Jun 21 2012 2:18pm

Karen Marie Moning Offers Us a Cool Iced Excerpt!

Iced by Karen Marie MoningKaren Marie Moning—whose Fever series continues with Iced, released Oct. 30, 2012—is offering an excerpt from the book on her Facebook page:

Ryodan doesn’t like Mac. He never has. She got between him and his best boy-bud. I give him a look. “I’ll tell you a secret, Ryodan. You mess with her, Barrons’ll kill you.” I drag a finger across my neck. “Just like that. You aren’t all that. Barrons’ll stomp your ass, hand’s down.”

He smiles faintly. “I’ll be damned. You have a crush on Barrons.”

I do not have a crush—“

“You do, too. It’s all over your face. Anybody could see it.”

“Sometimes, boss, you’re just wrong.”

“I’m never wrong. You might as well take out a billboard. ‘Dani O’Malley thinks Jericho Barrons is hot.’ My offer to teach you is still open. Save you from future embarrassment. If I can see it on your face, he can, too. ”

Read the rest of the excerpt at Karen Marie Moning’s Facebook page!

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Sharon Blundell
1. shaznika
Oh what a tease, I can't wait to read ICED, love Karen Marie Moning.
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