Jun 22 2012 4:07pm

Friday Beefcake: Iconic Superheroes

Henry Cavill as Superman
















We’re feeling awfully...heroic today. Spider-Man releases in just a few weeks, while many of you (and us!) have been swooning over various members of the Avengers.

So today we’d like to celebrate those most iconic of superheroes—Superman, Spider-Man, and Batman—with a look at the respective actors (Henry Cavill, Andrew Garfield, and Christian Bale) in their deliciously heroic costumes. Enjoy!

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

Christian Bale as Batman

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Grace S
2. Grace S
Four words......

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.
4. wsl0612
Does anyone besides me want to make out with the Dark Knight while he's wearing that costume? I mean WOOF!
Heather Rizzuti
5. heatherbartley
You forgot my favorite: Michael Fassbender as Magneto! In X-men: First Class, his character was a superhero rather than a villain. :)
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