May 22 2012 9:07am

Where is Your Favorite Place to Read?

Everyone loves to read, anytime, anywhere. That’s a given.

But where do you like to read best?

Is it at home, in a favorite chair? At night, tucked up in bed next to your loved one? Maybe it’s during your commute home, listening to an audiobook while you drive, or reading on the subway or bus.

So we ask you: Where is your favorite place to read?

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
I'll answer, since I was thinking longingly of the spot when writing this post--my favorite place to read is upstairs in our little office on a futon couch, right underneath this soft lamp and next to a window.
Usually, my husband's package mail is on the couch (shaking fist!), but when it's clear, it's a lovely spot to read.
Mary Beth Bass
2. marybeth
When I was a kid my favorite place to read was on my bed in the summer with the window open. I just finished Moby Dick with my feet in the lake, and drinking a dark and stormy while my son read Alienology beside me.
3. CdnMrs
I love to read in bed during the winter and on my hammock in the backyard during the summer.
4. Arianna
In the Summer I love to read by the poolside with my feet in the water.
Marian DeVol
6. ladyengineer
Either in bed or curled up in a large, overstuffed chair.
7. Reading banker
My absolute favorite is on the beach in Hawaii, but my rocking chair is a close second. Otherwise anyplace I have a book in my hand. On the train, plane, the couch, in bed, you get the picture....
Janis Clark
8. maliamartin
In bed at night after everyone is asleep and I can relax. Second is reading on my iPhone anywhere that I end up waiting. Rather than being annoyed at having to wait I can take a mini break and read. I always have a book on my night stand and one on my phone.
9. Manz, Aotearoa
in the lounge on the couch all snuggley with the fire burning in the middle of a winter's night :-)
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