Jun 26 2012 10:29am

Lost Girl Season 2, Episode 10 Recap: Succubus in a Cage

Bo and Mike in Lost Girl Season 2 episode 10Our Lost Girl obsession is going strong! Be sure to check out all of Kiersten Krum’s recaps, from Season 1 up to the most recent Season 2 episode aired on SyFy (episode 1episode 2episode 3episode 4episode 5episode 6episode 7episode 8, and episode 9). All caught up? Good. And now, on to the recap for last night’s episode, 2.10, “Raging Fae."

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A limo is parked in a shipping yard, framed by stacks of containers, and the unmistakable sounds of a succubus at work echo from its open moon roof. Several feet away, Kenzi is on her phone, trying to understand the caller. “Yorkshire pudding? GRAVY?! Hells to the bells, yes!” She tells the caller to hold on and shouts for Bo.

Breathless and with bloody scratches across her forehead and chest, Bo pops up through the moon roof. “What?!” Kenzi, as though her bestie wasn’t just banging the limo driver, casually wonders what their dance card is like on Saturday. Bo: “I can’t really check the day timer right now, Kenz!” She dives back into the car and her cries of pleasure begin again. Kenzi goes on that it’s Trick on the phone and he’s making a roast for Sunday. Aw. A little fae family Sunday dinner. Bless. “Whaddya say?” Kenzi asks. “You, me, and our elastic-waist sweats…?” Bo, not bothering to pop up this time, shouts that she can’t. Kenzi: “Why?” Bo: “’Cause I’ll be busy!” Kenzi: “Busy with what?” Bo, done with this back and forth: “Knock yourself out, I need a night in.” Kenzi goes back to Trick as the sounds of Bo’s feeding gain momentum. “Well, I’ll be there with my monogram steak knife, but Bo, alas, sends her regrets.” Trick asks to speak with Bo and Kenzi dissembles as she checks on her bestie’s progress. “Ahh, she can’t really talk right now. She’s jammed right up.”

The limo door opens and the groans of a man who’s been ridden hard and is grateful for it emit from the car as Bo emerges with a proud, satisfied smile, wounds all healed. She shrugs into her leather jacket and joins Kenzi, who’s smiling. The way Kenzi has absolutely no judgment toward Bo’s sexual appetite is one of the stellar hallmarks for their friendship. “Hey sugar crotch! How was the car service?” she teases. Bo: “Oh, we’ll definitely be keeping them on speed dial.” She adds that renegade goblin or not, that’s the last time she jumps out a third-floor window for a case, sufficiently updating us all on the who, why, and wherefore of her car copulation. Certainly eliminates the need for a tip.

They pedeconference through the shipping yard as Kenzi says she understands that Bo was “un petit peu occupado getting bang healed and everything” but is there another reason she’s avoiding “the Merry Trickster’s” calls.  Bo says besides the whole I-kill-Trick vision thing? Kenzi: “Yeah, I mean do you owe huge on your bar tab or did you steal his troll…?” She stops short as she finally processes Bo’s words. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, what?!” Bo explains about The Nain Rouge’s vision gift. “Does he know?” Kenzi asks. Bo confirms not so much as her phone starts to ring, “Which is why he’s getting pushy, so until I know what the deal is—” Kenzi: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. No happy times gravy hour in the Shire.”

Bo answers the phone with a loaded, “well, hello doctor,” but sobers quickly as she listens. “Come on,” she tells Kenzi, hanging up and running to the nearby succmobile. Kenzi: “What?! No! We have to sit down and process this! Preferably with the roast beef sandwich I’m suddenly craving.” As they climb into the succmobile, the POV changes to that of a stalker who is taking surveillance photos of Bo while hiding between containers. As they pull away, the woman who looks a lot like Amy Madigan in Field of Dreams lowers her lens and nods with satisfaction. “Found you.”

The succmobile pulls up at a junkyard where the doc is ministering to a very large, very beaten man. “Apparently he was just dumped here last night,” she explains to Bo. They crouch before the man and Bo asks what happened. “Well,” he pants, “a jumping back kick and a tornado of fists.” Bo is all what the huh now? “He’s a fighter,” the doc clarifies. “Mixed martial arts.” Patient X says the guy made a meal out of him. “What kind of a man can do that to an ogre?” Kenzi blanches. “You’re an ogre?!” Doctor Lauren: “Tough as they come.” Bo asks Patient X what kind of fae did this to him and Doctor Lauren sighs heavily. “That’s the thing, Bo–,” but Ogre interrupts her. “It wasn’t a fae. It was a damn human!”


“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah that hurts!” Ogre tells the doc, who informs Bo that she’s worried about internal bleeding as she begins triage. She starts to tell “Oscar” to come back with her, but refuses to go to the lab because then The Ash will find out about the unsanctioned fights. “Dislocated shoulder,” Doctor Lauren details, annoyed. “I didn’t even notice,” Oscar admits with wonder. Kenzi clarifies for everyone that Oscar is talking about illegal, underground fights. “Dude, how do we score tix?!”

Doctor Lauren wields her administrative powers and posits that if Oscar doesn’t tell them everything, she’s going to have to write a report for The Ash and– “All right, all right,” Oscar gives in, rolling his eyes. He names Ferraro, a guy who runs human fights out of his gym, “total secret, invite only for a live fae audience.” Because the first rule is you don’t talk about Fae Fight Club.

Kenzi: “There’s a dead audience too?” Bo: “I am not dealing with any more zombies.” Heeee. Oscar explains that Ferraro gives paying viewers a password to watch online. “People all over the world can watch and bet online. It’s big, big business.” Doctor Lauren gives him a shot that makes him a bit loopy. Bo decides that Ferraro must be dark Fae, but Oscar corrects her. “He’s well connected. Real pillar of the community type.” Which means it’s a pretty sure bet that he’s not. Bo, disgusted, “Oh yeah, sure he is.” She asks how Oscar got involved with this pillar, and the fighter tells them there’s this human who’s won 12 consecutive fights and the Fae audience is getting really bored since he destroys his human opponents in seconds. Ferraro decided to change it up with the ogre. “But the things this guy did to me in the ring,” Oscar admits, “I ain’t ever seen a human do that before. Something ain’t right with him.”

“A human cockfighting ring?” Bo muses flatly. “Keep the joke inside, keep the joke inside,” Kenzi whispers as Bo continues, “with a superhuman human pounding on people for Fae pleasure and profit?! No way! I’m shutting it down pronto!” Doctor Lauren smiles up at her knowingly. “I thought you might.” She instructs Bo to help her out with Oscar’s shoulder, but the ogre stops them, pleading with Bo not to alert The Ash. “I got a wife and brood at home. If they ship me off for forty years to crush uranium, who’s gonna provide?!” he asks, frantic. Well, it’s nice to see the Light Fae has its own gulags for work release. Bo reassures him that his secrets safe with them. “I know someone we can trust,” she says. Hel-lo wolf boy! Doctor Lauren counts down and they yank Oscar’s shoulder back into place.

At The Dal (drink!), so I guess we’re done with the Trickster avoidance, Bo plunks a glass of whiskey in front of Dyson, whose wry glance is full of subtext. “No human,” he says definitively, “could do that to an ogre.” Bo decides that means a fae is pulling some underhanded crap. “Big surprise,” she snarks. Dyson doesn’t buy it as Ferraro doesn’t have any dirt on him, being all pillar-like as he is. “As far as you know,” Bo points out. Dyson details all the ways Ferraro is a standup guy, but each altruistic action only increases Bo disbelief. “His gym is legit,” Dyson says. “He sits on the board for the hospital. He gives to charity. He’s a pil—” Bo interrupts, “Pillar of the community,” she mocks, “yeah, boy howdy has this guy ever perfected his cover!”

“Look, I know you don’t like humans being used for Fae spectacle,” Dyson says with understanding in THAT VOICE and Bo takes a deep breath and tries to calm down. “But for us it’s a just a minor crime.” Even if Ferraro is pitting Fae against humans, for someone like him it’s only worth a slap on the wrist. Bo wonders about the human that can beat up ogres and Dyson gives her A Look but admits that if, “and it’s a big ‘if’” Ferraro is somehow given humans fae powers, then that is a serious crime. But he can’t move against the pillar “unless some hard evidence falls into my lap.” “Evidence is going to fall so hard you’re going to be singing soprano,” Bo promises cheekily as she picks up his drink and sips. “Whoo. Bye.” And she’s off. Dyson smiles, glances over his shoulder at her departing form, then picks up his glass to drink, lost in thought.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Kenzi is on the phone taking instructions on where to meet Bo. “Fighters! Scrumptious barbarians clutching each other while writhing on the floor? I’m on my way, Bobo! I’ll bring the coconut oil!” But as she opens the door, NotAmyMadigan is there waiting. “I didn’t know if I should knock,” she says. “It beats kicking down the door!” answers Kenzi. NotAmyMadigan asks if Kenzi has lives with “this woman” and she pulls out an old school portrait of Bo/Anna Silk, cause it is clearly a picture of AS as a teenager. “Her name is Beth.” Kenzi frowns and says she’s not sure, maybe. “What are you, some kind of stalker?” NotAmyMadigan says she’s more of a hunter. Really? Do you know Sam and Dean Winchester? ‘Cause those boys have got it going on. NotAmyMadigan asks if Kenzi believes in monsters, “because you’re living with one.”

BoAt a boxing gym, a large Italian man straight out of The Sopranos central casting, who can only be Salvatore Ferraro, is on the phone assuring someone that he’ll be at the hospital’s charity event. Inside the ring, a blonde man trains vigorously. Ferraro tells “Mikey” not to slack off and reminds him that he, Ferraro, got Mikey the biggest fight of his career. He gets back on the phone to hustle donations as Bo enters. “Hi I’m–” Ferraro: “Clearly in the wrong place.” He goes on to sexually harass her, ending with a lewd head to toe perusal and “I don’t need no card girl either.” Bo assures him she left her bikini at the cleaners and Ferraro wonders what she’s doing there then. “At a fighting gym? Gee, I can’t imagine,” Bo snarks. Ferraro calls her a “tough girl” and calls out to Thrasher, identifying a woman with cornrows who is punching the hell out of a heavy bag and looks like she just came from a failed American Gladiators audition. Bo takes one look at her and blanches.

Back at Hilton Hovel (drink!), Kenzi is getting NotAmyMadigan a drink. The “hunter” explains that she’s spent years tracking Bo with no success until she heard about a bartender who left a body behind. Then she got lucky and spotted Beth/Bo in a coffee shop. “I’m sure it’s her. She dated my older brother. Until he was killed.” Kenzi grimaces and asked what happened. NotAmyMadigan tells the story we heard from the Oracle in season one’s Dead Lucky of Bo’s first sexual experience—and first succubus kill. “I saw his body,” she tells Kenzi. “He had this smile on his face, like some kind of sick joke.”

Bo promises her that Bo/Beth had nothing to do with it. NotAmyMadigan: “Either she killed Kyle or she knows what happened and she ran off instead of telling us. One way or another, she did something horrible.”

Bo grapples with Thrasher in the gym in Lost Girl Season 2 episode 2Back at the gym, Thrasher is—well—thrashing Bo. Thrasher gets her in some kind of hold as Ferraro smarms that if Bo hurries, she might make spin class down the street. Bo grabs Thrasher’s arm and pours on the succujuice. The fighter rolls off her and onto the floor and Bo pins her until Thrasher taps out. Ferraro is forced to admit that Bo has moves and with a wave toward his office he suggests they discuss terms. Bo warily leads the way and as they walk, Ferraro asks after her fight name. When Bo says “it’s just Bo,” Ferraro insists that’s not a name. “Boom boom. Now that’s a name.” Bo scoffs: “Boom Boom?” Ferraro says he knows marketing. Closing the door to his office, he curls his hands into fists until bone spurs form out from his knuckles. “Now,” he says with menace. “Who the fae are you? And what are you doing in my gym?”

Bo tells him to take it easy, “I’m just a girl standing in front of a guy asking him to love her for a fight.” Whoops, sorry. I made a wrong turn to Notting Hill there for a second.

Ferraro says he’s seen a lot of fighters and knows human from fae. “Exactly what kind of fae are you?” Bo: “The unaligned kind.” Naturally, he’s heard of her. “I never chose a side,” she continues, “so I’m always looking for ways to make money.” When he asks how Bo heard of him, she name checks Oscar the Ogre and I swear I nearly typed Oscar the Grouch instead. Ferraro asks how Oscar’s doing. “Pissing into a bag,” Bo says, not without sympathy and asks what happened there. “One fae to another? All I wanted to do was give Mikey in there a good fight.” He’s says the kid’s too strong. “I got a real beauty set up for him next fight,” he confides. “Obsidian. Fae. Totally indestructible. It’s gonna be—epic.” He tells Bo to hit the bag and do cardio as he’s putting her in against Thrasher tomorrow night. “See how you do when it’s real.” She thanks him for the chance and leaves. “Try not to die,” he suggests.

Back at Hilton Hovel (drink!), Kenzi insists there’s no way Bo and this Beth girl are the same person. “Bo was born right here in the big city! She wouldn’t know a hoe from a hoedown!” Well, she might know a ho. NotAmyMadigan claims that of course that’s what Beth/Bo would tell Kenzi and that actually, she might be in real danger. NotAmyMadigan decides they need to call the cops, but Kenzi stops her by claiming they can’t call just any cops, “not when I am personal friends with one of the best homicide detectives in the city!”

At The Dal (drink!), the other best homicide detective in the city is at the bar when Bo calls to tell Dyson that she’s in at the gym and even has a fight set up already. “Well, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that,” he says. Bo has Mikey, the unbeatable fighter, in her sights. “Shouldn’t take too much succubus dialing to get him to tell me what makes him so strong.” Dyson tells her that if Ferraro is “making this human into a killing machine,” she’s to let him know. “Rodger dodger,” Bo quips and disconnects. I love that they’re working together again, backing one another up. Look, at this point, I will take what I can get. Damn it.

Bo approaches Mikey who is giving his son a few pointers in how to throw a jab. Father/son bonding at its best.  Bo introduces herself all friendly like and asks if "the champ” could give her a few pointers. Mike’s a little wary, but goes with it, naming Tyler, his son, in the process. Great. No nametags required this ep. Bo asks after Mikey’s secret and when he simply says training and diet, Bo sidles closer and asks for his “secret, secret. Heard you beat up one badass mother last night. You got any help?” She reaches to stroke his face, but he cuts away without noticing, instructing Tyler to start a 30 second drill. “I fight clean,” he says to Bo. “Trying to set a good example for my boy.” Bo pshaws. “Come on, Mike! Help the new girl out.”

Before Mike can comment, Ferraro smacks at him that if he wants Tyler to train there, he needs to get the kid a membership. “I ain’t running a freakin’ day care.” Oh yeah, he’s a real champion of the community. Mike apologizes, says he wasn’t feeling well, and thought it’d be Okay for Tyler to knock about some while Mike took a break. “You thought,” Ferraro mocks. “There ain’t a single thought in there,” he says, poking at Mike’s skull. “It’s empty, Mike.” Way to tear down the guy in front of his kid, jackhole.

“Don’t hit me,” Mike orders, tightly. Ferraro pretends to apologizes and then slaps Mike across the head. Bo objects with a look over her shoulder at Tyler. Ferraro ignores her, telling Mike, as he hits the fighter again, that it’s what the man does. “You get hit!” Mike loses his shit and hulks out as he growls again that Ferraro stop hitting him. He rips the heavy bag from its chain, throws it across the room, and immediately goes grey in the face and collapses. Bo runs to his side while Tyler looks on, silently freaking out.

At the cop shop, in the interrogation room, NotAmyMadigan (still no name for this chick?!) is downloading Hale (Hale!) about “Beth. Bo. Whatever she’s calling herself now. It’s the same girl.” Hale and Kenzi exchange speaking looks as NotAmyMadigan insists that Bo killed her brother. “You’ve got to do something about her.” Hale assures her that the matter will receive their full attention and asks for a moment alone with Kenzi.

With NotAmyMadigan gone, Hale collapses back in his chair. “I did not know,” he says with disbelief to Kenzi, who agrees that she didn’t know either. “We have got to keep her as far away from Bo as possible. Make this go away.” Hale: “Seriously?” Kenzi: “Yeah. That’s what you fae do. You hide each other’s dirty laundry from humans.” Hale agrees, but gently points out that Bo still isn’t Light Fae. Kenzi gets her back up. “Bo is always helping everybody else. Don’t you think it’s time somebody helped her?!” Hang on. Hale and Dyson back Bo up on a regular basis, often when they don’t like it or want to do it. “We’re always helping Bo,” Hale points out firmly. Oh. Thank you, darling. “But this is big.”

It’s Kenzi’s turn to sigh because she knows Hale is right. Hale tells Kenzi to send “Mel” back in, “maybe a little ole smooth talking will convince her that Bo’s not a monster.” When did we get a name for her? You know how I hate to miss a naming moment. Kenzi agrees. “And if that doesn’t work, you’ll like siren her or something?” she asks. Hale looks straight at her. “No.”

Bo reaches out to Mike in Lost Girl Season 2Mike is in the locker room at the gym, head in his hands as Bo crouches next to him and asks if a collapse like the one he just had has happened before. Mike brushes it off. “Sometimes I just push myself so hard in the workout.” Bo: “And the rage?” But Mike doesn’t remember being angry and admits that while that used to only happen in the ring, now it’s getting worse. Bo asks for clarification and Mike admits that he was an okay fighter, but he got beat up a lot and once got hurt real bad and then presto! he started winning. Bo: “Violent blackouts. That’s great.” Gently, she asks if Ferraro is giving Mike a boost, but when he denies it emphatically, Bo admits she thinks otherwise, and it’s making Mike sick. Mike says it doesn’t matter. He has one more big fight and then he’s done. He warns Bo to be careful with Ferraro. Bo asks why since he’s supposed to be such a standup guy. Mike agrees, and tells her that Ferraro helped him out a lot, gave him a free membership to train, and paid for Mike’s wife’s funeral. “When I lost my job roofing, he gave me a loan. Had to work it off in these fights of his.” Bo gently assures him that she knows about that kind of servitude, and it’s obvious she means Doctor Lauren. Mike says if he wins this fight it’ll pay him enough that he won’t have to fight again ever. Tyler comes over then and hands over a thermos full of something green. “Ferraro says to drink up,” he tells Mike. “Regain your strength.” Mike downs the fluid as Bo watches.

At the cop shop, Dyson and Bo enter the bullpen. “One smoking gun as requested,” Bo says, handing over the nearly empty thermos. “More of a bottle than a gun,” Dyson drawls, shaking and examining the thermos with evident skepticism. Bo challenges him to get it tested. “Should reveal what’s been giving a human fighter super human strength and rage blackouts.” “Well, yes ma’am,” Dyson teases in THAT VOICE. “I will rush it to the lab.” Bo thinks Ferraro’s been slipping Mike something from the Fae pharmacy and Dyson promises that if that is the case, then not even Ferraro’s high and mighty friends will be able to protect him. Their rhythm is as tight and well synced as though there’d never been a Norn. (Perfect)Ciara who?

“Look at us,” Bo says, with a friendly jab to Dyson’s midsection, “partnering up and stuff.” Dyson, quietly: “Yeah. Look at us.” We are, darling. We really are. Bo suggests that maybe they really can be friends after all. Which is when Mel enters the scene. “Beth?” she asks. Bo is shocked and confused. “Mel?”

Hale ambles out from the interrogation room and through its open door, we can see Kenzi come to her feet and hurry up behind Hale. Mel whirls on him, pointing out Bo as the woman who killed her brother and spiraling off into a crazy rant. “You can’t run away anymore,” she yells, lunging for Bo. Hale grabs her arms to hold her back as Dyson immediately steps in front of Bo. “You are going to pay for what you did to Kyle!” Bo stares at her old friend, mouth dropped opened, stunned and horrified. “You are going to face my parents and see the pain that you caused them!”

As Hale hustles Mel back into the interrogation room and closes the door, Dyson stares after them, his expression puzzled. Kenzi steps back into frame and he turns the quizzical look on her–what’s going on, Kenz?–as Bo steps out from behind him. Seeing Kenzi, her horror turns to anger. “You knew she was here!” she accuses her friend. Kenzi calls her name, but Bo isn’t having any and she walks out. Dyson looks between her departing back and a guilty Kenzi. “Kenzi, what the hell is going on?” he asks. He doesn’t wait for an answer but joins Hale in the interrogation room to find out for himself. Miserable, Kenzi follows.

I’m digging how they’re all finding out about Bo’s past together. I mean, Dyson and Kenzi both know that Bo has a history of waking up next to dead human lovers and Doctor Lauren knows that Bo refuses to feed from her for this very reason. But it’s odd to think that all this time, through all their individual intimacy with Bo, none of them has heard her origin story. ’Til now.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo is packing, throwing things in her bag willy nilly in an eerie parallel to the very first episode after she’d killed the guy who roofied Kenzi. Kenzi comes into the bedroom and asks what she’s doing. “I have to run, Kenzi,” Bo says, pissed. “Again!” She yanks some clothes from the armoire. No walls, but she has an antique armoire. Whatever.

Kenzi insists that they can fix this. “I killed her brother!” Bo says, wracked with guilt. “That can never be fixed. And no matter how much distance I put between then and now, Kyle will always be dead and it will always be my fault!”

She whirls on Kenzi. “You should have told me that Mel was here,” she accuses and now Kenzi utters the kiss of death for Bo: “I was just trying to protect you.” Also, it’s only been like an hour since she showed up and you’ve been a tad busy yourself, sweetie.

Bo stalks back to the armoire, still in a fury. “Everything bad that has ever happened to me in my life,” here she throws a hanger to the floor, “has been because someone has been trying to protect me WITH LIES!” She yells that Kenzi has no idea what it was like for her, and Kenzi begins to get her own mad going. “No I don’t,” she shouts back, “because you never told me anything!” Bo: “Because it was horrifying and awful!” Kenzi takes a breath and calms down. “Okay, well I want to understand so tell me,” she implores her best friend.

“How could you possibly understand?! I grew up on a farm. I thought I was a regular girl. I went to church with my parents!” Bo’s voice breaks. Oh, poor chickieboo. Quietly, Kenzi asks what happened and Bo brokenly explains that when she hit puberty, she began to feel different. So say we all, sweetie. “Your powers kicked in,” Kenzi says, matter of fact and Bo nods. “I didn’t know how dangerous I was,” she saying, crying fully now. Anna Silk is knocking all of this out of the park.

Depleted by the emotional outburst, Bo shoves her bag out of the way and collapsed on the bed. “My parents taught me that sex was evil,” she explains to Kenzi. Happily, you got over that one, though, so huzzah. “And I found out how right they were; I found out how evil I was. I had the devil inside me, Kenzi.” Kenzi, softly: “You really thought that.” Bo: “I was so terrified. So I told my parents what happened and they broke down and told me that I was adopted. The only thing they had was this baby picture with a name written across the back.” Kenzi: “Bo.”

Bo confesses that she hated her parents then. “I hated myself.” She shrugs with self-deprecation. “So I ran,” she admits, jaw firming. She stands up and starts to pack again. “And now I have to keep running.” Her phone rings and Kenzi grabs it. “It’s Dyson,” she informs Bo who sighs, but answers it. Kenzi takes the opportunity to grab Bo’s bag and move it out of immediate reach. Dyson says something to her and Bo answers “fine” and disconnects. For a moment, she and Kenzi stare at one another a silent conversation of the heart, and then Bo reaches around Kenzi to grab her jacket and stalks out. Kenzi sighs before she grabs the bag herself and dumps the clothes out on the bed even as she knows the gesture is futile.

At The Dal (drink!), Dyson hands over a folder and tells Bo she was right. “Mikey is doping.” As Bo reads the file, Dyson takes the chair across from her and looks at Bo with concern. “You okay?” She shoots him a look from under her lashes. Dumbass question. “Sure,” she snits. “What am I looking at?” Dyson explains it’s a biological compound that matches the secretions of an amphibious Fae called the gama. Bo: “Alpha, beta, gamma?” Dyson corrects her. “Gama-sennin. Toads, frogs, masters of drugs. Lots of interesting stuff comes out of their pores.” Oh yeah. Real interesting. Who’s up for kissing that frog, huh?

Bo looks as disgusted as I. “So Mike’s been drinking frog sweat?” Dyson explains that a lot of aboriginal tribes will lick a frog before they go on a hunt. Also a big favorite at Burning Man. Or so I’m told. Bo: “So drinking Fae frog nectar…” Dyson: “It would give a human a significant boost in the ring.” Bo notes that its one hell of a power shake.

Dyson adds that while the frog sweat will give Mike superhuman strength, Doctor Lauren told Dyson that it’s also going to kill Mike, and soon. “There’s a good chance that the next time Mike steps into the ring, the highlight of the fight will be his organs exploding.” That will get a lot of hits on youtube.

Bo yells at Dyson to shut down Ferraro’s fight club already, and he yells back that he needs proof first that it’s Ferraro providing the frog sweat in the first place. “His fists have spiky things coming out of them like he’s a horned toad or something,” Bo tells him with bite. Dyson says she needs to get him into the fight tonight and he’ll find out for sure, but Bo immediately says there is no way she is fighting tonight. “I have to blow town now that Mel has found me.”

Dyson looks down as he admits that they pulled some strings in the human system and got Mel put away for the evening on a psych evaluation for “our” own protection. Bo wonders why he would do that, but Dyson dodges the question. “Get me into that fight so that I can take a sample from Ferraro and then we’ll know.”

Bo admits that she’s not in the mood to trade punches with anyone right now. Except maybe herself. Dyson tilts his head; yeah, he gets that. “Keep your distance,” he suggests, and again I’m reminded of episode one of this show: “Any other advice?”“Don’t get dead” “And you’re back to being an asshole.” Good times.

Dyson encourages her to keep the fight going long enough that he can get what she needs. The way she’s looking at him, I’m thinking you’re an asshole is top on her mind again. “Bo,” he adds, with a shade of the old Dyson. “Do not let this girl get under your skin.” Bo sighs heavily. Too late; Mel is already there. “Some time or another, we have all,” he pauses slightly, “hurt those who we love.”

Bo looks at him – you’re not kidding – and slowly leans forward. For a moment, it seems as though she’s about to share with him some of what she unloaded on Kenzi. But they’re not there anymore. “The fight’s at nine,” she says instead and tells him to meet her out back at a quarter to. “You can be my cut man,” she sneers. She leaves, passing by Trick who’s standing behind the bar without at word. Trick stares after her with dark concern and glances over at Dyson who helplessly motions with his hand. I tried, man. I dunno. I love the nonverbal talks these two have together, often across distances. I’d loved to know the origin story between them, how they became so bonded, where that fealty Dyson has for Trick over all others (except Bo) comes from. I am also digging how Bo’s family is rallying around her without her really knowing it. I suspect Kenzi called Trick; Dyson almost certainly had a confab with him before joining Bo.

In the locker room, Bo is deep in thought as she wraps her hands for the fight. For a woman who appears to have no experience whatsoever at boxing or cage fighting, she’s remarkably well-versed in the trappings of the sport. First “cut man” Now hand wraps? I kick boxed with a trainer and in classes for more than a year and never mastered the hand wrap on my own. But then, I’m not Fae….

Bo flashes back to the memory we saw via the Oracle lo those many episodes ago of Bo and Kyle innocently making out in his truck overlaid by Mel’s accusatory voice-over. “Bo, it’s time,” Kenzi gently calls, jerking Bo out of her reverie.

Bo snaps at her friend, asking what she’s doing there. “I know you’re still pissed,” Kenzi says flatly after a pause, “but I can’t have you fighting without me in your corner.” Bo tells her with finality that when this is done, she has to keep running. “I guess that makes two of us then,” Kenzi says, matter of fact. She affectionately tweaks the end of Bo’s braid as Bo sighs. She’s not alone this time.

It’s Fae Fight Club!!! But shh! Don’t talk about it.

Anna Silk as Bo Dennis in Lost GirlOut in the gym, the logo for BLOOD CAGE flashes as Bo enters, Kenzi and Dyson at her back. Thank you, show, for that visual, which encapsulates the main theme for this entire series. With a glance at and a nod from Kenzi, Dyson peels off as Ferraro welcomes everyone to The Cage and begins the spiel that is Thrasher’s intro who has a record of 8 and 1 with 5 KOs. Bo enters the cage where Thrasher is already bouncing around, warming up. “And in the grey corner,” Ferraro continues, “I give you, with a record as blank as the virgin snows, the Angel from the Alley, the Sizzle from the Streets, BOOM BOOM!”

Dyson circles the cage, keeping a concerned eye on Bo as the crowd goes rabid and Thrasher grunts with menace and shadow boxes a few jabs. Bo stands still, unusually unanimated. Ferraro: “Tonight’s fight is scheduled for as long as it takes for a knock out or a tap out.” He growls that the only rule is that there are no rules. Original. He tells the fighters to come out swinging at the bell.

Bo stares at Thrasher, but her mind is back in that car with Kyle and she flashes back to the moment when she scrambled from the car, terrified and sobbing, leaving a smiling but dead Kyle behind her. She’s smacked out of the memory by Thrasher’s right cross, never hearing the bell that started the fight. Kenzi yells at her to keep her guard up, but Bo merely ducks Thrasher’s next swing and shoves the fighter into the cage wall.

Bo and Thrasher trade blows as Dyson eyes the crowd and Kenzi yells instructions. “Keep her on the outside with your jab!” Bo gains the upper hand and Dyson pulls out his sample taking mechanism as he looks around for Ferraro. Thrasher knees Bo in the belly violently and throws her across the cage and Ferraro laughs. Bo lies there, panting and bleeding, and Kenzi yells that she’s “got this” as Dyson zeroes back in on Bo, worried. “Come on, Bo. Get up,” he mutters fiercely. Bo struggles to her feet, Kenzi yelling “come on get up and smash her!”

Swaying, Bo puts up her fists, but is sucked back into the memory of when she woke to find Kyle dead, and that image quickly shifts to The Nain Rouge’s vision of Trick being strangled, choking out what have you done as Bo watches dispassionately. Overcome with guilt and self-loathing, Bo lowers her fists and proceeds to allow Thrasher to beat her within an inch of her life. Kenzi yells “Bo! What are you doing?” Alarmed, Dyson’s attention is riveted on Bo so that he doesn’t even notice Ferraro’s approach until the fight contractor greets him. “Hey Detective. Does The Ash know you’re here?” Dyson’s head jerks around in surprise.  Ferraro goes on to inform Dyson that he played golf with The Ash last week, “and I let him win.” But Dyson couldn’t care less; after that first second, his fixates back on Bo.

Thrasher has Bo up against the fence as Kenzi keeps calling her name. “Kind of a lousy fight, huh,” Ferraro muses to Dyson. Dazed, Bo looks at Thrasher who is not so crazed she can’t tell something is going on with her opponent as Bo continues to offer no defense. That doesn’t stop her from delivering the knock-out punch though, and Bo slams into the floor, nearly unconscious. Immediately, Dyson breaks away from Ferraro and hurries back to be in Bo’s corner as Kenzi enters the ring and gathers up her bestie.

“What the hell are you doing in there?!” Dyson demands through the cage. “Did you get what we needed?” Bo gasps dully, not answering the question. Dyson admits that Ferraro’s scent is all wrong. I could have told you that. He concludes that Ferraro’s not the frog. “Get her out of there, Kenz,” he orders and goes—somewhere. Maybe to get the car. Let’s go with getting the car.

Dyson kicks open the door to his loft as he helps Bo walk in and demands that she take some of his Chi. That’s an interesting wrinkle. Dyson didn’t even hesitate before offering himself up for service, though I think it’s safe to say he probably hasn’t thought that one all the way through. I kind of want to see how they’d manage that without the whole sexing one another up aspect. Okay, forget the kind of; I want them to go there. Given the nature of Bo’s power, there’s has to be some sexing up going on. And wouldn’t that delight PerfectCiara. I’m sure she’d be ecstatic to hear her boyfriend volunteered for succubus duty.

Even more interesting is that Doctor Lauren herself is in Dyson’s loft, her medical case open in Dyson’s kitchen, so wolf boy probably rang her up whilst he was getting the car or whatever.

Hey! Where did Kenzi go?! Eh, whatever.

“Dyson, leave me alone. I’m fine,” Bo snaps. “Bo,” he growls, frustrated. “Then let me find someone to help you heal.” Oh this just gets better and better. Now he’s going to procure her a food source? You plan to watch too, wolf boy? ‘Cause that would be—um—moving on now.

Bo collapses to the bed as Doctor Lauren rushes over insisting that she just needs to heal. “Bo,” she asks urgently, “why haven’t you healed yet?” “Because I’m not in the mood,” Bo sneers at her. Recognizing the signs of Bo intractability, Dyson ambles over to the kitchen as Doctor Lauren drops down next to Bo and wonders since when did mood come into play as a factor. She goes on to remind Bo that she has a biological imperative to feed, but Bo cuts her off, “Oh screw my biology! I am so tired of my life being dictated by something that I didn’t choose. I am done being Fae!”

Dyson joins them wrapping an ice pack in a cloth as he approaches.  Doctor Lauren holds up her hand. “I—I got this,” she insists. Dyson barely bothers to ignore her. The doc glares at him, a moment of unrestrained, honest emotion. Ooh. She really doesn’t like him still being such a presence in Bo’s life.

Dyson holds the wrapped ice pack out to Bo who snatches it from his hand with bad temper. “One hour,” he tells the doc without looking away from Bo. “And then I have to get you back to the compound.” Doctor Lauren nods; she knows the rules. Dyson presses a hand to the doc’s shoulder, surprising her I think, his gaze still on Bo. “Thank you,” he says softly and Doctor Lauren nods again. In this one thing—Bo’s welfare—they are always unified even if the means by which they approach it diverge. He leaves them alone.

I’m struck by the visual of the three of them together here, Dyson and Doctor Lauren overtly working in tandem to care for Bo, the woman they both love, regardless of whether Dyson can feel that love right now. It’s an interesting dynamic and I have to wonder whether the show will ever have the nerve to explore the trifecta possibilities here. Hmmm.

Doctor Lauren gazes at Bo, her heart in her eyes. “I’m sorry,” Bo offers, holding the ice pack to her lip. Doctor Lauren scoots forward and takes over ministrations as Bo asks how she managed to sneak out this time. “Dyson ‘borrowed’ me for an investigation,” the doc explains wryly as Bo whimpers. She dabs at Bo’s face some more and decides the worst cut won’t need stitches.

“I heard about your encounter with your past,” Doctor Lauren confesses. Bo: “Oh great. Does everyone know now?!” The doc assures her that’s not true, “just the people who care about you.” Toldja there was a Fae phone tree going on.

Breathing hard but subdued by Doctor Lauren’s sycophantic adoration, Bo admits that it’s not just her past that’s the problem, it’s her present too. “For a long time I’d forgotten what I am to humans—a monster,” she admits. Doctor Lauren insists she’s not a monster, “I know that,” and that whatever happened back then was not her fault. “I killed a boy!” Bo cries. “And then what? I ran—away. I ran away. I didn’t take responsibility for what I did. And his poor family!” she sobs. “I never gave them closure!”

Doctor Lauren vows that Bo is a different person than she was then, “and the person that you are now, I absolutely love!” That sound you just heard was the doccubus contingent in rampant celebration. Verily, the Internet itself doth tremble. After a pause, the doc backtracks, “I didn’t mean –” but she stops and rolls her eyes, “I don’t know what I mean,” she admits.

“Forget it!” Bo spits. She is not up for this right now. But she too takes a breath. “I know you’re all mixed up over (Coma)Nadia,” she offers. Doctor Lauren admits that she doesn’t even know what she’s feeling these days.

Bo asks how that whole ComaNadia thing is going. Doctor Lauren thanks her for the nail and tells her she’s looking into it. “And the thought of waking (Coma)Nadia up is—” she smiles and gets teary as she searches for an appropriate word, but she can’t even finish the sentence because there are just too! many! feelings! “But Bo,” she continues in a broken voice, “the thought of losing you…” She cups Bo’s face in her hand, caressing her cheek. Bo closes her eyes and leans into it. “Hurts,” Bo says quietly. Doctor Lauren sniffles and nods. “No,” Bo corrects her. “I mean the spot you’re on it hurts. It really hurts.” Snort. Nice parallel to Doctor Lauren’s “sorry” misunderstanding in last week’s cold open. “Oh,” the doc exclaims retreating, “tender.” They chuckle weakly together and the doc goes back to ministering to Bo’s wounds.

In The Ash’s throne room, Dyson stands before Lachlan. “Underground fights? Fae doping humans? That would be bad for business,” Lachlan agrees. Dyson points out that it’s also a political mess. “I’ll build a case around Ferraro,” Dyson says. Lachlan immediately shuts him down, but without looking up from the paperwork he’s working on. “With all due respect,” Dyson begins skeptically. “Under no circumstances are you to be nosing up the skirt of Salvatore Ferraro,” Lachlan orders firmly. Dyson counters that the man is breaking a dozen of the Light Fae’s own rules.

Lachlan stands, bracing himself on the desktop. “And you will stand down!” he grits out. “Or you’ll find yourself on a new beat: playing sheep dog on the rocky shores of the Outer Hebrides.” They face off against one another for a moment until Dyson mockingly salutes The Ash—“sir”—and exits. Lachlan sips some whiskey as he watches Dyson retreat and I don’t blame him. That is one fine rear view.

At the cop shop, a uniform escorts Mel back into the interrogation room where Hale awaits. Mel accuses him of locking her up on a trumped up psych form like she’s a crazy person. “I am not insane—she killed my brother!” Mel decides that if Hale doesn’t believe her, then they are all in league with Bo. Well, duh lady. Didn’t you at least watch season one? Hale commiserates with Mel, saying he understands it’s all been very difficult for her, but he has something to tell her. “Did you talk to her?!” Mel demands. “Did she confess?!” Hale: “You’re going to want to sit down for this.”

At The Dal (drink!), Bo is nursing a tall glass of ice water as she and Dyson sit at the bar. He’s clearly downloaded her on The Ash’s refusal to allow Dyson to investigate Ferraro. “All right, here’s what we do.” Bo says. “We bring down Ferraro and use that to topple The Ash and then (Doctor)Lauren might have a real chance at freedom—what?!” she snaps as Dyson ducks his head. I wonder if he’s getting as tired as I am at the endless prattle about freeing Doctor Lauren from The Ash. Play me another tune already, writers! But no, he’s smiling. Dyson: “Just sounds like the plan of someone who’s going to be sticking around for a while,” he says fondly. When Bo denies it, Dyson asks why. “What are you running from, Bo? One accident in your past? Or yourself?”

“I’m sorry, is Trick in there or something?” Bo snarks. “Because if we’re doing this whole body-switching thing again, I really have a lot on my plate, okay? So can we—can we just stick to Ferraro? Please?” Dyson nods, sure, no problem, and asks what she wants to do. Bo states that they have to shut the club down and get Mike out before he gets killed and leaves his son an orphan. Dyson decides that if Ferraro’s not the frog, then he must have one nearby, “so who else has access to Mike’s drinks?” Bo has a horrible epiphany and the scene immediately cuts to Tyler standing in the door of a refrigerator. Tyler is pouring “Blast Force” energy drink into a tall glass. He squeezes his hand into a fist and as the skin turns amphibious green, fluid secrets from his fist into the mixture. Ewwwww.

At The Dal (drink!), Dyson and his long-legged stride re-enter The Dal from parts unknown. He rejoins Bo, who has moved on to a whiskey glass, at the bar. He tells Bo she might be right, the kid might be Fae. About eight years ago there was an accident in Mike’s home town. “A Fae couple and their child. Car goes off the bridge, both parents drown, child was never found.” Mike was a volunteer firefighter for the town. Bo: “So Mike finds the boy in the water and brings him home to wifey?” Dyson shrugs: “Who knows. Stranger things, right.” Bo decides whatever the story, they have to stop the fight and keep the boy from killing his own father. Da-da-DA! Team Badass to the rescue!

In the locker room, Tyler approaches his father who’s clearly in pain and asks if he’s sure he should fight, as he looks sick. Faint cheers from the crowd can be heard. Panting, Mike reassures his son with a wink that he’s fine. “Soon as I get out there, adrenaline takes over.” Tyler says he should drink all of the frog juice then and Mike downs the contents of the glass.

Fae Fight Club Part Deux!! Shhh. Don’t speak!

In the cage, Mike and his opponent warm up. Up in the tech booth, the screens flash with the Blood Cage title card followed by the fighters’ names, Mike (I think. They really should’ve gone with an Arial font) Anderson vs. Obsidian Mail. Yeah, but does he deliver on time?

Bo and TylerThe bell rings and the fight starts. OM definitely has the size advantage on Mike, who’s getting batted like a fly when Bo arrives. And Dyson is where again now? She pounds on the cage calling Mike’s name, but he’s getting into it now and doesn’t hear her. OM continues to beat him down as the audience cheers. Tyler suddenly tugs on Bo’s shirt, turning her around. “It’s going to be okay,” the boys says. He’s going to get through this.” Crouching down, Bo tells him that Mike is going to get hurt. “I know you’re different. I’m different too, Tyler,” and her eyes go succubus blue to prove it. She tells Tyler that she knows he thinks he’s helping his dad, but Mike’s body can’t handle what Tyler is feeding it. “And when he gets excited like this it’s going to hurt him a lot.”

Tyler looks into the ring when Mike is getting beat. “I only gave him my sweat to make him strong so he would stop getting hurt,” he explains desperately. Bo: “When I was young, I hurt someone really badly, and I wish that I’d had someone there that could help me understand. So I am helping you understand. If your dad gets angry again, he will die.”

Tyler runs to the cage and begs his dad not to fight, but this is a little irrelevant as OM is in the process of knocking Mike to the ground. Ferraro yells at Mike to get up and fight. Tyler runs into the ring and stands in front of his father. Mike gets to his feet imploring Tyler to get out of the way and let him do this. Tyler explains that he’s poisoned Mike. “If you keep fighting, you’ll die.” Mike is confused so Tyler demonstrates, forming a fist and amphibianing out. Bo and Mike gape at the Fae boy. After a similar stunned moment, Ferraro realizes he’s massively violating Light Fae law and yanks out the Internet links to the ring, going dark.

Back in the ring, Tyler apologies to Mike. Still processing everything, Mike falls to his knees and holds his son, reassuring him that it’s okay. Watching, Bo smiles. This child at least won’t have to run. “The fight’s off!” Mike calls out. Ferraro growls, “The fight’s over when you go down!” He orders OM to go on and get the kid out of the ring, but Bo steps between and faces off with OM. “You wanna dance, pal, huh?” she asks. “Let’s grind.” Taking his shoulders, she knees him in the groin then jumps up to straddle his waist and sucks him down succubus style finishing him off with a hard jab. Eyes glowing succubus blue, Bo points at Ferraro— “Now the fight’s over!” Ferraro: “You’re a dead woman!”

Ah, there’s the wolf.

As Ferraro goes to leave his box, Dyson leaps up behind him growling with gold wolf eyes. He puts Ferraro into a choke hold and lowers him unconscious into a chair. Shocked by too much Fae too fast, Mike picks up Tyler as he gapes at Team Badass. Yeah, they tend to have that effect on people. Mike tells Tyler not to worry, that everything will be fine and Bo smiles in agreement. “I’ll explain everything,” she promises. Incidentally, all of Bo’s injuries have healed now that she’s fed off OM. Nice continuity there, show.

Back at The Dal (drink!), Kenzi and Bo sit next to one another at the bar. Kenzi is staring straight ahead as Bo contemplates her friend. “I’m sorry I was so mean to you,” she says finally. Kenzi: “You weren’t—that bad.” Bo chuckles ruefully. “No, I was. You were just looking out for me, Kenz. You always do.” Kenzi, softly, “yeah,” and Bo echoes her. “So!” Kenzi says, slapping her hands onto the bar and changing up the tone, “Where are we going? Malibu? Hmm? Soak up some Vitamin D with our pearly skin?” Bo decides that they’re not going anywhere. “I’m done running.” Kenzi: “Even better.” Bo says she has to face who she is, “no matter what the consequences.” Kenzi objects, but Bo insists on telling Mel the truth.

At The Ash’s compound, Lachlan is seated on his white couch, reading a book as Dyson tells him that he found a Fae boy who’s been raised by humans. Lachlan is dismissive, “it happens,” and orders Dyson to put the boy in human services. Dyson informs him that the boy has already bonded with his human father. Lachlan, without looking up from his book: “So now you’re a social worker.” Dyson: “Bo has the child and she won’t give him to you unless you claim the father, bring them both into the fold.” This is the second time they’ve played The Ash into taking on the care of the Fae of the Day; first time was The Mongolian Death Worm aka Velma in Brotherhood of the Fae.

Lachlan looks up at Dyson, reiterating that the wolf is going to stay away from that underground fighting thing. Dyson: “Absolutely.” They both know the deed has already been done. Male power posturing is so entertaining. “However,” Dyson allows, “if you reconsider your position on Ferraro, you let me know.” Chuckling, Lachlan returns to his book. “Oh yes,” he mocks, “the big, bad Ferraro. I’ll think about it,” he offers in a tone that says never. Dyson asks again about the boy and his father. Lachlan: “Did I say no?” Again, Lachlan watches Dyson leave (right there with you, buddy), and then snaps his book closed, thinking deep thoughts.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo and Mel sit on the couch together. Bo tells her old friend that she deserves the truth about everything, but a much calmer Mel assures Bo that she already knows the truth. Bo insists that Mel only thinks that she does. “I loved Kyle,” Bo says with feeling. “And I miss him so much and I am so sorry for what I did.” She’s been waiting ten years to say those words.

Mel assures her that everything’s okay, the police told her everything. Bo is confused; told her what? Mel: “They think they know who killed Kyle.” She explains Hale’s made-up story, that there was a serial killer moving through the towns at the time. He was never caught who used some kind of exotic poison. This girl is deeply gullible. Does nobody watch TV anymore? “Poison,” Bo repeats. “That’s uh, that’s surprising.” Mel explains that Detective Hale told her they were going to retest some of Kyle’s tissue samples. “Detective Hale,” Bo echoes, finally cluing in. “I know he’s your handler,” Mel says. “He told me the killer saw you and you ran.” She thinks it’s all been quite the ordeal for Bo. “Being in witness protection? Having to look over your shoulder all these years…” Deeply gullible. Mel apologizes for everything and swears that she will keep “Beth’s” secret. She embraces Bo who, after a stunned moment, hugs her back. “I’ll protect you,” Mel swears.

At The Dal (drink!), Bo stalks up to where Hale is talking and drinking with Trick at the bar. “You lied for me without my permission!” she accuses.  “That is so not cool!” Hang on there a second, chickieboo. You didn’t actually leap to deny it either. Hale won’t look at her. “That’s why he refused to do it,” Trick says instead. “I talked him into it.” Bo: “You?!”  Trick: “For an old-timer, I still got pull around these parts.”

“Ah, I’m gonna give you two some privacy,” Hale offers. Why start now?!

Bo tells Trick that it wasn’t his call. “Mel’s family deserves the truth.” “And the Fae deserve to remain hidden!” Trick shoots back. “Who decides which is the greater good? You?!” Well, no, apparently you do, Blood King, as you just did. Bo snaps that she didn’t chose to be Fae, “but I can choose to do the right thing and telling that dead boy’s family the truth? That is what’s right!” Trick tells her that she still doesn’t appreciate the cruelty of this world or the Fae’s tentative place in it. Yeah, being at the top of the metaphysical food chain must be tough. “You still don’t think of yourself as one of us, do you?”

Bo ducks her head. No she doesn’t. “You have a place with us,” Trick says more gently. “And if you embrace it? Think of how much good you’d be able to do.” Bo shakes her head and says she doubts that. Trick points out that The Nain Rouge appeared to Bo, she warned Bo about the upcoming Fae disaster. But Bo knows that this was only part of The Nain Rouge’s purpose and the horror of her vision fills her face. “But what if that’s not it all? What if this thing is coming for me to use me? What if I am the monster?” Trick wonders why she would ever think that and finally, Bo confesses the vision she had of her standing over Trick’s dead body having killed him.

“Please. You can’t put any stock in visions,” scoffs The Blood King. He assures her that whatever she thinks she saw means something different. He offers her a beer or a scotch, but Bo asks for a five-day bubble bath (with Dyson in it!) and a time machine and exits The Dal to lick her literal and metaphorical wounds.

Back at the gym, Thrasher is going through the papers on Ferraro’s desk as he enters and confronts her. Thrasher says nothing, but she doesn’t have to as The Ash enters the office. “Dear Thrasher has been keeping an eye on you for me,” he menaces. Ferraro is totally cowed. Thrasher leaves and Lachlan comes to stand in front of Ferraro. “So yes,” he confirms crossing his arms. “I know all about the little brouhaha last night at the fight. Fae fighting humans on the World Wide Web. Frog boys revealing themselves—what are we going to do with you?” Ferraro knows he’s in the shit but claims it’s not his fault as he hasn’t been feeling himself lately. “It’s been dark, real dark, like there’s a storm inside me, feeding off the rage of the fighters.” Lachlan, who has been indulging Ferraro up till now, drops his amused façade at that revelation. “I need help,” Ferraro implores.

Lachlan asks if Ferraro has told anyone else about these dark appetites, which is a question to which one should always say yes, but Ferraro says no. This pleases Lachlan. He moves toward the door, but rather than exit, Lachlan snarls revealing a mouth full of sharp, jagged teeth. As he closes the door, Ferraro starts to scream.

End Credits.

Bo in workout clothesNew Fae Folk:

Gama-sennin: a pharmaceutically-inclined Fae who is usually relatively harmless. Has magical knowledge of drugs that would baffle the best-stocked Walgreens around. Often can be found at their day job in the labs of the FDA. Always carries a toad in case he runs into a wayward princess. Nope, wait, that’s the Grimm brothers, though the toad familiar is valid. Gama-sennin can take the shape of a toad as well if so incline: see wayward princess above.

Origin: Unknown

Ogre: rather normal in appearance unlike trolls who are mostly considered to be UnderFae. Very large and tough. Prone to generous reproduction aka a “brood.”

Quotes of the Night:

Kenzi: She can’t really talk right now. She’s jammed right up.

Kenzi: Hey sugar crotch! How was the car service?

Kenzi: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. No happy times gravy hour in the Shire.

Oscar: “(Fights are) total secret, invite only for a live fae audience. Kenzi: There’s a dead audience too? Bo: I am not dealing with any more zombies.”

Bo: A human cockfighting ring. Kenzi: Keep the joke inside, keep the joke inside.

Dyson: I can’t move against him unless some hard evidence falls into my lap. Bo: Evidence is going to fall so hard you’re going to be singing soprano.

Ferraro: Who the fae are you?

Bo: Look at us, partnering up and stuff. Dyson: Yeah. Look at us.

Bo to Dyson: I’m sorry, is Trick in there or something? Because if we’re doing this whole body-switching thing again, I really have a lot on my plate, OK?

Next Week: Episode 11: Can’t See the Fae-Rest


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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Wow, big episode for Bo. It's great that the show is taking the time to explore her character over the seasons rather than giving us an episode with a big brain dump that ends up going nowhere. (Not that I'm bitter about this w/r/t other shows or anything! ;) )
Kiersten Hallie Krum
2. Kiersten
Yeah, big emotional angst last night! Anna Silk displayed some top notch acting chops too, hiting high note after high note. Good to see Bo and Kenzi clash a bit too. Adds veracity to thier friendship.
Linda Losik
3. LindaL
Finally, a back story on Bo….Yeah!!! What struck me as so interesting in this episode was just how lost Bo is, she sees herself as a monster (still), not really part of anything or belonging anywhere. This is one of the reasons that Kenzi is so important to Bo; Kenzi gives herself, acceptance and stability to Bo. The writers have made it clear that both Dyson and Lauren are a permanent part of Bo’s life even though we know that Lauren will age and die while Dyson and Bo still look young. Bo really needs to understand how important she is, not just in the Fae world but to others. This is why it was so moving to me when Mel stated that she would protect Bo with no more questions asked.

I really liked the way the Ash took care of Ferraro himself rather than asking Dyson (who would have jumped at the chance!). The Ash really doesn’t like being fooled, does he???? Loved the throwaway line of: “I played golf with the Ash and let him win.” I don’t think that this Ash was fooled and he was scary when he changed into whatever Fae that he is.

And Dyson looks good coming or going….
Suzanne Metaxas
4. SuzyM
Found a ref to Gamma Sennin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sennin

Love the Limo scene! I have a question, how the Doc get out without the Ash knowing? I also want to hear Kenzi's joke :) Also it sort of irks me that the Doc is using Bo again. Doctor Lauren smiles up at her knowingly. “I thought you might.”

I love the conversation with Dyson. I miss their interactions :( I can't believe they cut out the whole call to Dyson! WTHeck bad enough you have cut out his heart! Let's stop cutting out his scenes.

Bo/Dyson at the cop shop was so good to see, but it did break my heart a little when she says "Look at us partnering up and stuff." and he says "Yeah, look at us."

I felt so bad for Kenzi when Bo attacked her. The look on Kenzi's face was one of abject misery :( I think Bo was a little unfair to all her friends this episode. I can't for the life of me understand why Bo has such an aversion to people caring for her and trying to help her.

They have got to stop cutting the wolfman out!

Dyson is hurting so watching her punish herself that it is breaking my heart!

When Dyson offers his Chi to help her heal it shows me how much he really cares for her. I believe that it is not that Dyson can't heal her but that it just causes him a great amount of pain. It brings back the memories which reminds him of just how much he has lost.

Hmm, the Ash has threatened to send Dyson back to Scotland, does his area of rule go that far?

As to the scene at the Dal where she lays out her plan, it sort of irks me again that she doesn't seem to care that if the do this the Ash just might punish Dyson for disobeying him.

I was also irked when she attacked Hale for helping her. I'm glad Trick finally put her in her place, she is the one causing half of her own problems because she refuses to accept what she is. I think Bo has to take a long look at herself in a mirror and take in all the reflections.

I love the scene when Dyson reports to the Ash. I'm not sure how I feel about Lachlan, sometimes I feel his is good underneath but doesn't want his soft side to show and other times I think he is rotten to the core.

You are so right, "have you told anyone about this?" is a definite death knell!

Thank you again for the great recap and the chance to discuss the show I'm ADDICTED to ;)
Carmen Pinzon
5. bungluna
Great recap. This series is so much more enjoyable with your insights, Kriesten.

Lachlan does puzzle me. I still feel the Doc needs to go, though she's integrating into the 'family' better, I think. Bo was unfair to her friends, but she's under so much stress and pain that I could understand why she would feel the need to lash out at them. The Fae kid raised by human parent(s) was a nice paralel, imo.

I just hope that the writers are leading us to Bo gaining some understanding and acceptance of herself and not another personal catastrophe a la Dyson and the Norn.
Lana Baker
6. lanalucy
SuzyM: I can't for the life of me understand why Bo has such an aversion to people caring for her and trying to help her.

Suzy, when I was younger, it was much easier for me to push people away in much the way Bo did during this ep, simply to avoid being hurt more when they eventually rejected me because of something I'd done or not done. Not that they all actually did that, but I always "knew" they would. Of course, I had reasons, and according to what little we know of Bo's childhood, her parents loved her and showed it, so in that context, her behavior doesn't make as much sense. I guess if the trauma of FaePuberty and then killing her boyfriend were enough, it could created the aversion/avoidance thing quickly, rather than slowly over time. And frankly, I still have trouble asking for help, no matter how desperate I am, and I'm much older than Bo. lol
Suzanne Metaxas
7. SuzyM
Hi Lanalucy :) I too had trust problems growing up, family life for me wasn't Leave it to Beaver ;) But my husband has taught me to trust again :) I think they need to do this for Bo's too. Kenzi, Dyson, Hale and Trick have shown her enough love that she should be a little more trusting. I wont include the Doc in that because I really think she is using Bo for her own ends. I agree killing your first love has to be traumatic so I'm willing to cut her a little slack, but I really think it is time for her to nut up! Start letting people help her and love her. :) Just my humble opinion.
Linda Losik
8. LindaL
This is what I love so much about Lost Girl, well, aside from the story line, the acting and the eye candy, we can all relate to a powerful beautiful succubus. And this truly proves that we all have really improved our own self-image!

The question Dyson asked Bo about whom or what she was running from was so poignant on so many levels, I was surprised at her answer considering that she had asked him almost the same question in the first episode of season 2.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
9. Kiersten
It's good to remember that Bo is viciously independent and whether she trusts them or not, she does not do well when people messing with her shit. She's also got a wee bit of a martyrdom complex and was prepared to throw herself on her sword to give Mel and her parents closure, which added to her feelings of guilt at being so relieved not to have to tell Mel the whole truth and nothing but the truth. She also really, really doesn't like the Fae attitude toward humans and to have Trick, of all people, not only collude but pressure Hale into lying, something Hale himself thought was wrong to do too, in order to protect the Fae world (and yes, Bo herself) was a double portrayal.

I like many of you have already said, am not a woman who trust easily and I'm accustomed to doing for myself and those who depend on me, so I absolutely related to the difficulty of allowing people who care for me to - well - care for me. Similarly, I don't think Bo has an aversion to letting people help her, I think she doesn't quite know what to do with or about it, it's such a new experience for her. And I think the level to which she needs and wants it frightens her. This episode really highlighted how Bo's life has changed since the start of the series. She's no longer alone: she has people uniting behind her to support her whether she likes it or not. That's some scary stuff to accept and adapt to and, I think, a lovely evolution of her character.
rachel sternberg
10. rae70
love the recap as always! after this episode and the scenes between b & d, i am kinda wished that we could have seen bo impetiously confront the narn about what she did to dyson.
Suzanne Metaxas
11. SuzyM
Amen rae70! I want to see and episode where Bo and Kenzi pay a visit to the old crone and kick her but! I thought we were going to see that when Bo walked into the bar and asked Trick about the Norn in the "I fought the Fae..." Now many episodes later she seems to have forgotten about it! Hey, she was the one yelling you have to fight for your love and yet I have yet to see her doing any fighting.
12. SassyT
I don't know. I'm kind of tired of Bo throwing a hissy fit when someone tries to help her out. She acts like they are trying to kill her or something (when most of the characters on the show have had ample opportunity to stab her in the back if they wanted to...Dr. Lauren notwithstanding). I think she was wrong for jumping all over Kenzi like that. She didn't even give her a chance to explain herself. She just got all heated and stormed off. That's not what a friend would do. A friend would ask "What the hell is going on?" and wait for a response. I get that she's had to be on her own for a long time but come on....give me a break. These folks have had your back for more times than you can count (and vice versa). Give it a rest already. She seems more than willing to trust Dr. Lauren (who's stabbed her in the back before). Kenzi never has. This was not one of my favorite episodes.

As to The Ash, I'm thinking he knew about the fights all along (hence, Thrasher keeping an eye on things...I even suspect he may have been involved). And he was just getting rid of Ferraro before Ferraro could rat him out. Remember, he's got that other head of his in that chest (what's up with that by the way???). I'm starting to think The Ash might not be light fae after all but a dark fae pretending to be a light fae. Just my thoughts as more about this guy is revealed.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
13. Kiersten
I think that Bo's initial reaction was emotional and there's often little to no fault involved with that. I also think that she's been running from her past and crushing it into the back of her mind and then suddenly here, out of nowhere, is a visceral reminder of that past - Mel - and she doesn't respond well to it. Otherwise, it does seem like character retraction to have her so upset with these people that she relies on daily in other areas, especially Kenzi. Certainly, we know how much she abhors being lie to even by omission and especially to "protect her" so there's definitely an emotional reaction happening because, to her mind, here is Kenzi, who she trusts above all others, doing the same thing.

However, DL has done that and more multiple times and Bo's reaction to her is always vastly more forgiving toward her than the others. I don't think this is because she loves her most, I think it's an imbalance in the way the character is being written a nonproportional repsonse that is out of character for Bo.

A lot of Bo's reaction was driving out of shame and self-loathing and that these people who have basically saved her and given her a new life that she loves now know her worst secret. Nobody reacts well in those circumstances.

I do think Lachlan knew about the fight all along or why else insert Thrasher to spy on Ferraro? I think he was content to let them continue until something like this happened. Also, there something there about Ferarro's dark thoughts that I think has greater meaning than we know now. As for The Ash himself- we'll just have to wait and see, won't we? Mwah Ha Ha.

This was not an episode I enjoyed though I did think Anna Silk's work work was amazing.There were good moments, but the B story definitely outweighed the A and it was one of those filler episodes that we endure to get to the good stuff.
14. whiskeywhite
I was surprised that no one knew about the dead boyfriend. Didn't Bo refer, in front of someone (Kenzi?) to leaving a trail of dead lovers behind her?

(Older) Canadians will recongize the nickname 'Boom Boom'. Bernie 'Boom Boom' Geoffrion was a famous Canadian hockey player for the NHL's Montreal Canadiens of the 1950s. Later the coach of the New York Rangers and the Atlanta Flames. He was possibly the inventor of the thundering slapshop, thus the nickname.
15. whiskeywhite
I meant slap shot, not slapshop. Bad fingers, bad.
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