Jun 30 2012 1:00pm

H&H Book Club for June: Darynda Jones’s First Grave on the Right Final Meeting!

Jason Behr

You’ve finished Darynda Jones’s First Grave on the Right, so now a few questions:

—Did you like Charley’s snark through the book, or did you find it annoying after awhile?

—Were you surprised by who the Big Bad was?

—Do you name your ladyparts like Charley does?

—When you finally met him, did Reyes live up to your expectations?

—Which secondary characters do you want to see more of in the later books?

—Do you plan on reading more in the series?

Any other comments?

PS: The guy here is who Darynda says she pictures when writing Reyes.

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Elizabeth Halliday
1. Ibbitts
I really like Charley. I like the way Darynda Jones guides the story; when things get a bit too intense, she throws in a comedic scene to lighten the mood. She makes me chuckle!
Cookie is cute/cool. She reminds me of Kinsey on "Lost Girl"; a great BFF/Sidekick! Or, I guess it's the other way around, since, timelinewize, Cookie was here first.
I haven't ever named my body parts, and don't intend to start, but I do name my computers...
What can I say about Reyes. ***tonguetied*** (I just seem to lick my lips alot...)
I will definately continue on with the series.
2. Endres2
My lady parts definitely do not have names. I had enough trouble naming my children. I loved Charley's humor but sometimes I cringed when it was too corny and too often. The book interested me enough to read all three so far and to look forward to the 4th. I'm frustrated at the slow progress of the relationship between Reyes and Charley because I like a book with a HEA in it but I realize that if it's a series the tension must go on......
Marian DeVol
4. ladyengineer
I have finished the second book. Am waiting for the third to come out in paperback (hoping the ebook price comes down at the same time),
if I don't succumb to impatience.

I initially loved Charley's snarky humor, but she seemed a little too hyper and ADD by the end of the first book. By the end of the second, either Darynda toned things down a bit or I just got used to it. I will probably continue to read the series.
5. wsl0612
I didn't join in the conversation this month because of vacation, etc. I've already read the first book, I have the second on my TBR pile. I don't know why I haven't read it, just got lost in the shuffle, but I loved the first book very much. Charley is a great character, and that "depiction" of Reyes above very much adds to the excellence of the story ;-)

Have we picked a new book for the club yet?
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