Jun 7 2012 9:28am

Cover AND Title Reveal!: J.R. Ward’s Lover At Last

Lover At Last by J.R. WardMoments ago, J.R. Ward revealed both the cover AND the title for the next book in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series: Lover At Last.

And “at last” is right—for books now, Ward fans have been clamoring for the story of Qhuinn and Blaylock—aka Qhuay—and in late March, Ward announced the next book would, indeed, be that of Qhuinn and Blaylock.

Qhuinn has been the dominant voice in the couple (not that way—we’re talking story-wise!), so one can only presume that is Qhuinn’s image on the cover.

Lover At Last, if it follows other Black Dagger Brotherhood books, should be released in March 2013 in hardcover.

Do you like the cover? Are you one of the ardent Qhuay fans? Or are you more interested in Layla, Saxton, Lassiter, et al.?

ETA 9/4/12: For more Qhuay, check out Kate Nagy's post “Qhuay: M/Mainstreaming M/Man-Love in J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood”

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
I like this cover--how directly the male is staring out, the almost unsheathed sword (heh!), the hood--but I wish there were tattoos, and perhaps a hand holding the guy's chest, to indicate there's another person involved. Nitpicky, for sure. I think it's a good, strong cover, though.
2. kittie10601
Huge Qhuay fan here. I agree I think it is Qhuinn since there are the mismatched eyes on the model. I would have liked to have had Blay play a small part on the cover. Also I wonder if him holding the dagger is an indicator of things to come in the book?
4. gae_leo
Love it, love how the Warden has been weaving this love story of Blay and Quinn. You know their is a word for being a tease Warden. I don't want to wish my life away but come on March.
5. lynnec
OMG love the title and the cover character must be Qhiunn he is the protector and cookingthat character looks protective.
6. wyattabbymom
Yes it is definetly Qhiunn check out the missmatched eyes. I do wish the tats where there but she said she didn't want to busy up the cover. I also believe the half unsheathed dagger is a tease, if you read the last one you know what we all hope that is suggesting he will soon become!!
7. AshleyG
I wish they would have been bold enough to put both guys on the cover. That being said, I'm just happy to get their story told in a full length novel instead of a novella like Ward had originally planned. I do really like the cover and the guy does looks exactly how I imagined Qhuinn :) Is it March yet?!
8. fanfromthebegining
I have been a fan since the first book. I am sorry but I do not read romance books to read a story about homosexuals. This is a big disappointment for me
Megan Frampton
9. MFrampton
Someone on Twitter pointed out that if this is Qhuinn, he doesn't have piercings, but someone else said he removed them--is that true? I don't remember.
I do know he's missing his face tat showing that he protects John Matthew, right?
Lege Artis
10. LegeArtis
I like colors on this cover... But nothing beats cover for Lover Avenged.
@Megan- It is Qhuinn basing on mismatched eyes, but other than that it could be any other brother.
11. Isobel Carr
I'm struggling to grasp how someone can be a fan of this series and yet assert that gay romance is a big disappointment. Ward has layered gay relationships throughout the series. They’re a major part of it. Have been almost since the beginning.
12. Elizabeth R
I like the cover, but I am hoping this is the UK version. Theirs usually look like this. I would hope the US version has both males and we could
distinguish them by using the tats for Qhuinn. Especially his tear tat. But it really doesn't matter its whats going on inside the cover I can't wait to get my hands on!!! Only eight more months to go!!!!
13. Maritzamu
If the guy in the cover had different colored eyes and a teardrop tattoo on his cheekbone we would be very sure that it was Quinn. But since he doesn't he can be anyone in our imagination.
14. Elizabeth R
Obviously, fanfromthebegining is reading the wrong romance series. It can't possibly be the BDB. No true fan would question the release of this book. They would embrace it with a strong sigh that finally, finally... its almost here!
Megan Frampton
16. MFrampton
Just as we can agree that some things don't work for some readers, I hope we can all agree to disagree on what those things are.

Which makes more sense in my head than written here. But in short: Please stay respectful of your fellow fervent readers. no matter what does or doesn't work for you.
17. Rose In RoseBear
I won't be happy until he gets the teardrop tat. But the induction ceremony robe is cool, and I love-love-LOVE the title!

Everybody, let's sing along with the late and great Miss Etta James, becasue every durn line of the song fits!

At last/My love has come along/My lonely days are over/And life is like a song! ...
Elizabeth Kielma
18. missy030710
ok, I guess they had to finally tell this story, but what about Layla and the baby? As for the cover, nice but does need the tattoo.
19. Rose In RoseBear
@Missy: Baby girl will get (at least) three daddies and around forty mammas ... not such a bad deal, all in all.

Layla gets Xcor, I suspect.

Personally, the only one I'm worried about is Saxton The Sexy. Looks like he's on the cold side of the door, and that would upset me. I do like that male!
Roselyn Toskas
20. RosT
OMG!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My boys are getting their book. Love them together, love them separately but hope they get their HEA. My heart races every time they appear in a book more than any other characters I have read.
21. Alice Edwards
Love the cover and title. Have been waiting for their story since the WARDen first developed it. Long time coming IMO. She has done her job as a writer, in that I am salivating to read their LOVE story.
22. xlpetite
Aptly titled IMO. Really anticipating how the
Warden will work out the Saxton-Blaylock-Qhuinn-Layla-Xcor connections.
Valencia Thomas
23. jinx757
Would love to see Qhuin and Blay together!!!! Can't wait for the book to come out.
24. Amanda Pizzo
I'm happy that they are FINALLY getting their book. If Qhauy had been dragged out another book I think I was going to stab myself in the eye!

The cover for me it is kind of eh... boring. Better then Reborn tho, the model is hot but not all that exciting. Its a guy on the cover staring out at you. Wow, I havent seen this cover a million times in different varitions over the years.
Mandi Schreiner
25. smexybooks
I feel like this cover is very safe. No other man, no face tatt etc...

I hope when we open the cover, there is lots of m/m action. There has to be, right?

No matter the cover, this is definitely a set the alarm and wake up when in it downloads to my kindle at 3am type of book. Is it March yet?
Nicole Leapheart
26. BoxyFrown
I can't believe she released this so early, torture for nearly a year!!!!

Yes, Q removed his piercings and had shaved his head, complete makeover when he was going through his thing and turning into Z by not eating and running the treadmill into the ground.
27. Jenny Q
Love that title! Can't wait for Qhuinn and Blay's story! At last!
28. SusieQ
I have waited with bated breath for their story. They are such lovable and complicated characters and I am so glad to hear that she is making their story an entire book, finally.
I am so sure it will have been worth waiting on.
29. Ughfhhgg
I will probably skip the book and read a summary on wikipedia. I love the characters and stories but i dont read m/m.
30. sasafrass
I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood, loved all the books, and I like this cover, but I will not be paying that much money for a m/m romance. Not my thing - a novella, yes I like the characters enough that I might have bought and read but full length novel/hardback...not so much. I do have all the others in hardback though.
Jonetta Allen
31. Jonetta/Ejaygirl
Until this series, I don't think I would have been interested in m/m but I've learned that a story well told is a story worth reading. I love this relationship and no one is more surprised by it than me. I've learned a lot.

Love the boldness of the cover, btw. Ward has issued a statement about why it's just Qhuinn which says pretty much that since Qhuinn is the one still trying to figure out his sexuality, it's his story to drive.
Haydee Ramirez
32. HaydeeMRB
LOVE THIS COVER!!!!! It gives me something to look forward to for 9 months....
33. stefraffel
Hmmmm, a sword not a dagger. Not the way I envisioned Qhuinn at all. I need the tats and piercings to make him Qhuinn. I too am disappointed that Blay is not represented in some way though JRW's explanation makes sense. This book may hold some real surprises (I hope I hope I hope).
BeverlyB Brandenburg
34. BeverlyB
I am not feeling the cover- I agree with some of the others posts that since we know it's Qhuinn (because of the mismatched eyes) the face tattoo definitely needed to be there. I was hoping more for a main photo of Qhuinn with a shadowed background of Blay and Layla. I guess that's because I am hoping for a M/M/F relationship with the three of them. Sorry Qhuay fans!
35. lkayme
If it turns out to be all m/m, I probably won't buy it, but I will have to read it to find out what's up!
Jonetta Allen
36. Jonetta/Ejaygirl
@BeverlyB Hey, all opinions welcomed here:)

I actually suggested that m/m/f relationship elsewhere and got pretty beaten up. I trust Ward to take care of her characters and will wait with bated breath to see what paths they take.
Ani Kendig
38. goddessani
I like the cover but I don't love it. Like others here, at least a suggestion of Blay would be appreciated and really need Q's teardrop tat.

Having said that, LOVE the title and can't wait for the release date!!
Yvonne De La Cruz
40. ymdlc1
Loved that the next book is about Blay and Qhuinn...I've been dying for their story to unfold especiall since now Qhuinn knows his true feelings for Blay. While I like this cover, I believe that I'm in agreement with some of the posts. Would be awesome to have two males on the cover and to make Qhuinn more realistic he does need the face tats. THANK YOU to my wonderful friend Sin who recommended this series and now I am up to speed. Can't wait until March 2013! Hail to the Brotherhood!
41. cindyg
Awesome cover and hell yeah...I'm so glad these two are finally getting their well deserved HEAs!
42. jsmom2
I miss the tats and whatnot, too, but they dress Harry Dresden in a hat every freaking time and I seem to be able to move beyond that...

I'm not much of a hardcover girl - hey, that's what libraries are for :) - but it took courage to give them their own book and not consign them to a novella. This is one hardcover I'll be buying on release day. Finally.
43. Netta
Love the cover... I too am not an m/m fan, but with Qhuinn and Blay it's OK. After all we watched them grow up. I also hope this doesn't end the series. I would like it to keep going because I love to see the "what happens after their story" to all the couples. Will Wraith get his sight back, what happened to the Scrbe Virgin, will there be any more young, will they continue to kick lessers ... well you get the drift.
44. florence07
I am not such a fan of this cover, but I am excited for this book! The cover model looks too clean-cut to me--except for the mismatched eyes. Quinn should look more badass!

I think Quinn has the most issues of the pair, so it makes sense that he is the "hero" of the book.

Can't wait for March!
45. Rose In RoseBear
@jsmom2: But if the Harry on the cover didn't have the hat, wouldn't you miss it?

@florence07: Maybe the lack of tats is intentional ...? (sigh) March 2013 is a loong time away, isn't it?
sabrina Anonymous
46. Obsession
I agree with FanFromThe Beginning. So because she doesnt want to read IN DETAIL sex scenes between two men, this makes her not a "true BDB fan?" Are these attacks at her really necessary? While I am dying to see Quinn & Blay finally together, the thought of having to endure reading through gay sex makes me want to throw up in my mouth. And I can assure you that I am a "real BDB fan." In case you have forgotten, the books that got us hooked from the start were between MEN & WOMEN. Many have agreed that the books lost their wow factor after Zadith's book (which happens to be around the time John, Quinn & Blay became an intricate part of the story). Coincidence??

A novella would have been fine with Quinn & Blay getting together and SKIPPING their sex scenes altogether. I mean seriously, why would I want to fantacize about some hot guy who is batting for the other team?
47. Michelle A
I would have loved to see Blay on the cover too, even if he was in the background as he is in BDB with Quinn, not being acknowledged like he wants to be with Quinn. A cover that is significant to their current relationship. Blay has waited a long time, so he needs some cover love:D The cover is lovely and very BDB as it is, but would be nice for Blay and Quinn to be together on it.

Brenda Lohman
48. breloh
I also love the cover and title. Can't wait to read it. I think a book with the entire "dirt" on Lassister would be fantastic. He is soooo Good & Bad!!
49. StarSmith
For the past 7 years every time a new BDB book comes out I read the entire series from the beginning. One thing I've noticed and greatly appreciate is that no matter whose story it is, all the characters make an appearance in each book, with a few exceptions. Qhuinn and Blay, it's inevitable. I'm a fan so I'll read it over and over again if only for the updates on the other characters. I wasn't a fan of that Eliahu/Murhder fiasco and if I can get thru that I can get thru anything. What's really funny is that nobody has a problem reading a VAMPIRE romance but heaven forbid homosexuality be involved and OMG they actually love each other! And btw, Tohr vowed to kill Xcor, so Layla's butt-out yet again.
50. SassyT
I think the cover is just okay. I mean until I read the comments I couldn't figure out which guy it was supposed to be (Qhuinn or Blay). If it is Q, then shouldn't there be some tattoos? I know he cleaned himself up in the last book (removed his piercings and all) but he couldn't get rid of the tatts. But this isn't the first time the book cover doesn't fit the description of the character.

As to the m/m action: Not my cup of tea but as anyone knows if you read the entire BDB collection of books this was coming. I suspect she'll do what she did in the last book (when Blay and Saxton got it on...which was actually pretty classy in my estimation) when it comes to the m/m sex scenes (come on, there are going to be some sex is a JR book after all). For those worried about the m/m action, just remember that since Phury's book JR hasn't really been spending most of the book on the two characters the book is supposed to be about. She gives those characters like 40-50 percent of the book and then the other 60-50 percent is spent working out everybody elses problems (to the detriment of the books I might add. loved the original 3 books...liked books 4 and 5 and then with Phury's book she kind of went off the rails). So, even if the book is supposed to be about Q and B, they probably aren't going to be around for about 50 - 60% of the book anyway. For those who want to continue reading the stories but may have a problem with the m/m sex scenes, might I suggest a compromise? Just skim/skip those sections like you do the parts about the That way you stay up to date on the story but don't have to read about the yucky love stuff (yes, I'm quoting "My Best Friend's Wedding...I think it's

Also, I'm worried about what's going to happen to Saxton too. I think this story is going to have too many folks in it (Q, B, Saxton, Layla, Xcor...not to mention everybody else at the house) which is kind of why I felt let down by Tohrment's story. There were just too many other things going on so I couldn't really focus on his story. Here's hoping JR has a better hold on multiple POVS this go round.
51. GLSad
Well I personally can't wait to read this book, although I really would have liked it to be Butch and V but I know they have shellans but their love is so beautiful to me!!!!! I have not ever read m/m books, but in the above postings, it's the story you are reading and it is sooo worth it. We have watched Blay and Quhinn evolve over the books from mere boys to grown men........I LOVE the cover!
Lindsay Beeson
52. lindsayb
Yay! Can't wait. I wasn't really into m/m romance either.. but I've loved how their relationship has developed and the whole series has quite a bit of homoeroticism to it- which I think is a good intro. Since reading BDB books I've branched out a bit.. just finished reading Captivated by Lauren Dane and I have to admit, a m/m/f thing with Qhuinn and Blay would be pretty neat too! Captivated was such an emotionally satisfying book, it has had me searching for more like it.
53. No regrets
What makes me love Blay & Qhuinn's story is that their love is pure and simple really. They love each other, whether both want to admit it out loud or not, whether they want to act on it or not...they simply do. And we know if one ever needed the other then the other would be there. And that, for me, is really beautiful, whether it's m/m or m/f. I just hope the warden does right by them and gives them their HEA.
54. ASfandancer
While I have never read an m/m book before I kinda think it might be rather interesting and am looking forward to it. I was dissapointed when the last book wasn't Blay's and Qhuinn's story. For my part I never cared for John Matthew and Xhex, and Tohrment's character has always been rather wishy washy. All I can say is bring on the m/m because I love these two guys and want them together.
rachel sternberg
55. rae70
i agree with sassyt for the most part..

i find myself skimming thru books all the time.. not really interested in the sexual side of blay & qhuinn (i'm more hoping they realize they love each other more like brothers/friends/family, lol) frankly i found their story whiny.. AND i just like saxton more! he knows and accepts who he is... his story would be great in the fact that he a handsome and a worthy society male and how he feels to grow up (and out!) in such a restrictive place and obviously getting his heart jacked around by the one he loves..

i would love to see a book on lassiter, his bad/good angel back story sounds like it would be more interesting.
56. 30Di
I love it and I think it was good to not involve B in the picture because it really is about Q. He is the one that fought it and pushed B away ...Q is the one messed up so this is his fight for what he's wanted for so long and it's this his stand FINALLY!!!! Can't wait !!!!
Tena Baxter
57. TangelB
The cover's hot! I've been waiting for B & Q's story for a long time too! I don't buy too many hardcovers anymore due to serious space issues, but this is one that I'm not waiting for - I'm definitely getting it as soon as it's released!
58. Christina H
I have been a fan sense the first book came out and I cant wait to read this one too. Qhuinn and Blay have been two of my favorites sense they were introduced! I really wish they would have had both men on the cover but this one works too. I hope they revise it and add the face tat that he really has. I will be buying it as soon as it is released :-)
59. darkdreamer
i am sorry obsession but i think your wrong i dont think the books lost anything after z book i think john blay and qhuinn just add to the ongoin story and have loved these books since the first one came out and j r ward kepp up the great writing because i will keep on buying your bdb books from a very greatful fan
60. Zazzles
I am a huge fan of the series and I'm female. I have never liked reading about the homosexual relationship and I think it was a mistake to include any of it in the books. It's always been a big turn OFF for me.
Amanda Butterfield
61. AmandaB
FINALLY their story will be told. I'm not sure why the problem with the m/m. We ALL knew it was coming, and that Q and B wouldn't be brothers, friends, etc. It's their LOVE story, and like all of the previous stories there will be some sex. Just like real life there all are sorts of people/love/ sex out there. I for one appalud Ward for including a homosexual element to her stories as it has been "taboo" for too long. People who read romance will read all kinds of sex scenes, from vanilla, to group, to hard core, and be fine with it, but throw in a "loving" scene with a couple of the same sex and all of the sudden it's "I'm gonna throw up in my mouth". I for one CAN'T wait for their story (sex and all) to be told. TEAM QHUAY ALL THE WAY!
62. kah30
i can't wait, am so glad the the warden has made this story into a novel , i remember when she first started talking about quay and the novela as she didn't want to alienate certain fans who would find the whole gay subject uncomfortable I am so glad she decided to make thier story central to the series . to the fans against the book if you are happy to read about the other characters involved in graphic sex and violence plus shady dealing you can't take to moral high ground and become all squemesh about m/m action . love is love it dosen't matter what sex the people are if they are happy whats the deal.really looking forward to the book
63. West Ozzie
Thank god im from West Australia and I adore these books, Tohrs book was the best so far, cant wait for the rest xxx PS the sex scenes are great!!!
64. Phie
I'm so excited!! March is such a long way away though ;(

Although I loved the more traditional first three books, I've been looking forward to Qhuinn and Blay's story(s) since they were introduced. I'm not at all bothered by the m/m interaction as they have always been so well written. And they both really deserve their own HEA in a full length novel. So glad of that change.

I do kind of wish that they were both on the cover though. I really hope that Blay gets his share of being the protagonist, and that it won't be too focused on Qhuinn's insecurities.

So excited!
65. Stac
The cover is for sure Quinn because if you zoom in to the eyes , one is blue and the other is green!!
66. Sara Jeanne
am thrilled & excited abt JRWard's newest release--LOVE THIS SERIES!! & to all of the gay-haters out there, just have to suggest that you don't read the damn books if they're that upsetting to you...I agree with the previous resp. who said that Q & B's relationship will probably only be abt 40% of the book--so skip the parts that you find offensive or don't read it at all but PLEASE don't spoil a fan page w/your biases & hatred---thanks.
67. True24
I hope she doesn't dress up the sex. They are two warriors of incredibly intense personality...and they have waited for YEARS to finally come together. Qhuinn is not Saxton by any means, so to hope that Blay and Qhuinn will be described in the same manner seems off.
Personally, I would be disappointed in Ward if she pretties it up after she was so groundbreaking in making m/m super sexy and even acceptable. To those who think that they would not be enticed reading it, I think that you should try it first. You would be amazed how sexy the scenes could be, and you may find yourself replacing one of the guys in your mind. Or even better, joining them.
On that note, I will say that Layla cannot join them because I doubt that Qhuinn will be cool with Blay having sex with a woman that he just impregnated, not to mention that he does not really want to have sex with her again, anyway. Layla is adamant that Qhuinn and Blay get their HEA. It doesn't make sense for her to try to insert herself into it.
68. kwiggins36
i love these two together. I loved there short story. they are a wonderful pair and I could careless that it is two males True. so I hope their story will continue where the short one ended. Also I agree the teardrop tat is not there if it is Q and yes he removed his piercings. March 2013 IS FOREVER AWAY. lol
69. Shogan
I am very excited for the new book! However I can't wait for Layla and Xcor ( hopefully) to hook up . I am also very curious and excited to read about Lassiter. Lol
70. snowstark
Hmm me thinks its Qhuinn. The eyes and dark hair are a give away. As a Blay fan I'm a bit dissapointed that he isn't on the cover.... not even a bit. I'm just not a fan of Qhuinn lol. I was a MASSIVE Qhuay fan before Lover Reborn but then the gut wrenching thing between Qhuinn and Layla happened. A few books ago I would have pre-ordered this book from the moment Ward announced they were next, now though....... I'll wait for the reviews/spoilers to see if I'll be able to take the heartbreak haha. :)
71. LJR
I have NEVER read a romance novel centering on a gay relationship- BUT I CAN'T WAIT TO READ THIS. Forget gay, straight and everything in between this has to be one of the purest love stories ever- in the sense that Blay and Qhuinn love one another on every level. I think that Blay and Qhuinn's relationship and many of our reactions to it symbolises what a fantastic writer J R Ward truly is!
72. jessica80
i love love love these books. i wish they would turn them into movies as well. so excited for the next one to come out.
73. Crystallynn
Yes, I have been wanting to see how this relationship would work out. I am so excited. And in responce to another comment, yes he took out his piercings but the tattoo is missing. Other wise I love the cover. As far as this story line being a dissappointment because of the homosexuality.. I do not care. I love these characters. I have been caught up in their emotional ride the whole time and I am ready for it to be resolved. They have been through enough! SOOOO EXCITED!
74. T & A
I love the cover and I am so excited to finally get there story. I have wanted them to get together since Book 6.
Ann Dickerson
75. ryouready
I am THRILLED to FINALLY get to the Qhuinn and Blay love story!!!! I've wanted this book since Qhuinn finally admitted to himself that he was gay and in love with Blay.... that said, it is my deepest wish that one of the "side stories" in this book is Beth FINALLY going through her first needing! In Dark Lover, Wrath wished that she was pregnant when he thought he was going to die so she wouldn't be alone, then in both the separate BDB Reader's Guide, and Lover Avenged, he's decided he doesn't want children... but this simply can't be. Wrath has to have an heir, and it has to be a male (especially since the first 2 young in the house will be females). Further, the Scribe Virgin has never told Wrath the favor he owes her from book1, in my mind, it surrounds his offspring and/or the future of the race in some way... if this can't be a sub-story for this book, then I hope it's the entire book after!
76. Tina Watson
I like the others need there to be a tattoo, cant wait 5 months away LOVE.LOVE THESE BOOKS. I wish bdb was on HBO or Showtime like the other vampire shows. Keep the books coming.
Barbara Williams
77. 1l0ve2rd
Not impressed with this latest book! Have fairly enjoyed the other book, but not a fan of this one. Don't think I will be buying it. Sorry. I would rather see Qhuinn falling for a "lesser" female than with Bl;ay. Now that would be an interesting story, more so than him with his best friend. So glad that the writer didn't hook up Butch and his best friend. Hope the next book will be better.
78. Madelynn
Thats not Quinn. Quinn has the tattoos of the ahstrux nohtrum. Which are tattoos that shal never be removed. Blayock on the other hand has no tattoos. Hands down that is Blayock.
79. Shirly Whirly
I definitely will not be buying Lover at Last as I feel Qhinn & Blays story appeals to a certain segment of her readers, and I am not a part of that segment that likes to read that. I will however skim through the book to glean more information on the band of Bastards and hopefully Lassiter. The hotel scene with Throe and Xcor was sooooo hot! I really hope The Ward starts to get into more detail with them and their future shellans. Now that she has included the somewhat controversial topic of homosexuality in the BDB, maybe she will include a sexy, strong African-American female lead for one of the Band of Bastards for her audience that like to read interracial romance.
80. Damiana
I'm surprised by some close mindedness surrounding romance readers. There are different gods, a fictional race, and tattooed, drug addicted bastards throughout this series, but a single drop of the homosexual flavor is thrown in and readers drop this series like a hot potato. Curious.

In any case, I thought Quinn would look more badboy-ish. More tats and peircings and what have you. I admit, I've never thought of seeking out a m/m focused romance novel, but true love is true love. I read romance novels for the hope I get after reading about a seemingly impossible happy ending. Quinn and Blay's happy ending seems more impossible than ever after reading even some diehard fans comments, but I still have hope.

I think Shirlys' idea sounds awesome, too. Why not an African American shellan? Or another m/m relationship with one party being wolven? After this, I hope Ward doesn't let up on testing our perceptions about what true love is supposed to be. I am a fan 'til the end, Ms. Ward! :)
81. Kizzy
Does anyone know if the model on the cover (lovers at last) is Paul Marron?
82. kumicho
I have all of the BDB books and have read them more than 10 times ... I love Qhuinn and Blay, especially Qhuinn, but as individual characters. The two of them together? Not so much. I was thinking that it's okay that they have their story on some of the main character's stories, but to make a whole book out of it? I'm not so much into that kind of thing. I guess I'd be skipping on buying this book. I'll just wait for "THE KING" where it's back to Wrath and Beth again. I love those two! I don't care if I have to wait until 2014 to read another BDB book, I'll just read those 10 books over and over until 2014, but I sure won't be reading the Quay story. Sorry, JR Ward.
83. kumicho
Just read @SassyT's comment and I laughed my ass off when she said the part about the Lessers .... Good thing to know I wasn't the only one skipping those chapters ... ahahahaha .... And I agree with her. There's just so many stories on Tohr's and Autumn's story. I wanted it to be just them. I didn't want John and Xhex throwed into the fray. Not much of a Xhex fan. Sorry. Aside from that, I love Tohr's story the most...well, okay, I love Wrath's the most...or Rhage', wait, I think it's V's..hmm...AAAHHHHH!!!! I love every one of them ... !!!! Can't wait for THE KING!!!
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