Jun 6 2012 9:12am

Just An Average Guy: Who are Your Favorite Average Looks Heroes?

Michelangelo’s DavidNormally, our heroes look something like this (this is Acheron from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunters series):

...the door opened and in walked a man who took her breath away.

Unbelievably tall, he strode into the room as if he owned it. No, he didn’t stride, he loped in like a seductive predator.

His long black hair held a streak of bright red in the front and framed a face so incredibly handsome that he’d be pretty if he didn’t have such a rugged aura.

But what about the average Joes? The heroes who aren’t so amazingly stunning that everybody in their immediate vicinity has inappropriate thoughts?

Who are your favorite average-looks heroes?

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1. MissEileen
Terrible (from Stacia Kane's Downside series) is probably my favorite average looking hero. And not only is he not fantastically handsome, he's also an enforcer for a drug lord. But I love him! And here's one of many reasons why:

"But she never thought about the way Terrible looked, at least not that way. He hadn’t been ugly to her for months; he’d gone from just being a face she was familiar with to being a face she loved to look at, a face that made her….happy. Who gave a shit what anyone else saw when they looked at him, when they saw the crooked, many times broken nose, or the scars, or the jutting brow or thick jaw and heavy muttonchops? She knew what she saw, and that was all that mattered. Knew what was behind those hard dark eyes, and wanted it more than anything.”
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
Terrible is an excellent example, @MissEileen! When I picture Terrible in my head, I see Tom Hardy as Bronson:
Brie Clementine
3. Brie.Clem
Wait! You think Tom Hardy is average-looking? What?
Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
@Brie.Clem--not at all, but in this iteration, as Bronson, I think he is. In real life--and all his roles since--he's GORGEOUS.
Mandi Schreiner
5. smexybooks
I love an average Joe hero. Terrible and also Dain from Lord of Scoundrels.

I want more.

I also want Tom Hardy to do dirty things to me.
6. Isobel Carr
@Brie.Clem: Actually, I do find Hardy average looking. He's sort of non-descript. Not ugly, but not handsome either. He’s the kind of guy you struggle to remember unless he’s DONE something memorable.
7. Monique Insalaco
Um. Well, my husband of course;-)
8. Michelle G.
I thought that The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt had a great example of an average, maybe even intially unattractive,hero. When the hero and heroine first see each other, there's not much about the other they are attracted to but as their relationship grows, their physical attraction does as well.
Brie Clementine
9. Brie.Clem
@Isobel Carr: I think he’s gorgeous -not pretty- but so appealing and handsome in a very masculine way. At least I won’t have to fight you for his attention! ;-)
10. sabby
I think Terrible is a perfect example!! The other one that sticks out is John Pritkin from Karen Chance's Cassandra Palmer series; he's described as relatively average looking with unruly hair.... and a moody disposotion. BUT i love him!!! LOL
Robbie Thornton
11. Button
I don't think of Terrible as an average looking guy. Average to me is somewhere in between handsome and ugly. Terrible, well, I think of him as he's described: ugly. Terrible's ugliness is part of who his character is in my head, and having him be "average" just doesn't fit for me. That Chess loves him to the point that she stops noticing his physical flaws, and that Terrible loves Chess despite her addictions is a crucial part of the beauty of that relationship, and I shall not tread on that sacred ground.

When I read the question, the first average male character that popped into my head was Carter, the leading man in Vision in White, the first book in Nora Robert's Bride Quartet. He's described as sort of geeky and klutzy, but he's just so sweet and charming at the same time. I generally like my heroes to be gorgeous, tortured, a bit on the cruel side but with a core of goodness they just can't hide (yep, Acheron is a perfect example), but nerdy "average" Carter somehow snuck in and stole my heart. I'm not a big Nora Roberts fan, and I can't even remember why I read the book, but solely because of Carter, I'm glad I did.
12. EvangelineHolland
I'm weird in that even if the author describes the hero as (conventionally) attractive or sexy, I don't find him so unless I really like him as a person/character. I'm pretty much the same way with real-life guys.
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