May 2 2012 8:05am

Which Superhero Would Make the Best Boyfriend?

Jeremy Renner as HawkeyeThis Friday sees the American release of The Avengers, which has already opened in other countries. The group of superheroes include Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, the Hulk, and Black Widow.

Which one of those—or any superhero—would make the best boyfriend (or girlfriend, if you’re going for Black Widow)?

Iron Man is smart, wealthy, risk-taking, but kind of a jerk. Thor is an arrogant god whose hubris tends to cause him trouble. Captain America is fervently patriotic, and the Hulk has a temper (plus goes through clothing like nobody’s business, but that would mean many trips to the mall).

You could also select Batman, Superman, the Flash (could make fast trips to the grocery store!), Aquaman, etc.

Who’s your pick? And why?

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K.M. Jackson
1. kwanawrites
Iron Man. I've learned to go for the money and the conversation and with him you'd get both. When he gets too jerky you just go shopping or on a girl's vacation.
Rachel Hyland
2. RachelHyland
Daredevil, obviously.

a) He's a lawyer.
b) He's wicked smart, charming and oh so witty.
c) He kicks major bad guy ass, without super-strength or anything.
d) He grew up poor on the bad side of town, so he really appreciates the finer things in life.
e) He's a one-woman man. Or, at least, a one-woman-at-a-time man.
f) He's visually impaired, so how you look first thing in the morning is between you and your mirror. Plus, premium parking!
g) He's best buds with Spider-Man.

Sure, he has baggage -- who doesn't? And, absolutely, he has a couple of archnemeses... which I guess is less "who doesn't?". Nevertheless, yeah, DD.

Though, in my early twenties I could totally have seen myself dating Scott Pilgrim. In fact, I think I did...

Gambit and Deadpool are my other four-colour loves, but those guys would make HORRIBLE boyfriends.
3. CdnMrs
I was going to say Beast from the Xmen because he likes books and I like books, but then I thought about all the hair that would end up in the drain. Blech.
Then I though about Wolverine because I can never get those plastic shell packages open and I'm always losing the can-opener. Plus he's Canadian so no immigration worries.
But I think I'm going to have to go with NightCrawler, because I love the accent, love the colour blue and have a thing for former circus performers. ;)
Carla Patterson
4. sweetpea215_8
NightCrawler may look all sleek and smooth, but unlike the movie version, he's actually furry like Beast. So you'd still have a clogged drain. Wolverine is also known for being rather hairy and is only 5'3 or 5'4. LOL I guess my geek is showing.
Heather Waters
5. HeatherWaters
I'm a little obsessed with Hawkeye right now, but even I have to admit he's probably not the safest choice. I might go with Captain America. Not least because I have a thing for the gorgeous Chris Evans.
Allison Brennan
6. Allison_Brennan
This is a tough question! I never thought about who I'd want to hook up with, more who I'd want to be :) Wonder Woman, of course, or Superman. I like the secret identities who also have real jobs.

For a hook up? Probably Iron Man -- I have a thing for Robert Downey, Jr. :) Though Captain America is a very close second ...
7. wsl0612
I seriously lust after Thor, but he would be a terrible boyfriend. Temper tantrums would result in bad hair days (for me, with that thunder and ozone, etc) and I would be tired of having to pander to his ego. The best boyfriend really is Cap. Sure he's more patriotic than I but he's also a gentleman and wouldn't be a jerk about it and Chris Evans is good eye candy too ;-)
Megan Frampton
8. MFrampton
I have to go with Beast, because he loves to read and is crazy smart, plus is big enough to make me feel wee. I shed a lot of hair myself, so the extra blue hair lying around wouldn't bother me too much. He seems measured, too, which I like, since even though I love Thor, his temper would irk me.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
9. Kiersten
Logan as played by Hugh. Duh.

OK - I do love me some Gambit, but player would need a short leash. Still, he can call me chere anytime.

Cap't is the best man obviously, but I think the goodness would get to me after a while. Gotta have me some dark in there somewhere.

In the end, I'd probably have to go with Stark too. Smart, sharp, rich, funny, enough dark to be interesting and enough money to make up for the alphaholery.

At least I'd never be bored.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
10. Kiersten
I forgot Batman - HOW COULD I FORGET BATMAN?!?! In my (weak) defense, I was thinking Marvel only.

Prefer Bruce to Stark any day.
11. Pamela Cayne
Hands down--Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. He's a genius and he's elastic. Yes, that's right--he can stretch his body in all sorts of ways. Need I say more? ;-)
Lege Artis
12. LegeArtis
If my choice is based purely on actors who portraits superheroes, then it will be Henry Cavill's Superman! ::swoon::
But, if I have to make that choice taking in consideration only their powers and skills, than it will be Batman. He doesn't have superpowers on his own, but he can make you believe he has and that's smart. He also has money, he has Batcave and Batmobil which is beyond cool and I dig all that dark, spooky atmosphere of Gotham City. Christian Bale is not bad looking guy himself, but movies directed by Christopher Nolan are fantastic (in my Top Ten) and that is also part of the reason why Batman is my favorite superhero.
Marian DeVol
13. ladyengineer
I'd have to go with Stark/Iron Man - an engineering genius, witty in a sarcastic way I appreciate, and rich enough that I don't feel that I'd be supporting him. The last is attractive as it has so rarely been the case in men I've dated - probably the reason I've never married.

Of course, I agree with @Kiersten that I go a bit weak in the knees whenever Gambit says, "Aw, chère..."
Carmen Pinzon
14. bungluna
After carefull consideration, I'd go with Batman maily 'cause I cover his butler.
Claire Louise Thompson
15. Nefersitra
As an X-Men comic lover, I've got to say I'd take Gambit everytime - yes he's a flirt, a thief and (pardon the expression) a rogue but he's loyal, attentive and prepared to put up with a lot if he loves you. Being ridiculously sexy and rather wealthy doesn't hurt much. I probably wouldn't object to Cannonball. Archangel or Beast either. Wolverine from the movies - hell yes! Wolverine from the comics - no. That seems like a ticket to being dead. All Wolvie's women die....
Robbie Thornton
16. Button
Thor has always been the man for me. I'm only in it for his body though, which works out, since he can love himself enough for the both of us.
Hayley Hunter
17. Bookworm-at-Starbucks
I would have to go with Captain America. The hair, the eyes, the smile and that body!! He would make the perfect boyfriend. Even if he is patriotic and I'm not American - shocking isn't it? - he is not bad. Thor is second after all, Chris Hemsworth is Australian and I'm one too. Besides he's yummy. They are both yummy, but Chris Evans is just that smidge of chocolate better.
18. Nuha
Nightwing, Nightwing, Nightwing. Consider the following:

1. He's heir to 1/4th (or is it 1/5th? 1/3rd? Damn it, DC, I don't even know who Bruce has adopted, who's alive, and who's off shooting gangsters in the face anymore) of a seemingly endless fortune.
2. Those finger-stripes.
3. He's an acrobat, so flips and shit. (You'll never be bored with a man who laughs at gravity!)
4. Those fingerstripes.
5. He's not as morose (read: emotionally constipated) as the rest of the batfam.
6. He'll make the best father one of these days--you know, if he and Babs ever stop fighting fate and make beautiful babies. He's a pretty rad mentor/older brother as it is.
7. He rocked a disco collar and a mullet simultaneously.
8. Those fingerstripes.
9. He's got a day-job! Keeping peace, you know, from within the system.
10. He networks along the superhero circuit like nobody's business. Nightwing calls, the entire JLA comes running.
11. DAT ASS.
12. He's got such a way with those eskirma sticks.
13. (Also, those fingerstripes.)
19. pamelia
Am I the only one who lusts after the villains? Magneto? Lex Luthor? Loki?
On the other hand -- I used to read XMen and I always kinda had the hots for Angel...
Saundra Peck
20. sk1336
Iron Man for sure....although I would hate to try to steal him from Pepper!!! I love his sense of humor, and when he is a jerk, I would buy myself something with his money!!!
Heather Waters
21. HeatherWaters
@sk1336 -- :D Something tells me you'd own lots of nice things... He is really cute with Pepper, though, I agree.
22. Linda Poitevin
It would be a toss-up between Batman and Iron Man, the latter choice being heavily influenced by Robert Downey Jr., lol!

OTOH, I once wrote a fantasy story involving Batman (and no, I'm not sharing it), so he might have to be my final decision just for old times' sake. :)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
23. Kiersten
I'm embarressed to say every time someone mentions Nightwing, I first think you mean Nightcrawler. Polish brain in action.

Mmmm - Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) vs Christian Bale (Batman). Decisions, decisions...

Gambit's gaining tho...I dig me a rogue.
Jessica O'Brien
24. JLOBrien
Even thought the movie...well..sucked (IMHO) I would take Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) in all his tight, green yumminess ANYDAY. Star Sapphire can stuff it.

And I must say..I am pretty intrigued by Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. Even though he played a really bad boy, he got my heart racing in The Town with his Boston- accented gun-toting hotness.

And have to agree wit RachelHyland- Gambit and Deadpool are kinda like the guys that you sow your wild oats with...I wouldn't bring them home to Mom :)
Rachel Hyland
25. RachelHyland
@ Pamelia

Angel's awesome! Yet another reason to despise X3, their treatment of him. Turn my Warren into a whiny, pathetic, entitled brat, feel my wrath, alleged filmmakers!

@ Nuha

Almost you have convinced me, through sheer amusement more than anything else. Except that... no. It's a Marvel vs. DC thing. He might as well be a Montague, and I a Capulet--and we all know how that worked out. (Were I in high school, and about the size of a Mighty Mugg, I'd probably consider Teen Titans-era Robin, though...)
26. LilSis
I am going to go with Frank Castle/The Punisher because you have to have a tortured hero with guns!!
Christiana Pontier
27. jewelofthedarkx3
Yeah... I'm going have to jump on the band-waggon for Iron Man. he is flthy rich and knows exactly what he wants. He may have an attitude, but he treats Pepper like she is the only one he ever saw. I am def with Iron Man.
Renee Stokes
28. librarybabe
My vote goes to Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin/Colossus from the X-men. A gentle giant with a sexy Russsian accent.
29. L_Brinkley
Hmm...So much beefcake so little time to ponder. I have to go with Thor though. That hair, those eyes. Oh, so yummy all over.
31. poison girl 2106
I swear this is the hardest question of all time! And I dont have an answer! I just know that one night with Thor and/or Gambit and my life would be complete! Just thinking about it makes me feel like my head may explode lol
32. natchan
I'm going to kick this one old school...How about the Phantom...Handsome, Smart, rich, lives on a gorgeous tropical island...and Billy Zane has one of the most beautiful smiles.

The Shadow also comes to mind. Again handsome, rich, powerful, nifty mind powers. Sure he has a dark side but he turned his life around and now works for good. He doesn't seem like he's be a terrible boyfriend.

Good Call on DareDevil. He does seem like good boyfriend material.

Deep in my heart though...GAMBIT FTW. Yeah he's a player and a terrible flirt, but that accent. oh so hot!

Besides, no superhero is a good boyfriend. He runs out in the middle of dates. Sometimes doesn't show up at all. And at some point, in some cases quite frequently, you life will be in danger.
33. EmmaLou
I agree in theory with what everyone else has said about all of those heroes in the Marvel universe. But if I am honest it is the DC heroes that do it for me. Gotta say my fav to have as my man would be Superman. I would take him in either his Tom Welling- smallville-ness or Brandon Routh's version from Superman returns. If Christopher Reeve were still with us I would love to have him as my guy.

If I had to choose a Marvel character I would fave to say Green Lantern as portrayed by Ryan Reynolds (or in the cartoon movies with Nathan Fillion's voice).

Going for heroes with no superpowers I would have to go with either Bruce Wayne as Batman (any version) or with Nathan Fillion as Capt Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly- just for the smile and the eyes.

To sum up. SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM. Almost gives you a headache thinking about it
34. clarketta
Gambit from X-Men.....mmmm. i love me some cajun. ;)
35. Lover
I would so go with Thor!!!!
1. he's drop dead gorgeous!
2. He's a god!!
3. He has gorgeous hair;)
4. He lives in another world
5. He can take me to Asgard!
6. He wields a hammer w/ lightning
7. Thy loves thee way though talks lol;)
8. He's strong and protective
9. He's the King of his world
10. He's sexy and he knows it
11. I can be jus as arrogant as he is
12. We both have a sence if humor and adventure
13. I love his outfit
14. His friends in Asgard are really cool too
15. He's polite and can be a gentlemen:)
16. We'd be a sexy couple!!! ;) ;)
17. When I'm on earth he can watch over me:)
36. Lover
These last ones go with my last comment:
18. He knows the avengers
19. He's romantic???
20. He's a super hero duh!!
37. Lover
Loved you once
Love you still
Always have
Always will
38. Lover
Although I love Thor I also like Loki. I mean common he is pretty handsome and despite his evil side is funny and charming. If you agree dating someone evil like this would be fun leave a comment:D don't be afraid to show your dark side;)
Christiana Pontier
39. jewelofthedarkx3
I do like some DC heros, but my heart will always be with Marvel. I love Marvel men! They are ten times hotter than DC men. Marvel men like Thor, Iron Man, Daredevil, Captain America, Hulk, and Spider-man just to name SOME of the top. :)
40. Kitty kate
Flash - He is just so cute - Only him if it was Wally West though ;)
mandy troxel
thats easy most def would go for spiderman or superman. for one they are faithfull to loving only one woman. and who wouldnt want a man like superman with super human strength! hmm naughty!
43. yaminoryu
The winter solider
He had a hard past and he's HOTT!!!!!!!
44. Yuri
Thor, except for the in-laws (well his mother was great but ...)
otherwise Iron Man I think, smart is always sexy and the way he looks at Pepper ...
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