Jun 1 2012 9:37am

Geeking Out On Our Game of Thrones Love

If only we could save this moment forever...oh wait.This Sunday is the finale for the second season of Game of Thrones, which we’ve been recapping throughout Seasons 1 and 2.

While Game of Thrones is not a romance per se (uh, unless you count falling in love with prostitutes and sisters?), it does have a lot of potential romance—even if you’re secretly worried that nothing will turn out right because it isn’t a romance (or you’ve read the books, so you know what does happen).

But keep your romance hat on for a moment as you ponder this Sunday’s episode: What would you LOVE to see happen on Game of Thrones? What are you dreading most might happen?

Also remember to check the settings on your favorite recording device, since this episode is ten minutes longer than usual!

And return here on Monday to discuss what did happen with Regina Thorne and your fellow Game of Thrones fans.

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Emily Ferguson
1. Emily Ferguson
Since I've read the books, I am keeping my lips sealed! Have to say, I love the show and hate that this season is already nearly over. I am definitely not someone who nitpicks every detail from the book and compares the two.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@EmilyFerguson: That's what makes it so hard, right? Having read the books, and knowing what's coming (or likely coming--they are making some changes between the two) is agonizing! I just wish Jon and Ygritte would get together SOON. They are so cute together. Kind of like a Tracy Hepburn thing, only in the bitter cold.
3. ChelseaMueller
Poor Jon Snow needs to get some love. Not only are he and Ygritte cute together, but Kit Harrington could be shirtless.
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