wails. “This is how it all starts!” Grabbing the book back, Bo asserts that there’s nothing wrong with a little TLC for the soul. True, but it usually involves battery powered instruments. “Whoa, you did not just use TLC in a sentence!”

Bo grimaces, because she knows Kenz is right, but what else is she going to do? Kenzi has an answer for that. They’re going out. “A: we cannot deny the world the chance to witness my stems in these kicks.” Bo: “Oh, you’re such a giver!” Kenzi: “And B: We have been working so hard.” So I guess we’re supposed to assume there’s been some passage of time here. Bo gapes at her. “You got up at noon and took a two o’clock nap!” That—sounds like my Saturday. A pretty great Saturday too.

Kenzi: “It could be my birthday, Christmas, Passover gift all rolled into one! Please,” she begs. “Bo, we need this.” Finally, Bo painfully confesses her real objection: “The idea of running into Dyson with (Perfect)Ciara?” Kenzi smiles sadly in commiseration. “It’s like the bar (drink!) is suddenly enemy territory.” Kenzi objects, asserting that it is their bar. “That is why you cannot give up so easily!” She pulls her knapsack over and starts dragging out accessories and suggests that tonight, Bo can party amongst the hostiles in disguise. “Sexy biker chick?” she offers, pulling out a hair extension and temporary tattoo. Bo: “Go as someone else?” The idea is clearly tempting. Kenzi: “Preferably a girl who would recycle this,” she finishes in a whisper, holding up the dreaded self-help book. Bo studies the accessories as she considers the possibilities. “What the hell,” she says finally, with a small naughty smile at Kenzi.

At The Dal (drink!), the ladies arrive, arm in arm and laughing. Bo is wearing a pony tail and sporting the Chopped Off Bangs of Evil. Lawd, those things are hideous. She’s wearing an open leather vest over a tight tank top and leggings topped over by the temporary tat and a pair of thigh-high boots. So, basically, she dressed almost exactly the way she always is. Hell of a disguise there, kiddo.

They stop short as they notice the bar is completely empty. Kenzi: “What the hell?!” A sign at the entrance announces NEW! At The Dal! (drink!)Bingo Night! Fun for the whole fae-mily! DYING. The camera pans across the empty room as Kenzi snarks, “well, I guess Bingo night turned out to be a real hoot.” On the other side of the room, Hale and Dyson lean against the bar, talking to Trick. “Oh, come on!” Bo snaps as Kenzi hisses. The two cops turn around and look at our girls. So much for a hasty retreat then. Hale’s eyes widened and Dyson’s eyebrows add their usual commentary.

“Act Cool,” Kenzi whispers as they amble over to the bar and Bo slaps on a terrible fake smile. “Wow,” Dyson murmurs in THAT VOICE. “What’s with the new look?” WHAT NEW LOOK? Seriously, she has bangs and a temp tat. I do not see what’s so big with the whoop here. Hale, appreciatively: “And the ‘you gotta pay for this’ vibe? Not that I don’t love it,” he hastily adds, cause he’s not a dumbass. Hale hops off the bar stool. “Nice kicks, Kenz,” he compliments as he passes and she preens. Babe, snatch that siren up stat. Always hold tight to a man who not only notices, but appreciates new shoes. “Dyson, we’re up.” For what? There’s nobody there?!

Dyson picks up his jacket and with one last tight look at Bo, follows in Hale’s wake. Bo immediately drops her smile. “At least the worst part is behind us,” she says to Kenzi, failing to notice Doctor Lauren’s arrival. Kenzi, looking over Bo’s shoulder, does notice and her smile falls. “You could say that.”

Doctor Lauren greets Bo by name and she and her Chopped Off Bangs of Evil whirl to face the doc. “Lauren,” she returns, carefully. “Stay strong,” Kenzi whispers. “I’ll get us a pitcher.” Bo, through gritted teeth: “Each!”

Back in The Dal’s (drink!) cask room, our Fae of the Day slinks in, all jerky moves and wonky giggles. He climbs to the top of the main beer cask and pulls out a hypodermic needle full of bad fae juju. Cackling, he injects it into the cask.


At The Dal (drink!) Kenzi is at the bar while Bo and Doctor Lauren chatflirt. “I can’t believe you’re here,” Bo says. “I can’t believe how good you look,” Doctor Lauren returns.  Bo frowns a bit and the doc flinches. “Sorry. Sometime my words and my thoughts don’t….” Bo brushes it off; she knows what that’s like. Sometimes my innie thoughts become my outtie thoughts. “It’s great that you got a hall pass for Bingo night!” she chirps with a wave at the sign. Doctor Lauren explains that she can’t stay, she’s only there on official Ash business. “Well,” she corrects herself, rolling her eyes. “At least that’s what I told Lachlan.”

“The old ‘your mouth says one thing, your lips say another’—or kiss another,” she adds meaningfully. Doctor Lauren is looking over Bo’s shoulder. “Sorry,” she says absently. Bo immediately assures her that it’s all right, just “it was weird, you, kissing me, in front of Nadia.” So said we all, kiddo. Weird and bad form too. The doc looks at her wow, you just went there. “No, I mean, sorry,” she says and points toward the bar. “I need to talk to Trick.” She walks off, leaving Bo looking and feeling stupid. As Bo turns toward the bar herself, Kenzi faces her, holding up two pitchers of beer. “And I need to murder Kenzi,” Bo grits out to herself.

Doctor Lauren plops her satchel down on the bar and pulls out two small, musty books. “None of these books have what I was looking for,” she wearily tells Trick. He smiles. “Did you try Wikipedia?” Oh, show. If you Meta me too much, my head will explode. Doctor Lauren asks if he thinks this is funny. “No,” he drawls, without offense. “I think you looked like you needed a joke. Maybe a beer?” With a sigh, Doctor Lauren admits that what she needs is information on the darkest of the dark shamans so that she can discover who cursed Nadia. Trick promises that he’s scrounging up as much research as he can, “but witch doctors are dangerous. You should tread lightly.” Doctor Lauren begins to lose her cool. “Yeah, I’ve tread lightly for the past five years. Now I’m serving a man like Lachlan.” Trick stops her tirade before she says something that gets overheard by the extreme lack of other people in the bar. She apologizes, admitting that she hasn’t been sleeping much. Trick commiserates. “With all the recent fighting alienating all my clientele, I thought a Bingo night would be fun. Clearly I chose the wrong kind of fun,” he admits with an eyebrow waggle worthy of the wolf. Doctor Lauren hums in agreement. “Two words, Trick,” she says, finally taking a drink from her beer stein. “Mechanical bull.” HA! After a quick moment of no way, Trick ponders the possibilities.

Cut to Dyson and Hale shooting pool. “Incoming,” Hale warns covering his partner’s back as Bo wanders over and then subtly gets out of the way moving to the back of the table. “So,” she says on an exhale as Dyson slowly comes near. “So,” he repeats cautiously. “So let’s bench it,” Bo suggests, handing over a beer. Dyson takes the glass, confused. “What?” Oh give me a break, really? Well, he is a guy.

Dyson and Doctor Lauren from Lost Girl

“The awkward history,” Bo says. “Maybe we should try being friends. I mean, really real friends.” I dunno. I thought they did pretty well together last week, working on Trick’s friend Donny’s problem together. I guess the time since hasn’t been as status quo. She holds up her glass to clinch it and Dyson clinks with a wry smile. “What’s in this,” he asks, half seriously and Bo laughs as they both drink. “It’s me in this,” she says with a look down at her outfit as the hazy form of a new arrival appears behind her. “Dressing like someone else makes me realize how good change can be.”

“Well I,” PerfectCiara says, coming forward. “I agree.”

Ruh roh. I think wolf boy is about to be in serious trouble.

“And I think it’s lovely that Detective Hale has changed into your ex-girlfriend,” PerfectCiara continues. Dyson looks over his shoulder at Hale who is desperately trying to crawl into the wall as he looks anywhere except at the drama unfolding between Dyson and his women. “Is this what you mean by having a drink with the boys?” PerfectCiara asks. “Cause I think we might have a different meaning for that across the pond.”

“Okay then,” Bo says, and PerfectCiara apologizes baldly. “You’ve just, um, stepped into an argument that was cut short, what, an hour ago?”

“(Perfect)Ciara,” Dyson says, moving forward to meet her. “Why don’t we just go for a walk? Please.” Bo is looking between them, unsure what to do or say, knowing that somehow she’s the cause of this and really wanting to know why. PerfectCiara to Bo: “You see, I feel as though I’ve started reading this, this wonderful novel but the middle sections been ripped out and everyone around me has had the luxury of reading those pages by nobody will tell me what happened!” She says the last of this directly to Dyson.

“That’s because there’s nothing important to tell,” Dyson murmurs, demoting the whole I’m-yours-wolves-mate-for-life-the-Norn-took-it-since-when-do-we-let-strangers-control-our-lives-move-on-I-already-have drama down to “nothing.” That immediately sets Bo off. “Wait, what?!” PerfectCiara and Dyson both look at her, Dyson grimacing, his face all I didn’t mean it that way. “Give me back my friendship beer,” Bo snaps, snatching the beer glass from Dyson. Heeeeee.

“If there’s nothing important,” PerfectCiara stammers. “Why did you clam up when I asked you about her in that photograph?” Bo frowns. What photograph? You kept a photograph of me? “And why,” PerfectCiara continues a little desperately, “does everybody hold their breath and stare every time you and I are in same room?!” She means Bo here. It took me a few viewings to figure that out.

Bo in Lost Girl

Dyson is struggling to stop this colliding train wreck before it gets more out of hand without pissing off both women irrevocably. “I didn’t mean ‘nothing’,” he first apologizes with feeling to Bo, with an added hand gesture for emphasis. “I just meant,” he adds, turning back to PerfectCiara, “I can’t talk about it, I don’t want to talk about it,” he finishes firmly.

Baffled by his intransience and frightened by what it could mean, PerfectCiara looks between Bo and Dyson. “What did you do to him?” she asks Bo as another new arrival wanders into frame upstage. “Excuse me?” Bo asks, still pissed. Do to him? Oh, only beg him to try to love her again, that’s all. He refused, by the way.

“Uh, your attention please,” the new Fae of the Day interjects. Our tragic three face him and Fae of the Day waggles his fingers at them. “Hi. Y’all havin’ a good time?” Oh yeah, smashing. Trick and Doctor Lauren clue in from the bar. “Excellent,” Fae of the Day says. I don’t think he means it. “Because nobody’s leavin’.” Dyson steps forward to challenge him. “Who are you?”

“Names Woods,” Fae of the Day says. “I’m tracking an escaped mental patient. Calls himself Reynard.” The name pings for Dyson. “The Reynard?” Woods confirms it. “The dark let him escape?” Dyson clarifies. Woods: “Uh huh.” Dyson and Trick exchange worried looks. “And in honor of this terribly embarrassing occasion, I’m throwing myself a little shindig. See if I can’t round me up some sociopath. And all of y’all fine folks is invited.”

Hale steps in, claiming that’s not likely. “See this?” he asks, holding up his badge. I don’t think he missed it since Dyson’s badge is clipped to his belt and it’s kinda hard to miss that—area. Woods nods in acknowledgement. “I’ll raise you this,” he says, and holds up a swirling ball of light that he throws at Hale. Hale groans and collapses in pain. Dyson growls and lashes out at Woods, grabbing his throat. Woods raises his hands, ready to rumble. “Stop!” Trick shouts. “This is a place of sanctuary!”

“What the hell was that?!” Bo asks. Dyson releases Woods and the new guy steps back. “Let’s just call it a warning,” he suggests. “And a taste of what I’ve wrapped around this entire establishment. Whoever tries to leave here before I get what I came for does so with a blatant disregard for their own well-being.” Dyson glares at him as Woods ambles over to the bar. “And potentially,” he adds, “their own life.” He picks up Bo’s nearly full pitcher. “The man I’m looking for is on these premises and I aim to find him.”

“If that lunatic is here,” Trick snarls as Woods drinks straight from the pitcher. “We should evacuate the bar. Why are you confining my innocent patrons?!” Woods explains that Reynard could be hiding in any one of our people. Everyone looks around at everyone else warily. Kenzi to Bo, mock disgusted: “And I let you talk me into going out tonight. Great!”

Arms crossed, Dyson is backing up Trick as they confront Woods. “Placing a containment field around the entire bar?” he says. “Bit excessive, don’t you think?” Woods points out that Reynard escaped from a maximum security dark fae facility. “Would you rather I string up a velvet rope?” The beer pitcher is on the bar next to him, its level considerably lower than before. Tricks asserts that the dark have no authority at The Dal (drink!) as it’s neutral territory. Calling Trick an “old timer,” Woods caveats that there are exemptions to that rule and lists chapter and verse in his favor from the fae code that allows his actions with regard to the public’s imminent safety.

“Reynard is a demented anarchist, Trick,” Dyson reminds him quietly. “I know who he is,” Trick says with bite. Blood Kind doesn’t like to be schooled. “I attended his murder trial,” he reminds Dyson. Dyson asserts that Trick then knows how dangerous Reynard can be.  Trick whirls around to face Dyson. “I can’t believe you’re supporting this!” he hisses as Dyson. “I am tolerating this,” Dyson corrects him firmly. “For now,” he adds with a pointed look at Woods, who nods. Message received.

Woods informs them that Reynard was under the care of a particularly skilled psychiatrist who would inject her blood into her patients during their treatments. “She could literally get under their skin, into their bodies, and feel their emotions.” Trick blinks. “A gorgon,” he says and Woods agrees. Medusa is a shrink? Yeesh, physician, heal thyself. She’d have to do sessions back to back to avoid turning her patients into stone.

Woods tells them that before he killed the gorgon by strangling her, he took a syringe and stole some of her blood. Trick asks what Reynard means to do with it, but Woods doesn’t know. As Woods suggests Reynard will do what he always does, “cause chaos,” Dyson frowns and his eyes go wolf gold as he inhales deeply. Scenting something Not Good, he open the door to the cask room to find the guy with the wonky giggles sprawled unconscious in a chair. Checking his pulse, Dyson confirms Reynard is still alive. Trick’s brow furrows as he wonders what happened to the escaped convict. Woods, beer pitcher in hand, slowly looks up to the top of the casks which are, incidentally, imprinted with the logo of The Dal Riata. Very cool. Not so cool is the empty hypodermic sticking out from a cask’s cork. Dyson’s follows Wood’s gaze as he and Trick exchange horrified glances before Woods gapes down at the near empty pitcher in his hand.

Back in the main room, Bo, Kenzi and Hale are waiting impatiently at the bar—well, Kenzi is on the bar as per usual—as Dyson, Trick, Woods reenter. Woods is all told ya so. “Reynard has poisoned the kegs. Anyone who’s had some beer tonight has ingested the gorgon blood.” Hilariously, Kenzi immediately leans over and spits out a generous amount of beer, narrowing missing Hale who shrugs his shoulders. Could be worse,” he says. “Could’ve ingested some of Trick’s crème de squid.” Kenzi looks up at him, disgusted. “That is not a thing.”

PerfectCiara looks bemusedly at her beer as Doctor Lauren drawls, “so, all of us.” Trick raises his hand. “Except for me. I wouldn’t be caught dead drinking that swill.” All six of the others give him a look and Trick’s brows shoot up. “Sorry,” he says on a small chuckle. “Barkeep humor.” PerfectCiara: “Cute.”

Woods goes on to say that since Reynard is catatonic, he likely also ingested the blood, “allowing him to transfer into someone else’s skin.”  The music goes all squirrely as the doc asks whose. Dyson calmly asserts that it shouldn’t be too hard to uncover the imposter as they all know each other well. PerfectCiara sniffs. “Actually, I wouldn’t say I know any of you very well.” Dyson grimaces. Oh yeah, that one was definitely for you.

Bo sighs and stands up. “Hi, I’m Bo. I haven’t picked a side, yada, yada, yada. Therefore, I’m not playing this game. I’m leaving.” And she starts to do so, but Woods stops her. “That’s impossible, I’m afraid,” Trick tells her. Doctor Lauren also asserts that she has to leave as she’s only been given two hours away from The Ash’s compound. Man, I hope there isn’t any traffic. That or The Ash’s hoity toity compound is super close to Trick downtown trendy pub.

Kenzi examines her arms and hands. “Hey guys, how would I know if a dude was inside me?” Hale: “Been a while?” HAHAHAHA!! Kenzi smacks Hale on the hat head as Trick clarifies that Reynard isn’t sharing a body. “He’s taken it over.” PerfectCiara wonders where the host body’s original essence goes. As the camera zooms in on Bo, Woods answers, a shrug in his voice. “Somewhere into the ether.” Slowly, a small, evil smile crease Bo’s face. I think we found Reynard.

In a muted copy of The Dal (drink!), Bo is lying unconscious on the pool table. She wakes with a gasp. “What was that?!” A shadowing image streaks through TheNotDal (fake drink!). “Who are you?” Bo calls. A disembodied voice echoes through the room. “I’m pleased we’re finally able to meet like this. Alone. To talk.” Bo looks around for the voice’s bearer without success. “I’m not much for chit chat.” Bo whirls around to find the little girl NotEloise from Something Wicked This Way Comes. “You!” Bo accuses.  “Welcome to Hamistagan,” NotEloise says. “English, please” Bo requests. “Welcome to limbo,” NotEloise clarifies.

Back in The Dal (drink!) Woods is instructing everyone to look for uncharacteristic behavior in each other as, “Reynard is an excellent mimic, but he can’t fool all of y’all.” You’d be surprised how easily this group can be fooled from time to time. Tense, Doctor Lauren decides they should do this systematically. “Perhaps we could start by looking at Dyson,” PerfectCiara says, still perfectly pissed. “Hasn’t really been himself lately. Or, maybe he has. Not sure if I’d know.” People change when you haven’t seen them in centuries, sweetie. You’re the outsider now. Try to keep that in mind.

While NotBo looks around the room, trying to make sense of all the players, Kenzi can’t resist a sympathetic poke at Dyson. “I bet you’d rather be anyone but you right now, huh D-man?” Trick immediately tells them both to stop. “This is serious.” Hale agrees: “Seriously bad timing. We’re trapped here, maybe for days, and this is the night the new waitress has off?”

Woods finally blows. “Enough!” He wonders if everyone is paying attention because Reynard certainly is and he’s learning and plotting. “If you knew what he was capable of, you’d be beginning me to find who Reynard was hiding in and extinguish him once and for all!”

“Extinguish,” Kenzi repeats in a whisper as Dyson eyes flit back and forth from Woods to Trick who raises his brows meaningfully. Yeah. Everyone caught that slip. Exhaling heavily, Kenzi reaches behind NotBo for her glass. “Dude needs to take a chill pill, drink a brewski.” She sips some beer, suddenly remembers why she shouldn’t drink it, and spits it out all over the floor again. Heeeee. Next to her, NotBo smiles with satisfaction.

“Spill it, demon seed (ha!),” Bo orders back in The NotDal (fake drink!). “There’s gotta be more to you than just my personal stalker.” NotEloise indentifies herself as The Nain Rouge—FINALLY—and explains that she’s compelled to witness important events in time. “Like a mini-paparazzo?” The Nain Rouge: “Your beloved humans have a less sophisticated take on my existence. They call me the Harbinger of Doom. A messenger of disaster.” Bo: “Thanks for dumbing it down.”

Bo asks why The Nain Rouge is always lurking around her. “You are—significant,” The Nain Rouge explains. “Oh boy, here we go again,” Bo mutters. “The extinction of the Fae is upon us,” The Nain Rouge intones. Bo: “Extinction?” The Nain Rouge: “I’m sorry do I need to use smaller words? Fae go bye-bye.” Snort. Chickadee has some snark on her. I’m guessing her fae go bye-bye is the show’s version of a big bad for this season. Stay tuned…

“You know, you’re awfully patronizing for a half-pint,” Bo shoots back. “I understand you, I just don’t believe you!” The Nain Rouge swears it is to be, “unless you, Isabeau, fulfill your destiny.” “See, I don’t do destiny,” Bo explains, a little patronizingly. “Just as I don’t do picking sides. And my name? Is not Isabeau!”

“See for yourself,” The Nain Rouge says and grabs hold of Bo’s arm. Throwing her head back, Bo gasps and is immediately transported into a vision of Trick lying dead on the ground before her. The image switches back and forth between Trick’s body and Bo’s hard, unsmiling face. Suddenly Trick is on his feet, gasping for air as he slaps against Bo. “You…can’t!” he grunts out and then falls to the ground again dead as she stands over his body.

Bo violently wakes again, still in limbo, this time lying on the floor before The Nain Rouge. Horrified by the vision, she scrambles back from the freaky girl. “Now you’ve seen your fate,” The Nain Rouge says dully. Bo stays on the floor, gasping, trying to make sense of how it could ever come to pass that she would kill Trick.

Back in The Dal (drink!), Woods is interviewing Kenzi and Hale. “So you’re friends?” he concludes. “Yep,” Kenzi chirps and the same time Hale says, “kinda.” Offended, Kenzi glares at him. “Kind of?” she repeats as Doctor Lauren paces the room behind them. Hale: “It’s complicated. I’m an all-powerful siren. You’re a lightweight.” Kenzi: “I’m wicked; you’re a wang.”

Hale grits out to her that he’s playing it cool. “I don’t want the bounty hunter to know about us!” Kenzi sneers, “Know what?” “Anything,” Hale says emphatically. the doc crosses back and forth behind them, passing by Dyson and Trick in confab. Trick asks what he knows about this bounty hunter and Dyson admits not much. “That’s what worries me.” Trick points out that Woods can create containment fields and therefore must be a boraro. Dyson: “Those guys are born trackers. He’ll do anything to bring in his prey.” Trick: “Including things way outside the law.”

“I won’t let that happen,” Dyson promises in THAT VOICE. Trick points out that’s only as long as Dyson remains Dyson. I’m gonna go ahead and read a double meaning in that. Also, Foreshadow Alert! Dyson shoots Trick a wry look. No kidding.

Hale is breaking before – well, really his own inner conflict about Kenzi, but we’ll go with Kenzi’s needling technique for now. “Fine. FINE. We’re friends, OK. BFFs. Pinkie swears. Borrow each other’s bras. Can we just please move on?” Kenzi smacks her hand down on the table. “Yep! That’s Hale all right. The guy I hate right now.” Woods, not being as dumb as he looks, holds up both hands and backs away.

NotBo is snickering to herself. “The whole building trapped in a giant hunting snare. Clever. Hurty.” PerfectCiara sits next to NotBo and failing to notice anything but her own heartache. “I was so hoping to storm off with a flourish,” she confesses. “No exit,” NotBo mutters. “Not without taking Woods out.” PerfectCiara pings on that last bit. “Why are you so desperate to leave?” she asks and there’s crazy subtext on PerfectCiara’s part.

Caught, NotBo tries to improvise. “There’s a lot to handle,” she says. “The Doctor. Dyson. You.” She chuckles. “It’s a lot of feelings,” she tells PerfectCiara with intensity. “And, what would you say you’re ‘feeling’ for me?” she asks NotBo. “Pity,” NotBo says, tapping into RealBo’s unhindered Id. “Attraction.” She snickers again. “Loathing,” she finishes. Kenzi joins them at the bar in time to hear this last. “Whatever it is, it’s exhilarating,” she adds and succumbs to the full on giggles. PerfectCiara regards her with insult and disgust. Behind her, Kenzi has figured out all is Not Right and even Doctor Lauren, sitting on a stool just behind Kenzi’s shoulder, is beginning to clue in. Off in the far upper left corner, Dyson is carefully watching his current and his ex-girlfriend’s tête-à-tête from afar.

“Hey sweetmeat,” Kenzi says to NotBo with a wide smile. “You a’right?” NotBo is all cheery. “I’m tip tops!” She leans forward eagerly. “I love your boots!” Kenzi smiles back and then turns to Woods, dropping the act. “Yo Boba Fett!” she calls, jerking a thumb over her shoulder toward NotBo. “I think I know where Reynard is hiding.” But Kenzi doesn’t even get to finish the sentence before NotBo is on her with an arm across Kenzi’s throat. NotBo drags Kenzi back as PerfectCiara leaps up from her stool and Dyson growls as he and Woods immediately surge forward.

Dyson and Bo from Lost Girl

“Wow! This succubus’s body is strong,” NotBo chortles as she strangles a violently struggling Kenzi. “I could snap this girl’s neck like a twig. Huh?! Talk about ironic! That would break. Bo’s HEART!

“It would be the last thing you did before I rip your heart out, Reynard,” Dyson swears in a low voice. Seriously, do not mess with the wolf’s little sister. Behind him, PerfectCiara, Doctor Lauren, Hale, and Trick look on with horror. “Well then you’d never get Bo back,” NotBo informs them gleefully. “She’d be stuck in limbo!” and she giggles some more.

Back in The Not Dal (fake drink!), Bo is looking for a way out. “That vision was a con,” she tells The Nain Rouge. “Why would I trust a horror movie cliché that sent me to Harmergetton?” “Hamistagan,” The Nain Rouge corrects, “and I did not bring you here. You’re being pushed out of your body by another.” Bo demands that The Nain Rouge put her back, but the freaky girl claims that she can only give guidance. Great. Another mystic being that can do jack all.

Suddenly, the door behind The Nain Rouge begins to glow, catching Bo’s attention. Doors to the right and left also begin to glow. “Follow the light,” The Nain Rouge instructs helpfully. Bo looks around then asks the girl which door she should choose. The Nain Rouge shrugs. “I’m merely an observer, remember?”

Bo steps toward the girl threateningly. “You and me?” she tells her. “We’re not finished.” But for now, she’ll do eeny meeny to pick an exit. As she heads toward her choice, The Nain Rouge shakes her head. “And they call me childish.” Bo pauses at the door. “Hey sixth sense,” she calls back. “Observe this.” And she goes into the light. Behind her, The Nain Rouge sighs. “This is going to get messy.”

Back at The Dal (drink!), NotBo throws Kenzi at Dyson and attacks Woods. The bounty hunter struggles with his prey. “Hey Woods! You’d better not go all UFC on my BFF!” Kenzi shouts. Woods draws a dagger and prepares to stab NotBo, but Dyson stops him. “Woods, this is Bo’s body!” Woods: “What, this piece of meat between me and my payday?!” He rears back to stab NotBo, but Dyson grabs his arm on the upswing.

Suddenly, NotBo convulses and black smoke erupts from her and into Woods who gasps and chokes. “What the hell is going on?!” NotBo asks in a low twang. Kenzi: “Bo, is that you?!” NotBo struggles to sit up. “Oh, I’m not Bo, darlin’.” NotBo denies. “No,” Woods confirms, getting his breath back, his voice now lighter in tone. “I am,” he claims. Kenzi goes all bug eyed. Suddenly she convulses, as does PerfectCiara behind her followed by Dyson, Hale, and Doctor Lauren, black smoke whirling between them all before settling down on each of them. One by one, they all stretch and shift as though settling into new skin.

Tellingly, Kenzi growls and snarls while PerfectCiara frowns. “Man,” she says, accent free. “Where am I?” Doctor Lauren examines her own hand. “Who am I?” she asks in a deep voice. Kenzi’s nose crumples. “Why are my pants so tight?” Wide-eyed, Dyson smacks at his cheeks. “What the hell’s on my face?!” he asks frantically. “Oh dear,” Hale notices softly and in an English accent. “Have we all switched bodies?” he asks, as though someone poured oolong instead of Earl Grey. Dyson gapes at his arms while NotBo her head. Trick looks between them all with wonder. “Oh crap,” Trick mutters. “I’ll get the nametags.” Anyone else think this isn’t the first time Trick’s been in a body-swapping episode? The camera pans around the group; Dyson’s jaw is practically on the ground as he gapes at Kenzi and mouths oh my GOD. NotBo snatches the knife from Wood’s hand.

Okay—for the rest of this entertaining escapade, for identification purposes, the first name in the grouping will be the name of the body and the second will be the actual character inside that body. Pronouns will match the actual gender. So Dyson/Kenzi=Dyson’s body with Kenzi inside it (also “he”) and Kenzi/Dyson=Kenzi’s body with Dyson inside it (also, “she”), and not in a pervy way. Got it? Yeah, me neither, but let’s give it a shot. And by shot, I mean pour one. You’re gonna need it.

Everyone is examining their new bodies as Bo/Woods wanders amongst them wondering which one is now Reynard. “I’m gonna gut that bastard like a Mississippi crawdad.” “And we have Woods,” Trick says officially, slapping a nametag on Bo/Woods’ chest. Woods/Bo sniffs his cap and recoils. “Hoo. And I’m really Bo,” he admits. Bo/Woods wonders how this happened. “Yeah Trick. What gives?” PerfectCiara/Hale asks with a bit of a swagger.

“I guess Bo caused a ripple effect when she jumped back from limbo,” Trick says matter of fact. Oh, is that all? Good of you to figure that out right off the bat when normally there are books and portents to be consulted before Trickopedia works his magic, but okey dokey then. “Welcome back,” he says to Woods/Bo slapping him with a nametag as, puzzled, Hale/PerfectCiara removes his hat and examines it.

“Ah, Bobo,” Dyson/Kenzi says with an absolutely adorably goofy look on his face. He’s pulled the waist of his pants out and is gleefully examining the contents. “I got the wolf junk, babe!” he chortles. I AM DYING! Kenzi/Dyson steps forward. “Don’t. Touch it,” she orders, in a low, fierce voice. “Don’t touch anything.” Dyson/Kenzi: “Sorry.”

Woods/Bo looks at Dyson/Kenzi with disbelief. “Kenzi?” he asks, and in what may be my favorite five seconds of the entire life of this show, Dyson/Kenzi starts to dance, a legs kicking, arms swirling, lips popping, full on boogie. “Check me out! Kickin’ it in the wolf man! Yeah!” I can’t even type it out without cracking up. Oh my giddy aunt, KHR is absolutely killing it as Kenzi.

“Kenzi,” Kenzi/Dyson interrupts. “Kenzi, go sit down before you break something.” Dyson/Kenzi twitches in place, trying to calm down. “Roger. Wow. Didn’t you hear my voice? That was like so sexy. Roger,” she repeats and then again, more deeply, in THAT VOICE “Roger.” Heeeeeeeeee.  Kenzi/Dyson puts a hand on Dyson/Kenzi’s arm. “Sit.” She snaps. Dyson/Kenzi: “Right.” He takes the nametag from Trick labeled “Kenzi” and slaps it on then perches on a bar stool as Trick hands a tag to Kenzi/Dyson with Dyson’s name on it. Kenzi/Dyson awkwardly moves a hunk of hair from her chest and, with a grimace, presses the nametag over her breast. Doctor Lauren/Reynard (oh yeah, spoiler) objects “wait,” but Trick doesn’t notice. “Who else we got?” he asks and Hale/PerfectCiara clears his throat and identifies himself. “And I’m Hale,” PerfectCiara/Hale interjects with a chuckle. “Sorry about this,” he admits preemptively and then feels himself up. “Wow.” Hale/PerfectCiara crosses his arms and clears his throat. “What did that take? Two seconds?” Perfect/Ciara Hale apologizes again.

“I said wait,” Doctor Lauren/Reynard says. Dyson/Kenzi is thrusting his hands back and forth, punching the air. “D, how do the claws work? What is it? Is it like a Wolverine-y thing or—” “She isn’t Dyson,” Doctor Lauren interrupts. “I am.” She steps towards Kenzi/Dyson. “Which means that this liar is Reynard.” Kenzi/Dyson glares at Doctor Lauren and growls. Quite convincingly, actually.

Bo/Woods draws her knife. “Well then, I guess I’d best gut this bastard.” Everyone jumps up and blocks her way. Dyson/Kenzi jumps in front of Kenzi/Dyson. “She’s lying,” Kenzi/Dyson grits out. “Or, he’s lying. I’m Dyson.” PerfectCiara/Hale: “Can’t take that chance, D.” She looks toward Doctor Lauren. “You neither, D,” she adds awkwardly.

“True dat!” Dyson/Kenzi exclaims. He burst out of the group and grabs a chair. “What we need to do is sit ‘em down,” he advises, picking up a chair. “Play a little game of good cop, Kenzi cop!” He slams the chair down and it breaks into pieces. “Whoa. How does he control these pipes?! Did you see that?!” He punches the air again, delighted with his strength. “Did you see that?! Pow!” He strikes a pose and grunts in satisfaction.

Kenzi/Dyson and Doctor Lauren/Reynard are seated side by side, glaring at one another while the gang questions them both. It entertains me excessively that Dyson/Kenzi is perched on the bar right behind where PerfectCiara/Hale leans against it. Even in different bodies, they all gravitate to the same people and places. “Where was Dyson born?” Trick asks. “What’s Dyson’s favorite food?” PerfectCiara/Hale asks. “What’s Dyson’s favorite position?” Hale/PerfectCiara asks. You don’t know yet? What have you two been doing?

“Ciara,” Kenzi/Dyson chides. “Honestly lady,” Doctor Lauren/Reynard adds. Seriously. This is one lady who does not mind airing all of her private business in front of everyone. Though, to be fair, they all probably know more about it than she does.

“Not sure?” Hale/PerfectCiara snarks. “Well why don’t we ask Bo,” she says, nastily. Woods/Bo: “Are all fairies this freaking jealous?” Hale/PerfectCiara: “Only when they’ve been lied to.” Oh honey, that just makes you one of the gang. KC Collinsworld is doing a bang up job with his mannerisms, BTW, really bringing out the subtle way that Lina Roessler moves as she portrays PerfectCiara.

“This is ridiculous,” Doctor Lauren/Reynard snaps. “I concur,” agrees Kenzi/Dyson. Dyson/Kenzi notices that PerfectCiara/Hale is looking at him like he’s her next meal as she fiddles with a toothpick, Hale style. “Hale?” he drawls, a little concerned. “What is it?” “I want to kiss you,” PerfectCiara/Hale says. “A lot.” Dyson/Kenzi goes wide-eyed again and her gaze flickers around the room, all ah, guys?! “Ah man!” PerfectCiara/Hale exclaims standing up and fidgeting. “What else was in my beer?!” She thrusts the toothpick in her mouth in another nice Hale mannerism.

“You must be feeling (Perfect)Ciara’s passion for Dyson. The gorgon blood must be intensifying the emotions of the original body.” Woods/Bo looks around. “Where’s (Doctor)Lauren if these two are both claiming to be Dyson?” she wonders. PerfectCiara/Hale posits that “the good doc must be in limbo.”

Bo: “Where she might have to deal with The Nain Rouge. Phew. That little girl really needs a time out.” Trick pings mightily at the mention of the freaky girl. “Bo. You met The Nain Rouge?” he asks with great concern. “Uh, maybe?” Woods/Bo answers tentatively. Trick drags him off to the back for confab.

“What did you see in Harmistagan, Bo?” Trick asks. “Some damned effective birth control,” Woods/Bo admits. Trick insists that he has to know everything. She calls herself The Nain Rouge. I’ve seen her before, following me around.” Trick is upset that Bo has seen the freaky girl before. “You should have told me!” Woods/Bo: “What was I gonna say? I seem to have attracted some boarding school groupie?”

He apologies to Trick and says she didn’t know what to make of the girl. “This is no joke,” Trick says. “The Nain Rouge rarely appears and when she does, that means trouble is on its way.” Yeah, we got that part, Trickster. He asks what The Nain Rouge said to Bo and Woods/Bo flashes back on the vision of Bo killing Trick. In the vision, Trick gasps, “what have you done?!” and then falls to the ground dead.

“It’s complicated,” Woods/Bo answers. Fed up, Trick snits that they’ll talk about it later. “Now I have to figure out how to get everyone back into their bodies—” A loud thumping noise interrupts him along with the sound of Doctor Lauren/Reynard begging “please, please.” “Before all hell breaks loose?” Woods/Bo finishes.

Back in the main room, Bo/Woods flings Kenzi/Dyson aside. Kenzi/Dyson snarls and looks down as her hands, flexing her fingers, trying to come to terms with not having claws. Trick and Woods/Bo burst in to find Bo/Woods is strangling Doctor Lauren/Reynard. Trick orders Bo/Woods to stop but she refuses. “The ‘who’s the real Dyson quiz’ was amusing. But I think you’ll find my methods more effective.” Dyson/Kenzi yanks Bo/Woods off Doctor Lauren/Reynard. Rather than struggle though, Bo/Woods goes limp and gets a faraway look on her face. Dyson/Kenzi grabs her face with alarm. “Oh no, I know this look,” he says. “She’s hungry.” He turns around to the others. “Bo’s body is hungry,” he repeats with alarm.

“Trick said our bodies retain an echo of their original emotions,” Kenzi/Dyson repeats and Trick nods. “What about primal instincts to survive?” PerfectCiara/Hale is the first to catch on. “To feed.” Bo/Woods’ gaze fixates on her. “If you insist,” she growls, her eyes going succubus blue. Pushing Dyson/Kenzi out of the way, she latches on to PerfectCiara/Hale. Everyone rushes forward. “She won’t—” Woods/Bo begins and then corrects himself, “I won’t be able to stop!”

Kenzi/Dyson tries to pry Bo/Woods off PerfectCiara/Hale but lacks the strength. “A little help please!” Woods/Bo calls out, getting in the mix. Doctor Lauren/Reynard steps back from the melee, giggling and clapping her hands, removing any doubt just who is who here.

“Kenzi, get in there!” Kenzi/Dyson yells stepping back. “Yeah!” Dyson/Kenzi agrees. He forces himself between Bo/Woods and PerfectCiara/Hale. For a moment, there is a visual cue of Bo and PerfectCiara fighting each other with Dyson trapped between them. The utter lack of subtlety only makes it more fantastic. Love it.

Dyson/Kenzi wrenches Bo/Woods away from PerfectCiara/Hale who collapses to the ground. Bo/Woods shakes her head clear while Kenzi/Dyson drops down next to PerfectCiara/Hale, checking for a pulse. Hale/PerfectCiara gasps and holds her hands to her mouth. “I just watched myself die,” she murmurs, stunned. “You’re not death and you’re not gonna be,” Kenzi/Dyson snarls. “Bo you need to fix this, she’s fading fast,” she orders Woods/Bo who shakes his head. “I can’t! I’m not in the right body!” In the background, Doctor Lauren/Reynard slips out the door. Kenzi/Dyson growls while Woods/Bo chortles. “Whoo Hoo! Man, did she taste good,” he says, licking his fingers. “What a rush.”

Trick orders Dyson/Kenzi to get Bo/Woods out of there. Dyson/Kenzi says he’s on it. He puts his hands on Bo/Woods’ shoulders. “Come on, dude. This is for your own good.” Dude. Heeeee. As he pushes Bo/Woods toward the back of the bar, Trick calls after them for Dyson/Kenzi to be sure to chain Bo/Woods up.

Hale/PerfectCiara sits quietly on the threesome couch, somewhat still in shock. Woods/Bo cautiously approaches her. “I can’t stay in this body forever,” Hale/PerfectCiara says. “I can’t do that to Hale’s soul.” She shakes her head and sighs as Woods/Bo joins her on the threesome couch. “Wow. I thought I felt alone before.”

Woods/Bo sits down next to her and crosses his legs, and it’s such a girly move, I want to applaud the actor. “I know you’re upset,” he begins, but Hale/PerfectCiara interrupts. “Save it. Just promise you’ll take care of Dyson.” She always does, sweetie. “I kind of get the feeling you used to be pretty good at it.” Ah, I love it when the characters make the point for me. Woods/Bo asserts that whatever Bo and Dyson had together is over.

“I found a photograph of you, together,” Hale/PerfectCiara confesses. “You’re laughing.” Woods/Bo’s face creases as though suddenly remembering that they did once laugh together. “You looked happy,” Hale/PerfectCiara accuses. “I do?” Woods/Bo asks, surprised, and then a second later, softly admits, “I was.”

Hale/PerfectCiara demands to know what happened that Dyson won’t even discuss Bo. Woods/Bo suggests that maybe it’s because Dyson doesn’t care. “Things change, Ciara,” he points out. Hale/PerfectCiara sighs sadly. “They sure do.” He turns back to Woods/Bo. “You will take care of him,” she asks pointedly. “Promise me.” Woods/Bo takes Hale/PerfectCiara’s hand and promises that when she, Bo, gets back into her own body, she’ll breathe PerfectCiara’s chi back in her real body. “I can do it, Ciara,” he says definitively, and Hale/PerfectCiara nods; he believes it but wonders how long they have, which is when Trick arrives in the scene spouting more bad news. “Reynard must be in (Doctor)Lauren’s body,” he explains. In the craziness of the attack, she escaped. Woods/Bo wonders where Reynard would go.

Cut to Bo/Woods chained to a chair in Tolkien’s Lair. “Nowhere good, sweet potato,” she says, answering Woods/Bo’s question. “Nowhere good.” Trick pressures her to think of something as Woods knows Reynard’s history. Bo/Woods explains that as an anarchist and a murderer, Reynard thrives on destruction. “But he’s in (Doctor)Lauren’s body,” Woods/Bo muses. Bo/Woods: “And crazy as a sprayed roach!” Trick wonders what Bo is thinking. “That Reynard’ll be fueled by (Doctor)Lauren’s deepest desires.” Trick: “So any deep rage that she might have, even if it’s too dark or subconscious for (Doctor)Lauren herself to ever pursue...”

Woods/Bo holds up one of the books Doctor Lauren returned at the beginning of the episode and reads the title Africans Shamans of the Congo. How exactly does one get into that book? Is it like a who’s who or a straight biography? Trick explains that Doctor Lauren was looking for something to reverse the curse on her girlfriend. Yeah, I think Bo knows that part, Trickster. “A curse that made her slave to the Light,” Woods/Bo adds. “I know (Doctor)Lauren’s deepest desires,” he tells Trick and Bo/Woods. “I know where Reynard’s gone. He’s going to kill The Ash.”

In Tolkien’s Lair, Kenzi/Dyson is getting no signal on the cell phone. “Whatever Woods put around the building must be blocking all the signals.” Woods/Bo re-enters the lair and admits that he can’t find a way of bringing it down, either. “Though I did start a fire on Trick’s rug,” he admits sheepishly. “My eighth century Persian rug?!” Trick exclaims. “I’m sure those things are made to last,” Woods/Bo quickly reassures him.

“Manipulating my containment traps is kind of a specialized skill, sweetheart,” Bo/Woods taunts. “So is not succubussing everybody I know to death,” Woods/Bo shoots back. Kenzi/Dyson puts a hand on her chest and pushes Woods/Bo back. “This is bad, Bo,” she says intently. “I can still save her, Dyson,” Woods/Bo promises. “I hope so,” Kenzi/Dyson murmurs, no longer quite believing it, “or I rip Woods to shreds.”

“With what?” Bo/Woods sneers. “Those Press On nails?” Kenzi/Dyson lunges forward, growling, but Woods/Bo yanks her back. “This is on your head, Woods,” Trick tells Bo/Woods as Kenzi/Dyson twitches in place, still growling, struggling to reconcile himself with the confines of Kenzi’s body. “If a dark fae, even an insane one, kills the new Ash? The already precarious peace between our sides will crumble.”

“Well that just takes the rag off the bush, don’t it?” Bo/Woods quips. I—have no idea what that means. “Here’s the deal,” Bo/Woods says. “When we track him, nobody’s bagging Reynard, or the massive reward for his return, but me.”

“Whoa, whoa, wait. Trick,” Kenzi/Dyson says, pinging on something. “How did Reynard get past Woods’s snare to begin with?” Trick, naturally, immediately has the answer. “Your containment trap only works on fae, doesn’t it?” He asks Bo/Woods. She confirms that the trap turns fae powers back on to them.

“Reynard was in (Doctor)Lauren,” Trick points out to Woods/Bo. “And (Doctor)Lauren is human,” Woods/Bo finishes the thought. Bo/Woods is all upset that they had humans in The Dal (drink!) and nobody said so. “So the only other person who can get out of here and warn Lachlan is another human,” Woods/Bo explains for everyone not following the bouncing ball. They all turn to look at Kenzi/Dyson who glares back as Bo/Woods starts to chuckle.

Back in The Dal (drink!) proper, Dyson/Kenzi is at the bar, doing shots. “Come to Mama!” He downs the shot and takes assessment. “Hoo! Five shots and I am feeling fine. Whoo! Lawdy this body can drrrink!” he exclaims, spinning around on the stool as Kenzi/Dyson stalks into the room. “Hi me!” Dyson/Kenzi says to Kenzi/Dyson. Heeeeeee. “Hey, where are you going?” he asks as Kenzi/Dyson walks on by. In the background, Woods/Bo comes into sight in the background as he too emerges out from Tolkien’s Lair. Kenzi/Dyson ignores Dyson/Kenzi, but when Hale/PerfectCiara calls out his name, he stops.

“I have to stop Reynard,” she tells him, and Hale/PerfectCiara nods; he knows. Gently putting his hands on her shoulders, Hale/PerfectCiara leans down and kisses Kenzi/Dyson. Woods/Bo comes into the room and looks on silently, subtext exploding off the walls, as the visual of Hale kissing Kenzi actually makes the ‘shipping universe explode. Hale kissing Kenzi, I mean PerfectCiara kissing Dyson. Ow. My brain hurts. Dyson/Kenzi looks on from his perch on the barstool, eyebrows raised. “Oh that does not look right.” Legions disagree, darling.

Hale/PerfectCiara and Kenzi/Dyson embrace and as Kenzi/Dyson closes his eyes Woods/Bo drops her gaze. “Trick will find a way to get us back into our bodies, Ciara,” Kenzi/Dyson assures. Hale/PerfectCiara sighs and wishes her good luck. Kenzi/Dyson begins to leave again, but now Dyson/Kenzi objects. “Oh, ho ho! Dude, dude, dude! Booby trap,” he reminds her. “It won’t leave a scratch,” Kenzi/Dyson assures him. “Promise.” Dyson/Kenzi grabs Kenzi’s jacket from the bar and passes it over. “It’s chilly out there,” he says. “I’m allergic to peanuts,” he adds, starting to jammer. “And my hair does this crazy thing when I get out into the rain—” Kenzi/Dyson puts a reassuring hand on his arm. “Kenzi! I’ll take care of you,” Kenzi/Dyson promises. Dyson/Kenzi makes a face but lets her go. “Every powerless, human inch of you,” Kenzi/Dyson mutters as she leaves, ripping off the nametag along the way as Dyson/Kenzi watches her leave. “Dang, I look good in those boots,” he says with a coy tilt of his head.  So. Freakin’. ADORABLE.

At the lab, Doctor Lauren/Reynard is in full out crazy mode. “Doctor Lauren has so many fun tools to play with! So many naughty concoctions!” she giggles. She spies something across the room. “Oh. And so many reasons to be angry,” she says, crouching down in front of the monitor which shows ComaNadia in her pod. She runs a finger down the image. “Don’t worry. Reynard’s going to make all your dreams come true! Well,” she sniffs, “maybe your nightmares!”

Fumbling for the phone, Doctor Lauren/Reynard manages to compose herself enough to impersonate the doc, “This is the doctor, ah Lauren. The Doctor,” and formally requests an audience with The Ash. Breathing heavily, Doctor Lauren/Reynard scrambles for a beaker full of hypodermic needles conveniently displayed next to a tray of test tubes filled with various color dyes —er—noxious substances. She fills a needle with some black liquid as her eyes go all Helter Skelter and I swear the next words out of her mouth are going to be myyyyyy preeeecccccioooosssous. “And if I should happen to start a war in the process? Let the flames fly!” Honestly, I think Zoie Palmer is having a kick ass time being bat crap crazy here.

Woods/Bo sits next to Dyson/Kenzi at the bar. Let me say right off the bat that this entire scene absolutely delights me. And half of that is due to the guy playing Woods/Bo. When you think that he’s a one-off guest star who came into this tight night cast and nailed the nuance this well, this fast to have this great convo with Dyson/Kenzi and make it feel so genuine—that’s some good work there. And KHR is having such a damn good time being Kenzi. He nails several of her mannerisms and brings the funny and this scene is sweet and lovely because of them both.

“You know what, Bo?” Dyson/Kenzi says. “You are amazing!” Woods/Bo tunes into Dyson/Kenzi. “And you are drunk, Kenz,” he quips and puts bottle and glass out of reach. Dyson/Kenzi emphatically insists that he’s serious. “I mean,” and here KHR does a classic Kenzi move with his hands, “the willpower it must take for you to control your hunger.” This is a good point that the show doesn’t usually touch upon. Bo does a lot of self denial that is just par for the course for her, but is really probably quite difficult. “I mean, Woods is a pretty tough dude and he was in your body for what, like ten minutes, before he—death sucked Ciara like an evil vacuum.” Perhaps, even a Dyson vacuum, mmm? 

Kenzi and Doctor Lauren from Lost GirlThey look over at where PerfectCiara’s body is laid out on a table while Hale/PerfectCiara hovers nearby. Dyson/Kenzi asks if Woods/Bo thinks he can really still save Ciara. “I’d better if I ever want Dyson to talk to me again,” Woods/Bo says. He studies Ciara as an idea occurs to him. “What’s it like in there, Kenz?” she asks Dyson/Kenzi. “Can you feel what he feels?” Dyson/Kenzi  fidgets on his barstool. “Is he in love with Ciara?” Dyson/Kenzi puts a sympathetic hand on Woods/Bo’s shoulder. “I never thought I’d say this, Bo. But I can’t tell you,” he says with real regret. “It’s his most private emotions.” Woods/Bo shakes her head in agreement. “Even if he is a no good wolfnik!” Dyson/Kenzi adds, loyally.  “I get it,” Woods/Bo says, retracting the request. “My bad.” Dyson/Kenzi: “Although, I must admit, it does feel like he’s got a bit of a foot fettish going on in here.” Woods/Bo: “I think that’s still you, Kenz.”

Down in Tolkien’s lair, Bo/Woods is still chained to the chair. She gets a crafty look on her face. With some effort, she reaches up and pulls a bobby pin from her ponytail. “Well ain’t that a peach.”  He works it into the old lock and springs it open. “Always wanted to try that hair pin trick.” Freed he starts to escape when Trick wanders in with a platter of food.

At The Ash’s compound, Kenzi/Dyson eases into the throne room, carefully stepping over the unconscious, likely dead guard on the ground. “Ash?” she calls cautiously. “Little girl,” Lachlan answers the disembodied voice of Lachlan. He stumbles in, propelled by Doctor Lauren/Reynard who is using Lachlan as a shield, holding him by the throat, the tip of the hypodermic needle stuck in The Ash’s neck. The stand behind his desk at the top of the dais. “You’re tardy,” Lachlan tells Kenzi/Dyson flatly and Doctor Lauren/Reynard hums in delighted agreement. “Actually,” Kenzi/Dyson drawls, “I’m Dyson.”

Kenzi/Dyson asks Doctor Lauren/Reynard what’s in the needle this time. “Hmmm. Freedom,” she chirps. “Smells more like belladonna,” Lachlan says dryly. Doctor Lauren/Reynard starts to monologue, Kenzi/Dyson glances at the floor beneath her excellent shoes. “Killing The Ash is just the catalyst. The Light will try to retaliate against The Dark. The Dark will note the vacuum in power and then pounce. Boop! All of which will lead to—” “Chaos,” Kenzi/Dyson growls and Doctor Lauren/Reynard squeals with glee that it’s a beautiful word. “It’s only a matter of time anyways,” she tells them. “Something’s coming.  I can feel it. I’m just speeding things along.”

Kenzi/Dyson says she’s just glad to be there to witness it. “Although, I think Kenzi is a little near-sighted,” she caveats, taking a few steps forward. Doctor Lauren/Reynard freaks out and orders her to stop moving. Dyson/Kenzi stops short just before the glowing stained glass emblem in the ground. “Did you renovate, Lachlan?” she asks, delivering the non sequitur while looking around. “I tried modernizing a little bit,” Lachlan admits through gritted teeth as Doctor Lauren/Reynard presses the needle deeper. “Though some of the more,” here he raises his brows and nods toward Kenzi/Dyson’s feet, “antiquated features remain.” Kenzi/Dyson catches his meaning. “Yes, I’ve always liked this old floor.” One stiletto heel plunges into the glowing circle. Behind where Doctor Lauren/Reynard is holding Lachlan, a matching stained glass window begins to glow and then shoots electric bolts into Doctor Lauren/Reynard, knocking her to the ground. “Heck of a security system,” Kenzi/Dyson sneers coming forward and up the stairs as Lachlan composes himself. She puts the stiletto on Doctor Lauren/Reynard’s neck. “These things are good for something after all,” she says to Lachlan with a dark smile.

Back at The Dal, everything is status quo with Hale/PerfectCiara sitting next to Ciara’s body and Woods/Bo and Dyson/Kenzi still sitting at the bar watching him. “What if Dyson can’t stop Reynard?” Dyson/Kenzi asks. “What if he gets my wee body—dead?!” Woods/Bo jokes, “Then you’ll both have to share Dyson.” Don’t think it hasn’t been discussed, sweetie. At length. Dyson/Kenzi smacks him. “That’s not funny, Bo!” He grimaces as Woods/Bo laughs. “How would we work the bathroom?” Woods/Bo puts an arm around him. “It’s gonna be all right, Kenzi,” he promises.

“It really won’t,” Bo/Woods interrupts. Woods/Bo demands to know how Bo/Woods got out and Dyson/Kenzi wants to know where he put Trick. Bo/Woods says she locked Trick below. “It’s important the Light never know I was here. That Reynard ever escaped the dark’s clutches.” Dyson/Kenzi huddles behind Woods/Bo as Bo/Woods looks them over. “I need to end this,” she says, her eyes going succubus blue, and decides that she’ll do that by burning The Dal (drink!) to the ground. Hale/PerfectCiara objects that she can’t do that, and Bo/Woods asks why not? “I’m a succubus hopped up on fairy juice. There ain’t a man alive who can stop me now.”

Dyson/Kenzi jerks his chin up and steps out from behind Woods/Bo. “I’ll take that bet,” he says, taking a position and raising his fists. “Come on, big man,” he invites, flipping in hand in the Matrix maneuver and Bo/Woods spits at the ground. DYING. So we finally get a beat down between Bo and Dyson only it’s not really Bo or Dyson!

Bo/Woods lunges at Dyson/Kenzi, pushing him. “Nobody uses my bestie’s body without buying her a drink first!” Loyalty, thy name is Kenzi. Dyson/Kenzi shouts and totally wolfs out, eyes, claws, the whole works. Heeeee. He starts to swipe at Bo/Woods with the claws as Woods/Bo yells, “Try to aim for not my face!”

Laughing, Bo/Woods shoves Dyson/Kenzi aside. “Wow, this body is more powerful than you reckon!” Woods/Bo: “More woman than you can handle!” He lunges at Bo/Woods but she shoves him to the ground too. “Well, that was surreal,” Woods/Bo quips. Over by the table, Hale/PerfectCiara watches, clutching her metaphor pearls. Dyson/Kenzi is up again, ready to rumble. Bo/Woods punches him twice and then they grab each other’s throat and now we have the image of Bo and Dyson trying to strangle each other. Surreal doesn’t begin to cover it.

Woods/Bo breaks a beer bottle against the bar and calls on Bo/Woods. “Hey Woods! Time for face lift!” he challenges, and holds the broken glass to his own neck. Bo/Woods laughs, not letting go of Dyson/Kenzi who hilariously is looking frantically over his shoulder at Woods/Bo. “You don’t have the guts,” Bo/Woods says, but Dyson/Kenzi nods his head frantically oh yes she does!

Suddenly Trick is there, and as Bo/Woods turns toward him, Trick tosses magic dust into her face. Dyson/Kenzi leaps back, spitting out the dust and slapping at his face. “Lock me in my own lair, will you,” Trick says smugly to the now unconscious Bo/Woods. “You might have a headache tomorrow,” he says to Woods/Bo who asks if that means Trick’s found a way to get them all back into their own bodies. As they talk, Dyson/Kenzi is flapping his arms around, fascinated by how the wolf claws and teeth come and go on Dyson’s body. “Couple of days of group therapy oughta flush out the gorgon blood.”

Woods/Bo and Dyson/Kenzi simultaneously and with equally horrified and disbelieving expressions: “Seriously?!” Show, I love you so much.

“No,” Trick admits with a smile. “All it’ll take is a transluminal migration circle.” Woods/Bo, “Oh, well, I could’ve told you that.” Dyson/Kenzi gives her the raised brow head bob that is universal for “Mmm Hmm.”

This is the moment when Kenzi/Dyson enters The Dal (drink!), Doctor Lauren/Reynard in tow. “Special delivery.” Woods/Bo asks after Lachlan and Kenzi/Dyson admits that The Ash is pretty pissed. Dyson/Kenzi is back to punching the air. “Did you guys see my wolf moves?” he asks, delighted. “Whoo Hoo!” Woods/Bo laughsNever Change Kenzi—and bumps their shoulders together.

Trick draws a chalk circle around Bo, Reynard, and PerfectCiara’s unconscious bodies. He motions the rest to stand within the circle. Kenzi/Dyson shoves Doctor Lauren/Reynard inside as Dyson/Kenzi backs up Hale/PerfectCiara who, overcome, covers his face with his hands. This is actually an enormous act of courage on PerfectCiara’s part. She has no guarantee that Bo will be able to revive her as they claim; she’s never seen it done before. And yet she willing steps into the circle, knowing that she might be going to her own death. Ballsy.

Trick begins to chant in Latin as he sprinkles cedar chips overtop the chalk circle. He stops and nods and a second later, everyone begins to convulse as the black smoke monster wafts through the room, returning everyone to their proper place. Bo and her Chopped Off Bangs of Evil sit up with a gasp. Woods shakes himself, irritated. Kenzi and Dyson exchange quick, speaking glances. Dyson drops down next to PerfectCiara, cradling her head. Bo scrambles over to her and immediately begins to feed chi back into PerfectCiara, who finally sits up, disoriented. Dyson supports her, almost exactly the way he supported Bo when he brought her back to life in Mirror Mirror. “Am I?” PerfectCiara asks and Bo exhales with relief. “You? Yes.” PerfectCiara laughs weakly, “I was going to say alive!” Dyson looks between his two women. PerfectCiara’s smile drops. “Thank you,” she tells Bo with feeling. “I may not know everything there is to know about you but,” she smiles again, “I’m glad you’re you.” Bo: “Yeah,” and she tears off the nametag, “me too.” Dyson smiles, he’s glad she’s who she is too, and clasps her arm. “Thank you,” he says softly.

Woods interrupts this meaningful moment. He has Reynard already in chains and ready to go. He tells them they’re encourage to attend Reynard’s final judgment, “although it is on dark territory so maybe I’ll just tip my cap and say ‘thanks y’all’. It’s been a real treat.” Reynard giggles maniacally. Exeunt Woods and Reynard. “It’s been a real treat all right,” Bo repeats laughing as they all know it’s been anything but that, and everyone smiles and chuckles, relieved to once again be who and where they’re supposed to be.

On their feet now, Dyson and PerfectCiara are holding each other in the background, swaying back and forth, as Trick sweeps up the cedar chips. Hale helps Doctor Lauren across the room, “easy there doc,” and she laughs. “I’m tired, Hale. I’m not elderly.” Hale, hat back in place, chuckles too. “Okay.”

“How was limbo?” Bo asks as they reach her. “Weird,” Doctor Lauren admits. “I saw my Aunt Edna and she gave me her cheesecake recipe.” Bo smiles as the doc asks Hale where he was in limbo but he doesn’t know. “All I do know is that I feel well rested for the first time in a long time,” he says and breaks out that beautiful siren smile. “I’m jealous,” Doctor Lauren says playfully in a rather deep voice, I might add. Hale suggests they get her home now. I dig how solicitous they’re all being of the doc. Next to PerfectCiara, her body has had the roughest night. Can’t be fun being possessed by a rabid, fae psychopath. Exeunt Hale and Doctor Lauren.

It’s Dyson and Ciara’s turn to say goodbye. “We’re going too,” he says in THAT VOICE, now properly ascribed to him again. A wealth of emotions and words cross Dyson’s face in the span of a second. What do you say to the woman you loved and rejected, but to whom you are irrevocably bonded who just saved your girlfriend’s life? Dyson, wisely merely says, “Thank you,” though it’s charged with meaning. Bo gets it. PerfectCiara doesn’t, but that’s not her fault. “That’s the best you can do?” she chides him weakly and literally collapses on Bo, embracing her. Kenzi, sitting at the bar, is surprised and entertained. Bo sighs awkwardly and then with a glance at Dyson, returns the embrace though with less desperation. Without Ciara watching his every move, Dyson’s expression is almost painful to see as he silently shows Bo everything he’s feeling.

“And you,” he says with a small smile, stepping over to Kenzi. “Yes?” she says cheekily. Dyson: “You are weak, pathetic, and you need glasses.” Kenzi snorts. “Wow. That’s—that’s kinda mean.” Dyson smiles down at her. “It’s a miracle you survived this long, Kenz. You just might be the strongest person I have ever met.” He pulls her close and they hold on to one another. Oh my. Sniff. I’ve missed their friendship almost as much as I’ve missed Bo and Dyson together. Always brings the awesome. I think this sharing of one another’s bodies is going to bring them closer in a way that they will never be with anyone else. Not like that! Ewwwww.

“You know,” Kenzi says from somewhere inside Dyson’s leather vest. “I learned a few things about you too.” She pulls back so she can see his face. “Being inside you felt very empty,” she says quietly. She gently pats his chest, right above his heart. “You’re missing something—huge in here aren’t you?” Dyson frowns and glances over at PerfectCiara and Bo to make sure Kenzi wasn’t overheard. One long finger taps against Kenzi’s mouthshhh our secret—and he steps back to put his arm around PerfectCiara. “Come on, Ciara,” he says, “let’s go home.” He nods at Bo silently and they leave. Exeunt Dyson and PerfectCiara.

Bo joins Kenzi at the bar and our ladies watch the couple leave. Bo sighs. “Ya know. Normally that might make me jealous,” she admits to Kenzi. They exchange glances and then Kenzi turns to look after Dyson again with a sad smile. “It shouldn’t, Bo” she says, offering her bestie (and us!) a kernel of hope as to how Dyson really feels as she’s in the unique position to know for sure. Bo smiles at her and they embrace.

Down in Tolkien’s Lair, Bo with her Chopped Off Bangs of Evil and Trick clink glasses, ready to debrief in full. Bo thanks him for the whiskey. Trick: “I figured you’d be off beer.” Hee. Bo wonders what’s going to happen to the jackhole bounty hunter and Trick admits that he told Woods he wouldn’t report him to The Light, “if he promised never to step foot in my bar again.” Bo thinks that’s nothing. Trick: “Well, I also threatened to turn him into a dung beetle.” Bo asks if he can do that now and Trick admits he can’t, but Woods hardly knows that. They share a laugh together in perfect accord.

Trick inhales deeply. “Eventually,” he says, lifting a knowing brow at Bo, “you’re going to have to tell me what The Nain Rouge said.” Bo pauses, she knows he’s right, and decides not to dicker.  “She warned me,” she says bluntly, and Trick’s smile falls as he swallows hard. “She said something big was coming, something bad.” Trick muses that The Nain Rouge appears historically before major disasters. “We’re going to have to keep our guard up.” Bo: “Don’t we always?” Bo passes over her glass, silently asking for a refill, and Trick turns away to the decanter. “She also called me Isabeau,” Bo says. Trick freezes for one moment, his face blanching. “Did she now?” he says with a curious frown as he passes the now full glass back to Bo. “Hmm.”

“We’ll be fine,” Bo asserts with false confidence. Based on previous episodes, I have to disagree. “As long as everybody stays in their own body,” Trick quips. “And keeps their head about them.” Bo: “How hard should that be?” Foreshadow alert!!

Back at The Ash’s compound, Lachlan is holding court in the throne room before a group of chagrined guards. “It goes without saying,” he says through gritted teeth, “we’re going to have to beef up security.” Never mind that not having enough guards is irrelevant to tonight’s activities as Reynard was in Doctor Lauren’s body and she has clearance to go straight in to him. Lachlan he wants two men on every entrance and when the guards don’t move fast enough to Make It So, he lets his temper loose and snarls at them. The guards leave and Lachlan goes behind the dais to pause in front of a chest. Crouching down, he removes a chain from around his neck on which dangles the key that unlocks the chest.  He raises the lid, revealing old, small wooden boxes and cloth wrapped treasures. He moves several swatches out of his way under which lies another small door. Raising it, he reveals the disembodied head of—himself. It’s clearly been chopped off at some point and hidden away. He stares at it portentously. “Give me strength,” he murmurs to himself.

End Credits.

New Fae Terms:

Gorgon: n. Three sisters with hair of living, venomous snakes and a horrifying visage that once glimpse, will turn a person to stone. In some cases, their blood allows the transference of souls between bodies.

Origin: Greek

Boraro n. born trackers who will do anything to bring in their prey, legal or otherwise.

Origin: Amazon

The Nain Rouge: n. literally a red dwarf or gnome; a type of hobgoblin.  In the U.S. it’s said that The Nain Rouge haunts Detroit, MI and is indeed feared as the harbinger of doom. Having been to Detroit once for a wedding, I believe it, but that might have been the open bar.

Origin: Normandy, France

Quotes of the Night:

Kenzi: Yaayyyy Kenzi!

Kenzi: Whoa, you did not just use TLC in a sentence!

Bo: You got up at noon and took a two o’clock nap!

Kenzi: Stay strong. I’ll get us a pitcher. Bo: Each!

Doctor Lauren: Two words, Trick. Mechanical bull.

Bo: Give me back my friendship beer!

Kenzi: Hey guys? How would I know if a dude was inside me? Hale: Been a while?

Kenzi/Dyson: Why are my pants so tight?

Dyson/Kenzi: Ah, Bobo? I got the wolf junk, babe!” Kenzi/Dyson:  Don’t. Touch it. Don’t touch anything.

Dyson/Kenzi: Check me out! Kickin’ it in the wolf man!

Dyson/Kenzi:  Roger. Wow. Didn’t you hear my voice? That was like so sexy. Roger.

Dyson/Kenzi: D, how do the claws work? What is it? Is it like a Wolverine-y thing?

Trick: Where was Dyson born? PerfectCiara/Hale: What’s Dyson’s favorite food? Hale/PerfectCiara: What’s Dyson’s favorite position? Kenzi/Dyson: Ciara. Doctor Lauren/Reynard: Honestly lady.

Woods/Bo: Are all fairies this freakin’ jealous?

Trick: What did you see in Harmistagan, Bo? Bo: Some damned effective birth control.

Dyson/Kenzi: Hoo! Five shots and I am feeling fine. Whoo! Lawdy this body can drrrink! Hi me!

Dyson/Kenzi: Dang, I look good in those boots.

Dyson/Kenzi: I must admit it does feel like he’s got a bit of a foot fettish going on in here. Woods/Bo: I think that’s still you, Kenz.

Dyson/Kenzi: Nobody uses my bestie’s body without buying her a drink first!

Trick: Couple of days of group therapy outta flush out the gorgon blood.

Dyson: You are weak, pathetic, and you need glasses. Kenzi: Wow. That’s – that’s kinda mean. Dyson: It’s a miracle you survived this long, Kenz. You just might be the strongest person I have ever met.

Kenzi: Being inside you felt very empty. You’re missing something –huge in here aren’t you?

Bo: Ya know. Normally that might make me jealous. Kenzi: It shouldn’t , Bo.

Next week: Episode 10: Raging Fae.

Kiersten Hallie Krum writes smart, sharp & sexy romantic suspense. Find her snarking her way across social media as @kierstenkrum and on her web site and blog at www.kierstenkrum.com.

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Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I *have* to watch this. It is an imperative. Thanks, Kiersten!
Jenn Nixon
3. Jenn Nixon
Best. Episode. Ever. I can't even read your recap, because I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.
Laurie Rivera
4. leb
Kenzi in Dyson's body totally stole the show. KHR killed it! I also thought KCC's performance as Ciara was very understated, but really great.
Jenn Nixon
5. Jen R
that was the best episode yet. kenzi in dyson's body was so freakin funny, i seriously wanna watch this episode a few more times.

i loved the kenzi/hale kiss. just wish it was them in their bodies at the time..lol they need to do this for real on the show
Linda Losik
6. LindaL
As I have come to expect: an excellent recap. Absolutely loved this episode! And the acting was wonderful; just goes to show not only how well they act but how well they know all of the characters. I had wondered just how the writers were going to resolve any/all issues between Bo and Ciara…saving Ciara’s life was an interesting and effective method of doing so.

Absolutely loved Kenzi in Dyson’s body as well as her love of wonderful shoes; it also broke my heart when Dyson put his finger over Kenzi’s mouth. Am expecting this to be expanded on later; we all know that Kenzi can keep secrets. It is what she does with them that makes this so interesting.

And, Please, Detroit????? I am from Michigan, no, Allentown PA maybe, but not Detroit! Open bars make us see things that aren’t really there… :-)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
7. Kiersten
I love how usually we're writing paragraphs in each comment deconstructing the episode bit by bit, gushing, nitpicking, whinging, and generally loving on our show but this week it's almost all broken down into a few simple phrases. "Best. Ep. Evah" and "Kenzi in Dyson's body is SO FUNNY!" and "KHR rocks!"

Y'all are so my people.
Suzanne Metaxas
8. SuzyM
Great recap! I love this episode and I'm sure I'll be re-watching this many times! So far this is my favorite. Kudos to all the actors they really nailed it and showed their versatility. We learned so much about the characters this episode that I'm having to really wait to digest it all. I did a search on the saying "take the rag off the bush" and found a few answers, here are the links.



It seems to be an American saying, so I wonder who brought it to the script?
Carmen Pinzon
10. bungluna
Now that I've seen the trunkated sy-fy version I'll have to go hunt for the unabridged Canadian version. I think this episode makes up for all the heartache I've suffered through this second season. It was just too funny! KHR was great, and the otheres weren't bad either.

I particularly liked the way the episode highlighted the strengths of the different charactes: Bo's willpower, Kenzie's perseverance, Dyson's forebearance. It was golden.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
11. Kiersten
@bungluna - exactly. By switching them out of their bodies, their core characters were able to be highlighted anew.

So much good stuff on all levels in this one. I almost didn't want to watch it b/c then it would no longer be "new" and something to be anticipated. But watching/revelling in it trumps all!
Suzanne Metaxas
12. SuzyM
Hi Guys :) My kids know I'm wild about Lost Girl and sent me these youtube links, they are worth watching :)

Ann Silk in a commercial

Great Short film with KHR

And this one is a must for those who love the wolfman

Enjoy :)
Carmen Pinzon
13. bungluna
That "Big Girl" short is so poignant. Kris is very charming with the little girl in that one.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
14. Kiersten
That Big Girl was absolutely lovely. Thanks for sharing the link, SuzyM & thank your kids for us too!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
15. Kiersten
Also, Addicted Saving Able tunes. LOVE that fan vid!
Tanya Deveraux
16. tmdeveraux
Thanks Kiersten! Your recap was, as always, awesome!! This was definitely my favorite episode. Dyson & Kenzi switching bodies had me laughing almost the whole freaking episode! Loved it!!
Jenn Nixon
17. mplum
Amazing episode.

God we needed that. The acting was spot on and so impressive because although I was watching different actors play their characters, I didn't even notice! You could see bo and kenzie talking when they were in Dyson and woods bodies.

KHR showed some comedy skills that we so rarely get to see. The kenzie dance was ridiculously cute and to see the guy we all know is sexy as the devil looking like a complete (hysterically cute) dork was too much!
Suzanne Metaxas
19. SuzyM
WooHoo! Thank you LindaL for the wonderful news :) I cant wait! October 23rd can't get here soon enough! And on my son's birthday Nov. 13th I'm the one getting a present!!! :) This will be the first time in my life I can't wait for fall to come!

Just a side note, I rewatched this episode and noticed I never saw Hale drink a beer. Anyone see him drink, I might have missed it.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
20. Kiersten
I'm pretty sure Hale drank the beer before the ladies arrived. Though you make a good point as he's usually nursing his tea...love that about him.
Jenn Nixon
21. whiskeywhite
Great acting by all. But there are two small places where they slip up on the gendered behaviour. No woman would ever slap a name tag on their breast the way Dyson/Kenzi does on his/hers. Only a man would use that amount of force on his chest. Similarly, Woods/Bo slaps Dyson/Kenzi on the chest right after the "how we would work the bathroom?" line. A woman would never affectionately slap another woman in that area, but it's common between men. And besides, Kenzi is the slapper in the pair, not Bo. (A bit too frequently for my taste.)

Another tiny point: I'm suprised that you didn't mention, Kiersten, that when Dyson and Ciara leave to go "home" (a joint home that he and Bo never had) they do so very affectionately, arm in arm. I was surprised that Bo wasn't feeling more hurt.
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